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Tribe Men Jump 80 Feet Into the Ground
More at: http://www.reallybored.net Yet another reason why vines are infinitely better than bungee cords or steel cables.
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Car Thief Flies Through the Air Into a Lake Then Swims
More on: http://www.reallybored.net Let's see... Slam my car into a field-- nope cops still here. Ramp my car into the air and land into a lake... hmm, still chasing me. Oh, I know! I'll swim like a dying flounder to the waiting attack dogs on the other side. That'll lose 'em for sure!
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White Waters Pull Kayaker to His Death
More at: http://www.reallybored.net This man had more than a reasonable chance of not making this, what was he thinking?
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Killer Whales Don't See Too Well While Flying
More at: http://www.reallybored.net Now, I always thought they jumped out of the water often enough to know if a floudering, seal-sized animal was underneath them or not. I guess not
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Incredible Ritual With Hundreds of Poisonous Bullet Ants
More at: http://www.reallybored.net These ants are called bullet ants because being stung by them feels like being shot. These men get stung on the hands so many times they turn completely BLACK with poison. And they have to do it more than once, or twice, or even five times...
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Extreme Tank Destruction During Desert Storm in Iraq
More at: http://www.reallybored.net This is truly extreme. Over 2000 Iraqi tanks are destroyed in 100 hours by US M1 tanks without a single casualty. Awe inspiring yet so real. A must see.
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Helicopter Crash During Rescue Attempt
More on: http://www.reallybored.net I understand needing to save wildlife, but how does an abandoned boat burst into flames on its own, and why do they need to use helicopters to put it out anyway?
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Three Wheeled Car Engulfed in Sparks Slams into Cement Wall
More at: http://www.reallybored.net Since his flaming car was bright enough to be seen from space, he probably would have been better off jumping from it and hoping no one noticed.
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Men Stab Themselves Repeatedly During Insane Ritual
More on: http://www.reallybored.net They get into a crazy rage then stab themselves repeatedly in the body and face, followed by a parade down the street. Sounds like another drunken Saturday to me.
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Extreme Nascar Crashes
More on: http://www.reallybored.net Nascar crashes is back with more explosions, fire, and death than ever before! Wait... why do we watch this sport?
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Jeep Runs from Police and Leaps 30 Feet into a Bank
More at: http://www.reallybored.net This car gets 10 feet of air. But I guess you'd get that high if you hit anything at 90MPH.
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Van Runs From Police and Driver Jumps Through Barbwire
More at: http://www.reallybored.net When you run from the cops and decide to jump a barb wire fence, it might make sense to see if there's another way around...
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Farmer Busts Open His Face Saving a Cow
More at: http://www.reallybored.net This guy figures he'll hitch a ride along with the cow in the helicopter, when he suddenly realizes he's old and can't hold on to a flying cow. Whoops
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Car Chase Through the Country Ends in Deadly Collision
More at: http://www.reallybored.net This guy is so blinded by an oncoming cop he can't spend any time on looking at the fifth red light he ran. I feel really bad for the other driver. Visit us at www.reallybored.net
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High Speed Chase with Pickup Truck Results in Crash
More at: http://www.reallybored.net I guess this guy figured after being rammed twice by a cop and being driven into a pole by him, it might mean he's serious.
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