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RAW: 13-year-old Kid driving car runs from police in Clinton Township, Michigan
Police chasing boy, 13, who flees traffic stop, leads cops on chase. The 13-year-old Michigan boy and his sister lead police on chase in Clinton Township. After a short pursuit, the 13-year-old lost control, crossed a grassy median and ended up in the eastbound lanes of Metropolitan Parkway where they tried to flee on foot. The driver and his sister were eventually caught. The girl, deputies say, was turned over to her mother. The 13-year-old is expected to have a juvenile detention.
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RAW: Massive prison break in Brazil as 40 prisoners escape after blowing up jail wall
Brazil prison break: Video shows dozens of Brazilian inmates making a run for it after blowing up a prison wall. This dramatic footage captures the moment 40 prisoners escape a jail in Brazil after blowing up an external wall and making a run for it. The shocking incident was caught on CCTV at Frei Damiao de Bozanno prison in Pernambuco, on the outskirts of Recife in north-east Brazil. Groups of men then leap over the damaged wall before landing on the ground - some perform action rolls - and running for the streets of a nearby neighbourhood in order to hide. Later some of the group turn around and run back into the prison, though it is unclear exactly why the men appeared to change their mind.
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WATCH: Police car hits deer sending it flying through air, the animal escapes, Kenton County Police
Deer does 'triple axel' after getting struck by police cruiser, appears to be OK, Kentucky. Police cruiser hits deer who flies through air after the crash. The deer appeared to brush off the incident before quickly running away into the woods.
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Angry man smashes and destroys slot machines with metal stool in Romford , UK
Romford gambler uses metal stool to smash slot machines in video. Police release CCTV footage of irate gambler attacking machines. This is the dramatic moment an angry gambler picked up a metal stool and smashed two slot machines in a busy bookmakers after becoming frustrated at losing his money. The man, who appears to be dressed smartly in a shirt and blazer, picked up the stool and lashed out at the two gambling machines at Betfred in Chadwell Heath, Romford, north east London. CCTV footage shows him picking up the stool from the shop floor and using the base to smash the glass of the slot machines - causing around £6,000 worth of damage.
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Insurance scam Fail: Man pretends to be hit by car ?
Insurance scam Fail, man pretends to be hit by car allegedly to get money from driver.
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Chinese man starts rolling on the mall floor during heated dispute with his girlfriend
Couple argue: Guy throws a tantrum and rolls on the ground in the middle of a mall during a very public fight with his girlfriend. Most quarelling couples would prefer to give each other the silent treatment in public until they can retreat behind closed doors to settle their disagreement discreetly. But one pair in China recently decided to stop everything and launch into a large scale and very public argument during a shopping trip at a crowded mall.
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WATCH: Vladimir Putin praises Donald Trump calling him a 'very bright and talented man'
Putin: Trump Is Brilliant. Vladimir Putin praises 'bright and talented' Donald Trump. Russian president calls Trump outstanding and talented.
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Mexico Federal Police officer saves dog trapped behind a fence near a burning building
Dog's life saved by policeman who rescues him from raging house fire. Video shows member of Mexico's Federal Police save dog from blaze. Cop rescues dog trapped near a building on fire.
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RAW: Customers fight off alleged armed robber in a store in Coral Gables, Florida
Crime-fighting customers wrestle would-be robber. Two men fight off suspect during Coral Gables armed robbery. Customers fight back against alleged gunman in Florida shop.
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WATCH: Japanese man allegedly caught the lucky child ghost Zashikiwarashi on video, Real ?
Chilling footage, Gost of child caught on camera in man's living room in Japan ? Guy captures the lucky ghost child Zashiki-warashi apparition on video in his room. This is the spooky apparition which looks to be the ghost of a child captured floating on camera. The eerie figure is caught on film appearing in a man's front room before moving across the shot and back again. Folk legend in Japan states, zashikiwarashi, or child ghost is supposed to bring good luck to all who see it. They typically take the form of a five or six year old and are said to live in homes to bring families good fortune. However, they are also said to cause mischief.
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RAW: Men tackle robber to ground after £1million jewellery heist in Leeds, UK
CCTV shows moment Leeds jewellery store robbers are tackled by civilians. Man body slams thief after £1 million jewellery heist. This is the astonishing moment three have-a-go heroes tackled a robber to the ground on a busy high street in Leeds moments after a £1million jewellery heist. Estonian robbers Alar Kajurand, 44, Taimar Uibopuu, 30 and Rainis Kilk, 26, have now been jailed for a combined total of 51 years following two armed raids on jewellers in London and Leeds. Footage taken from inside Berry's jewellers in Leeds shows Uibopuu raiding display cases for high-end jewellery while Kajurand, disguised in a black wig, points a firearm - which later turned out to be a BB gun - at terrified staff.
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RAW: Man on motorcycle escape being crushed after truck overturns in front of him, China
Lucky bike avoids death after truck and trailer flip over and crash in a Chinese intersection.
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RAW: Man fights off armed thieves with his walking stick during store robbery in Manchester
Brave UK shopkeeper fends off a gang of hooded robbers. The man fights off the masked raiders with a cane. Anyone with information is asked to contact officers in south Manchester on 101, or call Crimestoppers.
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WATCH: Brazilian fishermen catch Huge monster Fish
Fishermen catch big monster fish in Brazil. The two men struggle to carry the massive fish and load it on a truck.
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WATCH: Confused passenger jumps through airport X-ray machine to retrieve his baggage in China
Man at China airport climbs into x-ray machine. Chinese passenger jumps on conveyor belt gets dragged into x-ray machine.
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Gym workout Fail: Woman uses cardio machine in the wrong way
Meanwhile in the gym: Cardio workout fail, woman uses gym elliptical equipment like riding a horse.
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Russian woman falls through liquor store glass case
Shopping for spirits when gravity strikes: Allegedly drunk woman looses balance, trips and falls into liquor shop glass cabinet, Russia.
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WATCH: Guy emerges from PUB CELLAR at 5am after falling asleep in the bar basement
Good Christmas party? Hilarious video of drunk man emerging, climbing out of pub cellar at 5am dazed and confused, Queens Hotel in Pontypool, Wales. This is the moment a reveller is captured on CCTV leaving the pub after a festive night out - by clambering out of the cellar at 5am. The Christmas period is a time of good cheer and copious alcohol consumption, but nothing quite exemplifies the festive spirit than being caught climbing out of a pub's cellar at a few hours from breakfast time. The footage was captured from the security camera of the Queens Hotel in Pontypool, Wales.
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Chinese woman falls into water fountain, well drainage pipe, she escaped with a few injuries
Moment tourist falls backwards and gets stuck in well. Woman trips and falls into a well drainage pipe in China. The female was rescued and taken to a hospital where she was found to be in shock - but miraculously did not suffer any serious injuries.
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WATCH: Giant toad attempts to Eat Snake Alive or has he bitten off more than he can chew?
Toad eating a Snake alive: Incredible footage shows frog fighting to eat a whole snake that appears to be alive.
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WATCH: Police release video of officer falling from roof in attempt to arrest man, West Valley city
Body-cam video released of West Valley police officer falling off a strip mall roof. Utah Cop chasing a man falls from roof, sustains bumps and bruises but was treated and released from the hospital.
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Out of control car slides across the road, goes flying and crashes into parked vehicle, Russia
Flying Opel crashes into parked car. Out of control car flies through air and slams into parked vehicle in Russia.
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RAW: Man caught on camera stuffing python snake into his pants in Portland, Oregon pet store
Portland police hunting thief who robbed $200 python by shoving it down his pants. Snake thief puts python into his pants. Guy, robber steals python snake by putting it into his trousers and walking out of pet store.
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RAW: Man dressed as Santa Claus robs KFC takeaway in Alfreton, Derby, UK
Knife-wielding Santa robs KFC restaurant, police say. Armed robber dressed as Santa Claus threatens KFC staff with knife before stealing money. This is the moment a knife-wielding robber dressed as Father Christmas climbed through a KFC window before threatening staff and stealing cash. The thug used the festive disguise to hold up the restaurant in Alfreton, Debryshire, on Saturday, fleeing with hundreds of pounds of cash. Anyone with information should contact Derbyshire Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously.
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WATCH: Chinese man miraculously survived after being hit by a truck while he was working in street
Garbage collector escapes after truck slams into him, China. The truck flips over and crashes after hitting the man. Both the garbage collector and the truck driver have survived, only suffering minor injuries.
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Woman Shoplifter caught using Winnie the Pooh toy as a fake Baby to hide stolen goods
Shoplifter caught after baby revealed to be Winnie the Pooh toy. A woman using a fake baby to hide products she was stealing from a supermarket was caught when security guards realized the baby she was carrying was actually a Winnie-the-Pooh children's toy.
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WATCH: Man crashes $4 million Koenigsegg Agera R car after hitting a fence in China
Koenigsegg Agera R, valued at $4.08 million, crashes in China. The drunk driver crashes Koenigsegg car destroying it. The man speeds on a Chinese road before smashing the Koenigsegg car into a fence. The driver allegedly suffered minor injuries.
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Real Life Prison Break: Convicts escape from jail by jumping over wall during riot, Brazil
Brazil prison break: Men escape from prison by jumping wall, fence. Brazilian convicts prison escape during riot in Fortaleza, Ceará.
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Man almost hit by speeding car on sidewalk, Russia
Inches from death, guy nearly escapes after car almost hits him. Russian man putting up a sign is almost hit by car.
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Lucky escape for explosive experts when confiscated fireworks haul goes off in Peru
Fireworks Fail: Police officers forced to run for their lives when pile of fireworks they had confiscated sets alight. This is the moment explosive experts with the Peruvian police were forced to run for cover when a pile of confiscated fireworks caught on fire in front of them. The officers from the Unit of Explosives Deactivation (UDEX) were in the act of piling up the powerful illegal pyrotechnics which they were to destroy when a stray flare was blown by the wind into the pile and set them off. The incident happened during the operation in Chiclayo in the north-west Peruvian department of Lambayeque.
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WATCH: Vegas meteor shower was allegedly Burning debris from a Russian space rocket
Object seen in Las Vegas sky was either meteor or space junk. The mysterious bright light seen from Vegas to Ventura was Russian rocket body, U.S. Strategic Command says.
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FULL: Building roof comes crashing down onto pavement as people run for cover in London, UK
London building roof collapses on street: Dramatic moment building falls onto pavement inches from pedestrians in Shepherd's Bush. Miraculously, no-one suffered serious injuries during the collapse.
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RAW: Alleged Preston shopping centre 'failed bomb' suspect caught on CCTV, UK
'Preston bomb': CCTV released by police after homemade device failed to go off in toilet near Christmas shoppers. Lancashire Police released footage of a man carrying an unidentified package not far from the Fishergate Shopping Centre in Preston on Thursday morning - around half an hour before a makeshift bomb caught fire. The device was planted in the men's toilets at the shopping centre and started burning, although it did not explode fully. Officers said it was too early to say whether there is any terrorism link.
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Man dressed in Santa Claus crash lands while jumping from building with a parachute, Brazil
Parachute Jump Fail: Brazilian guy dressed in Santa Claus misses landing while jumping with a parachute from a high rise building. The man allegedly suffered only minor injuries.
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