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Hong Kong biker shown driving over 160 mph on public roads
Police in Hong Kong are hunting a motorcyclist who posted videos of themselves driving on public roads at over 260 kph (160 kph). Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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That's Video: PLA Dance to Chinese Hit Song "Little Apple"
In the People's Liberation Army's latest propaganda video released to kick-start their recruitment campaign, the armed wing of the Communist Party and largest military force on Earth boogies down to the beat of Chinese hit song "Little Apple." http://online.thatsmags.com/post/watch-the-pla-will-dance-their-way-into-your-hearts
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Adorable Corgi gets Massage in Taiwan
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Master Kong's rapey biscuit ad is the most disturbing thing ever | That's Mags
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Man tries to steal Chinese woman's bag, gets an ass-whupping instead
A wannabe robber in Zhejiang province got the shock of a lifetime when the woman he was trying to mug turned out to be a massive badass. Knocking him to the ground with a couple of UFC-style knees to the chest and back, the woman would have likely done considerable damage to her attacker had his accomplice not rescued him. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Taizhou farmer takes 5,000 ducks for a walk | That's Mags
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Jean-Michel Saive and Chuang Chih-yuan hilariously absurd table tennis match
Jean-Michel Saive, a Belgian player with 130 total medals in international singles tournaments, took on Taiwan's Chuang Chih-yuan in a match earlier this month at the Tai Ben Invitational that became more and more absurd as it went on. While it started out normal, it ended as perhaps the most hilarious table tennis match ever. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Queen Elizabeth II visits China
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Budweiser Chinese Valentine's Day Ad Addresses Gay, Multicultural Love
Read more: http://www.thatsmags.com/china/post/14849/watch-budweiser-ad-on-chinese-valentine-s-day
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Journeys along the Seventh Ring | That's Beijing
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'Karma's a Bitch Challenge' Video Selfie Memes from China
Read more: https://www.thatsmags.com/china/post/22198/viral-karma-s-a-bitch-meme-takes-chinese-video-app-by-storm
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Nicole Kidman spoke Chinese at the 2017 Singles Day Gala in Shanghai
Nicole Kidman spoke Chinese at the 2017 Singles Day Gala in Shanghai http://bit.ly/2yR5SpK
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'Somersault kisses' are like Chinese 'planking' but better
A physical meme dubbed the 'somersault kiss' has become so popular on the Chinese web that the country's public security bureau has warned teens of the danger it poses, China Real Times reports. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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WATCH: Boy Stuck on Elevator After Peeing on Buttons in China
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Chinese mall burns down after video game playing employee turns fire alarm off
The Beijing Times reports that a fire which burned down mall in south Beijing in October 2012 was caused by an employee playing video games. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Recipe: Hunan China-Style Cumin Ribs
In association with Mapo.TV. Read more: http://www.thatsmags.com/china
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Australian schools offer bilingual English-Mandarin environment
The BBC's Jon Donnison visits one of Australia's bilingual English-Mandarin schools, where students learn to master the Asian language in an immersive Chinese environment. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Panda Pissing Ad Pulled from CCTV
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Back Stage at Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, Shanghai | That's Shanghai
A look behind the scenes at the ten-seat, multi-sensory, psycho-taste extravaganza that is Ultraviolet. Chef-scientist Paul Pairet presides over wall-to-ceiling screens, a state-of-the art sound system and fragrance diffusion machine to create a 20 courses culinary masterpiece. Read more: http://thatsmags.com/shanghai Filmed and edited by Nicky Almasy The music in this video is used for entertainment purposes only and it is not intended to violate copyrights.
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Jean-Michel Saive and Chuang Chih-yuan hilariously absurd table tennis match
Jean-Michel Saive, a Belgian player with 130 total medals in international singles tournaments, took on Taiwan's Chuang Chih-yuan in a match earlier this month at the Tai Ben Invitational that became more and more absurd as it went on. While it started out normal, it ended as perhaps the most hilarious table tennis match ever. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Chinese traffic police cover Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar
The dancing Qinghuangdao firefighters are officially yesterday's news, traffic police in Huizhou, Guangdong province have produced a video of them dancing (and rapping) to K-Poppers Crayon Pop's 'Bar Bar Bar'. The video, apparently officially sanctioned and funded, aims to raise awareness of traffic safety and the 122 phone number for traffic police. It includes a rap section about road safety, in Chinese, what more do you need? Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Trump gets schooled on Chinese history by Xi Jinping
In the Forbidden City this week.
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Martial Arts guys smashing themselves in the nuts | That's Online
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Badass Chinese helicopter pilot lands on warship during storm | That's Magazines
In this video, a Chinese People's Liberation Army pilot with nerves of steel lands a Kamov Ka-28 'Helix' helicopter onto a Chinese naval frigate in pretty much the worst conditions imaginable. Read more: http://www.thatsmags.com/
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Typhoon Hato Makes Landfall in Guangdong
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Best Moments from Donnie Does Trump Rally
Read more: www.thatsmags.com/china/post/12363/watch-the-guy-behind-donnie-does-trolls-us-trump-rally
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Doc Guthrie's Barber Shop | That's Shanghai
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Mark Zuckerberg speaks Chinese at Tsinghua Univeristy | That's Mags
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/post/watch-mark-zuckerberg-speaks-really-really-ok-chinese-at-tsinghua-qa
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Eating sannakji (live octopus sashimi) at Korean restaurant Xin Zheng in Shanghai | That's Shanghai
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/city/shanghai Xin Zheng Shanghai: http://listings.thatsmags.com/shanghai/venue/11903
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Shijiazhuang Ever Bright vs Shanghai SIPG 2-2
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Elderly Chinese street cleaner speaks fluent English
A video of a Beijing street cleaner speaking 'fluent' (not really, but definitely not bad) English recently went viral on the Chinese web, with many commenters bemoaning their comparative lack of language skills. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Chinese Metro Station in the Middle of Nowhere Goes Viral
Is this Chongqing subway stop the world's saddest? http://bit.ly/2r6t0bt
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US President Donald Trump Visits Beijing, China on November 8, 2017
Video via Gabriel Clermont Read more: https://www.thatsmags.com/beijing/post/21307/breaking-us-president-trump-has-just-arrived-in-beijing
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Rob Schmitz on "Street of Eternal Happiness," his book about Shanghai's Changle Lu
Ahead of the Shanghai International Literary Festival 2017, we spoke with author Rob Schmitz about his book, "Street of Eternal Happiness." Read more: https://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/17842/rob-schmitz
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Drunk Chinese guy has hilarious fight with chandelier in club
In an early contender for video of the year, a man was caught on film unsuccessfully trying to destroy a chandelier at a nightclub in Jiangsu province on January 7. Surveillance footage shows the man walking through the club lobby and spotting the chandelier. At first there is harmony between man and light fixture as he jumps up to dangle and swing from it, but the relationship quickly turns sour. After dropping back to the ground, the man attempts to punch the chandelier, but misses and ends up on the ground. He then grabs a bench and smashes it into the light. When a security guard steps in to try and calm matters down, one of the man's friends intervenes and a huge fight breaks out. Staff were eventually able to stop the drunks from doing too much damage, and the men were handed over to police. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Journeys Along the Seventh Ring: Zhuozhou
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/post/journeys-seventh-ring-zhuozhou
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"Parking God" in Fujian shows us how it's done | That's Mags
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/post/watch-the-very-worst-and-the-very-best-of-chinese-parking
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Man goes crazy after scooter gets pulled over in China
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Beijing virtual reality commuter | That's Beijing
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Greg Smith on Cotton Club’s 5,000th performance | That's Shanghai
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The Terrifying Moment a Woman Falls into an Escalator Well in Shenzhen
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Shandong Luneng 4-2 Jiangsu Sainty | That's Mags
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Chongqing traffic police conduct flashmob for 'road safety'
In a bizarre use of public funds and time, Chongqing traffic police staged a flashmob on National Road Safety Day earlier this month to promote 'courteous road use'. Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Chongqing Lifan vs Beijing Guo'an 0-3 | That's Mags
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Huskies teach Chinese baby how to crawl | That's Magazines
A Taiwanese woman enlisted two unlikely assistants in helping her seven month old son learn to crawl: her huskies. Mrs Chen, from Yunlin, Taiwan, uploaded this video of the trio which almost immediately went viral. More videos and pics on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FatSugar Read more: http://www.thatsmags.com/
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Guangzhou Evergrande vs Shandong Luneng 2-2
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Chinese Man Busts a Move on the Highway in Front of Cops
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The final days of Dongtai Lu Antique Market | That's Shanghai
Read more: http://online.thatsmags.com/
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Three Days Aboard China's Longest Train Journey
At 68 hours and 19 minutes, the K1082 in China's longest passenger rail service. We rode it from end to end. Read the full story at http://www.thatsmags.com/beijing/post/18877/slow-train-to-dongbei-three-days-aboard-chinas-longest-rail-journey
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