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How to Clean Stainless Steel and Keep it Smudge-Free, Kitchen, Appliances, Organizing
How to quickly and easily clean stainless steel appliances and keep them smudge free using simple tools already in your home
Put your Everlast Rocketbook on steroids with these Bullet Journal style tips!
Have you seen Everlast's Rocketbook? or Wave? They are amazing! Learn how to supercharge your productivity by combining old school day planner and the analog style of the bullet journal with the new-fangled high tech Rocketbook! Join productivity coach Suzanna Kaye as she gives you tips you can use right now. Tune in every [email protected] for her facebook live www.facebook.com/sparkorganizing/
Project EVO Planner - A review and overview
Wondering about all the hype around the new Project EVO Planner? Want to know if it's worth it? Productivity expert Suzanna Kaye shares her experience and reviews the hot new planner by Project EVO. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Time Management: The Best of the Basics
Join Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye, in Florida for this quick video on tools to use to manage your time productively!
Night Owl? Here's how to be extra Productive!
Are you a night owl? You can be even more productive with these hot tips from Suzanna Kaye! (And no, you don't have to wake up early to use them.) Free SMART Goals Worksheet download: https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/freemium-goal-setting-worksheet/
How To Clean Spills Fast on Refrigerator Shelves Using Glad Press N Seal Kitchen Organizing Cleaning
How to use Glad Press N Seal to quickly clean spills on your refrigerator shelves kitchen and refrigerator cleaning organizing series spark organizing llc
Unboxing the Root Coding Robot (Root Robotics)
Wondering about Kickstarter's Root Robot? Check out the unboxing and a quick start review - full review coming soon!
10 Best Organizing Gifts for Guys
Professional Organzier Suzanna Kaye shares her top 10 gifts to get a guy to keep him organized & productive all year long. All gifts available on Amazon! For the full list & links for these and other gift ideas for your guy, check out this Amazon idea list: http://a.co/bH5DM2i Music provided by http://spoti.fi/NCS Jim Yosef - Firefly
Refrigerator Organizing with Lazy Susans and Bins
How to use lazy susans and bins to organize your refrigerator kitchen and refrigerator organizing series spark organizing llc
An Unusual Way to Complete Tasks - Set the time, not the task
The unusual way to plan your tasks and projects to work faster and beat perfectionism. You control the time of the task, don't let it control you. With Suzanna Kaye of Spark! Organizing
How To Organizing Your BackPack for Teens with ADHD
How to organize a backpack - for teens ADHD Friendly tips that work with your ADHD instead of against it. www.ADHDbrainmanual.com to learn more about ADHD BRain: A User's Manual for High School Success with Suzanna Kaye
Gratitude Journal
Being grateful increases inner joy and satisfaction. Join Suzanna Kaye, professional organizer and productivity expert as she shares her gratitude journal.
Home Maintenance this Fall & Winter
What maintenance should you be doing this fall & winter? Here are my top outdoor maintenance tasks you don't want to skip! Download the full Home Maintenance Checklist here: https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/home-maintenance-checklist/
3 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive for those with ADHD
Having issues staying focused? Getting overwhelmed easily? I get it. Being an Adult with ADD has taught me more than a few coping skills. Let me share 3 ways for you to add calm, focus, and productivity to your day! Sign up for the waitlist for my upcoming ADHD course - https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/adhd
How to keep your GOALS in focus and make daily progress with the Productivity Funnel
How to keep your goals in focus and make progress every day with the Productivity Funnel. Check out how to master your to-do list and rock your goals with Suzanna Kaye! (Check out the free SMART Goals worksheet here: https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/freemium-goal-setting-worksheet/)
2 Minutes to Organized: Use your Smartphone photo album to get more organized
In 2 minutes learn how to use your iPhone, Android or other Smartphone photo album to get more organized. With Suzanna Kaye, Home Organizer
The New Way to Keep Digital Files Organized! (So easy - Even with ADHD!)
Pardon the rough start.... I'm going to show you how to use the "to-file" and bulk sort systems to stay organized online. Join Suzanna Kaye of Spark Organizing for productivity tips and great organizing hacks.
The Wandering Project List - Get More Done Easily with your ADHD
Getting overwhelmed by your tasks and goals? Struggling to face a big project? Have trouble getting through a whole project? Struggling with ADHD? The Wandering Project List can help! The best way to wander through your projects and end up finished! Join Suzanna Kaye for tips and tricks on how to harness your genius. Be more productive yet more relaxed. Grab our new ADHD Homework Tricks Sheet while you're here: https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/freemium-adhd-homework-tricks-kid-split-test
10 Best Organizing Gifts for Teens
Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye shares her top 10 gifts to get teens to keep them safe, organized & productive all year long. All gifts available on Amazon! For the full list & links for these and other gift ideas for your teen, check out this Amazon idea list: http://bit.ly/SparkTeen
Wandering Tidy
It's possible to have a clean and tidy home without spending hours upon hours. In fact, it might just need a wandering tidy. Learn more at my website. https://sparkorganizing.com/a-wandering-tidy/
Take Better NOTES! You paid for that class, workshop, conference, Learn How To Get THE most from it!
You learn so many amazing things at conferences but do you really know how to take great notes? Join Suzanna Kaye, Florida Organizer for 15 minutes of amazing tips that will keep you organized, help you create accountability, and teach you great note taking!
Automating Your Life
Save time & get more done by automating all the little things. Get $20 off in-home organizing in Orlando & Tampa - visit www.SparkOrganizing.com
The ONE with the towels
Quick tips to organize your linen closet! Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye, founder of Spark Organizing LLC is here with another quick video filled with information on how to live better! Need more help? visit www.sparkorganizing.com/blog
UnBoxing the NEW Project EVO PLANNER from Kickstarter!
Join me as I unbox my new Project Evo Planner for Explorer Brain Types. This is a new type of journal / planner that tries to match our personality type to a planner and I'm super excited to get started with it. I took the quiz online and came out as an Explorer! Check it out for yourself here: http://bit.ly/SparkEvo
Stop Wasting your Time! How to find out where your time is going and how to change it!
Do you know how much tie you're losing on social media? Hanging out at the coffee maker? Answering endless emails? Check out how Productivity Coach Suzanna Kaye analyzes her time and get control again! (Free download - Time Analysis Sheet: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/sparkfreemiums/Time+Tracking+Spreadhseet+Freemium.pdf )
The One Book You Must Burn!
If you found a book of all the nasty things you've ever said about yourself would you read it? Should you? Join Suzanna Kaye, Professional Organizier and Change Maker. Change starts with us. If we want to be the change - we have to start with our own thoughts.
Work Life Balance - The one thing you're missing
Is balancing time working with enjoying your life a struggle? You're probably skipping this one important tool to make sure you have time for the important things. Free Download: https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/freemium-goal-setting-worksheet/
The Action File - the easy way to organize mail and every paper that enters your home
how to manage mail and papers with Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye. Owner of Spark Organizing, LLC in Orlando FL. Need more than a tip? Consider a virtual session, www.sparkorganizing.com, for details.
Quick and Easy Refrigerator Cleaning Using Placemats, Part 3
How to clean spills in the refrigerator easiy with placemats Part 3 of 3 kitchen and refrigerator organizing series spark organizing llc
How to Create a Simple, Basic, Bullet Journal
Fancy, complicated, yet gorgeous bullet journals are floating around but Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye of Orlando Florida is here to share with you the basics! A simple, elegant, bullet journal. Watch to learn how you can create your own.
Home and Office Organizing Tips: Organizing Property Law
How do you decide where to put things in a closet? Watch Organizing Property Law for some tips on how to decide where to store items as you get organized. Organizing tips, tricks and ideas.
Coolest Bag Ever! Sneak peek preview of the Equilibrium Backpack, It's AMAZING
So these are totally on backorder as I write this but these things are so flipping cool! I found this at a local nerd convention here in Orlando and immediately wanted to make sure you learned about these great bags. This is a quick interview with the designer and preview of the bag that changed my Christmas wishlist. The Equilibrium Backpack. www.bit.ly/EquilibriumBackpack I'm Suzanna Kaye, Owner of Spark Organizing. A Professional Organizer, Productivity Coach, Lynda Instructor, Public Speaker, Lover of Cats, Coffee, and Board Games. Follw me on FB for live videos every Thursday. www.facebook.com/SparkOrganizing/
The 4 Best Scanners for Papers
Want to be more paperless but don't know what scanners to use and how to get in the groove? Professional Organizer & Productivity expert Suzanna Kaye shows you her scanners and the systems you can start using today!
How to Increase Energy Levels at Work!
Midday slumps are the worst.... but just starting your day tired can be rough too! Join professional organizer Susanna Kaye for some productivity tips on how to WAKE UP and get stuff done. Even when you're super tired.
How to Organize Your Refrigerator with Floating Jars To Gain More Space
This video is about creating more space in your refrigerator by floating jars to the top.
How to Customize Your Bullet Journal
Now that you're familiar with the basics, here are some fantastic options that aren't quite Pinterest crazy. They're ideas you can start doing today! Join Suzanna Kaye, Florida Organizier on this video and learn how to be more productive, stylish, and creative!
How to Organize Your Desk!
Yep, check out Professional Organizer and Productivity specialist Suzanna Kaye's home office as she takes you on a tour and gives you pointers to organize your own office and desk.
Create Your Mobile OFFICE!
On the road yet you still need to stay on top of work? Suzanna Kaye of Spark Organizing understands! Take a peek into her mobile office as she heads off on a fun holiday camping with friends!
4 Apps to Maximize Your Calendar Digital Life Series Part 4
Continuing our series on BEST APPS! Today, let's talk about to-do lists. They are a never-ending thing but knowing your style and getting the right tools together is going to make you feel super productive. Join Professional Organizier and Productivity Coach Suzanna Kaye as she shares her favorite tools and apps for getting your to-do's DONE! learn more at www.my365.com
Organizing After Loss: Grief Part 1
When a loved one dies, there are more than memories to sort through. There's usually a bunch a of stuff. Stuff that is ripe with grief. Professional Organizer Suzanna Kaye, offers some professional tips on how to get started in this new series.
3 Apps To Keep You Focused! Digital Life Series: Part 5
The 3 apps that maximize your time - at work and at play. (Plus a bonus non-app tool I couldn’t live without!) Join me to learn all my favorite tricks! https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/apps-i-love-from-spark-organizing www.my365project.com www.SparkOrganizing.com
WHat?! The Easiest Way to Organize Your Purse
Not just the easiest but the fastest! I'm telling you, this makes life so much easier. The fastest way I organize my purse to make to super easy to find things and ridiculously easy to change purses whenever I want to! (Hint: I use what I call a Purse Bin - check it out to see!) Guys - maybe this will inspire you to do something similar with things in your life, such as a backpack, carryon or briefcase!
Wins and Fails! From my Ireland trips and the APPS that kept me sane!
Suzanna Kaye, celebrated her honeymoon in Ireland! Woot Woot and shares her adventure plus the Apps she used to stay SANE! Cause travel can be crazy.
Be the Change You Want to See In Your Home
You've heard the quote "Be the Change you want to see in the World" well let's take it in a few feet and be the change we need to see in our homes. Join professional organizer Suzanna Kaye as she shares how!
Time Management: Tools We Love at Spark!
If you're like me, then you need tips and tools to stay on task. Being ADD/ ADHD isn't just for kids. Watch Suzanna Kaye, Professional Organizer serving Central Florida.
Organizing using iPhone& Android apps! Powerful Woman Meeting
Presentation about Smartphone apps (iPhone, Android) - how to use them differently for organizing and time management. Check out Facebook page: SuzannaHomeOrganizer for more info.
T Accounts for Decision Making
Have you ever heard of using T accounts for making decisions? Join Suzanna Kaye as she explains how to do this! Email me at [email protected] for a pretty T-account sheet. Grab a SMART Goals Worksheet while you're at it. https://sparkorganizing.lpages.co/freemium-goal-setting-worksheet
Visual Trick to Ignite Your Passion (when you're uninspired)
It can be hard to remember why you started a project. Or flip side, you know why you're doing it but you're just not as passionate as when you started. Let Suzanna Kaye, Productivity Expert, Author of the AHDH High School Success course show you how she stays on top of her goals. Using visual tools and smart goals you too can stay passionate instead of overwhelmed and blah.

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