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Equalization Payments the real facts for Canada
Brief presentation on the factors that drive equalizations payments for Canadian provinces
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Carbon Tax or Carbon Pricing Impact on Consumer Prices for Canada  - May 2016
- Revenue Neutral - Household Spending - Impact of Carbon Tax or Carbon Pricing on Retail prices - Discussion on Supply Chain Management - Impact of tax on low to middle class
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Equalization Payments - Canada - Basics
This video will explain equalization payments including GDP growth as well as government policies like interprovincial trade barriers.
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Budget 101- How do you Create Budgets for Government Business Household
How do you create budgets including assumptions, examples, etc.? Discussion on revenue and expenses? Discussion on cash flow for household including cash inflow and outflow Discussion of the government budgeting process Discussion of the business budgeting process
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Socialism Pitfalls for Government
This presentation discusses socialism including benefits and pitfalls with socialism policies.
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IBM Cognos Controller and Cognos Disclosure Management Interoperability
This video will describe how you can connect IBM Cognos Controller via TM1 FAP cube into Cognos Disclosure Management. The emphasis the TM1 OLAP data source connection. Contact: Paul Young, Proven Practice Consultant - FPM - IBM Canada
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Government - Canada and Provinces  - Fiscal Update
This presentation talks about the debt/deficits and issues facing Canada including the health accord, equalisation payments, GDP growth.
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2015 FDI -  Foreign Direct Investment for Canada
This presentation discusses both direct and indirect foreign investment for Canada. The emphasis will be on sectors including oil and gas, forestry, food processing, mining, automotive, manufacturing,etc. The presentation will look at the top jurisdictions across North America
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Energy Sector  - Oil and Gas Pipelines   Canada - Analysis
This presentation will provide insight in the pipeline industry for Canada. The presentation will discuss the financial impact as well as government policies that will drive oil/gas pipeline expansion in Canada Disclaimer - This is one view of pipelines. It is up to individuals to reach out to other sources as part of making an informed decisions when it comes to the oil and gas sector.
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Impact of Government Policies on Economy
his presentation will discuss the role government plays when it comes to managing an economy. Areas of focus: 1. Consumption Taxation 2. Corporate Taxation 3. Personal Taxation 4. Payroll Taxation 5. Carbon Taxation 6. Social Programs 7. Government Red Tape 8. Trade and Investment Agreements
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Consumer Goods (Retail Pricing) 101 for Canada
This video will provide information on how retail prices are set by business including the costs and flow of goods from raw material to the end consumer The video will also discuss issues of government policies including taxation, regulations, etc that will push up the costs that people will pay at the retail store.
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Natural Resources  - Key Economic Impact -  Canada- Government Policies -  NDP LPC CPC
- NDP comments on Natural Resources - Thomas Mulcair - LPC comments on Natural Resources - Justin Trudeau - Impact of Natural Resources on social programs like Healthcare, Military, etc
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Debt to GDP and Government Deficits – Canada  -
This presentation looks at government deficit and debt.
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CPP -  Canada Pension Plan -  Analysis
This presentation discusses CPP including market returns, sustainability, government policies, retirement options, etc. This is one view of CPP as such it is up the readers to do their own research. Link: http://www.slideshare.net/paulyoungcga/is-the-canada-pension-plan-sustainable-cpp-canada
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How is GAP Analysis is used as part of Financial Planning and Analysis
This presentation will present the concept of GAP Analysis. GAP analysis is methodology used by either government or business to bring actual results back to plan.
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Why does Foreign Aid Fail to help Poor Countries
What is Foreign Aid UN and Foreign Aid Canada and Foreign Aid Foreign Aid by Country
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Ontario Fiscal Mess   September 2018
This video discusses the issues facing Ontario including fiscal management and the economy.
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Creating Movement Accounts Schedules for Cognos Controller
How to create movement account reports for IBM Cognos Controller 1. Fixed Assets Continuity schedule 2. Agings for Account Receivable or Accounts Payable 3. Retained Earnings 4. Other Comprehensive Income 5. Debt
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Banking Sector for  Canada including Risks and Threats
- What is the Bank Act - What does the Bank Act regulate - What is Basel Reporting - Do Canadian Banks follow Basel Reporting - Accounting Rules Liberal Party proposed changes Banking Sector Analysis Issues facing the Banking Sector
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Private and Public Sector Pensions for Canada and the world -  Risks
This presentation discusses pension plans including private and public sector. The presentation will discuss the risks including low returns, more retirees, cash strapped government, etc.
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Multi-Level Marketing Pitfalls
- This video will walk you through the dangers of multi-level marketing including the pitfalls and warning signs - Discussion of easy money/lifestyle - Discussion of supply chain management FYI - This method no longer works due to eCommerce and/or other changes to supply chain management.
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Government Policy and Market Analysis for Manufacturing in Canada
- Trends - Sample of Manufacturing Statements - Costing Method - Productivity - Key Costs - CPC/Policies - Government Policies - Business Quotes - Next Steps http://www.slideshare.net/paulyoungcga/government-policies-and-market-analysis-for-manufacturing-in-canada
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Government Policies  for Northern Territories - Canada
This presentation will discuss the government policies directed at the Northern Territories for Canada. Key areas are the following: 1. Revenue sharing 2. Resource development 3. Infrastructure 4. Social programs
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Government Policies - Unemployment Insurance - Canada
- Job Quality - Payroll taxation - Skills development and training - Job Creation - Exports - Retail sectors - Technological advances - Youth unemployment - Career management and development - Government programs - International Trade
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Alberta Economy and Deficit Analysis
This presentation will discuss the Alberta Economy including gap action initiatives that maybe required by future government to eliminate the deficit and debt. The presentation will focus on what can be done to help the economy including government policies.
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UN Foreign Aid including Policies and Issues
This presentation will discuss the issues to why Foreign Aid is not helping poor countries to develop economic and infrastructure projects.
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Middle Class - Canada Analysis and Review
Analysis and Review of Canada Middle Class wage earners - Taxation - Social Program - Income inequality - Household spending - Taxation Cuts - After Tax income
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Private and Public Sector Unions - Canada
- Union dues - Union dues purpose - Pensions - Issues a) new members b) pension funding c) Arbitration d)Benefits - Lobbying government a) Election campaigns b) Government policies/regulations c) compensation/Pensions/Benefits - Oversight
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Government Debt for  Canada
This presentation will discuss government debt and deficits in Canada. The emphasis will be on GDP as well impact of high debt and deficits on programs spending as well as future taxation rates.
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MS Chi-cheemaun
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Innovation and Research and Development Tax Credits for Canada
- What is innovation - What are tax credits - Innovation failures - Canada Analysis R&D - Canada Ranking - What is required
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July 2015   Economic Trends and Analysis for Canada
Economic update for June/July 2015 1. Exports 2. Housing Starts 3. Manufacturing 4. Retail Sales 5. Economic outlook 6. Discussion of policies by NDP, LPC and CPC
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Excel Add In Reporting for Cognos Controller breaking out the Adjusting Entries
How to build a report that isolates the eliminations in a separate column from the based value and final closing balances?
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Risk Analytics -  OpenPages -  Internal Audit Solution
This quick video will discuss the issues facing internal audit and how IBM OpenPages can provide a solution to address the issues facing companies. The video will stress main pain points for internal audit department like cost, data, control framework, cybersecurity and agility,
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Stock Options   Canada   Tax Loophole   NDP LPC CPC
- CRA Program - NDP will eliminate the program - Impact to small startups - Who did the analysis and Why - No Depth from Thomas Mulcair on Tax policies
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Government Policy -  Income Inequality   Canada
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqLDHQ-iJU8 (is this a lie? or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOl37VcG89c (is this a lie? - http://globalnews.ca/.../tax-cuts-since-2005-net.../ (is this a lie?) or http://www.slideshare.net/paulyoungcga/taxation-policies (are my slides 8-11 wrong). I hear that the above information is wrong, but no one refutes that my information is wrong via providing facts that support socialism is working in Canada. BTW: Hiking the corporation tax to 18-22% range will add 2-8% more to cost of your iPhone, iPad, Clothes, transit passes, food, beer, wine, etc. http://www.slideshare.net/paulyoungcga/corporation-taxation-canada-44675640. BTW – Where does Mulcair stand on Corporate tax? Oops, Mulcair cannot remember the rate: http://www.canadianmanufacturing.com/financing/ndp-leader-mulcairs-corporate-tax-policy-needs-clarity-150026/. This about month old and we still have no response on rates, why? NDP/Economy - http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/b-c-economy-stagnates-under-ndp-rule-report Justin Trudeau cannot even tell you who makes up the middle class - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WHIS3w4wn4 How about childcare: http://www.iedm.org/fr/2821-quebecs-failed-child-care-model I thought Harper is bad news, right? If so, how come Canada is one of the most admired countries in the world: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canada-ranked-as-most-admired-country-in-the-world-report-1.2470040 Canada also has done well compared to its peers across the world - http://www.bmonesbittburns.com/economics/forecast/int/intmodel.pdf Canada is seeing shift up the ladder in terms of income/wealth, but no comment, why? http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/top-business-stories/canadians-scale-the-income-ladder-with-the-best-of-them/article25533315/?click=sf_globefb Remind me again why we should change to either Mulcair or Trudeau government as the facts do not align with their policies! http://www.torontosun.com/2015/08/15/trudeau-and-mulcair-selling-a-fantasy-to-the-middle-class FYI – Canada is still one of the best countries in the world - http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canada-named-the-country-with-the-best-reputation-by-global-survey-again or https://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/canada-tops-the-world-as-most-reputable-country-021908756.html FYI – Taxing the richest - http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/higher-taxes-on-rich-may-miss-revenue-targets-experts-say-1.3031842 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pICUvNi95AY
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2016 - 2017 - Budget Consultation - Canada - Federal Budget
What can you expect to see in the budget? What should be the priorities of the government in terms of spending? What should be the area of focus of the government for 2016-2017?
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NDP - Economic Vision - Policy issues - Thomas Mulcair
- How do you reduce trade deficit between Canada and the rest of world? - How do you promote downstream production? - How do you promote advance manufacturing? - How do you support small business to expand internationally? - Mulcair lacks vision to grow an economy
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Old Age Security  for Canada -  Policy Analysis
What is OAS Life Expectancy Payments Program Cost Policy Analysis
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Keynesian Economics -   Failures
This is brief video on keynesian economics including analysis. The video will discuss issues with keynesian economics.
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NDP Platform
NDP Platform 1. Costing 2. Revenue projections
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Government Policies - Municipal Affairs for Canada
- What are municipalities/cities? - What governs municipalities/cities - Powers - Accounting rules - Mayor Comments - Business Property Taxes - Revenue flow from Federal Government - Issues facing government
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Supply Chain Trends for 2016  -  Canada
This video will discuss the supply chain trends for 2016 and beyond. Hint: This video is a good education to those trying grasp various factors that will drive sales for their company.
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Government Spending  101 for Canada  - Follow the Money
This presentation will discuss government spending in Canada
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Daycare Costs   Canada   NDP LPC CPC
- Thomas Mulcair Policies - Provinces cannot afford the new daycare programs - Job creation stats overstated -
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What is Corporate Welfare
This presentation discusses what is corporate welfare.
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FIPA   Foreign Investment Protect Action   Canada   Review
FIPA - Globalization - Foreign Direct Investment - Lawsuits - Trade Deals - Shareholder protection - Foreign Investment - Pension fund returns - Bank financing - Innovation Funds - Accounts Receivable/loans support
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Gross Domestic Product GDP for Canada for January 2016
- Summary - Currency Rates - Analysis by Sector - Commodity Prices - Labor Market - Retail Sales - Housing Market - Competitiveness - Economic Growth - Government Policies - Business Investment
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Government Policy for Interprovincial Trade Barriers for Canada
This presentation discusses trade barriers between provinces. Barriers result in lost to GDP of $14B.
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Government Policies for South Africa   May 2016
- Government - GDP - Economy - Banking Sector - Government Policies - Corruption - Trade – Canada and South Africa
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