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Chicken Kills Me! (Not clickbait)
This chicken is know for murder, I try to kill them. But before I know it...
That is a Pretty Big Teddy Bear Boi
Have you ever had your teddy bear look like this? This is why you shouldn’t feed it more than 1 pound of food per day. Please send money to Gifty the teddy bear. Okay?
Defeating Moonlord! - Terraria
Oh my god I’ve been waiting for this
Goat Takes Over Goatville High
This game is fun you should download it! This goat comes to school to learn about how easy it is to destroy a school with the circles on cheer leaders hands...
Almost killing Duke Fishron
And that kids is why you don’t fish with truffle worms.
Mechanical bois
Oh no it’s the mechanical bois.
Oh damn it’s ocram.
It was probably a huge mistake fighting duke fishron before ocram. Now ocram is really easy. Well, just enjoy whatever this video is.
Nyeh Heh Heh!
Sans and Papyrus are there, that’s nice. I was going to make this video on my birthday but I was too lazy to. Thanks people for 14 subscribers! (°-°)====0 (=====0 [] 00 0 0 0 0 Dancing Person. 0 0
Cat Goes Insane!
My cat (JJ) does this weird thing on the stairs which I think is just plain insane. It also shows my other pets like Lusie, Phillip, and Magic.
Lusie the Dog
The reason I didn’t go down the stairs is because I have nerve problems and it is hard to go down stairs... the other 25% is because I was too lazy to... I hope you enjoy the video of me recording my dog... Also Lusie sounds like Susie... And they both have very big noses... They both are definitely cats!
A nice day in the ocean
I hope I don’t get another bass... -_-
A brain and an eye.
Beautiful. (Game is called Terraria)
Duke Fishron.
A very laggy fight against the destroyer
I actually beat it woah
Frost moon Terraria stuff
I was too lazy to use braincells
Some Random Undertale Stuff I drew
I have some stuff that I drew and I wanted to show it to you people. The people are Mettaton Sans + Papyrus Undyne WD. Gaster