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Glasnevin - Boys of Kilmichael
Better version of Glasnevin performing "Boys of Kilmichael" at the Hills of Donegal festival in Bundoran
Views: 10334 doireno1
Terry 'Cruncher' O'Neill - Something Inside so Strong
Cruncher performs Something inside so strong at the Annual Derry Volunteers weekend
Views: 3943 doireno1
Kelly's Men - Holy Ground
Holy Ground live at the An Cultúrlann
Views: 1419 doireno1
Conor Kelly & Tomboy - Say Hello to the Provos
At the Bundoran Celtic supporters festival
Views: 2007 doireno1
Conor Kelly & Mickey - Fairytale of New York
Conor, Mickey & Ruairi - Fairytale of New York in Tracy's Bar, December 2013
Views: 1763 doireno1
Glasnevin & Alan - Death Before Revenge
Glasnevin and Alan, perform Death Before Revenge, written by Pangur Bán. Live in the Dungloe Bar, Free Derry
Views: 3070 doireno1
Glasnevin - The Boys of Kilmichael
Glasnevin perform the Boys of Kilmichael in the Tall Cranes
Views: 1691 doireno1
Conor Kelly & Mickey Kelly - Big Yellow Taxi
Conor of Glasnevin doing his version of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" in Tracy's bar, Free Derry. Featuring Michael Kelly on the flute
Views: 865 doireno1
Declan McLaughlin - Don't let Hatred
Decky & the Hi Flats perform "Don't let Hatred" at the Local Derry musicians unplugged in Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Derry
Views: 344 doireno1
Conor Kelly - Drunken Nights in the City
Conor Kelly of Glasnevin performs Frankie Miller's "Drunken nights in the city" Live in Free Derry
Views: 648 doireno1
Gerry Breslin - Holy Ground
Gerry Breslin performs Holy Ground in Peader O'Donnell's, Derry
Views: 547 doireno1
Conor Kelly - Farewell My Green Valleys
Conor Kelly from Glasnevin, performs Farewell My Green Valleys in Free Derry
Views: 735 doireno1
Dec 15, 2013
via YouTube Capture
Views: 96 doireno1
Glasnevin - Folsom Prison Blues
Live in Derry
Views: 319 doireno1

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