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Raw Footage of Siemens Charger SC-44 4601 Cummins QSK95 Testing @ The TTCI in Pueblo, CO (125 MPH)
READ FIRST: EDIT 7: As of April 2017, the first 6 Caltrans locos have been delivered to Oakland. IDTX 4611 is now in Chicago. 9 locomotives have been conditionally accepted by IDOT after having completed their burn-in testing at Pueblo. EDIT 6: As of early March 2017, the first two WASDOT locomotives have been complete and are undergoing burn-in testing @ Pueblo before being sent to Washington State for introduction on Cascades services. EDIT 5: As of late February 2017, IDTX 4611 is undergoing test runs on WSDOT Cascades territory; here is the best clip of the locomotive testing so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Gz_kZ2NjQ EDIT 4: As of 12/8/16, the first AAF Brightline train has departed the Siemens plant enroute to Florida: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELkw306DaCo EDIT 3: As of 12/2/16, 4611 is on WSDOT property for Cascade service testing (or at least testing in that territory). The status of 4603 is unknown at this time. EDIT 2: As of 11/14/16, the following is known: 4601-4602 are back @ the Siemens Plant, 4604 remains on MARC property. 4603 is to head north to Washington State for testing along the Cascades route. All remaining locomotives up to and including 4610 to head to Pueblo, CO for 500 mile burn-in testing before being shipped to Chicago for acceptance and entry into service on Chicago based regional routes. Additionally, initial roster numbers revealed; IDOT 4601-4632, Caltrans 2101-2120, WSDOT 1400-1407. EDIT 1: As of 8/10/16, 4601 & 4602 have concluded testing @ TTCI; 4604 has arrived on the NEC for late night testing in real-world conditions later this month. EDIT 2: As of 9/7/16, 4604 is in Philadelphia for testing on the Northeast Corridor within the next week. Before you ask, ALL info on the Charger can be found compiled here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siemens_Charger As I did with the ACS-64 when that tested at the TTCI, here's new footage of the Siemens Charger (SC-44) locomotives (4601) testing at 125 miles per hour out in Pueblo Colorado with MARC bilevel cars. This is the first time we get to hear what the new Cummins QSK95 high speed diesel sounds like. I get the impression that it makes the Charger sound like an oversized Dodge Ram lmao. Enjoy the action, and stay tuned for delivery updates that I will post in this description as I did on the ACS-64 b-roll video. Credits to Amtrak, IDOT, and Siemens.
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Long Island Rail Road Automated Station Information (ASI) Announcements (Electric Territory Only)
READ: So after a few days @ Jamaica and points elsewhere on Long Island, I have completed compiling all of the automatic announcements made in electric territory on M7 electric multiple unit rolling stock (and soon, the M9s). From my understanding, the ASI on the C3 bilevels does not work, and so is rarely used, so I will not be endeavoring to record diesel territory stations. Enjoy =) DISCLAIMER: All announcements were recorded legally, and its use here fall under the fair use doctrine. Fair Use: Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Fair Use Definition: Fair use is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship. It provides for the legal, non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author’s work under a four-factor balancing test. NOTE: East Williston IS electrified, but not included in this video since no regular M7 operated service runs to that station. Metro-North Edition: https://youtu.be/P9cFlJoXYPU
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Amtrak HD EXCLUSIVE 60fps: Siemens ACS-64 642 Veterans Unit First Day in Revenue Service 7/2/15
Amtrak's ACS-64 Salute Our Veterans Unit #642 entered service today (7/2/15) on the Northeast Regional trains 184 - 129 rotation. We see her on train 184 at Secaucus Junction and on train 129 at Metropark. Enjoy =) Side note: I would have gotten 642 on 184 at Metropark also, if NJ Transit hadn't royally fucked me over (making me miss a crucial connecting train) and left me hanging at Secaucus Junction. Next time I am on such a tight time schedule, I am most certainly driving. Fuck NJ Transit.
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Amtrak HD 60fps: High Speed 125 MPH Train Action @ Jersey Avenue 6/11/15 w/ ACS 64 Veterans Unit
Due to some landscaping that was going on just north of the station, there was a Flagman on duty, which means that you are guaranteed horn action from every passing train. Great day to hit up Jersey Avenue! Enjoy =) Equipment includes ACS-64, AEM-7AC, & Acela Express train sets. Action is between 1:15 PM and 2:15 PM.
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Amtrak HD 60fps: Northeast Regional & Acela Express Trains @ Secaucus Junction 7/2/15 Veterans Unit
Highlight of this clip: ACS-64 642 on train 184. Also seen are a few Keystone trains and the northbound Silver Meteor. Enjoy =)
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Siemens Provides First Look at New Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Locomotives For Northeast Corridor
EDIT 2: I did find two new videos apparently from someone who has access at Pueblo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcGEHDxUiMg - Flyby video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJMhKgEnnNc - Video of info screen showing acceleration with 8 amfleets from stop to 125 mph. I find the comments from the crew about the engine being "too quiet" amusing. #thatsthewayitshouldbe EDIT 1: New video of locomotive 601 testing at 125 mph out in Pueblo, CO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbHIUFajhbM That's a beautiful sounding 3rd Generation K5LA. Here are some links to keep track of the locomotives: http://w3.usa.siemens.com/mobility/us/en/rail-solutions/locomotives/Pages/amtrak-cities-sprinter.aspx - Siemens USA Page, including a tracking feature, to help railfans and buffs to plan ahead and catch the cross country moves. http://w3.usa.siemens.com/mobility/us/en/interurban-mobility/rail-solutions/locomotives/Documents/Amtrak_DataSheet_2013_LR.pdf - Official Siemens Datasheet for the locomotives. Still lacks a tractive effort curve graph, which somewhat disappoints me. Credits to Amtrak and Siemens
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NYC Subway Nostalgia HD 60fps: BMT D-type Triplex & R1/9 Holiday Train Departs Euclid Avenue
Bound for Pitkin Yard, 12/27/15. And with that, the 2015 nostalgia train season ends. Look forward to seeing you in 2016; big things planned for this year. Stay tuned and enjoy =)
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Bay Area Rapid Transit HD 60fps: 10 Car Fremont Trains Fly Out Of Union City Station Sunset 7/22/15
8:00 PM and 8:20 PM. Under full acceleration, a full length 10 car train can hit 45-48 MPH before the last car leaves the platform. Enjoy =)
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Amtrak HD 60fps: Final Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train @ Newark Airport (5/10/17)
READ FIRST: Siemens ACS-64s 642 (Veterans Unit) & 661 lead the last revenue Circus Train through Newark Liberty International Airport Station. Enjoy =) Watch all the Amtrak action @ EWR station: http://youtu.be/Xgwmzm5ff_s Watch all the Circus Train action (NS, AMTK, & LIRR): http://youtu.be/tDHnpol-G18
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LA Metro Bus HD 60fps: NABI 60-BRT Metro Liners on Orange Line BRT @ North Hollywood (3/11/16)
Enjoy =) Powertrain: Cummins-Westport ISL-G 8.9L coupled to an Allison B500R6 Gen-IV
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NYC Subway HD 60fps: Bombardier R179 3054-3055 Delivery @ 178th St & Broadway (1/26/17)
Second half of the second 4-car set was delivered today, January 26th, 2017. The first two cars (3056-3057) were delivered yesterday. Here are the cars turning off of the George Washington Bridge off-ramp and onto Broadway for the trek up to 215th Street. Enjoy =) I was with: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Ad6JzF6UAy8W6_dMGQSA (Ben) Tech and Transit (http://www.youtube.com/user/RJackNYC) Check them out!
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Port Authority Trans-Hudson HD 60fps: Kawasaki PA5 NWK-WTC Trains Single Tracking @ Harrison 7/19/15
Yea, I'ma rebel. #IDGAF Enjoy the action and the nice WABCO AA-2 horn from one of the trains =)
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Washington Metrorail HD 60fps: Kawasaki 7000 Series Green & Yellow Line Trains @ College Park
7000 series only video; shot 6/6/16. Due to power draw issues on the other lines, the entirety of the 7k fleet has been moved to and restricted to service on the Green and Yellow Lines only for the time being. This means that they are quite prevalent throughout the day, even during the off-peak period. Enjoy =)
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NYC Subway HD 60fps: Kawasaki R188 7 Shuttle Train @ 34th Street - Hudson Yards (11/14/15)
Great propulsion creep at the end. Enjoy =)
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New Jersey Transit HD: ALP-45DP 4506 Making Mode Change with RVL Train @ Newark Penn
Going from electric mode to diesel mode. Shot on 6/5/14.
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New York City Subway HD: Kawasaki R160B Siemens Propulsion VS Alstom Propulsion
Just a quick clip comparing propulsion sounds. Nothing amazingly special. Which one do you like better?
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NJ Transit HD 60fps: Morristown Line Sunset Action @ Mount Tabor & Powder Mill Road (2/8/17)
Final verdict is in... not gonna bother with the optical zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus; it's a huge disappointment. Otherwise, enjoy the action on this unseasonably warm winter day before the storm =)
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SEPTA HD 60fps: ABB N-5 MU Trains On Norristown High Speed Line @ Ardmore Avenue 7/11/16
Enjoy =) Norristown High Sped Line ABB N-5 cab ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT9BIeBXv00
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Raw Footage of New Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Locomotives For The NEC Testing at Pueblo (125 MPH)
EDIT 23: I am aware that there's something wrong with this video lol. It appears to have somehow become corrupted. Hopefully it fixes itself; if not, oh well. EDIT: I did find two new videos apparently from someone who has access at Pueblo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcGEHDxUiMg - Flyby video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJMhKgEnnNc - Video of info screen showing acceleration with 8 amfleets from stop to 125 mph. I find the comments from the crew about the engine being "too quiet" amusing. #thatsthewayitshouldbe New footage of the ACS-64 locomotives testing at 125 miles per hour out in Pueblo Colorado. Just watching these things fly along the test track makes me all the more anxious for them to begin testing on the NEC and enter service later this fall. Credits to Amtrak and Siemens.
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Train Sim World HD: LIRR Bombardier M7 Hempstead Branch [Atlantic Terminal] Round-Trip Time lapse
Westbound: https://youtu.be/htLvyShBFck Eastbound: https://youtu.be/AqdppkS1YF8 Enjoy =)
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Amtrak and NJ Transit HD: Northeast Corridor Action at Elizabeth Station (6/5/14)
Highlights are ACS-64 600 on 184, 606 and 603 on LD trains, and 609 heading back towards Washington on its shakedown run. Also seen are ALP-45DP 4507 and 4513 both in charge of heavy 10 car Trenton Line consists.
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SEPTA, Amtrak, MARC, & NJT HD 60fps: Leased Equipment @ Suburban Station 7/14/16
Considering the Silverliner Vs won't be back until mid-fall the earliest, get used to this sight for the time being. SEPTA is reaching out to MARC for additional single level cars and to MBTA (Boston) to see if they have any equipment to lend, so stay tuned for updates. Enjoy =)
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Amtrak HD 60fps: Northeast Corridor Action @ Newark Penn Station 5/15/16
Due to switch work at DOCK interlocking, only tracks A, 1, and 2 were in service on this day. Enjoy the action =)
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New York & Atlantic Railway HD 60fps: PR20B 300 & 301 Lead  RS-20 Through Livonia Avenue (4/23/17)
Read first: Here is RS-20 traversing the Bay Ridge Line, shot from the stairwell @ Livonia Avenue station on the NYC Subway L line. Train is bound for 65th Street yard from Long Island City via Lower Montauk & Fresh Pond. You can see EMD SW1200 9321 in the background. My friend is in the C/R seat. Enjoy =) Check out his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gregorygrice
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New Jersey Transit HD: Bombardier ALP-46A/ALP-46 Double Header at Secaucus Junction on Train 8214
Thanksgiving Day 2014 railfanning preview. Stay tuned for much, much more ;)
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Amtrak & Metro North Railroad HD 60fps: Early Evening Rush Hour @ New Rochelle 6/23/16
The New Haven Line gets VERY busy during the rush hours, and that is evident from only half an hour of my being there (5:00 pm to 5:30 pm). Enjoy the action =) Among the many trains seen is a 12 car M8 EMU set, and Amtrak ACS-64 670 on its first revenue run double heading with 649 on Northeast Regional train 137. The unit was testing only just yesterday, but experienced a cab signal failure, and had to be put on a revenue train in the trailing position so it could be moved back down to Washington DC for inspection and repair.
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NYC Subway Nostalgia HD 60fps: Chasing R1/9 Holiday Train Museum Subway Swing Excursion (12/10/16)
Aside from the regularly scheduled public runs on Sundays in December, the R1/R9 Holiday Train made a special run on Saturday, 12/10/16, as part of a New York Transit Museum excursion, which picked up passengers at Second Avenue, before running to the NYTM for late-night festivities (https://web.archive.org/web/20161211045614/http://www.nytransitmuseum.org/program/subway-swing/). During this chase, we see the train arriving @ Second Ave after deadheading from 207th Street Yard, passing Broadway - Lafayette Street after picking up passengers, relaying @ Hoyt - Schermerhorn Streets into the Museum, deadheading through Utica Ave, and deadheading through 181st Street. Enjoy and be sure to visit the Transit Museum and the Holiday Train for its final two Sunday schedules this year =) Remember to visit the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn: http://www.nytransitmuseum.org/ Chasing the R1/9 Shopper's Special Holiday Train: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6HwQkm8CtQ Ride R1 381 from 2nd Av to Queens Plaza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaYbD6iCbv8 I was with: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Ad6JzF6UAy8W6_dMGQSA (Ben) Check him out!
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Amtrak HD 60fps: High Speed 125 MPH Train Action @ Princeton Junction w/ ACS-64 Veterans Unit 642
Welcome back to Princeton Junction on 6/10/15. I am pleased to be able to offer you guys improved video from this location, using my iPhone 6 to record in 1080p & 60 FPS. Today, we catch plenty of Amtrak trains between the hours of 9:50 AM to 1:00 PM and 6:10 PM to 8:10 PM, most of them powered by ACS-64 locomotives, as well as the ACS-64 642 Veterans Unit Test Extra. Enjoy the 125 MPH action =) More specific breakdown coming never... lol
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LA Metro Bus HD 60fps: NABI 60-BRT Metro Liner 9551 on Orange Line BRT @ Chatsworth 3/11/16
Enjoy =) Powertrain: Cummins-Westport ISL-G 8.9L coupled to an Allison B500R6 Gen-IV
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Roosevelt Island Tramway Ride To Manhattan, New York City (HD 60fps) 5/26/17
READ FIRST: Cute little system, which you can use with your metrocard for the same price as a subway swipe (one free transfer included). Enjoy the ride =) Ride the Red Bus loop: https://youtu.be/Kdjqn1QmlSk
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NJ Transit HD 60fps: Awesome Engineer Lays Nathan 3rd Gen K5LA on THICK (Multilevel Cab Car 7048)
Wonderful exterior and interior recordings of the Bombardier MultiLevel Cab Car K5LA horn and other sounds. Awesome engineer too; had a nice conversation with him. Enjoy =)
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Amtrak HD 60fps: High Speed 125 MPH Train Action @ Princeton Junction w/ Temp Platform (8/3/16)
To accommodate the high speed rail project between County and HAM interlockings, track 4 has been closed for most of the summer. Therefore, the semi-permanent platform extensions have been in place @ Princeton Junction and Hamilton, which makes for some interesting moves and lots of horn. Included are the Acela 10003 Geometry Car on 2163, 670's return on her first revenue run on 85, and Veterans Unit 642 on 127. Enjoy the action =) Morning @ Edison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saY1siKq3H8 Princeton Dinky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymxeIQ7w25s
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SEPTA HD 60fps EXCLUSIVE: Hyundai Rotem Silverliner V Accelerating to 95 MPH (Cab View)
We are afforded this rare view courtesy of the engineer of this train. Watch as he skillfully brings the train to a smooth stop from 95 mph into Levittown and then accelerate at full throttle out of the station, making 95 mph just past Grundy Interlocking. With the Silverliner Vs capable of starting with an acceleration of 3.0 mph/s and holding that acceleration rate to 30 mph, it makes for a fun and enjoyable ride. Enjoy =) Full length cab ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jy3aPnZ_7A
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Train Simulator 2014 HD: Metro-North P32AC-DM and Shoreliner Cars Released 7/10/14
EDIT: Comprehensive physics & sound mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQJ_EhWAz0Y A preview of action to come. I have not yet modified the contents of this DLC yet, but give me some time. Seen here are the locomotive and Shoreliners as they come directly from the purchase: http://store.steampowered.com/app/258655/
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Metro-North Railroad HD 60fps: Making Power Mode Changeover on Budd M2 8702 on Train 1560 (8/23/17)
READ FIRST: Here we are afforded a view of the power mode change sequence (3rd rail to overhead catenary) on a Budd M2 EMU on New Haven Line train 1560 @ Pelham. Enjoy =) Ride 1560 from Larchmont to New Haven: https://youtu.be/S2TNnAg3RPw
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Washington Metrorail HD 60fps: Red & Green Line Trains @ Fort Totten (5/19/18)
Enjoy =) I was with: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Ad6JzF6UAy8W6_dMGQSA (Ben) Check him out!
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NYC Subway HD 60fps: R142A & R62A 6 Trains @ Old IRT City Hall Loop Station (7/19/17)
READ FIRST: Filmed during part of the NYTM's famed City Hall tour [http://youtu.be/tLOz_jwoOww]. Enjoy =) New York Transit Museum's website: http://www.nytransitmuseum.org
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