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Still Smoking? Watch This (HD Full Length)
More about this project and details are available on my Google Blog, Follow this link: https://goo.gl/OodUTo
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DIY-Easy & Quick Bookbinding By Household Tools
reason for re-upload: this video was over 7 minutes long and after 4K views, still the average view duration was stuck on 3 minutes all over the world based on my channel statistics. so i realized it was too slow and boring. this new edition could reach to 3:25 after a day effort :) now it is better i guess, same concept but faster. new projects would be coming soon. -------------------------------------------------------- DIY-Easy & Quick Bookbinding with Household Tools (NEW Edition 1080p HD Wide-Screen). This is a new production about bookbinding, I added some tips that I learned based on my experiences of bookbinding. This one is a little different than the previous video about PDF bookbinding on my channel. I have to say this new edition is much better in quality and shape, easier as well. I added subtitles and the video clearly says everything, I thought there is no need for a Narration on this one, but still if you had any question, add a comment or send me an email, I try to reply ASAP. I printed one side cause I need the other side as a memo while reading the book. But if you want to print double sided, follow these instructions: * If you want to drill more proper nice holes on your printed PDF book, you should try drilling with Paper Drilling Bits: http://goo.gl/ZeHLp *if you want to print double sided pages,follow these instructions: Printing PDF documents double sided To save paper and space in your office you may want to consider printing PDF documents double-sided. Here are tips how to do it: 1. press print button from the tool bar 2. check "reverse pages" from printer dialog box and "print: even pages only" from the Print range dialog box 3. press OK and you will get half of your document on the printer 4. press print button from the tool bar again 5. select "print: odd pages only" from the Print range dialog box 6. click "properties" and select from the "paper source" drop out menu "manual feed" 7. press OK 8. deselect "reverse pages" (if still checked) 9. press OK 10. go to the printer and feed your printed even pages face down into the manual feed tray. ----------------- *The Wooden-Grain Text at Closing Credits are generated on: www.flamingtext.com ---------------- *Music: from smartsound.com Name of the track: Latin Lover Purchased License for Samimy-Productions Name of the Album: Across Borders. check my channel for other DIY projects: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS
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Easy,Fast & Cheap Method For PDF Book Binding
you can also watch my 2nd bookbinding video, showing how to stitch closely and also added some tips for better binding. https://youtu.be/2MKcQcpDrK8 More about this project,Details & Pictures,click on this link - : https://goo.gl/ElO88W
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Hybrid Solar-Battery Powered Engine Boat
Hybrid Solar-Battery Powered Engine Boat Engine Hybrid Solar-Battery Engine Boat. For seeing the parts maker: search (Elekit Japan) on Google. ------------------------- 1.4V-350mA W166xH79xD240mm Total Weight: 140gr ------------------------ see more projects from Samimy-Productions: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS
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Making Drunk Robot Out Of Junks
This is a funny little robot I made out of some junk HDD and CD-ROM Drives I had at home. I wanted to add some gunshots effects, but my software could not add what I wanted, it messed-up Everything. Still hoping to learn Adobe products to add any effect I want to :) Hope you enjoy this little project. Samimy, Here are my other projects, go to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS
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Still Smoking? Watch This ( HQ Short Edition)
Note From The Producer and Creator of this project: During running this experiment, the speed and air pressure of the machine was very high and strong, made it difficult to stop and catch some of the filters before burning a cigarette up to the end. Some filters burned down and sucked down into the water inside the bottle, what you see at the end of the video, the black substance, is tar mixed with the ashes of burned filters, that is what made it hard and look dry after boiling.... The pure tar is sticky and usually remains softer than what you saw in this video. (Samimy) my channel and other projects: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS This video shows how Tar is being extracted by machine using 400 high tar cigarettes.
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A Solar Powered Toy Car (Handmade)
More about this project, Details, Pictures, Schematics, links and other discussions are available on my Google Blog, Follow this link: https://goo.gl/hqUWqg
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Solar-USB Dinosaur Pulling A Cart (Hybrid)
Samimy Production Presents A Solar-USB Rechargeable Wooden T-Rex Pulling a Cart 1.5V DC USB Rechargeable Batteries Testing the Solar Boards By a 250Watts Halogen Light Moving By the Power of Rechargeable Batteries, After Charged my other projects: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS Solar-USB Dinosaur Pulling Cart
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DIY:Engine RC Boat From Used Parts
Project of an Engine boat fast and funny, used parts air plane toy and of power supply fans. the making was fun. Music from StockMusic.net A Certified Purchased by Samimy Royalty Free Track Name: Esta la Noche Slogan:There's a fiesta going on all night and you are invited. ID:D216
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DIY-Building RAID Inside 400W PC Casing
More about this project, Details, Pictures, Schematics, links and other discussions are available on my Google Blog, Follow this link: https://goo.gl/3CVqYI --------------------------------------
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4W-Drive Educational Salt & Solar Powered Car
Details, Pictures,links and other discussions are on my Google Blog, click on this link ---- https://goo.gl/Kd9SAJ
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Futuristic Milk Pack Solar Toy Car
Futuristic Milk Pack Solar Toy Car: During opening a milk pack I thought the beautiful pack could be recycled to a nice solar toy car. Made it as soon as I finished my breakfast today. Let me know if you had any question, contact me via youtube mail Box or via my yahoo email shown on my channel. Also watch my previous projects on my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS Tip: For the solar board and motor, search the keyword (Elekit) in Google.
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A Cute Shotgun Activated Robot Toy !
The Narration Text: SAMIMY-PRODUCTIONS Hacks-How-To, DIY, Electronics & Electromechanical Projects Channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/SAMIMYS Channel on Instructables: www.instructables.com/Samimy Contact Email Adress: [email protected] Narration Text For Project # 37 "Shotgun Activated Robot Toy" This is a new little simple robot that works with sound signals or light radiation. as soon as it hears a noise, it runs and keeps walking until it hears another sound. the light intensity or sound pressure to activate those sensors, are controllable by 2 variable resistors. if there is not 2nd sound then it stops automatically after a while. it comes with several Mechanical parts to run, and some electronic components for controlling the motor. it works with only one Double A size battery. having fun with soldering the electronics based on a schematic diagram. the manual was in very detail and easy, all instructions were printed step by step. so i didn't have problem with it. and this is what i finally got after putting all parts together. A round shaped Alien Style Robot ! then i thought it would be much fun to activate the robot using this Gun. these bullets are small but they are making really crazy loud bang ! now you see. --------------- Printable Schematic Diagram On Google Documents, Safe Download Link: http://goo.gl/VXoOZ ----------------- To See The Maker Company's Homepage: Google : Elekit Japan --------------- Edited By Adobe Premierie Pro CS5. Video Editing Tips and useful Pro Advices: http://goo.gl/sTmER ---------------------------- Awesome Online Free Text Generator For Videos and Graphics: http://goo.gl/U25Ro ----------------------------- Email me if you had any question or suggestion.
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Rotating Toolbox For Working Bench
Rotating Toolbox For Working Bench. details and pictures are on my Google Blog, click on this link to take you there: https://goo.gl/FY2FY0
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Troubleshootings Of 400 Cigarettes Experiment
This is a clip showing my Troubleshooting with the system, for the first time setting-up the system was little bit crazy and difficult. later i found that i should decrease the air pressure, otherwise the machine would suck all of the water instead of air.
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