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HDSLR Camera Prep For "Someday Hero" Day 1.
Here is a liitle behind the scenes of our camera prep for a short film tilted "Someday Hero" written and Directed By, Darcy Fray. We are using both a Canon5D Mark II and Canon 7D. We are also using Zeiss ZE Primes a Canon 70-200mm and a Tokina 16-50mm. Following focus with an Arri MMF-1 Mini Follow Focus. We are using a mix of Red Rock Micro and Zacuto accessories on the set. I hope they play nice. Marshall monitors for monitoring and a bevy of other gear supplied from Birns and Sawyer, Hollywood. Thanks for all the support. We will try to shoot "BTS dailies" to document our process. Thanks for checking it out.
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Quick Take: D Focus V3 HDSLR Follow Focus.
Here is a quick take on the very cost effective D Focus Follow Focus. This is a very simple unit that gets the job done just fine in a pinch. I would highly recommend this for still shooters just getting into the video game.
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Richard Schleuning Of Zeiss Explains T-Stop Vs. F-Stop.
Richard Schleuning of Zeiss explains the difference between t-stos and f-stops.
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Canon 7D PL Mount Hot Rod Cameras At Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood.
I got the chance to play around with the Hot Rod Cameras PL Mount Canon 7D at Birns and Sawyer, Hollywood. I ended up using Really Right Stuff Base Plates to prevent the camera from shifting with the Big Ass 25-250mm HR lens and Arri FF4 Follow Focus. I used a 7" Marshall HDMI monitor and it all worked just like a 35mm Motion Picture setup.
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Preston Light Ranger 2 Follow Focus System. Cine Gear 2014
Here is the Legend Howard Preston explaining the new Light Ranger 2 system. This man invented the wireless follow focus! "You Don't Want To Buzz shot." Awesome! For more info check out www.wideopencamera.com Thanks!
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Cinema 5D Quick Take: Chrosziel HDSLR AKS
Here is a quick take on some accessories from Chrosziel for HDSLR work. The Baseplate itself has a little lip attachment that prevents the camera from shifting. The camera tie down is a huge blue knob for easy access. The matte box has a great rubber bellows that will work with multiple lenses. It's a carbon fiber look which is strange but true. It's not really carbon fiber. Chrosziel makes some great stuff for HDSLR work. Thanks for cheking it out.
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Canon 1D Mark IV Video Setting Locations Demo.
Here is a short demo showing the location of some of the video functions, how it differs from the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D. A Big THANK YOU to Birns And Sawyer in Hollywood for letting me use their camera and shop to shot this demo.
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Cinema 5D Hang Gliding With Zac Majors "Flying Zippy"
Dave Aldrich from D Focus asked us to come down and help out with a hang gliding camera rig he designed. I grabbed a Canon Rebel T2i from Birns and Sawyer and slapped a Tokina 11-16mm Zoom with a Schneider Polarizer and off Zippy went. The rig was just a simple arm with a ball mount head. I decided to use the "Landscape" Picture Style on the rig to get as much as possible out of the sky. The hang gliding footage is badass. Chris Collins shot "B" cam and Dave shot some of the landing footage with a Canon Rebel T2i and 70-200mm Zoom. I had to climb down the side of the hill to get the overhead shot of the takeoff. It was a really fun day of shooting. Zac was one of the coolest people I have ever met. A big Thank You to Dave Aldrich for asking us to join this adventure.
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Hexolux LED Fresnels at NAB 2013
Here's a quick take for the Hexolux LED fresnel light.
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Hot Rod Cameras Backbone GoPro C Mount Mod. Camera Included! Wide Open Camera
The good folks over at Hot Rod Cameras are offering a kick ass warranty with the new Back Bone GoPro C Mount Mod for the Hero 3/3+ Cameras. The whole kit will set you back around nine hundred smackers, camera included! A Big THANKS to Kevin Barsky at Hot Rod Cameras for the demo! Check them out at www.hotrodcameras.com
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Cinema 5D Interview With Matthew Duclos of Duclos Lenses.
I got the chance to ask Matthew Duclos a few questions about their new Cine Mod 70-200mm Nikon Lens. Duclos is one of the best lens shops in the world and they have been doing a great job of modifying still lenses for cinema use.
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Cinema 5D HDSLR Follow Focus Comparison Arri, Chrosziel, Zacuto, Red Rock Micro.
Here is a little side-by-side comparison of the more popular follow focus units for HDSLR work available today. We show Arri, Chrosziel, Zacuto, and Red Rock Micro. Check it out.
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How To Mark An Actor For Camera. Wide Open Camera Quick Take Video
Here is a quick take on the various ways to mark an actor for focus and framing. The most common mark is a T shape in between the actor's feet. We show a few more variations and explain the possible use for each one. We recommend using 1/4" paper tape with tabs for easy removal. This is primarily for interior use. Exterior marks can be done with chalk or sticks, golf tees, anything that will work etc. Please check us out at wide open camera dot com.
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Redrock Micro Halo Wireless Follow Focus System. NAB 2015
Here is a quick look at the new Halo wireless follow focus system from Redrock Micro. Pretty Cool! For more info go to wideopencamera.com
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Wescott Bi Color Flex LED Light. NAB 2015
Here is the killer new Bi Color Flex Lights from Wescott. For more info go to wideopencamera.com
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Hang Gliding Teaser With Jeff O'Brien At Point Of The Mountain, Utah.
Here is a little taste of the Hang Gliding movie we are shooting with Dave Aldrich. The pilot is Jeff O'Brien and we were shooting at Point Of The Mountain in Utah. Thanks for checking it out!
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Zeiss T* Anti-Reflective Coating Explained
Richard Schleuning does a great job describing the T Star anti-reflective coating on the newer Zeiss Ze lenses. The formula dates back to 1935.
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Cinema5D Quick Take:  Cinevate Cyclops HDSLR Viewfinder.
Dennis Wood from Cinevate Inc. was showing off his brand spanking new monster Cyclops Viewfinder for HDSLR's at Canon expo 2010. The viewfinder is a pretty cool option for those looking for a two eye system to operate the camera. The Cyclops can also double as a 72mm Macro adapter when attached to the front of the lens.
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Cine Gear 2015 Walter Klassen Slingshot Gimbal Rig.
Here is a quick look at the Walter Klassen Slingshot gimbal rig at Cine Gear 2015. For more info go to wideopencamera.com
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Letus Helix Brushless Gimbal. Best Of Class. Cine Gear 2014.
The Letus Helix is the best three axis brushless gimbal for around five grand. It has a nodal system with a power 360 degree rotation. We really like this system so we deemed it Best Gimbal at Cine Gear 2014! A dominos pizza is on the way to the good folks at Letus! Check them out at www.letusdirect.com For more info go to www.wideopencamera.com
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Aviator Rocket Slider at NAB 2013
Quick take on the Aviator Rocket Slider at NAB 2013. This is a kickstarter project for a killer new slider.
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Defy Brushless Gimbal Camera systems. Cine Gear 2014.
Here is a quick look at two new Brushless Gimbal things from Defy. The G5 will set you back less than $4K while the G12 will hit you up for around $9K. Check them out at www.defywithus.com For more info go to www.wideopencamera.com Thanks!
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Here is a quick look at the new Sumo Light Sumo Space. A Bi- Color LED that puts out around 6K and has a bunch of options. These could be great for studios and larger sets. They only weigh around ten pounds and draw about 500W. For more info got to wideopencamera.com
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HDSLR Shoot Day Three. "Someday Hero"
Here is some BTS from our third day of shooting "Someday Hero" Written and Directed by Darcy Fray. This scene is a fight between a husband and wife interior kitchen set. I wanted a "Magic Hour" feel to the interior lighting so I used two little 200W Kobold HMI's. They were just enough to expose the room and still gave us the hard light we wanted. One of the best features of HDSLR is their low light capability. We were able to match exposure to within one stop from the exterior to the interior with only two 200W lights! The Kobold's are awesome. They stay cool to the touch and can be adjusted without gloves. I found this feature super handy.
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Carl Zeiss Lenses Richard Schleuning Explains 4K Sensors and Lenses. Wide Open Camera 2013.
Here is some awesome knowledge from Richard Scheluning about 4K sensor variations and lenses. This brother breaks it down like no one else! For more info go to www.wideopencamera.com
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DJI Ronin M Mini Handheld Gimbal. NAB 2015
Here is a little more info about the new DJI Ronin M mini handheld gimbal system. It weighs less than five pounds base weight, six hour battery life, eight pound payload, under two grand. Not too shabby. More info at wideopencamera.com
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Cinema 5D At Createasphere 2010. Zeiss ZE Lenses Explained.
Zeiss National Sales Manager Richard Schleuning does a great job of justifying the wacky T-Stops of the Zeiss Canon Mount ZE Lenses.
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Chris Applebaum Interviewed About Shooting With Canon 5DII
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Cinema 5D Quick Take: Sennheiser MKE 400 HDSLR Microphone
Here is a quick take on the Sennheiser MKE 400 mini shotgun microphone. It is a great tool for HDSLR work. We beat the crap out of ours and it always performs. The only downside is no real indication of battery life. There is a small blip when it is turned on but then it goes away. We have to turn it on and off throughout the day to make sure the battery is still good.
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Cinema5D Quick Take: Teradek Cube HD Wireless Transmitter.
Here is a badass quick take on the brand spanking new Teradek Cube HD wireles transmitter. This thing is so cool. Wifi to a laptop, iPad or iPhone. The Cube held up very well to our motorcycle madness.
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Cinema 5D Quick Take: Arri MFF-1 Mini Follow Focus Shot on an Apple iPhone 4.
Here is another quick take. This one is on the badass Arri MFF-1 Mini Follow Focus. The mini is by far one of the best follow focus units for HDSLR work. There are mechanical hard stops that work very well with Canon glass. There is also a reversible gear drive that works with Nikon Glass. Arri makes some of the best professional cinema equipment in the world. The MFF-1 Follow Focus is a perfect example of that.
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Paralinx Arrow, Arrow+, Crossbow Wireless Video System at NAB 2013
Here's a quick take on the Paralinx Arrow+ and Crossbow HD-SDI converter box.
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Leah Petersen Stunts BTS GoPro Hero 3 Black 2.7K 24fps Cine. Wide Open Camera
Here is a little BTS video we shot with the new GoPro Hero 3 Black. We decided to stick with the 2.7K Protune Cinema mode for this shoot. The 2.7K looks awesome! More info at www.wideopencamera.com A huge thanks to Leah Petersen. She killed it! Check her out at www.leahstunts.com
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Photo Cine Expo 2010. Richard Schleuning from Carl Zeiss Lenses
We got the chance to ask Richard Schleuning from Carl Zeiss Lenses about auto focus lenses. He as usual breaks it down for us in this interview.
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Marshall Electronics Factory Tour New 5" HDMI Monitor
I got the chance to check out the Marshall Electronics Factory in El Segundo, California. They are dedicated to quality. Everything is made here in the U.S.
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Cinema 5D Interview With Vincent Laforet.
Vincent Laforet was gracious enough to let me interview him while he was prepping for a big shoot in Italy. His crew was hard at work prepping all of the equipment for the trip. There was a ton of equipment all over the place. A Full set of Zeiss CP.2 Primes and the new Zeiss 15.5-45mm Lightweight Zoom. Prior to the interview Stacy, the lens technician over at Birns and Sawyer, Hollywood hooked me up with a Zeiss CP.2 Prototype 50mm Macro lens. Prototype #003 (See Photo). This even got Vince's attention. I used it to shoot the single of Vince in the interview. I had met Vince at NAB and wanted to follow up with a more relaxed interview here in Hollywood. He was kind enough to break away from the prep and answer a few questions. I really wanted to stay away from gear talk and focus more on his process. He gives us great insight into how he makes the magic happen. Thank You to Vince and his Crew for taking the time for this interview.
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Backstage Carts. Great Utility Carts For Cameras And More. Wide Open Camera NAB 2013.
We use these carts all the time for daily production work. They are retrofitted mag liners with killer accessories for specific production needs. The camera cart is around $1K but with a few kit rentals you will recoup that in a jiffy. For more info go to www.wideopencamera.com
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Canon 7D Helicopter Rig with Ross Addiego
Here is a little interview with Ross Addiego and his gas powered helicopter rig. Ross address the issue of safety in the video. Thses thing can be very dangerous. Please be safe when doing anything like this with you camera.
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HDSLR Shoot Day Two "Someday Hero"
Here is a little BTS from our second day of shooting "Someday Hero" Written and Directed by Darcy Fray. This day the we only really used the 5D Mark II for most of our shots. The 7D played both BTS and "B" cam. I lived all day on the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens with the Light Craft Workshop Variable ND filter. I went with the variable ND to be able to open up as the day progressed into night. Our lead actor Jason Devan was fantastic. The costume drew some major attention when we got on the Venice beach walkway. Thanks to our man Qwiz for hooking up this edit.
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Cinema 5D Quick Take: Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses For HDSLR's
Here is a quick take on the new Carl Zeiss Lenses Compact Primes. The new CP.2's are available in either Canon EF, Nikon or PL mounts. They have a small baffle in the rear of the lens that helps control lens flare. They are not cheap at around $3500 each but they are well worth the price. The glass is hand picked in Germany and they are uniform in size. Currently they are some of the few Cinema Style lenses that will cover a full frame digital sensor.
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Cine Gear 2011 Ted Schilowitz of Red Digital Cinema
Jared Abrams talks with Ted Schilowitz of Red Digital Cinema showing off his new Epic 5K Motion Picture Digital Camera. He talks about some of the features as well as some exciting new educational programs for young filmmakers coming up from RED, check it out!
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Cine Gear 2015 ZEISS Batis Lenses. World's First OLED Display with DOF.
Here is a first look at the new ZEISS Batis Lenses in the wild. The OLED display works well in bright sun and should kill in the dark. This is a world's first OLED display with depth of field info. For more info go to wideopencamera.com
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Ikan Follow Focus
HDSLR follow focus from Ikan.
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Canon 5D Mark II 24P Native Firmware Upgrade Test 24P Vs. 30P-Hollywood Billiards
Here is a better test version comparing the 30P native frame rate vs. the new 24P upgrade firmware. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-105mm T4 Canon Zoom Lens at 1250 ISO. Edited by Ned from Hdi RAW Works. Additional photography by Chris Collins.
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Quick Take: ikan iLED 312 Bi-Color LED Light.
The ikan iLED 312 has a dial that lets you adjust the color from 3200K-5600K. It also has a batter level indicator. This is a plus when you are filming. If the battery goes down LED lights tend to flicker and can ruin a take. It comes with two Sony "L" style batteries and a dual charger. It's not cheap at around $500 US.
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Cine Gear 2011 Cinevate Motion Control Slider And Wireless Follow Focus
Dennis Wood from cinevate shows off the brand new Motion Control Slider and Wireless Follow Focus Controller. This simple system can work with many options. The unit can work to pull focus, zoom and control the belt drive system shown here. The entire set up (With Out Slider) has at a target price of $700. Check it out. www.cinemvate.com
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Cine Gear 2011 Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn of Zacuto Films on Wide Open Camera
Jared Abrams talks with Steve Weiss & Jens Bogehegn of Zacuto Films about some exciting news, also about some of the new gear coming up. Great stuff, check it out and stay tuned for more
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