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UGM Changed Lives Choir Video 2010
The Union Gospel Mission's Changed Lives Choir is an eclectic mix of UGM program participants as well as staff. Their shared passion to deliver the message of the love of Jesus Christ creates a unique, motivating, and encouraging experience. This inspirational music will lift you up and set you firmly on higher ground. The UGM Changed Lives Choir is directed by the acclaimed Heart of the City Worship Band's founder, Dan Adler.
The Dangers of Bitter Cold on the Homeless
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3 Key Needs at Gospel Hill Camp
Since the 1930's, Gospel Hill Camp has been a place where countless children have not only spent their summers, buy also where many have been introduced to Christ. Today the camp is in need of major renovations and you have a chance to get involved. Find out more at www.ugmtc.org
The Power of a First Meal
$1.96 provides a meal and care for those who come to Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities. How many first meals can you give this Thanksgiving? To give, visit www.ugmtc.org "When Mercy Found Me" Rhett Walker Band 2012 Provident Label Group LLC, a Unit of Sony Music Used by Permission
Rob's Story of Hope in the Midst of the Storm
Imagine yourself on a highway where there are no houses. All you see is cattle here and there and it won't stop raining. This is the scene that lays the foundation for Rob's story of the hope he found at Union Gospel Mission in the midst of his personal storm. Stories like this are made possible with your gifts. Give online at www.ugmtc.org
7 Things You Need to Know About Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
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Homelessness in Minnesota: The Facts and Ways to Help
Did you know how many people are homeless in Minnesota? This short video puts it in perspective. We can come together and help those in need by providing shelter, food, and care.
This is What It's Like to be Homeless in the Winter: Eric's Story
Being homeless in the winter isn't easy. Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is here to help. Donate today at www.ugmtc.org/donate
7 Things to Know about Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
For more information or to donate online, visit www.ugmtc.org (Updated February, 2013)
Mission Minute: The Christ Recovery Center
Dr. Morgan shares what is special about our Christ Recovery Center and why our sustained recovery rates are so much higher than the national average. We provide a number of services just like this to those in Saint Paul and the Twin Cities.
"The Disciple Ship"
Our Discipleship Program is Changing Lives! Here's a funny rap a few of the Discipleship guys did about the program for a new orientation video. Enjoy!
Dr. Charles Morgan at Celebration of Hope 2016
UGMTC CEO Dr. Charles Morgan makes his address to attendees at the 2016 Celebration of Hope banquet.
UGMTC: The Unexpected Storms of Life
Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is there when people need us most. We all experience storms in life from failed marriages to job lose. Sometimes the storm becomes too much to bear, and can lead to homelessness, poverty or addiction. UGMTC provides shelters, meals, and other services to people in St. Paul and the surrounding metro area.
Mission Minute #6: Dr. Charles Morgan Reflects on Recent Tragedies in America
An important message from Dr. Charles Morgan, CEO at Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, with his reflections on the country's recent unrest and injustices. (Closed captioning available.)
Christmas Ideal vs. Christmas Real: Rob's Story
Picture an ideal Christmas: a candlelight church service, gifts under the tree, a delicious Christmas meal with family. For Rob, the reality of Christmas was nothing like that...until he came to Union Gospel Mission. Your gifts make stories like Rob's possible. Give online today at http:www.ugmtc.org
Run With a Mission:  Staci Matthews KS95 Morning Show
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Searching For Answers
The people living on our streets are searching for answers to life's essential questions. Your support helps provide the answers to those questions. --- The Union Gospel Mission (UGM), founded in 1902, is a Christian ministry dedicated to serving those who are homeless, poor and addicted in our community. By meeting physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs, our Mission is changing lives! The Mission helps people rebuild their lives by providing safe shelter, nutritious food, medical and dental care, and a broad variety of life-changing programs for children and adults. Our goal is to encourage each person to value themselves as God values them, to see the gifts they have to offer the world, and to help them seek out a bright future as a fully contributing member of our community.
Damien's Story
All his life Damien told employers he had a G.E.D. when he came to the Mission he realized he no longer had to live a lie.
Join the 30 DAY CHALLENGE at Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities!
CLICK on the "donate" link at www.ugmtc.org GIVE what you can SHARE this YouTube link with your friends to they can also take part in the 30 DAY CHALLENGE! During the 30 days of June, you are invited to join with us for the 30 Day Challenge. The goal? To provide 9,000 meals to the poor, the hungry, and the homeless in the Twin Cities with your help and the help of your family and friends in our online community. At $1.96 per meal, can you provide some of those meals? The clock is ticking...the hungry are waiting.
Dominique's Story of Amazing Grace
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Join the "30 Day Challenge" at Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
To join the 30 Day Challenge, go to www.ugmtc.org In June, we are reaching out to you, and all our online friends, to meet a critical and urgent need. It's "The 30 Day Challenge," a campaign exclusive to the online community. The goal is to provide 15,000 meals in 30 days. Will you help us by taking three simple steps? WATCH -- Take 2:15 and watch this video explaining the 30 Day Challenge SHARE -- Share this video with everyone you know GIVE -- Each meal is just $1.92, so how many can you provide? Go to www.ugmtc.org to provide meals and care this summer at Union Gospel Mission. 3 Steps/30 Days. Are you up to the challenge?
Carl's UGMTC Journey: Finding Hope and Rebuilding a Life
In Tennessee, Carl succumbed to addiction and lost his family. But when he finally sought help, it came from the most unusual of places, and God led Carl to the Mission. He personal testimony began with seeing the Christ Recovery Center online and has now rebuilt his life.
If You Could See Their Thoughts (2:00)
If you could somehow see the thoughts of those who come to Union Gospel Mission for help, would it change the way you view the homeless? Visit http://www.ugmtc.org to find out more about how Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is the conduit for ministering to those who are homeless, poor, and needy - and how you can get involved.
The Domino Effect: It Begins with One Simple Meal
One domino, when set in motion, creates enough force to knock over the next domino one and a half time its size. That is the premise behind what happens when someone comes to Union Gospel Mission in search of a meal. Make your online gift today at http://www.ugmtc.org
UGM Thanksgiving 2010
See how your donations helped the Union Gospel Mission of the Twin Cities feed over 42,000 this past Thanksgiving.
See Their Thoughts: A New Life with Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
If you could somehow see the thoughts of those who come to Union Gospel Mission for help, would it change the way you view the homeless? Put yourself in their shoes, see life from their eyes. Visit http://www.ugmtc.org to find out more about how Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities is the conduit for ministering to those who are homeless, poor, and needy - and how you can get involved. We provide shelter, food, and care for those that need support. Be a part of helping others in St. Paul and other parts of Minnesota.
Five Critical Needs at the Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities
To help meet these five critical needs at Union Gospel Mission, give online at www.ugmtc.org Thanks!
William: An Accident Saved His Life
For William, it was a bicycle accident that led him to the Union Gospel Mission. And once he came here, his life changed dramatically. When you give to the Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, you make stories like William's possible. Please give online at http://www.ugmtc.org Thank you!
Life in Abundance Was Only a Christmas Wish...
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Mission Minute #7: A System of Equality
UGMTC: CEO Dr. Charles Morgan shares his thoughts on "repairment" as it applies to current events in our nation. He reflects on people being broken and how to repair.