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If A Robbery Report Was Treated Like A Rape Report
Written/Directed/Edited by Cynthia Kao Cast (in alphabetical order) Pam Murphy (Officer Mulligan) Mark Schroeder (Tom) Paul Welsh (Officer Sakula) Crew Yesel "Yak" Manrique (titles) Ed Spangler (sound) Allyson Schwarz (gaffer) Rose Arscott (pa) Zoe Andrikidis (pa) Special Thanks Jennie Church-Cooper Donna Thomas Ed Spangler Code Fischer Mary Sasson Bill Posley Honora Talbott Dave Thuene Connie Shin
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Groundhog Day For A Black Man
When a black man lives the same day over and over again, he tries changing his behavior to survive a police interaction. Writer/Director: Cynthia Kao Cas (in order of appearance)t: Eric: Burl Moseley Officer 1: Ryan Stanger Female Officer: Celia Finkelstein Officer 2: Matt Cordova Officer 3: Marshall Givens DP: Cooper James Sound: Ed Spangler Editors: Cynthia Kao and Ryan Anthony Martin Special Thanks: Colton Dunn Londale Theus Jr. Ronnie Adrian Kimi Brown Dave Theune
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The Lion King: Simba and Nala Relationship Talk
After Simba becomes the King of the Pride, he and Nala need to have a relationship talk. Cynthia Kao - Writer/Actor/Editor Ben Parks - Actor Matt Mazany - Audio Engineer Ian Skalski - Titles
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If Men Had Periods It Wouldn't Be Gross
Written and Directed by Cynthia Kao CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE WILD STYLE KYLE Bill Kottkamp COFFEE GUY 1 Josh Brekhus COFFEE GUY 2 Chris Duce RAPPER 1 Colton Dunn RAPPER 2 Ronnie Adrian BEATBOXER 1 Ify Nwadiwe BEATBOXER 2 Carl Tart RAPPING CREW Ace Gibson EMPLOYEE Wayland McQueen EMPLOYER Josh Covitt BASKETBALL 1 Carl Tart BASKETBALL 2 Ify Nwadiwe RED PARTY GUEST 1 Mark Rennie RED PARTY GUEST 2 Jesse Esparza RED PARTY GUEST 3 Thomas Ochoa RED PARTY HOST J.F. Ford PRIEST Dave Theune PORN WATCHER Nick Rasmussen PARISHIONER Yesel Manrique PORN ACTRESS Katie Cunningham RAP WRITERS Colton Dunn Ronnie Adrian DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Nick Rasmussen Gabe Kimpson VISUAL EFFECTS Ryan Moulton SOUND Ed Spangler EDITOR Cynthia Kao SPECIAL THANKS Codi Fischer Erica Schieferstein Jesse Esparza Ben Siemon
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Pinocchio Lives
The story of Pinocchio continues. He becomes a real boy only to get a rude awakening about what it means to be real. Cast (alphabetical) Igor Hiller as Pinocchio Miles Stroth as Geppetto Written/Edited by Cynthia Kao Directed by Nick Rasmussen Produced by Cynthia Kao, Steve La Costumes: Ele Woods Make up / Effects: Rob Seal Music Composition: Joe Weber Special thanks: Moses Storm, Bill Posley, Ariana Lenarsky
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If Sitcoms Were Written by Feminists
What would it sound like if sitcoms were feminist? From a random sampling of some of my favorite Fall TV shows, excerpts are rewritten with a more feminist bent. Written, voiced, edited by: Cynthia Kao Special Thanks To: Will Reese MAK Honora Talbott Robin Whitney Connie Shin Steve Szlaga
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Relationship Status
Written by: Cynthia Kao Directed by: Miles Crawford Actresses: Am I unfusable: Rose O'Shea Red shirt: Cynthia Kao Blue top: Char Deguzman Edited by: Cynthia Kao / Jim Holdridge VFX: Jim Holdridge We judge our relationships based on app activity.
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Written by Cynthia Kao Bombardier UCB Sketch House Team Every 4th Wednesday of the Month Starring: John Milhiser Jocelyn DeBoer Kat Palardy Londale Theus Jr Mark Schroeder Cynthia Kao Jessica Ross Jessica Seay-Klatt Ryan Moulton Arik Cohen Zed Cutsinger
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Scarlett Johansson is...Complicit (Parody)
Scarlett Johansson is Complicit in doing Yellowface for "Ghost In The Shell." Written by: Cynthia Kao Voice Over: Lesley Tsina VFX and editing: Ryan Moulton Special Thanks: Cody Ziglar
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Orphan Christmas
UCB LA Maude team Bombardier! Written/Directed by: Cynthia Kao Starring: John Milhiser, Kat Palardy, Mark Schroeder DPs: Kyle Morrison, Nick Rasmussen, Ed Spangler
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If Pop Songs Were Written By Feminists
by Cynthia Kao Vocals by Kat Palardy Titles by Ryan Moulton
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M'Oreal Maximum Extend Armpit Mascara
Unleash your armpit lashes! Written by: Cynthia Kao Directed by: Ryan Moulton and Cynthia Kao Armpit Ladies: Cynthia Kao, Lorraine DeGraff, Alexa Loftus, Santina Muha Men: Zora Bikangaga, Matt Cordova, Michael Porter, Robert Stephens Produced by: Lorraine DeGraff and Cynthia Kao Hair/Make-up: Denise Valentine Sound: Joshua Thomas Prop: Kathryn Molloy Edited by: Cynthia Kao Graphics and effects by: Ryan Moulton
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Big Grande's, "Freaks On A Leash"  - Feb 18, 2015 - Cynthia Kao
Big Grande hosts a monthly sketch show, Freaks On A Leash, at UCB Sunset where they invite comedians (Freaks) to bring in a piece relating to a theme (Leash). February's theme was: Birdman. This was my take on it. With Mark Schroeder, David Brown, Yesel Manrique and Jessica Haymond.
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PSA For Men
Written/directed/edited by Cynthia Kao Produced by Josh Simpson, Michael Busch, Donna Thomas DP: Norris Carey Men (in alphabetical order) Craig Anton Bennie Arthur Michael Busch Sergio Cilli Mel Cowan Eric Edelstein Barry Ford Bill Kottkamp Daniel Van Kirk
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It's So Cliche
Two goths start to fall in love as they bash the concept of it. Premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival March 28, 2015. Directed by: Kyle Morrison Written by: Cynthia Kao La Rue: Cynthia Kao Tim: Greg Wallace DJ: Walker Davis Editor: Eddie Madrigal Producers: Kristen Murtha, Eddie Madrigal, Cynthia Kao DP: Alan Gwizdowski Sound: Mario Quinto Sound Mix: Bryan Barney PA: Taylor Yates Special Thanks: Kathy Yamamoto, Alice Wetterlund
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Oh hi
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Love you guys! 2015-2016!
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#OscarsSoWoke show opening 2.22.17
Charity Miller and Cynthia Kao host #OscarsSoWoke, a show going in movies and this year's nominees. Stand up by: David Gborie and PK Kim Improv by: Lizz Adams Sasha A. Ali Kirby Howell Baptiste Marshall Givens Michael Gutierrez Cynthia Kao Mike "Half-woke" Lane Jade Law Jiavani Linayao Charity Miller Oscar Montoya Anna Rajo Ishmel Sahid Dhruv Singh Londale Theus Jr. Nikki Taguilas Robert Vestal
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Bloopers for Bombardier's July 2015 Maude Show
Written/directed by Cynthia Kao. Shot by Ryan Moulton! BLOOPERS for Bombardier's July Maude Show.
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