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Real World Nikon Z6 Review (Sort Of) With A Professional Model
This was a day of real-world tests with new Nikon Z6 and new Nikon 50mm 1.8 Z Lens. I go over things I like which sounds like most of it but there are a ​few things I would probably change. Especially if this would be my main camera. and special thanks for BTS video to: https://www.instagram.com/aljazhabot/
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Shooting fashion editorial with Profoto B2
Behind the scene look from a fashion boho editorial made with Profoto b2 and b1. We used Profoto softbox 2x3 and white parabolic umbrella. Model: Prisha (Immortalmodels) Stylist: Nina Mihoci Hair: Tomaz Turk MUA: Andrea Pavlin Stosic Assisant: Tomaz Kos Video shot by: Taja Kosir Popovic
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Studio basics 101: The Best Camera & Flash Settings And How To Always Have Them Right
In this video, we'll be taking a look at best and easiest method to have right settings for working in Studio.
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Behind the scene at a commercial photoshoot
Behind the scenes look at
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BTS At Boho Fashion Editorial made with 3 Profoto B1
A look behind the scene at a fashion editorial made with Profoto B1s. Photography: Damjan Dimic Stylist: Tina Tanko Model: Nika Koncilja @Modelgroup Hair: Ben Jager MUA: Tjasa Zaloznik Assistants: Katarina Veselic & Taja Kosir Popovic Special thanks to Robba for this amazing place.
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Two Easy Light Setups For Portrait / Beauty / Test Photography
Today we will be taking a look at two of my most Lighting setups for Beauty or portrait photography.
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BTS Look at Couple Fashion Editorial
Photography: Damjan Dimic Stylist: Lara Ula Vidrih Model: Sebastjan Jenko and Klara Kukk @immortalmodels MUA: Martina Borscak Assistants: Katarina Veselic & Taja Kosir Popovic Video: Taja Kosir Popovic
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Basics Of Camera Tethering In Photography
So today we will be taking a brief overview in a world of tethering. Why is it good and how should you use it.
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Behind the scene - beauty photoshoot
A look behind the scene at a beauty photoshoot made with Elinchrom rx600. Model: Patricija Tomažič IMMORTAL Model Management) Hair: Ben Jager MUA: Martina Borščak Studio: Zoomzoom Foto Studio Music: bensound.com
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Behind The Scene At A Fashion Photoshoot
Photography: Damjan Dimic Asistant: Katarina Veselic MUA: Martina Borscak Hair: Loui Ferry Styling: Lara Ula Vidrih Model: Barbara Sor @3mmodels
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