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Lazy Daze Hammocks Double with Head Pillow | REVIEW
Lazy Daze Hammocks Double with Head Pillow | REVIEW Current Price & More Info ►https://amzn.to/2UsbkGx ==================================================== #lazydaze #lazydazehammocks #hammocks #hammockslazydaze I love this hammock! Looks exactly like the photo and I received it within 2-3 days of purchase. I have bought afew hammocks on Amazon, and they always fade and turn a weird color. So I wanted to pick a color/theme that wouldn't look weird if it faded. It's been a month now and so far it hasn't faded, but even if it does, atleast it won't look funky
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Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22 Gallon Storage Seat | SETUP + REVIEW
Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22 Gallon Storage Seat Current Price & More Info ► https://amzn.to/2ruGiAy ==================================================== #suncast #suncastssw1200 #suncaststorageseat #ssw1200storageseat I bought two of these to put inside of my home. I thought it would be a great storage for any items that doesn't really have a place to go or making my home look neater such as shoving dog food and toys in here etc, and being that it has a seat on top is a definite plus. Easy to install with no tools at all, extremely durable when being sat on and just overall a great purchase. Great match with espresso/brown furniture. I do not plan on putting this outside, it's a great different look for inside my home, I'm sure I will buy more in the future for outdoors.
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Keter Store It Out MAX Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed | REVIEW
Keter Store It Out MAX Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed Current Price & More Info ► https://amzn.to/2PnYQfv ==================================================== #keter #horizontal #storageshed #keterstore If you read all these reviews you would think this shed is made of paper and has no parts or missing parts. Let me give you an honest review of this product. Perhaps I was very fortunate but the way the product was packaged I would be surprised if folks had cracks or breaks or missing parts. All parts are packaged together in heavy plastic bag and then wrapped with heavy tape. The shed itself is protected inside and well secured. I will say the 40 square feet of storage is a bit misleading as once built I measured a little over 38 square feet inside. That is still larger than it's comparable competitor Suncast that is about 36 square feet. It took me 40 minutes and two beers to put it together. All in all I must say this is a nice shed that is easy to put together and holds up well. I am very pleased with this product. Oh, by the way they give you about ten more screws than you need just to be safe.
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Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed | REVIEW
Suncast BMS4700 The Stow Away Horizontal Storage Shed Current Price & More Info ► https://amzn.to/2QlcfKt ==================================================== #suncast #suncastbms4700 #horizontalstorageshed #bms4700 I have another storage house on the other end of my backyard but it's almost 2 decades old, rusted, full of webs and stuff that hasn't been touched in years. The main reason I bought this was because I'm looking for a shed to store my new bikes. I've looked thru dozens of other sheds from a bunch of different brand names. The other ones that promised me the dimensions I was looking for, would've costed me many hundreds (close to a grand). After spending a bunch on the bikes and accessories, I'm a little short. I made sure this shed had the required MINIMUM measurements required to hold the bikes, and it did! The bikes are adult folding bikes with 20" wheels, and I could've saved space by folding them up, but there was enough room to leave them unfolded. After storing both of them, I still had enough space for another adult size bike, and whatever accessories I needed; such as pumps, maintenance tools, replacement parts, helmets, etc. Also, the booklet does give suggestions on what foundations to build the shed on, concrete, wood floor, etc. They'll give the dimensions on what's the minimum requirements, and which type of lock and max size (5/6" thick lock with max length of 1.5" when opened). It also includes the shape, dimensions of the drywood you'd need if you wanted to insert a shelf for the inside, which they've prepared a slot for it.
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Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit | UNBOXING + REVIEW
Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit | UNBOXING + REVIEW Current Price & More Info ► https://amzn.to/2L5dtUu ==================================================== #solostove #solostovebonfire #bonfire #stove #firepit #solostovefirepit This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen for Burning wood in your backyard!! I've only had it on for about 15 minutes but it's already super bad ass !! I can tell that the sides are already starting to get black which is to be expected but the way that the fire burns is super cool! I do think it's important not to leave it outside overnight with the morning dew and other things making it wet... i'm going to get a couple more of these for gifts because they're just so cool! It uses barely any kindling to get a nice fire going and there's barely any smoke coming out...
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Keter Deck Box Storage Cube Patio Table 55 Gal  | REVIEW
Keter Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Patio Table 55 Gal Current Price & More Info ►https://amzn.to/2Ppnz37 ==================================================== #keter #keteroutdoor #keterpatiotable Easy to assemble once I made sure the sides were in the correct position. Box assembles with clever snap in place tabs. lid hinges assemble with four screws , seems fairly sturdy. Easy to assemble. After a hard rainfall, the inside of the box was completely dry. Top is flat and can be a seat, but instructions says not to stand on. Haven't sat on much. Lid has a couple of friction snaps to hold shut- a bit stiff at first, but getting easier now. I like them very much. I bought two, one of the boxes holds 2 22x22 cushions, the other 2 cushions 22x25. the other box holds two cushions 18x18 and I inserted a cardboard divider(made from shipping box) to separate so other side of this second box could hold my BBQ accesssories- bag of charcoal, starter, utensils. Worked out great. Total box with contents lighter than expected. Use both as a table , and easy to move around on deck (more flexible than one big box).
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