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Angels Singing Glory: Colin Buchanan
The multi-talented Colin Buchanan (http://www.colinbuchanan.com.au) sang this song a year ago on Rise & Shine. It joyfully tells the Christmas Story and is titled Angels Singin Glory Please visit us at Rise & Shine: http://www.wesleymission.org.au/christian_life/television/Rise_and_Shine.asp
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Bronwyn's story: Surviving hardship and debt
At 41, Bronwyn Rushton, a single mother-of-five, spends her life juggling the meagre family income: pay off the electricity bill but ignore the water bill; buy a new school uniform for her daughter but skimp on the groceries; pay the rent or hold back a little to give her struggling parents a hand.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Robyn Green performs - You’re the Saviour
Robyn Green is an Indigenous gospel singer and songwriter whose career in Australia has spanned more than 30 years. Over that time, she has released eight albums and sung to hundreds of thousands of people. Always looking to push the boundaries to share her faith, Robyn is one of Australia’s most respected Gospel singers. In this week’s episode, Robyn sings the original song, ‘You’re The Saviour’.
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Joy to the World
Joy to the World performed by the Wesley Institute Choir; Barry Crocker; Erica Crocker; Trish Delaney-Brown; Deborah Ezzy; Craig Gower & Rise & Shine Band Join with us as the cast of the Rise & Shine Christmas Special triumphantly sing Joy to the World. May this be a very blessed Christmas for you and your loved ones. Join in the celebration of the complete show of this Christmas Special hosted by Rev Keith Garner on Rise & Shine on Christmas Day! [http://www.wesleymission.org.au/christian_life/television/Rise_and_Shine.asp]
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Wesley Mental Health Services - Suicide Memorial Day 2009
Wesley Mission LifeForce holds an annual memorial day for families and friends who have suffered loss through suicide. This event takes place at the Sydney Opera House, Australia and is a loving day of rememberance. To help to prevent suicide visit http://www.wesleymission.org.au/centres/lifeforce/
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Perfect Love
Gifted singer-songwriter Darlene Zcshech (www.darlenezschech.com) co-wrote this beautiful Christmas song with Russel Fragar. Its called Perfect Love and Darlene performed it on Rise & Shine a few years ago. Please visit us at Rise & Shine: [http://www.wesleymission.org.au/christian_life/television/Rise_and_Shine.asp]
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Vision Valley school holiday camps
Vision Valley runs action packed youth camps and day camps every school holidays. If you are looking for something fun, interactive, safe and want your kids to make new friends this school holidays look no further. Book now! Go to www.visionvalley.org.au or call (02) 9655 2600
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Erin and Kaitlyn’s story: Homelessness can happen to anyone
Erin* had always worked hard, but she and her young daughter were forced to live in their car. Find out how Wesley Homeless Services helped Erin and her daughter to escape the misery of homelessness and rebuild their lives. *names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals
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Perceptions of homelessness
They’re sometimes called the ‘hidden homeless’. While popular perceptions conjure up images of men ‘sleeping rough’, a far larger number of homeless Australians are families, frequently with young children. For more information visit www.wesleymission.org.au/news-and-publications/publications-and-resources/the-wesley-report/more-than-a-bed-sydneys-homeless-families-speak-out/
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Praise, Prayer & Preaching: Learning to live alone
Living alone can be a lonely and frustrating experience. The Rev Dr Keith Garner teaches us that whether we have made the choice to live alone or life's circumstances have chosen it for us, we can also choose to live with hope.
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Facts about Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Wesley Hospital staff, directors and Professor Coleen Loo share patients and their families with information and answers to questions they may have about electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) https://goo.gl/jlSfOC
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Financial Stress 'The Hidden Cost'
The Wesley Mission financial stress reports have found that the impact of financial stress on health is manifest, with more than a third of those very worried about their finances becoming physically ill, and a similar proportion being diagnosed with a mental illness. Only three per cent of those not stressed suffered physical or mental problems. One in five of those who are very worried about their finances report drinking alcohol excessively and seven per cent have used illicit drugs to cope. These behaviours are likely to be counterproductive, both on household finances, as well as relationships with family or other household members. Gambling is another destructive response to financial stress, with one in 10 using this to cope with or resolve their financial woes.
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Building Stronger Families: Candice’s story
Description: Candice doesn’t know whether it was due to her predisposition or simply chance but after the birth of Lakesia she experienced post-natal depression. “I didn’t realise what was happening at the time, I didn’t get the support I needed and the issues got worse.” When Candice gave birth to her second child, Shaniece, she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder soon after. Candice explains the process of being diagnosed. “To tell you the truth, I don’t really remember when I was sick. Things happen so fast. A year of illness seems like two weeks once I recover. It’s crazy.” To find out more or to help families like Candice’s visit wesleymission.org.au/donate
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What do Australians really think of homelessness?
In anticipation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census results, we headed out into the streets and asked Australians about their thoughts on homelessness. Find out more bit.ly/HomelessnessMatters
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Wesley Impact! TV: Tanya Riches—Jesus What A Beautiful Name
In this special Easter Sunday episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Tanya Riches sings 'Jesus What A Beautiful Name'.
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Zach’s story: Respite relief
Now seventeen, Zach’s family are well equipped to the realities of living with autism. Find out how time with Wesley Respite meant Zach’s family were better equipped to deal with their struggles. For more information visit wesleymission.org.au
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Wesley Mission in 2010 | Wesley Mission, Sydney
See how Wesley Mission's work in the community makes every life matter. Visit www.wesleymission.org.au for more information...
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Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 2019 - live from the Sydney Opera House
On Easter Sunday we celebrate that 'Christ is Risen' in a celebration unlike any other, broadcast live from the Sydney Opera House. Featuring special music guests Ellen Malone and Tongan vocal group Soul Purpose, with an inspiring Easter message from the Rev Keith Garner.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Ida Maree - You Are
In this episode Ida Maree sings the marvelous song, You Are.
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The First Noel
We hope you enjoy this beautiful traditional English Christmas Carol that goes as far back as the 18th Century. Its performed by Craig Gower & Deborah Ezzy on the show Rise & Shine: http://www.wesleymission.org.au/christian_life/television/Rise_and_Shine.asp
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Wesley Impact! TV: Lucy Fisher - Mercy Seat
In this episode we are joined by Lucy Fisher who sings the beautiful song, Mercy Seat.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Rebekah Cowie—Be Thou My Vision
Talented vocalist, Rebekah Cowie joins us in the Wesley Impact! TV studio to sing 'Be Thou My Vision'.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Steve McPherson - My Hope is Jesus
Steve McPherson is a regular singer on Wesley Impact, and joins us to sing ‘My Hope is Jesus’.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Debra Byrne - Your Grace Still Amazes Me
A household name in the Australian entertainment industry, Debra Byrne sings "Your Grace Still Amazes Me". The word "Grace" which defines the Christian faith and makes us different from any other faith.
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Wesley Take Charge of Your Life
Introducing Wesley Take Charge of Your Life. After collaborating with Sydney Rotary Club, this pilot program was launched on Wednesday 4 November 2015 to assist young people to successfully transition from foster care to living independently. For more information visit wesleymission.org.au
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Wesley Impact! TV: Deb Ezzy-Walton—Daylight
Wesley Impact! TV regular, Deb Ezzy-Walton sings 'Daylight', co-written by Darlene Zschech and Beth Gleeson.
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Wesley Help at Home Services - Maintain independent living
As we get older Wesley Mission understands that we're not always able to complete everyday tasks, such as cleaning, cooking and heavy shopping. Wesley Home Care provides a service to assist those needing home assistance with perhaps a cuppa and chat. Enjoying independent living in the comfort of your own home: http://www.wesleymission.org.au/centres/RetirementLiving/Community_Support/
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Wesley Impact! TV: My Lighthouse—The BordererS
In this special Easter Sunday episode of Wesley Impact! TV, The BordererS perform 'My Lighthouse'.
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Wesley Impact! TV -  Christmas Day special
This week on Wesley Impact! TV we meet Dami Im and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores John.
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The power of corporate volunteering
WME IMG Sydney combined forces with Wesley Mission to volunteer at four of their centres for a day of corporate volunteering. The staff completed a backyard blitz at Wesley’s Child Respite in Dundas, built a gazebo, planted flowers and entertained residents of Wesley Tebbutt Aged Care facility, hosted a clothing market at Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge Shelter in Surry Hills and took clients of Wesley LifeSkills to Taronga Zoo for the day. It was a day of laughter, joy, countless smiles & memories for both the clients and staff of Wesley Mission and the employees of WME IMG Sydney. A great example of how the corporate world can help us meet community needs.
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Vision Valley - Conference and Recreation Centre | Wesley Mission, Sydney
See our beautiful Australian flora and fauna at Vision Valley Conference Centre, Sydney at http://www.visionvalley.org.au or NSW FREECALL 1800 043 344 or international 612 9655 2600. Vision Valley Conference and Recreation Centre provides outstanding camps and retreats. Since 1972 Vision Valley has been serving our guests with healthy food, lodge style accommodation, and adventure activities all within one hours drive from Sydney.
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Interview with Lifeline volunteer Liz Locke
Lifeline volunteer Liz Locke talks about her experience in telephone crisis support and suicide prevention. To find out more, or to become a volunteer telephone crisis supporter, visit www.wesleymission.org.au/get-involved/volunteer/for-individuals/lifeline-phone-counsellor/
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Wesley Impact! TV: Fusi Maumalanga's Interview
Rev Keith Garner speaks to Fusi Maumalanga, a member of Wesley Mission church about an exciting fundraising initiative hosted by members of the church from the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Fiji, to support Wesley Mission’s work with Sydney’s homeless.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Matthew 'Mistery' Peet
Graffiti artist and rapper, Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet discusses how he founded the international hip-hop ministry Kross Werdz—an organisation that offers Christians a way to express their faith through hip hop culture.
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The work of the Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker
On 19 May, Wesley Mission celebrated the work of one of Wesley Mission's most outspoken - and notorious - superintendents, the Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker. Watch our presentation on his life and achievements. Find out more www.wesleymission.org.au
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Praise, Prayer & Preaching: Love one another
The Rev Dr Rick Dacey today explores Love, a word that is used excessively in our culture, and is often changeable and motivated by what we get from something or someone. Jesus Christ told his disciples to ‘abide in his love’ which is an other-centred love, everlasting and eternal, shown most clearly in His death on the cross. As Christians and as a church, we are called to love one another with this same all-giving, sacrificial and abiding love that God shows to us in Christ. As we do this, we know that God works for our good in all things, and that he empowers us as he commands us to love others.
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Top five dance hacks from Wesley School for Seniors
Meet Francisco, sequence dance instructor at Wesley School for Seniors, and the host of our latest ‘Lifehacks from the learned’ video. Celebrate life and give sequence dance a go with Francisco’s top five dance hacks.
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Luxury independent living slideshow and floor plans
For more information about the Alan Walker Village new luxury independent living units please call (02) 8876 1300 or email [email protected] View this slideshow and see the floor plan unit layouts.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Sharny Russell—My Life Is In Your Hands
Jazz singer, Sharny Russell joins us in the Wesley Impact! TV studio again and performs 'My Life Is In Your Hands'. Find out more: http://bit.ly/2mWhrq9
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Wesley Impact! TV: Maybelle Galuvao
Former contestant of The Voice Australia in 2014, Maybelle Galuvao performs a powerful version of Transfiguration. More details: http://bit.ly/2mUdWjD
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Five tips for seniors doing tai chi
Continuing our Lifehacks from the Learned series on seniors sharing their experience at Wesley Mission, we speak with tai chi instructor, Leonore and get her five tips for tai chi.
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Wesley Brighter Futures pilots the SafeCare model
Wesley Brighter Futures has been part of an innovative pilot of the SafeCare model, a program designed for parents with children aged 0-5 years old, that has been shown to reduce child abuse and neglect. Developed by Georgia State University, the training program helps to enhance caseworkers’ capacity to deliver positive parenting skills to families with young children. Featuring Akilah Thomas from the National SafeCare Training Research Centre from Georgia State University.
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Wesley Impact! TV: Francine Bell
In this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV we are joined by gospel singer, Francine Bell. Francine is no stranger to the stage and screen, with credits on television programs in the USA, Europe and Australia. Her vocals have also appeared in various Hollywood films such as The Matrix Revolutions and Superman Returns. Rev Keith Garner interviews Francine about her current role as a vocal coach and how she helps young singers grow into potential future artists. "I get everybody hooked into the fact that God created them to be unique to be different to stand out, not blend in." Find out more: http://bit.ly/2g3tICM
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Wesley Impact! TV - Care for people in need
This week on Wesley Impact! TV Lucy Parker shares how Wesley Connect helps people in need and the Rev Dr Keith Garner explores Matthew 6:1-4.
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Volunteering with Wesley Mission
Wesley Mission was established by volunteers over 200 years ago and today, we continue to work with thousands of volunteers who live and breathe our vision to ‘do all the good you can because every life matters’. We have opportunities to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to volunteer on your own or with colleagues or school mates. Find out more at wesleymission.org.au
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Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 2018
Join us at our Easter Sunday sunrise service to joyfully celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and is now alive!
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