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Chris Burkard's inspiring advice to Photographers
Chris Burkard 's inspirational book. buy here - https://amzn.to/2Fc6hRV A short but inspiring Question and answer session with Chris Burkard while screening the movie Under an Artic Sky in India. Chris Burkard shares his insights on film making and the inspiration behind film making
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Skateboarding in Chennai : a promising action sport!
Skateboarding has gripped the young bloods in Chennai. This action / adventure sport has been in the dark for a long time in Chennai and also for India for that matter. But the spotlight is finally ON on this sport and it's great to watch these skaters in action. Skateboarders from SICK (on Go Skateboarding Day) Filmed by : https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ & https://www.instagram.com/frankdonald05/ Go Skateboarding Day sponsored by VANS
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"WHY DO YOU TRAVEL" - A travel inspiration video
Why do you travel ? What traveling gives you ? what is so good in traveling to be addictive? Every traveler must have come across questions like these before. Everyone has their own reasons to travel and here I travel because it's a way of life. It led to self discover my passion, path to happiness and most importantly peace. I dedicate this video to my fellow travelers and hope this video will be a travel inspiration for everyone :) Videography by : https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ or contact via [email protected] Filmed using Gopro Hero 5 Canon 7D Mark II FlyCam HD 5000 handheld stabilizer Featuring Saranya Sreenevasam Savari Simon Priya Jayaraman Music Credits Marvel by Johannes Bornlof - Epidemic Music
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Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot : Floral theme portraits ( Behind the scenes )
Interesting behind the scenes from an Outdoor fashion photoshoot based on Floral theme. This Fashion portraits were mainly focused on bright and bold colors. We have used flower crown designed by a fashion designer and short top that matches the flower crown. See what is really happening behind the screens of a Fashion portrait photography. It's really fun working with model and makeup artist in this Fashion photo shoot. These Fashion portrait photography were mostly shot with color background walls or doors under natural light conditions. Taking fashion photos can be bit tricky under natural conditions but turned out quite good. Our team, the Photographer, model, makeup artist and Fashion designer were so happy about the photos that were shot Fashion project. Check more of our works using the below links. Photographer - Nithya Rajapandian - https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian Model - Preeti Kumari - https://www.instagram.com/heelsfreak26/ MUA: https://www.instagram.com/mua_sajii/ Tune into our channel for more videos on Fashion Photoshoots
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Offbeat places to travel in Tamil Nadu- a Travel Vlog
Thinking of Travelling to India? If you prefer offbeat travel place then I would suggest to visit these tourist spots in South of Tamil Nadu. These places are located in south of Tamil Nadu and can be easily accessible by any means of travel medium. This Travel video / vlog by https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ covers the following places ( Coordinates included) and focuses on bringing the offbeat travel experience in south Tamilnadu. 1) Manimuthar Dam : 8.6535°N , 77.4134° E 2) Manimuthar Falls : 8.619° N , 77.41° E 3) Papanasam Dam: 8°42'43.2" N 77°23'34.8"E 4) Agasthiyar Falls: 8.7041°N, 77.3636° E TamilNadu does have it's own style of tourism and scenic views. Post your feedback in the below comments. And share me your travel experience in these places.
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Covelong point Surf and Music festival
Along Chennai East Coast Road - the shores of Kovalam was all set for the most awaited event of the year - Surf, Music & Yoga Festival. Clear surf & powerful swell has led to Kovalam, India’s first surfing village, becoming one of India’s top surfing destinations. Hosted by the Covelong Point Social Surf School in association with the Surfing Federation of India, the Covelong Point Surf Competition is an international level surf competition that takes place annually in Kovalam. The game, glitz, music & lots and lots of surfing is ON. Video & Editing by : www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ FreeBackgroundMusic ELPORT X CADMIUM - Goddess (feat. Veronica Bravo) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any YouTube user including their monetised content can use Free Background Music. FreeBackgroundMusic Website - www.freebackgroundmusic.co.uk YouTube - www.youtube.com/freebackgroundmusics SoundCloud - @freebmusic Facebook - www.facebook.com/FreeBackgroundMusics Twitter - twitter.com/FreeBMusic Google+ - goo.gl/TybZuK Cadmium SoundCloud - @cadmiumsound Facebook - www.facebook.com/cadmium.sound/ Instagram - www.instagram.com/cadmium.sound/ YouTube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCk28gHYevtQWY5Fj6bgnhew Reverbnation - www.reverbnation.com/cadmiumsound?p…eader_icon_nav Website - cadmiumsound.com/ ELPORT Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/ELPORT Soundcloud: @elport Facebook: www.facebook.com/elportmusic/ Instagram - www.instagram.com/elport/ Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/3zrQk1Q60ZoKLCG2N7xUx1 Snapchat - www.snapchat.com/add/elportt Veronica Bravo Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/bravoveronicabravo/?ref=bookmarks Instagram - www.instagram.com/bravoveronicabravo/ Twitter - twitter.com/OfficialVBravo Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UC09mcwsL…iew_as=subscriber Free Background Music is a record label, based on providing FREE BACKGROUND MUSIC with Creative Commons License and music without Copyright for presentation and video creators on YouTube. Any YouTube user including their monetised content can use Free Background Music.
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Exploring KERALA - Vagamon & Allepey
A travel VLOG to Kerala - god's own country . Always wondered why this place got its name of being favored by God himself, but after being here that doubt just vanished. Kerala has the power to speak to your soul with its soothing nature. This video was filmed around massive landscapes of Vagamon & pristine waters of Alapuzha. It will offer solace to those who seek peace and you can't have enough of this serene nature. Sneak peak of Kerala from my lens, Hope you will enjoy it. Video by: https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ All the clips are shot on Canon 7D Mark II and Gopro Hero 5 and edited in Adobe premiere pro #Kerala #Travel #Photography #videography
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Shoot smooth videos with your first DSLR!
Cinematic quality videos is a great deal and often considered as so hard to achieve with DSLR cameras. Not to worry, there is a solution. A Gimbal or Steadicam or Video stabilizer are equipment's that can be used with your DSLR to get a smooth footage or video. A gimbal can eliminate shaky footage and improve quality of your video. This video narrates about importance of gimbal / video stabilizer. And more specifically to shoot cinematic videos using Flycam HD 5000. Credits: Cast & Feature Videography : https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ Model - Mahlakshmi Santhanam & Savri Simon Cyclist - Krish Ragav Skateboarders - SICK ( Skateboarders in Chennai Krew) - https://www.facebook.com/skateboardinginchennai/ Music by Epidemic sound tracks: ES_Shlow motion - Pt. 2 - Oomiee ES_Flower Funk Trailer 5 - Martin Klem ES_Pacific Ocean - Martin Klem
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Fashion Photoshoot - Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes ( BTS ) from a Portrait fashion Photoshoot shot in India. Makeup and shooting for indoor studio fashion shoot by Photographer Nithya Rajapandian with Model Preeti Kumari. Have you ever seen how backstage will be for a fashion shoot, here is a glimpse. Photographer: https://www.500px.com/nithyar #model #Photoshoot #fashion #photography
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Tips to shoot EVENTS better
Tips that can help to shoot events in much better way. This video will guide you to film events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Concerts, Corporate events and lot more. These Guidelines in Photographing / shooting / filiming events have helped me to produce good photos & videos and achieve great level of satisfaction from clients. Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photoverse.nr/ 500px: https://500px.com/nithyar #event #Photography #videography
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Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot - Joy of motherhood feat ( Nivi & Amit )
Maternity photoshoot at outdoors featuring beautiful and lovely couple Niveditha & Amit at Chennai Thiruvanmiyur beach. Motherhood is the best gift a women can ever receive and it's great to capture such rare moments of happiness and excitement. Wishing these couple a bundle of joy!!!!! Videography and Editing by : https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/
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A Photographers paradise - Lal Bagh
A journey through the unexplored places of Lal Bagh, a botanical garden in Bengaluru, India. A 240 Acre botanical garden has other side which resembles a paradise and are yet to be explored by people. In this video I have attempted to showcase that untold stories of Lal Bagh, a paradise on earth. Video and Editing by : Nithya Rajapandian ( https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/ )
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"This is me" - Women empowerment
This video is to put forward the thought of freedom for Women. The freedom that gives her the right to choose and act upon her own will. The bounds of society have kept women long enough in the past and we decide to break those shackles and set ourselves free. Concept and Videography : https://instagram.com/nithya_rajapandian Featuring : https://www.instagram.com/savri_simon/ Music credits: Age of Men by Johannes Bornlöf Like & Share this with your friends :)
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Enchanting summer clouds ( shot on iPhone ) - Timelapse HD
Time lapse of enchanting summer clouds that paints the sky and turns it into a beautiful art. This clouds timelapse clips are shot on various locations in summer season. These summer clouds gives a sense of joy and calmness and turn us into a kid. Shot on Iphone and edited in Premiere pro by : https://www.instagram.com/nithyarajapandian/
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