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Equalization Payments - Canada - Basics
This video will explain equalization payments including GDP growth as well as government policies like interprovincial trade barriers.
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Equalization Payments the real facts for Canada
Brief presentation on the factors that drive equalizations payments for Canadian provinces
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Scandinavia vs Canada Analysis of Social and Economic Policies
This presentation will look at the following areas: 1. GDP by Sector 2. Personal Taxation 3. Valued-added Taxation 4. Corporate Taxation 5. Cost of Living 6. Quality of Life 7. Cost to do Business 8. Healthcare 9. Education 10. Pensions 11. Unemployment 12. Social Programs
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Interoperability between IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Disclosure Management
This video with describe how you connect IBM Cognos TM1 to IBM Cognos Disclosure Management.
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Oil Industry -  Canada and United States -  Market and Government Policies
This video discusses oil industry in North America including government policies like taxation. The video will also stress reserves, exports, imports, etc. that relate to energy sector in Canada.
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2015 FDI -  Foreign Direct Investment for Canada
This presentation discusses both direct and indirect foreign investment for Canada. The emphasis will be on sectors including oil and gas, forestry, food processing, mining, automotive, manufacturing,etc. The presentation will look at the top jurisdictions across North America
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Government Policy for Interprovincial Trade Barriers for Canada
This presentation discusses trade barriers between provinces. Barriers result in lost to GDP of $14B.
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Government Debt for  Canada
This presentation will discuss government debt and deficits in Canada. The emphasis will be on GDP as well impact of high debt and deficits on programs spending as well as future taxation rates.
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Debt to GDP and Government Deficits – Canada  -
This presentation looks at government deficit and debt.
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Balance of Payment - Canada - Basics
This video will describe the factors that influence balance of payments for Canada. The video will provide high-level explanation of factors that drive the inflow/outflow of cash from a country.
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Socialism Pitfalls for Government
This presentation discusses socialism including benefits and pitfalls with socialism policies.
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USA   Retail Sales for September 2016
Here is a quick video on United States Retail Sales
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How is GAP Analysis is used as part of Financial Planning and Analysis
This presentation will present the concept of GAP Analysis. GAP analysis is methodology used by either government or business to bring actual results back to plan.
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Saudi Arabia and Canada  - Foreign Relations and Trade Policies
This presentation will give provide oversight to the relationship between Canada and Saudi Arabia
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Supply Chain Analysis - North America - Feb 16 and Jan 2016
This presentation will discuss issues facing supply chain like the following: 1. Wholesales 2. Truck Tonnage 3. Retail Sales Canada 4. Retail Sales United States 5. Commodity Price 6. eCommerce 7. Currency Rates
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IBM Cognos Controller and Cognos Disclosure Management Interoperability
This video will describe how you can connect IBM Cognos Controller via TM1 FAP cube into Cognos Disclosure Management. The emphasis the TM1 OLAP data source connection. Contact: Paul Young, Proven Practice Consultant - FPM - IBM Canada
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Scorecard  -  Canada   Economy -  3Q16
This presentation discusses what is happening to the Canadian economy in areas like wages, housing prices, job creation and exports. The presentation is design for people to asked questions of government officials in terms of policies. Hint: The middle class is under attack around the world. Too many government think more social policies and taxation are the answer and that is not the case.
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Impact of Paris Climate change on future generations adults
This quick video on impact of the Paris Climate Change on future generations of young adults.
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Energy Sector  - Oil and Gas Pipelines   Canada - Analysis
This presentation will provide insight in the pipeline industry for Canada. The presentation will discuss the financial impact as well as government policies that will drive oil/gas pipeline expansion in Canada Disclaimer - This is one view of pipelines. It is up to individuals to reach out to other sources as part of making an informed decisions when it comes to the oil and gas sector.
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Consumer Goods (Retail Pricing) 101 for Canada
This video will provide information on how retail prices are set by business including the costs and flow of goods from raw material to the end consumer The video will also discuss issues of government policies including taxation, regulations, etc that will push up the costs that people will pay at the retail store.
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CPP -  Canada Pension Plan -  Analysis
This presentation discusses CPP including market returns, sustainability, government policies, retirement options, etc. This is one view of CPP as such it is up the readers to do their own research. Link: http://www.slideshare.net/paulyoungcga/is-the-canada-pension-plan-sustainable-cpp-canada
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Carbon Tax or Carbon Pricing Impact on Consumer Prices for Canada  - May 2016
- Revenue Neutral - Household Spending - Impact of Carbon Tax or Carbon Pricing on Retail prices - Discussion on Supply Chain Management - Impact of tax on low to middle class
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Employment Analysis   February 2016   Canada   Job Creation and Job Losses
This presentation will discuss the job market for February 2016. The analysis will look at job creation as well as job losses including what is happening within a particular industry.
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Risk Analytics -  OpenPages -  Internal Audit Solution
This quick video will discuss the issues facing internal audit and how IBM OpenPages can provide a solution to address the issues facing companies. The video will stress main pain points for internal audit department like cost, data, control framework, cybersecurity and agility,
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What is Corporate Welfare
This presentation discusses what is corporate welfare.
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Excel Add In Reporting for Cognos Controller breaking out the Adjusting Entries
How to build a report that isolates the eliminations in a separate column from the based value and final closing balances?
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Government - Canada and Provinces  - Fiscal Update
This presentation talks about the debt/deficits and issues facing Canada including the health accord, equalisation payments, GDP growth.
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Old Age Security  for Canada -  Policy Analysis
What is OAS Life Expectancy Payments Program Cost Policy Analysis
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Daycare Costs   Canada   NDP LPC CPC
- Thomas Mulcair Policies - Provinces cannot afford the new daycare programs - Job creation stats overstated -
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Why does Foreign Aid Fail to help Poor Countries
What is Foreign Aid UN and Foreign Aid Canada and Foreign Aid Foreign Aid by Country
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Economics 101 -  How to Grow an Economy - Canada  -  LPC NDP CPC
- How does a Government grow the economy - Thomas Mulcair comments on growing the economy - Justin Trudeau on growing the economy -
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UN Foreign Aid including Policies and Issues
This presentation will discuss the issues to why Foreign Aid is not helping poor countries to develop economic and infrastructure projects.
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Keynesian Economics -   Failures
This is brief video on keynesian economics including analysis. The video will discuss issues with keynesian economics.
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Government Policies for Supply Management - Canada   May 2016
- Marketing Boards - Agriculture Subsidies - Tariffs - Food Pricing
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Healthcare Canada   Policy   NDP LPC CPC
Analysis of Healthcare for Canada including comments from NDP LPC and CPC
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Policies - Education - Canada -  NDP LPC CPC
- Education funding - how the moneys flow to education
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Government Policies - Unemployment Insurance - Canada
- Job Quality - Payroll taxation - Skills development and training - Job Creation - Exports - Retail sectors - Technological advances - Youth unemployment - Career management and development - Government programs - International Trade
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Impact of Trade Barriers - Canada - Provinces and Territories
This presentation will discuss trade barriers between the provinces and Territories of Canada. I will go into issues including government policies as well as the economic impact to both business and the government.
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MS Chi-cheemaun
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Budget 101- How do you Create Budgets for Government Business Household
How do you create budgets including assumptions, examples, etc.? Discussion on revenue and expenses? Discussion on cash flow for household including cash inflow and outflow Discussion of the government budgeting process Discussion of the business budgeting process
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Merchandise Trade for Canada - March 2016
This presentation discusses merchandise Trade for Canada. It will highlight areas like automotive, consumer goods, energy products, forestry and machinery and equipment
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Wealthiest Canadians - Top Income Earners for  Canada - Income Redistribution
This presentation will discuss taxation policies including taxation rates for the top 1% earners in Canada. The presentation will discuss re-distribution of income as part of taxation system for Canada
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Economic Speech - Justin Trudeau - Critique
This is short video that I discuss Justin Trudeau economic speech as it relates to Canada is open for business.
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NDP   Supply Chain 101   Imports and Exports    Emissions Flow
- Production of android phones - emission/GHG footprint - Canada exports resources to China and then finished goods are sent back to Canada - NDP talks about trade, but says little in policies including heavy emitters like China.
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Middle Class - Canada Analysis and Review
Analysis and Review of Canada Middle Class wage earners - Taxation - Social Program - Income inequality - Household spending - Taxation Cuts - After Tax income
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Employment and Job Trends for Canada -  March 2016
This presentation will discuss the employment and job market for Canada. The following are the areas of focus: 1. Manufacturing 2. Natural Resources 3. Retail and Wholesale Trade 4. Government jobs 5. Economic Growth 6. Infrastructure Spending 7. Social program spending 8. Power Generation 9. Economic Stimulus 10. Capital Investment
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Government Policies for Mexico - May 2016
- Current Government - GDP - Economy - Financial Services Sector - Taxation Policies - FDI - Infrastructure - Trade - Canada and Mexico - Inflation
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Gross Domestic Product GDP for Canada for January 2016
- Summary - Currency Rates - Analysis by Sector - Commodity Prices - Labor Market - Retail Sales - Housing Market - Competitiveness - Economic Growth - Government Policies - Business Investment
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Government Policies for Brazil -  May 2016
- New Government - GDP - Economy - Banking Sector - Government Policies - Corruption - Trade – Canada and Brazil
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Alberta Economy and Deficit Analysis
This presentation will discuss the Alberta Economy including gap action initiatives that maybe required by future government to eliminate the deficit and debt. The presentation will focus on what can be done to help the economy including government policies.
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