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Air curtains for Cleanroom Restaurants & Hospitals by AirKlenz
The Airklenz Air curtains are fundamentally used to avoid insects & smoke, dust particles to enter the clean & sensitive areas like cleanroom, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, food packaging units, cargo loading entrance, pharma materials loading entrance and exits , etc. Airklenz Air Curtain creates an invisible air barrier between a room entering and exiting its surrounding thus preventing the cool/hot air inside the room to escape outside, thus maintaining the comfortable temperature in the room or environment. - Airklenz offers Extra wide air curtains upto 10 FEETS! - Airklenz offers Extra wide air curtains and extra hi velocity for different type of aircurtain - Finished from cold rolled mild steel sheets duly powder coated and stainless steel - Inner impellers made of hi quality aluminium or plastic & are electronically balanced on computer. - Minimum Noise level & Vibration - Automatic door open, on /off systems - Dual Speed APPLICATIONS OF AIRCUTAINS - Clean room Air curtain, - Hospitals Air curtains, - Restaurants Air curtain, - Hotels Air curtains, - Food packaging units Air curtains READ MORE DETAILS ABOUT AIR CURTAINS. http://www.airklenzenviro.com/products/air-curtains-manufacturer-supplier-india-chennai/ http://www.indiamart.com/airklenzenvirosystems/ AirKlenz Enviro Systems (India) Pvt Ltd Chennai, South India
Clean room Air showers Men Entry in AirKlenz
AirKlenz's Air Shower systems are self controlled chambers installed at entrances to clean rooms and other restricted environments. They reduce particulate subject toward the inside or exiting the cleanroom. Personnel (workers/men) and materials entering or exiting the controlled environment. AIRKLENZ products are specially designed to supply concentrated Class 100 air flow. Air showers serve to protect your clean room environment from unnecessary (particles) contamination. The highly efficient particle removal before personnel enters the clean room. Application: Cleanroom application Pharmaceutical and Lab Animal Research Automobile industries Pharma industry Testing and laboratory clean room Aerospace clean rooms Life science Research and development industry know more about men entry air showers http://www.airklenzenviro.com/products/air-showers-clean-room-equipment-manufacturers-india-chennai/ AirKlenzEnviro Systems(india) pvt.ltd. Chennai, India http://www.airklenzenviro.com/ http://www.cleanairproducts.in/ http://www.indiamart.com/airklenzenvirosystems/