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Resolved: Ubuntu 15.10 Cinnamon | Mouse & Scrolling Error
Reinstalled Ubuntu 15.10 figuring it was a misconfiguration error in my installation. Still getting the error. I should have tried another distro because inherently my last installation was up-to-date with the latest packages. Same error as before in my previous video. Can't move windows but I can move icons and I can draw on the desktop without interruption. This error is also present in Ubuntu MATE 15.10 to a further extent. Worse off than Cinnamon. I'm still unsure if it's a hardware issue, or if it's the kernel/ software. I literally woke up the next day to see my computer had been restarted(from an update), and my computer being transitioned into these errors. Ubuntu, 15.10, Linux, Cinnamon, Desktop Environment, Desktop, xev, mouse, side-scrolling, firefox, terminal, icons, cursor, help, Wily, Werewolf
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Resolved: Ubuntu 15.10 -- Gnome Desktop -- Ubuntu MATE and Cinnamon
RESOLVED: Comment below. Can't move windows with cursor, the cursor can highlight and move folders and files on the desktop without a problem. I’m also finding that when pressing shift in Firefox the page tries to change. i can't do capitalization. Ubuntu Mate and Cinnamon are also affected. Running Ubuntu 15.10. Ubuntu, 15.10, error, mouse, keyboard, help linux, desktop, hardware, side-scrolling, firefox, cinnamon, mate
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VCV Rack
Just a small patch I created. First one that I've felt slightly happy about. Hopefully they get better from here on out! I patched everything up, and recorded the audio from VCV Rack itself with a plugin which allowed me to save in .wav format. VCV Rack is an Open Source Multi-Platform Modular Eurorack. What an awesome piece of software! https://vcvrack.com/ https://github.com/VCVRack OS: Ubuntu 16.04 with MATE Video edited in OpenShot.
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Terraria: Eye of Cthulhu
The Eye of Cthulhu awoke while I was sorting out my drops, and loading up for another trip down in the caverns! What an opportune moment. A minute less and I would not have been ready! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/johnwayneiix
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Justin Coombs - Dispositional Jazz Ensemble
A generative experimental jazz tune I made with VCV Rack. Buy my music: https://postgenerative.bandcamp.com Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/justincoombs Twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/RackEU Twitter: @JLACoombs Livestream of finishing up the track, less finishing and recording in Ardour: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/271261952 It takes a lot of process power to record and stream in Linux so I didn't record that process. The ending is probably the best to watch.
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Ubuntu 16.04 -- VCV Rack Dev
A/B/Y demonstration. Not much of a video. Didn't put time into the VCOs. Though, I like what I did with the drums, demostrating them as well. Trying to automate two patches together on the VCOs so I have two parts that will eventually be together for a tune. It's just fundamental stuff, but it'll make the experience a lot better. Using JACK to record the audio, but also used OBS' JACK IN to hardware out. No processing through Ardour with the video. Though, I used Ardour/JACK to monitor the sound from my speakers/hardware. Come hang out on Freenode in the #VCVRack channel.
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OBS Endslate
Made for Open Broadcast Software. The Scene Collection is exported, and you can IMPORT it into OBS, and manipulate it as desired for both commercial, and non-commercial use. Configure, and use the file as an ENDSLATE for your videos on TWITCH, YouTUBE, VIMEO, and other social networks. Download from Github: https://github.com/Cordoha/OBS-Endslate Donate: https://www.paypal.me/bytebind Fractals are made with ProjectM. All work: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Github Repository: AGPLv3: All work done by Justin Coombs. https://www.bytebind.com/blog Please leave license file, body of work, Scene Collection file for OBS, name, website intact when distributing in compressed format. Only distribute in compressed format. If you feel like it, donations are accepted at https://www.paypal.me/bytebind Thanks. Justin Coombs 13-05-2018
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Demon Dog Harri Houdini
He's investigating the ledge still! Then he jumps into the garden bed.
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Demon Dog Harri Houdini
We're at Tim Horton's Field just having a walk, as he investigates the ledge.
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Demon Dog Harri Houdini
Harri sees a person walking by and he goes a little crazy. Try to get him to settle down, but he jumps on my thigh and makes a goofy face.
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VCV Rack: Happy Hardstyle
A generative patch I made in VCV Rack. Ardour for recording the audio in Linux. Used an equalizer, faded in/out at te start and end of the track. Kdenlive to record the video https://vcvrack.com/ https://github.com/VCVRack
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Terraria: Queen Bee Has Awoken!
After successfully beating Eye of Cthulhu, I mined, and explored some more. Found a massive beehive. It happens there was a Queen Bee there! It had awoken, and beat me! I failed this opportunity which resulted in the Queen Bee leaving the hive! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/johnwayneiix
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Post Generative Pads
Drums are using Topograph, bass is synced with Topograph bass drum, pads are generative but are synced as well. My best patch yet, I like it but I don't like the video, I'll upload it anyway.
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