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DIY Product Photos - Easy, Cheap and Good-looking
Take your own professional-looking product photos using equipment and techniques so easy and affordable it's just ridiculous. Also learn about the art of lighting and how to use it to your advantage. Watch and find out how! https://www.lukeayers.com.au
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Camera Basics 101 - MADE SUPER SIMPLE
Here's the 3 basic things that every camera does. Once you know these, you can use ANY camera effectively. https://www.lukeayers.com.au
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Posing People LIKE A PRO - ONE technique - DEAD SIMPLE
How to make people look good in photos, or just look good in general. ONE TIP that makes all the difference. Almost all you need to know to take better photos of anyone. www.lukeayers.com.au
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How to Take BADASS Portraits - BASIC Lighting Tutorial
In Australia we say badARSE, but anyway, here's a super simple introduction to portrait lighting and how to position your lights to make anyone look THAT much better. www.lukeayers.com.au LED Lights Used: http://en.yongnuo.com.cn/goods-272-YONGNUO+YN360+II+LED+video+light+equipped+with+built-in+battery.html
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Kane & Melanie Ayers - Wedding Video
Shot and edited by Luke Ayers www.lukeayers.com.au Music Credit: Sofi Tukker, Matadora
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Investors Direct Website Video
Promotional Web Video for Investors Direct Financial Group http://lukeayers.com.au
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In Eternity - Short Film
A journey of one girl's search for meaning and understanding of her own life's dreams and struggles. Written and Directed by Luke Ayers
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PowerShade Intro
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Hostage Negotiator Scene
Starring: Sid Khanna Patrick Regis Natalia Timoshenko Camila Piccinini Katherine Rose Steve Barlow Shot and Edited by Luke Ayers An Imperial Buddha Production
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Athena School
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Torrent - Short Film
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Investors Direct - Interview Video
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Website Video Works!
I wanted to tell you how with video you can increase your customer conversion rate and also capture more leads from your online presence. One of the greatest things about video compared to plain text or graphics is the speed at which it can deliver your message to clients. You can convey more information about who you are and what you offer in 1 minute with a video than you ever could with text. Not to mention make it a far more interesting and enjoyable experience for the viewer. The fact is, new website visitors will spend only a couple of seconds on your webpage before deciding to leave or stay. So if all they are faced with during that moment is a bunch of text to read, then that's a lot of potential leads which you don't even know you are losing. Video solves this problem by giving your visitors fast information and pulling interest like nothing else. It's also useful in other ways, such as by increasing a page's Google search ranking, not to mention that it can be used all across social media and email marketing as well. And best of all, a video can be used over and over again, forever. Visit www.lukeayers.com.au for more information about videos.
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Meridian Australia
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Investors Direct - Presenter Video
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In Eternity - Film Trailer
My new upcoming film. Coming soon.
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For all your epic, badass visual needs...
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Ayers Automotive - Rock Solid Service
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ARPI Promo
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Amber Aviation Academy
New promotional video.
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Tribute Show
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Besari - 90sec Action Promotional Video
The wild world of the Chinese-Australian real estate market. http://www.lukeayers.com.au Actors: Berlin Lu Tony Ting Crew: Luke Ayers Ben Kearney
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Presenter Video Sample - Luke Ayers Media
Luke Ayers Media provides value-for-money video production for both small businesses and large companies. It has helped many organisations benefit from both increased customer enquiry rates and sales through its well designed and presented video products like this one. CALL NOW 0452 214 250 or visit http://www.lukeayers.com.au for more information.
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Liberty Fitness - Service Video
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