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I See The Light - piano version, Tangled
Hi! I decided to arrange a version of "I See the Light" for piano. It's not as smooth as I'd like it, but I thought I would post it anyway. There's about 10 seconds of silence before I start because I had to place the recorder across the room. Hope you like it! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. IMAGES AND SONG ARE OWNED BY DISNEY.
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I See the Light - Tangled Cover
(Fandub) Hello! I recently saw Tangled and fell in love with this song! I only sang up to where Rapunzel's solo ends. The music is often louder than me, so turn up the speakers :). I also couldn't completely get rid of Mandy Moore's voice so you can still hear her in the background. Thank you very much for watching! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THIS.
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When Will My Life Begin (cover)
Hello :) I just got a new version of movie maker and I was playing around with the features. There's a part in the middle that randomly blinks, but I'm too lazy to fix it :P. I've got a bit of a cold so some of my notes aren't as great as I'd like- and my throat is on fire now because I pushed it to far, but oh well. It was fun to make anyway! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THIS. THE MOVIE AND SONG ARE OWNED BY DISNEY.
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Ok- I put the mic way too close to the keyboard, so, sorry about that- the vocals are super soft. When I have time I'll try to put up a better version. I also couldn't find great pictures either...oh well. And it sounds like I'm pounding on the keyboard, but the Roland RD-700 is super sensitive, apparently. It took me about a month to write this song- I had the melody in place but struggled with decent lyrics, but I think it turned out ok :). Hope you like it! Lyrics: I see the skies and the rain, I see faraway plains, Whenever I see them I want to run to them. I feel the sun's empty gaze, I feel the unwavering haze, Whenever I feel them, I want to run from them. Reality's unsatisfying In this type of world, So I grab my favorite pair of shoes And get ready to run. I want to runaway from here Don't want to have this fear The feeling hits too near How easy come these tears of mine, I'm caught in this bind, Can't get out of my own mind. Sometimes it seems so hard, Never letting down my guard, Can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel. And the present feels so dim, With the future growing grim, Can't seem to escape the thoughts of the past. And I know it seems so wrong, That these feelings have not gone, I've been like this for much too long I want to runaway from here Don't want to have this fear The feeling hits too near How easy come these tears of mine, I'm caught in this bind, Can't get out of my own mind. I could dream a thousand dreams while wide awake, To escape this life and maybe it'd be better. Why face the day when I can runaway? Out of body, and out of sight, Why should I be made to stay? I want to runaway from here Don't want to have this fear The feeling hits too near How easy come these tears of mine, I'm caught in this bind, Can't get out of my own mind.
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When Will My Life Begin,  Rapunzel Inspired
This is my first uploaded video :). I'm impatiently waiting for Tangled to come out, so I thought I'd write my own version of the song while I'm waiting- the typical disney princess-esque ballad. I know my voice is too weak for this type of song, but I think the melody is good. Thank you :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THE IMAGES IN THE VIDEO ARE OWNED BY DISNEY BUT THE SONG IS PURELY OF MY OWN CREATION. ~100,000 views- I am so overwhelmed by the response! Never could I have possibly imagined that something I wrote would be watched so many times! I'm so grateful to everyone that's watched and given such nice comments :) Thank you!! Lyrics: When will my life begin? When's it my turn for me to shine? When will I ever break free, And escape from here? When will I show them how? When will I get to be the one, To bask in the glow of the sun? When my life, when my life will begin! I'll get to see the sights, Take everyone by sudden storm, I won't have to simply conform, When my life will begin! I'll live each day as my last, Forget all the past and not look back, There will be nothing I lack, When my life, when my life will begin! I once was told, that the world was a horrible place, Where all dreams failed and fairytale endings were out of sight. But now I know there is a way, The path is as clear as day, Now all I've got to do Is to walk out and do everything I can! So then I will show the world, That I can be all I'm meant to be, They won't have to tell me twice, That my life will begin! Cause I will have broken free, And I'll have seized my destiny, And I'll shout from the heavens it's true, That my life, That my life, That my life, that my life will begin!
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Just Say Yes (from the musical "Out With a Bang" 2017)
This original musical was conceived at NYU Tisch. This number, "Just Say Yes," happens early on in the show. Three elderly men decide to have one last "hurrah" and commit a robbery. Some of the guys need convincing though.
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A Song of a Feast for Crows - Inspired by "Game of Thrones"
Hello! I wrote this song a while ago- I love the wordplay of "Feast for Crows." I'm only posting the first portion because I'm unhappy with the second half. Make sure to turn the volume up- I was able to balance the sound better this time, but it's still pretty soft. Hope you enjoy! Photos by: Juni, Jack Wolf, Gustave Dore, Hans Holbein, Leonardo da Vinci, and CSvBibra. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE IS OWNED BY GEORGE R. R. MARTIN. THE SONG IS OF MY OWN CREATION.
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Love is an Open Door Cover
This always happens, but turn the volume up- it's super soft. Hello! This is a duet cover of "Love is an Open Door" with FirstTenor76 as Hans and me voicing Anna. This was fun to do! I apologize to FirstTenor76 for the sound quality - it sounds a bit like his end is coming from inside a tunnel, but that's only because I have no idea how to record other than putting my recorder next to my computer speaker. I tried to make them sound equal! This took far longer than I wanted - ah the curse of being a perfectionist, but eventually I just had to, excuse the pun, let it go, otherwise I would never leave that room. Hope you all enjoy!
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