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Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft  #1 Hit(1972)
Music that stands the test of time, Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft released in 1972 and a number 1 chart topper hit.
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BUDDY GUY 2010 [HD] ~ Hoochie Coochie Man - Live Vernon
BUDDY GUY 2010 [HD] ~ Hoochie Coochie Man. Mr Buddy Guy, one of the World's Greatest Jazz and Blues Musicians was in Vernon BC preforming at the Rarearth Jazz and Blues Fest and we were fortunate to be invited to film the entire event. Mr Buddy Guy was the Headliner and that alone was reason enough to be there but we were also there to greet Buddy at the airport when he arrived in the Okanagan and ended up giving Buddy Guy and Max(his agent) a ride to their hotel. One of our amazing YOLO adventures. High def video facts: It took 8:33:40 to render (that's 8 hours and 33 minutes) the video is 1.92 GB and it took more than 5 hours to upload to YouTube.
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Chris Hedges on Politics and American Imperialism  - Watching the Hawks -  YouTube
Canada's political system is mired in the past. The topics Chris Hedges covers apply in most instances to Canada as well. Ultimately my take away from this is that there are many people globally ready for change, the change wont come from the current system and it won't come without cost. People are waking up.
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BUDDY GUY LIVE!! - 2009 - 'Best Damn Fool'
Mr. Buddy Guy was ranked thirtieth in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time". He has not only played with the most influential musicians but Buddy Guys songs have been covered by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayall, Jack Bruce, and others. Millions of fans world wide, millions have seen him perform and on August 9, 2009 we met him at the airport in the morning, talked with him, gave Mr. Buddy Guy and Max a ride to their hotel and watched an unforgettable show latter that night. WOW. Thank you to Rare Earth Jazz and Blues Festival and Buddy Guy sponsor Century 21 Realty Realty Executives Vernon. Find Buddy Guy tours and tunes: http://www.buddyguy.net/ RarearthFest: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com/
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Barry McGuire -  Eve of Destruction   1965 - 2015  - YouTube
Imagine the song is some 50 years old...Look at the state of the world today...I think we could have done better but somewhere along the way we fell asleep... The American media helped popularize the song by using it as an example of everything that was wrong with the youth of that time. The song also drew flak from conservatives.
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Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
feel good Happy Valentine Day video: Barry White Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
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Best Caribbean Snorkeling Destination - YouTube
The best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Music by El Perez 01 - Rumba Alemana
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Westjet Landing in Montego Bay Jamaica - beautiful!!
Westjet Landing in Montego Bay Jamaica - beautiful!!
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Ellen Brown interviewed by Thom Hartmann - Big Banks will take your cash -   YouTube
Obama's State of the Union is telling how good Americas economy is. Really? Big Banks Will Take Depositors Money In Next Crash...The looming crisis that could be triggered by the new practice of bailing-in depositor money to save failing banks...
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HD Freestyle Motocross Jolly Jumpers
HD Freestyle Motocross Look.....Up in the air...what is that? Why its a jolly jumper.... Lumby Days!
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Tiny Tot's the Smallest & Youngest  Native Dancers - Omak Stampede 2010
Tiny Tot's the Smallest &Youngest Native Dancers - Omak Stampede 2010s keeping a culture alive. Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. Ancient Indian Proverb
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Buddy Guy and Ric Jaz Live - Guitar Battle!
While Ric Jaz and I were talking by the Green Room before Ric and the rest of the band were to take the stage with Mr. Buddy Guy, I said to Ric that Buddy Guy would only have the best of the best musicians in his band. Watch this video with Mr. Buddy Guy and Ric Jaz and you have to agree. The best of the best. Now not only are the band members, all of them, the best of the bestbut they are all down to earth nice guys. Find Buddy Guy tours and tunes: http://www.buddyguy.net/ Ric Jaz: https://www.facebook.com/ricjazguitar RAREARTH Jazz & Blues Festival: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com/
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Rita Chiarelli - Rare Earth Jazz and Blues Fest 2009
"I Can Change For You" - Rita Chiarelli as a crowd favourite connects with the audience on many levels, her songs are fun, her voice is fantastic. Just a fantastic performance that keeps you wanting more and more. Rare Earth Jazz and Blues Festival 2009. Find Rita: http://www.ritachiarelli.com Find RAREARTH: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com
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Grand Palladium Riviera Buffet, Riviera Maya Resorts - YouTube HD
Grand Palladium Riviera Buffet is one of the best all inclusive resort buffets in our five resort comparison. Good selection and well prepared food at the Colonial Buffet.
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Friend or Foe - Trudeau, Liberals and Government  go after pensioners for overpayment  - YouTube
The political parties, leaders and the Government are friends of the elite, wealthy and corporations, while they abuse average working Canadians at every turn. It's now the pensioners being targeted for a government error while the corporations and wealthy escape this kind of scrutiny. Trudeau is standing up for SNC-Lavalin fraud and bribery against our judicial system, what does that say?
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Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful VANCOUVER 2011 HD
I first lived in Vancouver in the mid 60's and will never forget that time. I just got my first 'transistor' radio and would listen to Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful on CFUN 104.9 Remembering back Vancouver seemed smaller, which it obviously was, but also because my world revolved around my neighborhood, which was at 16th and Main. Attended Simon Fraser Elementary School, there was a close by community center with an outdoor pool where I taught myself to swim... Those were the days.......
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Dr. Noam Chomsky with Abby Martin - War, Imperialism, and Propaganda - YouTube
Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, logician, social critic, and political activist. Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state. The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people.
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The Mason Rack Band -  'baby please don't go' [HD]
'baby please dont go' - The Mason Rack Band - drum solo Find Mason Rack Band: http://www.masonrack.com/ RAREARTH Music Fest: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com/
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TGIF - Angry Canadian asks "Justin, who do you work for?" YouTube
Trudeau is going down, totally incompetent and now he has the munchies in the House of Commons.... And then - the influx of migrants helped Canada's population swell by more than half a million people last year, the largest annual increase since the 1950s, and the fastest pace of growth since the early 1990s.
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Brazilian 8 Meat  A La Carte Restaurant - Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort - YouTube HD
meat lovers feast - Brazilian 8 Meat A La Carte Restaurant all included in the all inclusive Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort including drinks at the bar wine with meals cocktails - everything.
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How To Cook Authentic Hungarian Goulash (Magyar Gulyás) with Marika - YouTube
How To Cook Authentic Hungarian Goulash, step by step with Chef Marika.. This was a large portion so for smaller portions, just reduce the ingredients and don't be afraid to experiment adding whatever you want. Cooking is fun...
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Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riders [HD]
Crazy Cowgirls Trick Riders ~ Two amazing young Crazy Cowgirls from Alberta Canada.
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MULES * Breed Better than horses
Tom from the Cedar Hill Ranch is a Mule breeder and swears by MULES. From miniatures to Mammoth Jackstock. I would like to think that I am fairly well informed but everytime we go out I learn so much. This time it was about Mules - a donkey Jack and a horse mare = mule.
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The Canadian Garden prt. 6  - Using the EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder .  YouTube
Cindy loves the EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder. She finds it an easy and fast way to plant seeds, my dad never figured out how to use this machine. Two people two experiences of the same tool. music by Fiddles McGinty by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400051 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Cherry Blossom - Wonders by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100382 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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5th Avenue  tour - Playa Del Carmen Mexico
With it's shops and restaurants, 5th Avenue running parallel with the Caribbean Sea is a favorite haunt of travelers visiting Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Strolling in shorts and sandals, even with Christmas decorations around, it was hard to grasp that Christmas was just around the corner. Peaceful, quiet and tranquil, this is the real Mexico.
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Grand Entry of the Pow-Wow @Indian Encampment - Omak WA 2010
More than 170 dancers were at the 2010 Native Encampment during the Omak Stampede. The dancers performed a variety of traditional North American Native Dances in amazing regalia . Sage Hills singing the Grand Entry Song. The Native Americans have a culture and history that does not get enough recognition in North America, I think partly due to the fact that acknowledging the Native Americans would open up a debate on injustice that has been perpetrated to the original inhabitants of the land.
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Okanogan, Omak I 20 - Washington Back Roads Drive
Omak is home to the World Famous 'Omak Stampede' held in August with the Suicide Race featured in a Disney movie. There is also a large Native American pow-wow with traditional dancing, drumming, games and food, we are going to try and be there this year. Washington State back roads are great way to see things off the beaten path, the roads are excellent and fuel is around $3.00 a gallon. Check out the 2010 Washington State Travel Planner or experiencewa.com on line. Music: EXIT 65(2005) by Antony Raijeko http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/bg/
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Yucatan Jungle - Mexico
Change your perception of the Mayan Riviera and Cancun, it's a jungle out there.
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Buddy Guy & Ric Jaz - I Just Want To Make Love To You ♫♪ [HD]
Buddy Guy & Ric Jaz - I Just Want To Make Love To You. This is another make believe Sony moment. We met Buddy Guy at the airport and gave him and his manager Max a ride to the hotel they were staying at. Before the evening performance at Rarearth Jazz and Blues Fest we were talking with Ric and he told us how he met Buddy and received an invitation to join Buddy and the band. The video was shot with the Sony HDR HC9 1080i Handycam, a single chip camcorder with a Sony VCL HG0737X wide angle lens and for sound an external ECM HOP1 microphone. RAREARTH Music Fest Info: http://rarearthjazzandbluesfest.com
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Washington State Cascades Mountain Range Drive - YouTube
Washington State Cascades Mountain Range, beautiful for a day drive or bike ride and easy to make it into a long weekend with many attractions to see and things to do. music by Oleg Serkov 01 - I still remember and 03 - Black Wings
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they're earing off our plate - Wild COATI Mundi
Sign, sign everywhere a sign, do not feed the animals was clearly posted at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo beach snack shack but no one seemed to take into consideration that the Coati Mundi didn't know how to read. After they dined with me, this innocent girl with the best of intentions arrived on the scene and wanted to share her food with one of the coati. Poor girl was mugged by the band , hard identify the participators since they all look alive. Last seen fleeing into the jungle.,
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Canada in economic crisis  - Some Canadian oil at $8 barrel  - YouTube
In 2014 Canadian Oil Sands's operating cost per barrel was $49 per barrel. Will Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. Survive $40 Oil? Aug 14, 2015 Aug 20, 2015 - Syncrude pegs losses at up to $10/barrel as oil prices collapse .. Aug 12, 2015 - This latest oil price plunge is piling fresh misery on Canadian oil ... the outright price of Canadian heavy crude to around $22.50 a barrel.. TODAY - Some Canadian oil is selling at $8 a barrel... After oil comes the collapse in natural gas prices. Dec 21, 2015 - If you think the fall in the oil price is dramatic and disruptive, take a moment to consider the natural gas market. Nov 11, 2015 - The steady collapse of international natural gas prices has been one of the most important -- but least reported -- commodities stories. Dec 14, 2015 - Price for natural gas on Monday plunged to its lowest since January 2002 When you see gold at $1,085 an ounce, that's US dollars, it's closer to $1,600 C an ounce. Job losses continue and the TPP which we hear very little about from our media will cost thousands of jobs... No light at the end of the tunnel for a Canadian economy in crisis...
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Hotels - Iberostar Paraíso Maya - Riviera Maya
Hotels - Iberostar Paraíso Maya, one of the great resort choices in the Riviera Maya. A beautiful resort with lots to do or if you prefer just take it easy and enjoy the beauty and great service. Music: Primavera by Carlos & Miguel http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
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Hot Springs SD - YouTube HD
One of the cleanest and quaintest towns we saw on our USA travel, love it and with so many things right around Hot Springs, it would be a great place to spend a week or more. music by Alexander Blu
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Penticton Number ONE Community in the Okanagan
Penticton edges out Vernon as the Best Community for vacationing and living based on those amazing beaches. Vernon comes a close second for it's community spirit with Kelowna coming a distant third.
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Canada Now -  Osoyoos Area -  Southern Interior British Columbia -  YouTube
Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. The area around the town Osoyoos is Canada's only desert although much of the landscape today is changed with agriculture (orchards, farms and vineyards) and tourism/retirement trying to invigorate the economy. The US/Canada border is just a few miles south of the town.. music by Artist: Oleg Serkov Title: Way Of Warrior Title: Black Wings
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Pacific Northwest Travel Guide - Cascade Mountains, WA
Cascade Mountains, WA . In July Cindy and I drove through the Cascade Mountains of Washington on an absolutely gorgeous summer day. Hot, with temperature in the 90's and clear skies, perfect road trip. For anyone looking for a memorable road trip, this is highly recommended. The roads are excellent and Washington State has many cost advantages to it's northern neighbor. Fuel, accommodations and food cost less (just see how many Canadians go cross border shopping) and there are a lot of parks along the way to enjoy the outdoors. We encountered some motorcycles, recreational vehicles and even bicycles taking this route. Music: Slow mind by Alexander Blu http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
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Justin Trudeau on Cannabis and First Nations -  Kelowna July 23, 2013  - YouTube
Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau answering questions about Cannabis and First Nations while on a recent visit to Kelowna BC. The Kelowna Accord is a series of agreements between the Government of Canada, First Ministers of the Provinces, Territorial Leaders, and the leaders of five national aboriginal organizations in Canada. The Accord sought to improve the education, employment, and living conditions for Aboriginal peoples through governmental funding and other programs. The Accord was endorsed by Prime Minister Paul Martin, but was wholly disposed of by his successor, Stephen Harper.
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Redondo Beach, California - YouTube HD
Redondo Beach is one of the three Beach Cities located in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The population was 66,748 at the 2010 census, up from 63,261 at the 2000 census. The city is located in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area. Redondo Beach was originally part of the 1785Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant that later became the South Redondo area. The city's territory has an unusual shape including an area along the beach (South Redondo Beach) and another strip inland from Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach (North Redondo Beach). The primary attractions include Municipal Pier and the sandy beach, popular with tourists and a variety of sports enthusiasts. The western terminus of the Metro Rail Green Line is in North Redondo Beach. music by Joe Keller 07 - Caspar
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Cancun airport transfer to resort zone - YouTube
All inclusive packages include transfers from the airport to your hotel resort but an option to consider is a private transfer. Great for couples, families and groups, the private transfer goes at your schedule, just another option to customize your vacation experience.
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Wild West  Saddle Bronc Riding  - Omak Stampede 2010 Washington
Bronco Busting Omak Stampede - Hey, there's nothing to bring back thoughts of the wild west in America like a good old fashioned rodeo. O a hot August night with the sun casting a golden glow through the tree's filtered through the dust rising from the hooves's of the horses, this is about as close to the wild west as we can get today. Not to be forgotten is the TeePee Native American Encampment with costumes, drumming and dance going on late into the night and you feel like you just stepped into an American Novel.
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toilet paper race on Westjet
It's game time on the Westjet flight.
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Bernie Sanders introduces Noam Chomsky 30 years ago - Not much has changed - YouTube
In the last 30 years, the rich have gotten richer, by far. Look at the number of billionaires and 'coincidentally' the middle class and poor have gotten poorer. And the USA continues on it's war, military industrial complex driven aim to enslave the Middle East, Africa and Asia - in it's quest to dominate over, everyone. This BTW is not a reflection on a large part of the US population that has had enough of the culture of war, but more a statement on the government and the elite culture of perpetual war.
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The Canadian Garden  " Our Fruit Trees" -  YouTube
Don't be fooled by the "Great White North" designation for Canada. Here in the Central Okanagan the climate is pretty mild with hot summers so we have a decent growing season for a lot of products. From soft and hard fruits like peaches and apples to farming for many produce, all you need id a little land, good soil and away you go, growing your own organic food.
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Iberostar Paraiso Maya - Riviera Maya  Mexico
One of my favorite resorts in the Caribbean the Iberostar Paraiso is the feel good resort for couples and families of all ages.. Even though there are lots of kids around with many activities to keep them happy, the resorts never feel crowded.
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Love Long Beach CA  -  YouTube
Love Long Beach CA, beautiful and clean with huge beaches that seem to go on forever. The boulevards with the towering palms are something to see. I don't know if we were just lucky but we didn't encounter any of the frightening traffic jams we hear so much about and there was lots of space on the beaches and plenty of parking available. Last fall there were whales in the Long Beach harbor. music by Sentinel 04 - hawai
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Falmouth All Age School
Historic school in Falmouth Jamaica. The school was originally a Spanish fort, the building where gunpowder was housed is still standing as are some canons pointed out to sea. Later the school was a police garrison before becoming a school in the early 19 hundreds.
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Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick with Abby Martin -  Debunk American Exceptionalism -  YouTube
Check out Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick with Abby Martin. Being a patriot is a lot more than agreeing with government, it means making a country better than it was even if the truth is unpleasant. For far to long people chose not to recognize the truth about foreign policy even when it was staring them in the face. Oliver Stone, a patriot.
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Cenote Ikil de Chichén Itzá
Many tours stop at the Cenote Ikil de Chichén Itzá before arriving at Chichen Itza. It is spectacular, breathtaking and just another place in the Yucatan where I would like to spend more time. The next time we will swim in there and have our underwater camera with us to see what lies beneath the surface.
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Old Town Trolley Tour Key West Florida - YouTube HD
Great tour provided by Old Town Trolley in Key West. Lot's of history and information for such a small place, something like 4 square miles.
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