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Thousands of bugs crawl over bed where married couple slept for SIX YEARS
This sickening footage shows a huge bed bug infestation - where a married couple had been sleeping in a bed teeming with hundreds of insects for the last six years. The video - shot by pest control cleaners - shows bugs crawling out of walls and all over bedding covered in insect eggs. Live bugs scuttle all over the blankets and mattress while blood stains on the bed frame show where the hosts were feasted on by the unwelcome guests. The couple had been sleeping in the bed until the night before the footage was shot.
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Paddy has lost his nephew and and his dad within the space of six months
Paddy Doherty has delivered an emotional eulogy at the funeral of his late nephew, Tom 'Tomboy' Doherty, admitting his "heart is broken." "He was my nephew and his mum and father’s only child. The look on them, they are absolutely devastated," the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star, who also lost his dad Simon Doherty six months ago, told mourners today. “He was only 17 but he acted was like 30. He never drank [alcohol] or did drugs. I want to say thanks to Paul, the funeral director, for all that he’s done for us too.” Amazing Grace was played as the mass at the Catholic Church of English Martyrs got underway, with getSurrey describing a “sea of red shirts reading ‘RIP Tomboy.’”
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Horrified doctors find spider living INSIDE woman's ear
A woman's painful headache was caused by a spider leaving INSIDE her ear. Stomach-churning footage shows the eight-legged beast crawling out of the woman's head while she was examined by doctors. The woman went to hospital with long-lasting headaches that all started after she fell asleep on her veranda, according to reports. The patient, identified only as Lekshmi L, also told doctors she had a nagging pain and tingling inside her right ear. When medics at the hospital in Bengaluru, India, investigated, they made the sickening discovery.
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Chimpanzee Meet Their Owner After Long Time
his is the adorable moment a chimpanzee was reunited with the humans who raised him after he was rejected by his mother. Mobile phone footage begins with Limbani quietly sipping a drink through a straw until he is called from behind and turns to see his former foster father, Jorge. The ape immediately becomes very vocal and jumps into the man's arms, hugging him tightly. Limbani keeps his arms wrapped around the man's neck and his legs around his waist, like a small child.
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Sperm donor says he's fathered 150 children across America
An man who has fathered up to 150 children by donating his "super sperm" has set up a Facebook page for wannabe mums. Using the pseudonym Joe Donor, the 47-year-old from Washington DC has been helping women from the USA, Europe and Argentina fall pregnant for close to a decade. Nine years ago he was rejected from a sperm bank for being "too old" but has gone on to father masses of children thanks to what he believes is his extra potent sperm. Joe said: "I am very successful as a donor because of the exceptional quality of my seed. "Not only have many, many women fallen pregnant after a single encounter with me, on at least two separate occasions, I have impregnated multiple women on the same day. "Producing large amounts of sperm is why it's possible for me, some guys may need two or three days to get enough sperm and a large enough volume."
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Woman  kicking man on ground as her brothers brutally beat second victim
This brutal footage shows three siblings out celebrating a 30th birthday attacking victims on the ground outside a Conservative Club. Martin Woodhead, 32, Dean Woodhead 31, and Samantha Woodhead, 29, all from Carlisle, carried out the unprovoked attacks which were caught on CCTV and were witnessed by children. The alcohol-fuelled violence broke out after row at a 30th birthday party spilled out onto the streets/ Cumbria police said the crimes started when Samantha Woodhead assaulted a man inside the premises. Once outside her brothers repeatedly punched and kicked the man before attacking a second man. Footage shows a taxi arrive and a woman running over to try to intervene, only for Samantha to throw her to the ground in the middle of the road. She was ushered away by her brothers, before they continued to punch one of the men and then delivered a sickening kick to the head. The victim suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken arm during the attack.
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What is this mysterious creature? 'Pulsing' mass clinging to tree demonstrates bizarre defence
A mysterious creature has come up with an ingenious way to ward off predators - in an albeit skin-crawling and creepy fashion. And the bizarre mass is actually not just one insect , but a whole group of them. Adam Pomerantz, who captured the video, explained that the pulsing 'growth' is actually a collection of sawflies which have gathered together as part of a strange but effective defence method. By interlocking, the tens of sawfly larvae appear much larger than they would be alone and they then wiggle in unison as to appear as one organism. Aaron Pomerantz, an integrative biologist, spotted the group of sawflies in Tabopata, Peru, back in August. In his video, Aaron, 27, who is a PhD student at UC Berkeley, California, USA, first shows the sawflies while they are static. He then moves his camera, though, causing the sawflies to wriggle frantically - something that would be enough to make a person or creature jump. Aaron said: "It certainly caught me by surprise!" "From what I can tell, collective behaviour likely evolved in order to incur a survival advantage. "One lone sawfly might be quickly picked off by a hungry bird or spider, so being in a large tight-knit group could help them survive attacks.
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Inside the gutted New York apartment building after deadly fire
The New York City Fire department has released footage showing the aftermath of the massive fire that ripped through a Bronx apartment building on Thursday. Images shows burned out rooms and stairways and grim interiors, while shards of glass and chunks of ice litter the sidewalk outside. On Friday, city officials said a 3-year-old boy playing with the burners on a kitchen stove started the fire that killed 12 people. The toddler had a history of fiddling with the stove in the kitchen of his family's first-floor apartment, his mother told officials investigating the deadliest fire in the city since 1990.
£70 million London mansion of Tamara Ecclestone's
If you've ever wondered how the other half life, luckily you need not wonder for much longer. Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of former Formula One chief Executive Bernie, has opened her doors (big doors, too) to the Kensington mansion she shares with husband Jay Rutland and three-year-old daughter Sophia for her new reality show, Tamara's World. Boasting 57 rooms, Tamara once said the family really only lives in three of them: the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. The couple bought the London property for £45 million in 2011, however experts estimate its value has doubled since then.
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Woman drink her dog's urine claiming it cleared up her acne
There are some pretty bizarre rituals we undertake, all in the name of beauty. We have little fish nibble at our gnarly, disgusting feet, botulism injected into our faces and smother ourselves in blood - all in the name of soft skin and a youthful glow. But one woman's so-called acne cure has to be one of the most bizarre - and unpalatable - so far. The unnamed American woman and dog-lover claims drinking her dog's urine helped clear her bad acne. In a video where she details her theory for why this has worked for her, she says: "Many of you have asked me how I always look so good, how my makeup always looks so perfect, or how I always have this natural glow."
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Psychic who foresaw Trump's win reveals predictions for 2018
A psychic who predicted the election of Donald Trump has revealed his expectations for 2018. Craig Hamilton-Parker's list includes a revolution in North Korea that brings down Kim Jong-un's regime, a terrorist incident on a British motorway, a chemical weapons attack by drones on a European capital and Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle . He previously forecast Brexit , Trump's victory and the Nice terror attack. He said on his blog : "2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather."
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The Rock “I want to watch you bleed.”
therock“I want to watch you bleed.” (I’m slightly crazy that way.) WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is our official JUMANJI theme song.
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The Cake Illusionist
www.thecakeillusionist.co.uk Cake might be one of life's greatest pleasures, but it can also cause controversy and spawn abuse. Baker Hannah Edwards has recently discovered this, all because of her incredibly intricate designs. Hannah frequently posts clips of her cutting into her life-like animal cakes. But it seems her work is just a little too realistic for some, as it's earned her a deluge of vicious comments and threats. The mum-of-two, who runs The Cake Illusionist bakery has been branded a "closet serial killer" and has faced accusations of promoting animal cruelty.
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Haunting faces of 'disturbed' women locked up in 1800s asylum institution for being 'hysterical'
Haunting portraits have revealed the 'hysterical women' housed at a lunatic asylum in a bid to cure and understand their 'disturbed state'. Female patients were hospitalized for 'hysteria' at the famous Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France, during the 1870s.
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'Cannibal artist' who sliced flesh from bodies of two assistants
A 'poetic artist' who believes there's nothing wrong with taking a chunk out of your own flesh then MUNCHING it has hit back at his critics - after showcasing two 'performers' doing just that. In a truly stomach-churning Facebook live video, Arturs Bērziņš, 33, uses a sharp scalpel on the man and woman's backs to take a portion. Seemingly without any pain relief, they allow the artist - branded online as a "freak" - to slice away at them. He then throws their 'meat' into a waiting frying pan, cooks it and feeds it to them in a dramatic performance he says highlights what would happen if global food stocks ran out. And he says anyone who doesn't understand his art is "trivial".
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"F*** you! Pirates! You're responsible for the Belgrano!" Argentina fury over British help in search
A horrific storm has thwarted emergency efforts to find an Argentine navy submarine missing in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members. Footage from a search boat showed horrendous sea conditions as waves eight metres in height crashed over the deck. Winds of 90km have been battering the vessel for three days, according to reports. The defence ministry said the ARA San Juan appeared to try to make contact through seven failed satellite calls on Saturday between late morning and early afternoon. The vessel was 432 km (268 miles) off Argentina's coast when its location was last known early on Wednesday. And as the storm complicated desperate search efforts, authorities spent Sunday trying to trace the submarine's location through data from the satellite calls without significant progress.
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The 'stealth tax' that will leave Britain's savers £100million worse off
Interest rates may be up for the first time in a decade, but millions of Brits are about to take a hit elsewhere, as a 'stealth tax' on savers kicks in. And the change is set to cost people saving for their future at least £100 million a year, the Chancellor has said. In his Autumn Budget, Philip Hammond announced plans to freeze the so-called 'indexation allowance' - an inflation-linked tax break - from January 2018, to raise £525 million for the government by 2023. This means people with money in investment products such as endowments and whole of life insurance policies will be taxed on the full amount added to their pot each year - rather than just the amount above the inflation rate. On Wednesday the Chancellor said the move will cost Brits at least £100 million a year - adding that the Treasury was still trying to work out just how many policyholders would be affected.
Drunk woman uses men's urinal STANDING UP with pint glass in hand
A bizarre video showing a woman standing at a men's urinal surrounded by cheering boozers is diving the internet. The short clip was shot in Miami, where the unidentified American football fan was spotted standing alongside men taking a 'bathroom break'. The Miami Dolphins fan was videod holding a pint glass and appears to be happily chatting to the man on her left as she does her 'business'. It was posted on Instagram by football podcast lacesoutshow, alongside the caption: "Miami is officially a football town, FOLKS."
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huge lightning bolt passes straight through plane as it takes off
This is the terrifying moment a plane is hit by lightning as it takes off from an airport. The KLM passenger jet was filmed soaring into the air on a cloudy day at Amsterdam Airport. Plane spotters filmed the aircraft driving onto the runway and preparing to start its journey without any problems. The airplane fired up its engines and accelerated into the sky during the routine take-off. But, as the plane started to travel into the thick clouds above there was a sudden bright flash of light. The huge electricity bolt appeared to hit the nose of the aircraft before passing through the body of the jet and coming out of the wing. Footage of scary moment was shared by plane-spotting website Valk Aviation . According to the website the clip was taken at the Schipol Airport and showed flight KL743 to Lima, Peru.
Distressing footage of tiger being poked by red hot stick to roar for photos sparks outrage
The clip, which shows members of staff at a zoo in Thailand jabbing the animal to elicit roars, has gone viral. In the video, holidaymakers pose next to the big cat as it is poked in the face. Edwin Wiek uploaded the footage to Facebook with the caption: "Today witnessed the ugliness of tourism and wildlife in Pattaya. "This tiger gets poked all day, hundreds of times a day so it will roar for the picture with tourists. "Time for a change of laws. Sharing this in advance of Thai National wildlife day on December 26th."
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Woman drags 'child' along high street pavement
Shocking footage has captured the moment a woman appears to be dragging a child along the pavement of a city centre high street. In the clip, a woman is seen holding onto what appears to be children's reins, which are being used to drag the infant along behind her. But opinion is divided online as to whether the figure is a real child as unedited footage shows that the body of the 'infant' remains still, despite being hauled along the street. Despite being hauled at pace along the pavement, in Basnett Street, in Liverpool, the child does not appear to react and none of the shoppers stop the woman, leaving some viewers to speculate whether it could have been a doll, reports the Liverpool Echo . But Joe Cain, who filmed to clip, and posted it on Twitter, maintains that the child was real. Joe, from Liverpool, said: “Basically, I was walking through town and the kid fell over and then the woman saw the kid had fallen but kept on walking.savagestar.
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Aircrew draws giant penis in the sky
US Navy chiefs have apologised after an aircrew drew a giant penis in the sky using a jet's contrail. The massive phallic outline sparked intrigue when it emerged yesterday in the skies above Okanogan County in western Washington, USA. Several residents even shared pictures of the rude image on Twitter. Today, the Navy confirmed one of its aircrew based at Whidbey Island flying an Boeing EA-18G Growler was responsible for the drawing. In a statement sent to US media, the Navy said: "The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable."
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Emotional Neymar on verge of tears as he addresses rumours he wants to quit Paris
Neymar was on the verge of tears as he addressed rumours that he is unhappy at Paris Saint-Germain. It has been claimed that the Brazilian superstar has not settled into life at Paris after quitting Barcelona this summer. He returned to Barca's Ciutat Esportiva this past week, where he was reunited with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, and reportedly asked if they would 'accept him back'. Neymar's relationship with PSG's fellow big name stars has come into question, most notably with Edinson Cavani, with whom he had a penalty row with just a few games after moving. There have also been reports of a rift with manager Unai Emery. But Neymar has passionately shot down rumours that he is unhappy at PSG - and insists that he gets on with everybody at the club. "I’m fine, happy, motivated, satisfied and giving everything on the pitch," Neymar told O Globo following Brazil's win over Japan on Friday. "I have no problem with Cavani, I have no problem with the coach – I came with his endorsement!" He continued: "I want to be happy, I did not come to disturb anyone. I know my importance to the team, my role on the pitch. I beg you to stop. "I’m not angry, I’m not p***** off. I came with my own will, to say what I think. "I do not like rumours. What I talk about is the nuisance of people who think they know everything but don’t. So it’s easier for you to hear it from my mouth. "I have no problem with PSG, what bothers me is the pressure of the press. "I’m a guy who likes to win, I like titles and I went to PSG for this. I’m happy. "I was happy when I left Barcelona and I’m happy now."
When is the Quadrantid meteor shower? Shooting stars
Shooting stars will fill the sky next week, in the first astronomical spectacle of 2018. The annual Quadrantid meteor shower peaks in early January, producing as many as 50 to 100 meteors. But unlike other meteor showers that tend to stay at their peak for about two days, the peak period of the Quadrantids is only a few hours. This year, it also coincides with the Full Wolf Moon , which is a supermoon - the largest and brightest of 2018 - meaning it will be harder than usual to see the Quadrantids. Here's what you need to know about the first meteor shower of 2018:
Drunk woman interrupts breakdancing street performers and steals the show
This is the amazing moment a 'drunk' woman interrupted a group of breakdancing street performers - and stole the show with a series of incredible backflips. The hilarious scenes were captured on mobile phone on a street in Pattaya, Thailand, which begins with a group of men showing off their moves in the street. After a few performances, the woman staggers into the middle of the watching crowd to showcase her own gymnastic prowess. At first the blonde woman, believed to be British, appears to be joking while drunkenly spinning around and whooping, before she stunned onlookers when she executed three perfectly timed bare-footed backflips.
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iPhone X finally goes on sale in the UK
Apple's long-awaited iPhone X is finally available to buy in the UK, at an eye-watering starting price of £999. Eager fans queued around the block outside Apple's flagship Regent Street store in London this morning, in the hope of getting their hands on the new device. First in the queue was 22-year-old reality TV star Marco Pierre White Jr, son of the famous chef, who had camped out since Wednesday to reserve his place in the line. "I got one in black and one in white. The 256GB," he told. "I'm so glad I did it, first in the queue. It's great, but never again, man. It's too cold!" He added that he now just wants to go home and take a shower.
Wendy Williams COLLAPSES on live TV
Wendy Williams sent viewers into a panic today when she collapsed on live TV. The US presenting star was dressed as the Statue of Liberty for a special Halloween broadcast of her show, Wendy, when she fainted. As her show returned from a break, Wendy began introducing the next segment from her spot behind a podium. "Welcome back," she said. "It's time for our Halloween costume contest, we do it every year, it's always a lot of fun, let's get started."
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Stephen Bear 'cheated' on Charlotte Crosby with speaks out after tweeting she was "in love" with him
TWO faced Calf born in Brazil
A baby cow has stunned locals after being born with two heads on a farm in Brazil. A video of the two-headed calf shows the newborn sporting two faces that appear to be attached at the skull. The animal, which has four eyes and two mouths, can be seen lying on the ground as a worker at the farm feeds one of its mouths with milk using an modified bottle.
Anthony Joshua reveals role dad played in his career
Joshua is aiming to hold onto his WBA, IBF and IBO heavyweight world championship titles when he faces Frenchman Carlos Takam in Cardiff on Saturday. Former Olympic champion Joshua is unbeaten in his 19 professional fights. Joshua, who partially grew up in Nigeria, was estranged from his father when he moved to the UK when he was 12 but has praised Robert - who still lives in the African nation.
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Pornhub star Mia Khalifa KO'd by NFL
Former porn star Mia Khalifa warmed up for her new gig as sports talk show hosts by taking a shine to a NFL rising star - but it didn't end well. The 24-year-old - once ranked the number one performer on Pornhub worldwide - approached Pittsburgh Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster on Twitter. Khalifa worked in the industry for just three months before becoming something of a social media star - and she used the medium to tell the 21-year-old "you're my new favourite follow on twitter."
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Thousands of Donald Trump UK protesters take to streets across country
Outraged protesters have begun taking to the streets of the UK voicing their fury as Donald Trump makes his first official visit alongside First Lady Melania. The US President will spend time with both The Queen and Theresa May in London during the four-day visit, as widespread protests are planned. But Trump said he isn't fazed, and believes "the people like me a lot" despite chants for him to "go home". The couple landed this afternoon at Standstead on Air Force One before heading to Winfield House, the US Ambassador's residence in Regents Park, on Marine One. This evening, they'll be wooed by more than 150 business leaders during a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, where it is claimed "thousands" of people are already gathering in opposition.
Fireworks factory explodes leaving woman with severe burns
A woman was left with life-changing burns and five homes were destroyed when an explosion obliterated an illegal fireworks factory. Footage uploaded online shows smoke billowing from the building as a fire rages, just seconds before the horrifying explosion . The incident happened at a factory in the Los Pinos neighbourhood of San Cristobal de las Casas in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Police confirmed a woman was left with third-degree burns to her body after the explosion.
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stomach-churning footage of 14ft python regurgitates massive monitor lizard it swallowed
Stomach-churning footage shows the moment a 14ft python regurgitates a huge lizard it swallowed whole hours before being captured. The gigantic reptile, believed to be a Burmese python, was found by Uraiwan Seksuk slithering under broken mortar in her garden. Uraiwan, 44, who was hanging up her clothes when she noticed the snake, called in helpers to catch the animal in the Laem Yai district of Samut Songkhram in Thailand. But rescuers didn't dare approach the 20kg reptile so they rang police. Officers can be seen taking a hammer to the concrete in the woman's backyard, breaking away piece by piece to reveal the python hiding underneath. The officers grabbed the long snake by its tail and lifted the python with its body bulging into the boot of one of their vehicles so they could drive it away to be released back into the wild. However, the rescuers were then shocked to see the python slowly regurgitating what turned out to be a large Asia water monitor, which it had suffocated and then swallowed whole despite its size.
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15 fails in 55 seconds! It's impossible not to laugh at the idiots hurting
The Internet loves a fail - and this quickfire montage celebrates some of the daftest. The round-up features in new TV show The Hurting, which airs weeknights on Dave at 7pm. The programme gets its name from the pain experienced by its stars, who've all been caught on camera hurting themselves. Collated from the world's biggest online blooper archive, it's one of those shows where cars always crash, roofs inevitably collapse and without exception, poles fail to support people's weight. Think You've Been Framed but with bruised body parts as well as egos.
Scientists train a spider to JUMP on demand to discover the secrets of its acrobatic ability
A spider called Kim has been trained to jump on demand by scientists keen to learn the secrets of her acrobatic ability. The circus act study could help engineers design agile mini-robots that are currently beyond human technology. Kim is a "regal jumping spider", Phidippus regius, a species famed for its astonishing leaps. Jumping spiders, which measure up to two centimetres across, are able to bound up to six times their body length from a standing start. In comparison, the best a human can achieve is about 1.5 body lengths.
British woman facing death penalty for carrying painkillers
A British woman facing the death penalty in Egypt accused of bringing 300 strong painkillers into the country has been according to reports. Laura Plummer has already spent more than a month in a prison in Hurghada, after she was arrested at the airport for carrying 300 Tramadol pills. The 33-year-old woman claimed they were for her boyfriend, Omar Caboo, to help ease back pain he has suffered since a car accident two years ago. According to the Hull Daily Mail , Mr Caboo has not visited once, instead he fled back to his home city of Luxor days after her arrest.
Oil abuse Ex-soldier who injects himself with homemade muscle-bulking synthol
An ex-soldier branded a 'freak' after injecting his body with a homemade muscle-building brew has been warned he faces his arms may have to be amputated. Russian national Kirill Tereshin has gained notoriety for his Popeye-style biceps after using chemicals to bulk up his muscles. The 21-year-old sparked concerns for his wellbeing on Instagram when he posted his “bazooka arms are about to fall off”. Despite disturbing images that show his biceps with a red and purple discolouring, Kirill said he plans to continue injecting himself with the homemade potion.
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Absolute Proof' Aliens Exist
Bizarre footage has emerged showing triangular orbs in the sky above Mexico City. The video, uploaded by the YouTube channel 'colourufo,' has been dubbed 'absolute proof' of alien life, with the filmer claiming the strange clip shows "multiple" UFOs. The video reportedly captured on Sunday shows a white light moving from right to left before it speeds up and disappears. The uploader then replays the video in slow motion, which appears to give the white light a more triangular shape, as if a 'shield' has formed around it.
How to add a Remembrance Day poppy to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture
Facebook users who want to pay their respects to serving and former service men and women can do so by adding a poppy to their profile pictures to mark Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday . The flower was chosen as a symbol of remembrance, since it was the first to grow in the Northern France and Flanders battlefields at the end of World War One. Most wear them on their jackets and coats, but those on social media can also show their support by adding a poppy to their profile picture. If you want to add a poppy, use our quick picture generator below then upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or any site of your choice.
Universal Credit delayed Every Jobcentre where the benefit has been put back up to April 2018
After months of protests, the Tories finally announced a £1.5billion lifeline for people on Universal Credit at this week's Budget. The waiting time for first payments under the controversial benefit will be shortened from six weeks to five from February. Poor claimants will also be able to get twice the amount in advance loans, and have twice as long to pay them off. But these changes have had a little-noticed side effect. They mean Universal Credit's rollout has been delayed - for arguably the EIGHTH time in its chaotic history. The benefit is now only due to hit all Jobcentres by December 2018, not September 2018. And it means new rules restricting all new claims to just the first two children will begin in February 2019, not November 2018. For your information, here is every Jobcentre that planned to introduce the benefit between December and April - and how long it's been delayed. If your Jobcentre isn't below, you can search for it on a full list of rollout dates on the government's website.
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China's out-of-control space station set to smash down somewhere in the US
Space experts are hard at work tracking the crash site of China's out-of-control Tiangong-1 space station. The 8.5-tonne craft is on a collision course with Earth since the country lost control of it in 2016. Although the space community has known about the incoming crash for a while, figuring out where it will splash down is proving tricky. The European Space Agency (ESA) got a little bit closer this week with a new estimate. “Owing to the geometry of the station’s orbit, we can already exclude the possibility that any fragments will fall over any spot further north than 43ºN or further south than 43ºS,” Holger Krag, head of the ESA’s Space Debris Office told Newsweek . “This means that reentry may take place over any spot on Earth between these latitudes, which includes several European countries, for example.” pace experts are hard at work tracking the crash site of China's out-of-control Tiangong-1 space station. The 8.5-tonne craft is on a collision course with Earth since the country lost control of it in 2016. Although the space community has known about the incoming crash for a while, figuring out where it will splash down is proving tricky. The European Space Agency (ESA) got a little bit closer this week with a new estimate. “Owing to the geometry of the station’s orbit, we can already exclude the possibility that any fragments will fall over any spot further north than 43ºN or further south than 43ºS,” Holger Krag, head of the ESA’s Space Debris Office told Newsweek . “This means that reentry may take place over any spot on Earth between these latitudes, which includes several European countries, for example.” Going on those predictions, the debris from Tiangong-1 could scatter over cities like LA, New York or even European countries like France, Spain or Italy. As for a time frame, the best estimates put the date of the crash as February 2018. While the majority of the space station will be destroyed upon re-entry Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist based at Harvard University, has warned that there could still be chunks (some as much as 100kg) that stay intact. The Tiangong-1 space station is capable of housing three astronauts but it's real purpose was to serve as a prototype station for China's forthcoming space endevours.
Black Friday 2017: When is it, the best deals ever
It's been dubbed the biggest shopping day of the calendar year - but are the deals really that good? This year the retail shopping extravaganza will take place on Friday 24 November 2017, marking the official start date of the consumer rush for bargains in the countdown to Christmas. As high street retailers and online brands like Halfords and Amazon (who announced it will be rolling out 10 days worth of deals this year) start to reveal their Black Friday plans, many shoppers will be trying to figure out how to hunt down the best offers. Below we've got some handy tips on how to prepare - including how to tell if a deal is actually a 'deal', your consumer rights, shopping tips and who's taking part. If previous years are anything to go by, Black Friday is more than just an opportunity to pick up cheap tech. According to AO.com, last year was the retailers biggest Black Friday ever, with over 30 orders per minute. Weirdly, they also sold more soup makers in the day than they did all year... These are the deals that we can exclusively reveal WILL go ahead this year. Crabtree & Evelyn have told to us that they'll be running a three-day sale - with deals from 24 November to midnight on the 27th. Shoppers will be able to get 25% off everything, and 30% off when they spend £50 or more. Braun have also told us they'll be offering up to 70% off grooming electricals on 24 November at Boots, Amazon, Superdrug and Argos. Bulldog Skincare For Men will also be discounted at Superdrug from 22 November to 28 November with a free washbag when you buy any three products.
Archaeologists discovered two 3,500-year-old ancient tombs
Two tombs dating back 3,500 years to the famous Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt have been discovered in the country's south. Archaeologists found one tomb with five entrances leading to a rectangular hall, and another with a six-metre burial shaft leading to four side chambers. Work is now being done to restore items found in each tomb, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry said.
Best Christmas drinks menus 2017
They've become as big of a part of the festive season as fir trees and advent calendars - and now the new ranges are here ready for you to guzzle down. Say goodbye to boring old coffee and say hello to golden star sprinkles, gingerbread men and indulgent syrup goodness. All topped off, of course, with whipped cream. But before you go and hand over your well earned cash we have put together a guide as to who sells what and what it contains. No one wants to mix up their eggnog with the gingerbread Latte do they? Take a look at this year's festive offerings, cups and prices. We've also give you a flavour of what's in each drink.
Huge bomb explodes outside Somalia president's palace
A huge car bomb has been detonated in central Mogadishu - close to the Somalia president's palace - just two weeks after a lorry bomb killed more than 350 people. The suspected suicide bomb was detonated near the gate of a hotel close to the presidential palace this afternoon - with a second blast heard minutes later in the same area. Video shot by one eyewitness at the scene on a mobile phone shows huge plumes of black smoke rising above the city - and the sound of gunfire has reportedly been heard inside the hotel. The first early unconfirmed reports from the scene say there are at least 10 dead in the latest attack - including a police commander and former MP. The attack two weeks ago when 358 people died has since been described as 'the world's worst terrorist attack since 9/11'.
England reveal their team to face Australia in first Ashes Test with Jake Ball
Jake Ball has won his battles with both his ankle and Craig Overton to get the Ashes nod for Brisbane. England confirmed their starting eleven for their bid to retain the urn with an expected side that includes the Notts seamer who sprained his right ankle in the warm-up game in Adelaide. Before that mishap, Ball had been the outstanding bowler in Perth and had started again well in the city where he first played club cricket in Australia in 2009. And skipper Joe Root has gone with the three-times capped Ball rather than hand a Test debut to Craig Overton.
Predictions for Anthony Joshua vs Carlos Takam betting odds
Anthony Joshua is at the top of the sport after a thriller with Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley last April. But AJ will now know more than ever how vital the Ukrainian was and the necessity for a dance partner in this sport. Kubrat Pulev was expected to be dispatched with ease, but with his late pull-out through injury, Carlos Takam on less than two weeks' notice appears a mere formality. A former world title challenger, the intriguing element of the fight is the stylistic element to how AJ adjusts following the vast majority of his camp based on fighting the huge Pulev. Here's a breakdown on how to bet on the fight and the potential scenarios about how this could play out at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, courtesy of William Hill.
What are the Paradise Papers? Tax secrets
The Paradise Papers, which have been released, have exposed the tax secrets of the wealthiest people in the world, including the Queen and members of Donald Trump's cabinet. More than 13.4 million leaked files show the offshore activities of the most powerful people and companies on the planet, and how they protect their wealth. The files, which came from offshore law firms and company registries have been investigated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists after they were obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.
Britain given 2-week deadline to agree Brexit divorce bill
Michel Barnier said the UK will have to agree to shell out tens of millions of pounds more for the Brexit bill in the next two weeks otherwise discussions in December will not go ahead. The UK has said publicly it will honour "commitments" made as a member of the EU but has not revealed the figure they are willing to pay. But it is understood that Theresa May would be willing to hand over €20 billion while the EU believe the UK owes something nearer to €60 billion. Mr Barnier was asked whether he could confirm "that you will need clarifications or concessions, whichever you prefer, from the UK within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in December". The EU's chief negotiator responded unequivocally 'yes'. He said: "It is just a matter of settling accounts – as in any separation." Speaking alongside his negotiating parter David Davis, Mr Barnier revealed that little progress had been made since the last round of negotiations despite it being 505 days since the referendum - the halfway point before the UK's departure. He said: "We are not asking the UK for concessions, nor are we planning to make any concessions ourselves," he told a joint news conference with Brexit Secretary David Davis." But, although there was no update on the UK's so-called divorce bill, Mr Davis said there had been a 'change in pace' in the negotiations. He outlined progress on the crucial issues of EU Citizens' rights and the Irish border.