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AXA - Know You Can - Advertising 2019
Self belief drives every journey. AXA is here to help you go further. Find out more on https://www.axa.com
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AXA - Know You Can - Advertising 2019
Self belief drives every journey. AXA is here to help you go further. Find out more on https://www.axa.com
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Smart Cities: Step into the city of the future!
Did you know that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be city dwellers? Smart cities use new technologies and data management to achieve sustainable development and adapt to this rise in urbanization. At AXA, our ambition is to use our experience and know-how to help governments, businesses and citizens to creating better cities for tomorrow!
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fizzy, smart insurance. Automatic compensation
fizzy is a revolutionary web & mobile insurance cover for flight delays of 2 hours or more. fizzy is a new generation of insurance products, as it is parametric i.e. compensation of a loss is not based on a customer claiming for it and insurance experts assessing the loss, but on data
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AXA digital reverse mentoring
AXA Reverse Mentoring is a program where digital natives mentor AXA executives on digital topics to support the business and culture transformation. Learn more at http://www.axa.com/en/careers/a-great-place-to-work/open-environment/mix-of-generations/
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La fiscalité des dividendes version 2018
Le Cercle des actionnaires AXA, en collaboration avec l'Ecole de la Bourse, vous propose des vidéos pédagogiques sur la fiscalité des valeurs mobilières. Ces informations ne constituent pas un conseil fiscal d’ordre personnel. Elles sont basées sur le régime fiscal en vigueur depuis le 1er janvier 2018 en France.
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Insurance: Back to Basics - Solvency II has you covered
The Solvency II supervisory standard is a European Union directive applying to every insurance company in Europe since January 1, 2016. It introduces new solvency guidelines guaranteeing that insurers will be able to meet their customers’ needs under any circumstances, even in an extraordinary event, such as a natural disaster or a global financial crisis.
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AXA XL - Integration
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Back to basics : la réassurance, une " super-assurance " ?
Ils sont, en quelque sorte, les super héros de l'assurance, ceux sur qui l'on peut compter en cas de catastrophe. Leur nom : les réassureurs. Leur mission : assurer vos assureurs. Ainsi, lorsque les dommages sont très lourds, comme par exemple lors d'un tremblement de terre, l'assureur peut se tourner vers son réassureur et éviter de mettre son activité en péril. ------------ They are, to a certain extent, the super heroes of insurance, they are the ones we can count on in case of catastrophe. Who are they? The reinsurers. Their mission: to insure your insurers. When damage is very extensive, such as, for example, during an earthquake, an insurance company can turn to its reinsurer and avoid putting its business in danger.
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New Ways Of Working @ AXA
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Ingress Provides AXA a Portal to Today's Generation
Today's global community is more technology centered than ever before. Younger generations are more focused on their virtual existence than the physical risks that surround them every day. How could AXA, a modern risk assessment leader speak to these young minds? The answer came in the form of a partnership AXA made with Google/Niantic labs and their augmented-reality game, Ingress. Ingress gameplay centers around portals and rival factions fighting to protect their territory and the future of humanity. The sponsored AXA shield provides the most powerful defense yet, to protect those valuable assets. Becoming the first insurance company to protect customers in both the real and virtual world, the Ingress game partnership AXA has initiated bridges a gap in culture and provides a new generation with AXA's powerful resources. Niantic, former partner of Google, improved gamer experience for over 5 million users in just 5 months by providing the AXA Shield. The result was over 600,000 players visiting AXA agencies in real life as part of gameplay. These agencies generated over 3 million game actions as 5 million AXA shiels were deployed into the game realm. AXA introduced a powerful & emotional story into the augmented-reality game that centered around the legend of Romeo and Juliet. Can emotion alter the quest for more powerful shields when those shields hold the fate of mankind in the balance? AXA has turned over 20,000 active retail agencies into interactive virtual portals. This partnership has created a recognition that spreads globally and culminates in over 55,000 physical interactions with Ingress gamers at events held throughout the world.
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Next Stop: Nigeria
Embark with Noel for an insurance roadshow across the World. Next Stop: Nigeria!
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How Much Fresh Water Does it Take to Produce the Food you Eat?
AXA, a world leading insurance brand that provides services along the lines of health, road safety, climate change, financial education, and partnerships, presents findings from one of its research initiatives. This is what they found out. The supply of fresh water in the world is running out. Each person consumes an average of 3,400 liters of fresh water per day. Esther Delbourg, Water Economist, states that water doesn’t only come from activities that use water like drinking, washing, and flushing the toilet. The rest of the water comes with the food that you eat which comes from the amount of water it takes to produce the food you eat. Another variety is green water which is water you don’t see since it is stored inside the earth, the trees and plants. When plants are grown in an area that lacks green water, it consumes more blue water (rainwater, rivers, lakes, streams) which can result in too much blue water extracted before the rain can replenish it. As a solution, Delbourg suggests choosing food that comes from wet areas which leave a smaller water footprint compared to food that come from dryer areas. She also suggests pricing goods based on water content so people choose their food more sustainably. AXA encourages everyone to find new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Aside from in-house training and reverse mentoring, AXA also has the corporate responsibility to educate its employees about sustainable options. To know more about AXA projects, visit us at AXA.com Interested in working at AXA? View our career opportunities here: https://www.axa.com/en/careers. Recent graduates are welcome to apply.
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AXA XL - Welcome
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AXA Next Stop Mexico
Mexico is located in one of the world’s most seismically active zones and has one of the highest rates of obesity-related diseases, yet the population is under-protected. AXA’s in-house reporter Noel Eyres went there to understand the situation and find out about the solutions that could protect Mexicans against these risks.
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AXA, A lot more than you think
Maybe you think you've heard of AXA or maybe not at all, but what we can guarantee is that there is plenty to be excited about. AXA is always on the lookout for future leaders with curious minds and challenge driven personalities. Our high potential talent acquisitions find themselves in a supportive environment where they can grow into their full potential through next level education through on-the-job and off-the-job skill development. The AXA Graduate Program provides the tools necessary to excel. Meet Cynthia, who started in the UK but grew up in Hong Kong. Being a part of a global company makes it possible for Cynthia to pursue what she loves, traveling and exploring opportunities around the globe. Our 157,000 employees, are huge part of what makes us the first insurance brand in the world. We have high potential talent in 56 countries, helping to service our 102 million customers. It's not all numbers though. Keith realized early on that he would be an integral part of the team working directly with senior management on important tasks. As future leaders in the AXA family, our focus is on providing the necessary skill development to help new talent take on new challenges in their first year. Also since giving back means so much to us, many new leaders will find themselves involved in effective, community projects that make a real difference. Maybe you've wanted to give us a try before. Now is a great time start your career. At AXA, it's not what you think but it's everything you need.
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La fiscalité des dividendes
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AXA and its Strong Presence in Asia
AXA is already the world’s leading insurance provider but it has solidified its presence even more in the Asian region with China and India spearheading the growth, followed by mature markets like Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, and emerging markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. By establishing itself in these regions, AXA is able to access more customers and provide protection in areas like health, road safety, climate change, property, automobile, and more. Aside from that, it can also participate in activities directly affecting these areas. Initiatives such as education on climate change, financial education, and charity partnerships. AXA began pursuing the Asia region since the early 1990s and it has significantly grown since then. Now it is operating across 8 markets and 18 entities. This is thanks to a diversified portfolio in both life and P&C insurance, a balance distribution strategy with over 58,000 life agents, and strong joint ventures across the country giving AXA access to broad customer bases. In Japan, AXA Asia has the most comprehensive presence with 6 entities, 3.4 million customers, 5 million insurance policies, and 6% of total assets under management. AXA is also a key player in Korea being the first motor direct company currently expanding its business portfolio to other general insurance products such as travel insurance. Today, AXA Asia prides itself in being the #1 general insurer and #3 in life insurance amongst foreign players. To learn more about AXA Asia, visit http://www.axa.com/fr/groupe/axamonde/asie-pacifique/ To become part of our global group, view our career opportunities here: https://www.axa.com/en/careers. This is your opportunity to be given the corporate responsibility to protect customers and pursue reverse mentoring with the best company figures. Recent graduates are welcome to apply.
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La fiscalité des plus-values version 2018
Le Cercle des actionnaires AXA, en collaboration avec l'Ecole de la Bourse, vous propose des vidéos pédagogiques sur la fiscalité des valeurs mobilières. Ces informations ne constituent pas un conseil fiscal d’ordre personnel. Elles sont basées sur le régime fiscal en vigueur depuis le 1er janvier 2018 en France.
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Employees Celebrate AXA's 30th Birthday
At the occaison of AXA's 30th birthday, we asked our employees about their experiences at AXA, including asking what some of their biggest challenges were. At AXA, teamwork helps make us extraordinary. Members of AXA are continually working on the best ways of safeguarding information and data, thinking outside of the box to come up with new and innovative ideas and experiences for clients, and making sure that each client feels heard. Innovation is important to our employees, and so is providing a digital experience for customers. This is how we interact with clients so that they can get in touch when they need to, and we can provide the most comprehensive answers to all policy questions in one easy to access location. The AXA 30th birthday testimony is a reminder to us that teamwork between our employees and clients is vital. For employees, having a business partner relationship is the most important tool in helping clients to select the right policies and secure their future. Thinking ahead helps us to stay on top. By applying business knowledge to claims, the AXA company can be an objective partner in making sure that every preventable situation is covered and there is also coverage for the unwanted and unexpected times. Our employees want to be side by side with our clients, learning and growing in this rapid-paced world. Employees love the sense of team, and the team spirit displayed when they show up for work at AXA. Diverse cultures keep teams stimulated with new ideas and learning new ways of doing things. Employees enjoy the sense of loyalty AXA inspires in its working environment. We are very much a global company making a difference one community at a time.
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AXA Global Graduate Program – Camp in Paris
How are 137 campers building AXA’s future? The three-day Global Grad Camp brought together 137 graduate employees from 17 countries to network, learn about the company and build their future and the future of the Group.
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Gabriel Experiences The Open Mind Concept AXA
As a recent student of the AXA Global Graduate Program, Gabriel knows firsthand how AXA can help develop leadership, and shape your career. By trying different assignments in different countries, Gabriel learned a wide range of useful skills. He also became more aware of world cultures, global risks and assets, and existing attitudes toward change. His first international assignment was in Korea, where he learned that it is hard for the young to share ideas, and for people to keep an open mind. AXA helped Gabriel build his skills in communicating his ideas. Through the program, he was able to show his colleagues and the community new ideas and begin opening minds to positive change. AXA's message to Gabriel was that great ideas are always welcome! He greatly appreciated how AXA took interest in his ideas based on their own merit rather than the age of the employee who created them. Through the AXA Global Graduate Program, Gabriel was able to set and meet high goals, network with employees, and learn more about life and the world around him. Gabriel discovered he could also make a difference in the community where he worked. Gabriel found the power inside him, which gives him a genuine passion for doing his job and doing better each day. After finishing the Global Graduate Program, Gabriel was able to get a job right away as a manager. In his role, he will continue developing his career, and enjoy the role of protector and innovator for AXA. Gabriel feels that in his new job he can really make a difference in the world. Thanks to the good start provided by AXA Global Graduates, students who are passionate like Gabriel can find their own niche to shine.
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AXA to acquire XL Group
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AXA’s Foresight Team Presents 3 Potential Scenarios for Our Healthcare System
AXA is a leader in insurance, protecting customers in many areas including health, road safety, climate change, financial education, and charity partnerships. This video presents the three possible scenarios the healthcare system will face as a result of personalized healthcare. Scenario 1: Niche adoption of personalized medicine Companies will begin to see opportunities brought by personalized medicine and will emerge alongside traditional healthcare providers. But due to regulation limiting R&D, personalized medicine remains available to only those who can afford it. Scenario 2: Large scale adoption of personalized medicine People view online sources to gain information about their health. Next-generation omics and providers will disrupt the healthcare ecosystem. Certain invasive medical procedures will be replaced by soft preventative tests. As a result, patients are empowered to make individual decisions which in turn impacts public health and increase pandemic risk. Scenario 3: Emergence of data-driven community approach to health Currently, there are two systems that co-exist: 1) Macro data which is used by Europe and 2) micro data which is used by the US. Macro data reduces the impact of individual decisions on public health while micro data uses individual data to push personalized medicine and omics. Because regulations on personalized healthcare services are determined based on country of origin and not patient location, online purchases soar. These new purchases draw criticism as it consumerizes healthcare and segments patients. By using anonymized data, European providers have the corporate responsibility of working with communities to assess risks and select the best option. Individual health data in the US can also be used to deliver personalized advice. No matter what scenario plays out, AXA is certain that big data and OMICS will profoundly change the way we approach healthcare. Interested in working at AXA? Fresh graduates are welcome to discover our opportunities! Visit us at AXA.com to learn more.
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fizzy, assurance intelligente, Indemnisation automatique
fizzy est une assurance web et mobile révolutionnaire contre le retard d’avion de 2 heures ou plus, offrant une couverture à usage unique sur mesure, adaptée à votre itinéraire, avec indemnisation automatique en cas de retard. Et sans exclusion.
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AXA Advisors Share Their Career Stories at AXA
As a leading brand providing insurance in areas like health, road safety, climate change, financial education, and charity partnerships, AXA Advisors pride themselves in working with a group that allows growth, flexibility, and security. Whether it’s having more work flexibility or undergoing training to enhance your skills, AXA is ready support your career choices. Luis Chiappy, Divisional Executive Vice President Tammy Butts, Divisional Executive Vice President; and Chelsea Brown, Retirement Benefits Specialist, are just some examples of AXA employees who are currently enjoying career growth thanks to the opportunity that AXA provides. When trying to become a financial professional, AXA is looking for candidates who are willing to take the corporate responsibility to achieve and grow. They must be willing to become a contributing factor to the company and have financial goals they want to meet. The process to becoming a financial professional is challenging but if handled by the right person, is very doable and rewarding. According to Julia Parks, Divisional Vice President at AXA, a person who has a genuine understanding of the career path they want to take and who is hardworking, is guaranteed to become a successful financial professional. Regardless of position or achievement, AXA takes care of its financial professionals with the most competitive compensation and benefits package. What's more, advisors also gain emotional income from simply helping other people. Working at AXA gives employees a sense of relief and security as their professional, financial, and emotional needs are taken care of. AXA Advisors are given a platform that allows them to redevelop professionally. They can also take advantage of a very comprehensive program that includes reverse mentoring, in-house and on the field training. All this while being able to make a nice living for the family. Interested in working at AXA? Recent graduates are welcome! Visit us at AXA.com
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AXA – More than a workplace
AXA is a world-renowned insurance brand. Customers and companies trust them – but can you trust them as an employer? The answer is – yes, a thousand times yes. Under the guidance of Henri de Castries, the company’s Chairman and CEO, and Jean-Laurent Granier, CEO of the Mediterranean and Latin American Region and Chairman and CEO of AXA Global P&C, this company is engaged in an ongoing effort to empower employees, encouraging innovation and excellence through an atmosphere of cooperation and trust. Employees at AXA are not just cogs in a machine, they are encouraged to innovate in order to provide a better service, and it shows – AXA has been a top-rated insurance company for years, and its meteoric rise has not slowed an inch. The open working environment encourages collaboration and has shown to be supportive of innovation. When there are no walls between employees, there is no barrier to the flow of ideas, which creates a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Another thing that AXA is working towards is the ideal work/life balance. Not only is the quantity of time considered, but also the quality of the time spent at home or at work. The philosophy is that your workday at AXA should leave you feeling fulfilled and challenged, while your time at home should be sufficient to leave you refreshed. AXA invests in employees, creating training opportunities and challenges that foster personal growth in every one of the 160,000 people employed by AXA. Recruitment is active and ongoing – If you are looking for a work environment where you are valued as an individual, where you can contribute to the limits of your ability, and where you will be challenged and have the opportunity to grow, go to http://www.axa.com/en/careers/join-us/ for more information.
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My Digital Revolution - Dubai
Yash is 30 years old, from India, and works as an AXA agent in Dubai's shopping malls. He sees digital as a compelling sales argument. This is his story...
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AXA US Chariman & CEO Mark Pearson Speaks About Diversity and Building a Stronger Business
AXA is a leading insurance company serving over 10 million customers by protecting them from risks in areas like health, climate change, road safety, and more. Beyond its excellent products and services, AXA is also dedicated to helping people through other means whether it’s financial education or charity partnerships. One of its initiatives is Diversity & Inclusion which aims to create a work environment where all AXA employees are treated with dignity and respect. Mark Pearson, AXA US Chairman & CEO, tells us his thoughts about diversity and how it can positively influence AXA’s goal of becoming a stronger, more established business. Mark Pearson has had a diverse experience himself having been born in Zimbabwe, Africa to an English family. He did his professional training in England and worked in Hong Kong and 10 other countries in Asia. He then got assigned in Japan, and then finally in New York, USA. These experiences have given Pearson a window to different cultures and a better view of the richness that people bring. He believes that a diverse workforce allows the company to be more creative and innovative in providing solutions to clients. The growth of so-called minority groups also means that AXA needs to be able to offers its products and services to a wide range of the population as it possibly can. He believes that welcoming a diverse culture will result in a stronger business. Interested in working at AXA? You could be a part of a global company that embraces diversity as part of its growth. AXA Global Graduates from different parts of the world are a testament to this. Apply today by visiting AXA.com and you could be reverse mentoring with our senior leaders tomorrow or better yet, be assigned the corporate responsibility of protecting people.
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#TobaccoFreeMe | Why is Tobacco a Deadly Addiction? | Ep #2 | AXA
FACT: Tobacco kills more people than AIDS, legal and illegal drugs, road accidents, murder & suicides combined. (Source: World Health Organization) In our second episode of the #TobaccoFreeMe series, we chat to Steve, a cigarette smoker and vaper in Brighton, Great Britain, who wants to quit smoking for good. Steve gives up smoking for 72 hours, the amount of time it takes for the nicotine to leave the body. With the help of Dr. Bronwyn King, an oncologist and the founder of Tobacco-Free Portfolios, Dr. Matthew Wall, a Cognitive Neuroscientist at Invicro and Luis Garcia, a Liverpool Football Club Legend, Steve hopes to take back control of his life and go tobacco-free. To watch more films from the series, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjBaytfcLTSOkczCsUkzI-PPmyEY5xcEt&disable_polymer=true About #TobaccoFreeMe: As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to empower people to live a better life. This is why in 2016, we made the decision to divest our tobacco industry assets, valued at approximately 1.8 billion euros, and partner with Dr. Bronwyn King, the founder of Tobacco-Free Portfolios, to lead the fight against tobacco. Our aim as a Founding Signatory of the UN Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge is to encourage other companies and institutions to join the movement and work towards a tobacco-free future. To find out more about the initiative, visit our website: https://www.axa.com/en/newsroom/news/axa-signs-the-tobacco-free-finance-pledge To find out more about Dr. Bronwyn King and Tobacco-Free Portfolios, visit their website: https://tobaccofreeportfolios.org/ --- AXA - Investing in People, Not Tobacco #AXA #TobaccoFreeMe --- Subscribe to keep up to date with all our latest content: https://www.youtube.com/user/axapeopleprotectors/?sub_confirmation=1   --- Watch other films in the #TobaccoFreeMe series: Episode 1: Are you helping tobacco make a killing? - https://youtu.be/oZyQibe9NIw Episode 2: Why is tobacco a deadly addiction? - https://youtu.be/tLeX4EwCObE Episode 3: Can we win the fight against tobacco? - https://youtu.be/6unI3i3ILBw Episode 4: How can achieve a tobacco-free life? - [coming soon] Episode 5: How can you help build a tobacco-free future? - https://youtu.be/fGusVJf7rhk #TobaccoFreeMe Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjBaytfcLTSOkczCsUkzI-PPmyEY5xcEt&disable_polymer=true --- For more great videos, check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/axapeopleprotectors/videos --- Visit our website to find out more: https://www.axa.com/ --- Find us on other social channels: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/axapeopleprotectors/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/axa/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/axa/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/axa/ ---
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AXA partners with startups to develop disruptive business models
AXA has a global ecosystem dedicated to innovation: we detect innovation ideas and help it to grow by supporting innovative startups everywhere in the world.
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La fiscalité du PEA
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AXA’s brand strategy
“It is important that the AXA brand remains the flagship of the new AXA and what we stand for. We need to create a unique emotional experience with our customers and if we want to engage differently with our customers, we need to have a brand that is closer to the people, warmer, more modern, and certainly far more of a human touch in everything we say and we do.” Thomas Buberl
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AXA - #ProudToBeAXA
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2017 Half-Year Earnings: Interview with Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA
Paris, August 3, 2017 — AXA, a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, reports Half Year 2017 earnings. Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA, comments on the Group’s performance.
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AXA Invites Diversity in the Workplace in its 3rd Women’s Conference
AXA, a world leader in insurance that covers health, road safety, climate change, financial education, and charity partnerships, conducts the Women’s Conference in 2015 which is the third of its kind. The conference aims to provide work diversity by promoting opportunities for women to improve their careers whether it be a job position or schedule flexibility. It also emphasizes the importance of retaining female talent as it will help AXA to better understand its female clientele. In its first year, 2013, the goal was to help get more women to the top with a sponsorship program and ten other programs conducted in countries such as France, Belgium, Japan, and Germany. That year opened up $1.5 trillion in opportunity for women’s insurance. In 2014, AXA worked with IFC on a research project that looked into opportunities for women in the insurance field. This 2015 conference has seen consistent engagement by top management as well as the participants. Change within the organization is also happening as the group becomes more diverse. Employees can work without individual desks and paper but with each one having a laptop. They work based on trust and achievement, that is gained from the managers and their team and vice-a-versa. Reverse mentoring is also applied when new recruits enter the AXA workforce. AXA also welcomes a model allowing employees to work two days a week at home. It allows the employees to maintain a life balance that fits whatever the situation may be. AXA aims to be the best workplace for its employees and does its best to create a welcome environment for people no matter the circumstance. Interested in working at AXA? See opportunities at: https://www.axa.com/en/careers. Recent graduates are welcome to apply.
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Priscilla Brown Reflects on What Diversity and Inclusion Mean
For Priscilla Brown, AXA's US Chief Marketing Officer, diversity and inclusion means moving outside of your natural comfort zone. She feels that being open to a range of differing opinions and backgrounds is the best way to be open to new ideas and innovations. For the clients of AXA, the products which are developed should be a reflection of the diversity that surrounds us in everyday life. Brown talks about how much more migrant people are in the world, moving about from place to place and experiencing different cultures and ideas as a part of their everyday and professional lives. She says that inclusion means talking to clients in a way that is comfortable and familiar, which shows an understanding of the population that the AXA Company is serving, which is a key to helping people and communities to grow. As one of Savoy Magazine's Top Black Leaders in America for 2016, Brown has proven that her strategy works in relating to people and incorporating diversity and inclusion into employee lives at AXA. In our fast-paced global community, appreciating the diversity of people can be one of the best ways to make a more inclusive community. Moving outside of the comfort zone and learning about a new person and place has all sorts of positive effects. At AXA it can mean that employees relate better to clients, and researchers are able to obtain a clearer idea of the risks and needs of every population of clients in every community which AXA serves. This helps AXA to better protect all people throughout the world.
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The Great Global Adventure – Irkutsk Part Two
Take a ride with Will as he sleds, snowmobiles and drives through snowy Siberia. Learn about life living with huskies, discover the incredible view over Lake Baikal and visit a fish market in Listvyanka.
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My Digital Revolution - Manila
Niña is a young Filipino woman with a 12-year-old daughter. She believes that digital tools bring great benefits to her in her work as AXA agent and in her everyday life. This is her story...
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AXA's Reverse Mentoring Program is an initiative making an impact around the globe
Ewa Sulima, Global Project Manager for the program, says that applicants were chosen who were passionate about the program and active in digital and social media. They are then matched together based on specific criteria. Some ways that reverse mentors are matched include those from different professional backgrounds, so that the applicants are unknown to each other at the start. Sulima says that this offers new and creative ideas which would not be possible between everyday work colleagues. Reverse mentoring is different from traditional mentoring. In traditional mentoring, you learn from someone with more experience in the role or roles you wish to play in your company. With reverse mentoring, junior employees are paired with senior employees to provide mentorship through ideas and knowledge which senior employees will not necessarily have. The young teaching the more experienced a few new things to stimulate conversation and growth. Sulima says that staff of the AXA Reverse Mentoring Program is pleasantly surprised by how eager to learn all of the applicants of the program have been. They have seen a stronger image emerge for employees and applicants alike as both sides of the reverse mentoring process gain confidence and strength in new skills. Positive results of the program include a company which is more open and able to talk about areas which need improving. Employees, especially senior employees, and executives feel more comfortable saying that they do not know a concept and want to learn it. The result is a more connected company where everyone feels as though they are a part of the team.
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Celebrate With AXA - The Best is Yet to Come
With AXA the best is yet to come! Employees around the world are happy to share their celebratory message in honor of AXA's 30th birthday. Our company's positive birthday message echoes our mission, to look beyond and think beyond in order to improve every day through all that we do. We empower individuals and believe in our clients, offering them superior service and products for today as well as tomorrow. We help you choose the best strategy for you in order to protect and preserve your way of life. Employees and clients are inspired by our innovation and durability. Our celebration message spans the globe in numerous languages and cultures, offering a unique birthday message which is also a promise for the future. For 30 years, we have been redefining what the standards should be, and for the past seven years, we have been your number one global insurance brand. The people you can count on when life offers you a challenge. That is because we believe that prevention, through proactive means, is better than trying to fix a problem. When you can prevent it from happening, you enjoy the peace of mind that your life is safe and secure whether you hit stormy weather, medical difficulties, or any other situation that would otherwise cause you stress. We believe our 30th birthday is possible because of you. Thank you for being a part of our world, and here's to another 30 years to come!
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