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Drunk Test
Cop testing this guy if he is drunk
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Hi Sue
Guy tells his room mates to clean up due to his girlfriend coming for a visit
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Man standing around in Torn Jeans
Gay Young man in SF on Castro St, the Short Version. I cut out that irritating man in yellow jacket. LOL
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jogger swallows fly
while jogging, he swallows a fly, what happens next?
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Posing for Art
man posing naked but covered with marbles "down there" til a hot woman comes in.
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Xmas Eve Drive Part 1
Driving to the Horseshoe Bay to catch the ferry to Sunshine Coast. It was snowing heaving and the drive was not easy, but we took our time and made it.
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Hanlan's Point Beach
One of our many trips to the nude beach
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Rugby men showering
Rugby men showering after the game. One guy dropped the soap. Who picks up the soap?
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Durham Pride
First time in a long time the Pride Parade in Ajax Ontario.
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Prince Charles Visits Toronto
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Why People use Text Message
two people sending text message to each other while sitting near by, why?
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Singing Out Toronto
This video is about Singing Out Toronto Group. They appeared at Loblaws while we were having lunch. It was a nice surprise.
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Church Fetish Fair 2005
Few clips of the Fair in 2005
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Having a Bad Day
The name says it all
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Eye Sight Problem
Men sneaking around to do a robbery
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Pony Boy
Here is a new version I filmed during Church Street Fetish Fair 2007. Hope this is a better version than I uploaded....still not clear, damn, sorry, I tried to follow the guidelines. check out his blog at: ponyboyseeksfriend.blogspot.com
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Nake Bike Toronto
This video is about Nake Bike Toronto
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Empress Hotel 1
Our walk around outside the hotel while we stayed there one weekend in June. Very nice and was using the new Looxcie Cam.
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Crossing the Mid-Bay Bridge near Destin, fla
Using google maps app to stitch together where we are going
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Halloween 2007
Took movies and pictures of Halloween on Church St in Toronto.
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Always Tidy Up
kid playing with toys and one of them is an interesting toy
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Xray Farting
xrays can detect you farting? I do not know about that, but it is funny watching this.
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Recovering from Operation
two doctors discuss how operation went in the patient's room
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Dykes On Bikes
GLBTTQWTF Pride in Vancouver, BC 2010.
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Pony Boy
man likes to dress in leather harness as a horse and you can sit in his cart for the ride of your life
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Vancouver Convention Centre
Walked thru today. Amazing Place with so many rooms and space. Now part of the seawall and great view of the mountains.
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flight patterns from space
see the flight of airplanes from space
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internet dating
two teens on web cam on the internet chatting and showing....
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Heavy Turkey
trying to get the turkey ready for Cooking
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keeping up with lastest technology
three men at a bar use the lastest gadgets for communications.
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Why Cows hate snow
see for your self
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Men in Bathing Suits
Toronto Gay Pride shows off men in skimpy bathing suits again.
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Doctor Exam
Doc checking out and examing the patient
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Boys will be boys
group of boys teasing boy trying to get into the car
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Gay Brides?
Men walking on tall sticks thru the crowd after the parade
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PS Tram Ride
Took the Tram Ride up to the top of the Mountain! Well worth it as it was an amazing ride. I wish I knew about the hikes we could do there. So if you wish to do so, now you know.
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Driving along Northern New Mexico
I was amazed to see the sights in NM as it was my first time. I want to come back here to see more. I felt I was on a different planet :) This is recorded along the old Highway 66, but most on HWY 40. The city you see in the middle is Albuquerque.
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This is on the North coast of Dominican Republic. It has a beautiful beach and lots of wind surfers due to the winds. Always windy here.
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boating adventures
various people having boating mishaps
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Dog Problems
Dogs with problems and eating this bone helps lift up their spirits
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Chariot Festival
Chariot Festival of India had a parade and booths display. It was an interesting day. The history of Krishna is amazing.
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7 inches  longer
talking about size
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A woman deals with a flasher
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Pride Friday Night
the crowds on the street
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alarm clock
cannot turn off alarm
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Toy Train in Deep Cove
While in Deep Cove, we saw this toy train. I love trains. I do not know anything about the store if they sell good stuff, but the pizza place on the left, stay away! Yuck! The Donut /coffee store on the right, treat yourself to a yummy donut!
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Dog Sled Short Verison
While in Whistler this pass Christmas 09, we decided to try out Dog sledding and I am hooked! I would do it again but longer with another company. If you ever thought of doing this, do it! I loved it! I started off in the sled and the was standing behind with the guide. Under 3 minutes long.
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Port Dover
a drive through the country near Port Dover. Some people on Motorcycles near the end.
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funny old people
see for yourself
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Drive to Scottsdale
Driving Highway 17 to Scottsdale from Flagstaff. Amazing sights of bare mountains, some with bushes and catcus.
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