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Chicken Kills Me! (Not clickbait)
This chicken is know for murder, I try to kill them. But before I know it...
Views: 59 Lancer!
Goat Takes Over Goatville High
This game is fun you should download it! This goat comes to school to learn about how easy it is to destroy a school with the circles on cheer leaders hands...
Views: 29 Lancer!
That is a Pretty Big Teddy Bear Boi
Have you ever had your teddy bear look like this? This is why you shouldn’t feed it more than 1 pound of food per day. Please send money to Gifty the teddy bear. Okay?
Views: 35 Lancer!
Cat Goes Insane!
My cat (JJ) does this weird thing on the stairs which I think is just plain insane. It also shows my other pets like Lusie, Phillip, and Magic.
Views: 48 Lancer!
Lusie the Dog
The reason I didn’t go down the stairs is because I have nerve problems and it is hard to go down stairs... the other 25% is because I was too lazy to... I hope you enjoy the video of me recording my dog... Also Lusie sounds like Susie... And they both have very big noses... They both are definitely cats!
Views: 25 Lancer!
Nyeh Heh Heh!
Sans and Papyrus are there, that’s nice. I was going to make this video on my birthday but I was too lazy to. Thanks people for 14 subscribers! (°-°)====0 (=====0 [] 00 0 0 0 0 Dancing Person. 0 0
Views: 113 Lancer!
Some Random Undertale Stuff I drew
I have some stuff that I drew and I wanted to show it to you people. The people are Mettaton Sans + Papyrus Undyne WD. Gaster
Views: 92 Lancer!

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