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Jill Barber - Measures & Scales
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l'ham de foc - Lluna D'Algeps
Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com L'Ham de Foc are a Valencian band, composing music based on traditions from around the Mediterranean, mixing it with influences from mediaeval, Middle Eastern, and Eastern Mediterranean music, using a variety of traditional instruments. Their first album was U (meaning "one" in the Catalan language), released in 1999. After a period spent researching on the island of Crete, they went back to the recording studio in August 2001 in order to record their second album, Cançó de Dona i Home (Woman and Man´s song). Their third album, Cor de Porc, was released in 2005. Official Web site: www.lhamdefoc.com
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The All Seeing I - 1st Man In Space
"1st Man in Space" is a song by the short lived Sheffield dance collective All Seeing I. It was the third single to be released from the album "Pickled Eggs and Sherbet" (1999). It features vocals by Philip Oakey of The Human League on what is essentially an update of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and Elton John's "Rocket Man" The song was written by another Sheffield musician Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. The single reached Number 28 in the UK singles charts when released in September 1999.[1]
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The Godfathers - Sun Arise
"a cool cover of Aussie eccentric Rolf Harris's tribute to Aboriginal music (written in the 60's, I believe) and later covered by Alice Cooper, here reworked as a tribute to Desmond Tutu who is quoted near the end of the song and on the back of the record -- the quotes apparently were made on the same day the song was recorded." Quote from the fine Vinyl Mine blog (http://goo.gl/27Bbh) - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Phoenix 23 - Hit The Ground Running (Fifty Dead Men Walking)
Running Scene from Fifty Dead Men Walking movie. Visit www.phoenix23.com for more info Biography The story of Phoenix 23 is one that began one cold November evening in a small blues bar, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, back in 2007. A chance conversation with legendary Supertramp guitarist Carl Verheyen at one of his intimate gigs lead to a demo being exchanged... the 3 cousins didn't foresee the journey they were about to begin. "Travelling with my band I get dozens of CDs from aspiring musicians from all around the world. To be honest, most of them end up in the hotel trash can, but something about the Phoenix 23 demo compelled me to hang on to it and bring it home to California. This music is pure....a rarity these days!" Carl Verheyen A couple of months down the line singer/songwriter Gav built up the courage to contact Carl for some demo feedback... the next thing they knew they had been invited to fly to LA and start recording their debut album with Carl at the world famous Sunset Studios where The Doors, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Prince, to name but a few, have all recorded. Phoenix 23 were a 3 piece at this stage but this didn't matter, Carl played all the lead guitar with drummer Stevie Di Stanislao (David Gilmour, David Crosby and Joe Cocker) playing all the percussion on the album. Bernie Matthews (KD Lang, Sheryl Crow, Ice T, and Earth, Wind & Fire) was flown in from New York to engineer... the album was on! "I had a such a blast working with Phoenix 23, not only are these guys very talented but they all have such wonderful senses of humor which made for days of great music and a lot of laughs" Stevie Di Stanislao "Phoenix 23 brought a refreshing style of music and performance to the sessions. Both familiar and unique. These cats belong in the studio and on the stage. Great music, great hang. I can't wait to get them back in." Bernard Matthews It was onwards and upwards for Phoenix 23 with a mini tour of Seattle a year later, where again they hooked up with Carl as guests at one of his intimate gigs... they later returned the favour and supported him in Northern Ireland whilst he was on his European Tour. They have had movie success with 3 of their tracks appearing on the soundtrack of the Sir Ben Kinsley movie Fifty Dead Mean Walking; the song 'Hit the Ground Running' featuring at number 4 in Empire Magazines must hear sound track tunes. Earlier this year, Northern Ireland Charity the Total Respect Foundation approached them to become Ambassadors for their Charity, jumping at the chance to be involved, the band are currently playing gigs around the Province bringing communities together and bringing respect back in to the school yard. With radio airplay gathering momentum, Phoenix 23 look set to finish 2010 on a huge high! They are embarking on a tour of the West Coast of the States to launch their album; having recruited Andy Cochrane (another cousin!) & Richard Hodgen, to step in for Carl & Stevie on the live circuit; the band has never sounded stronger or tighter live, with great reviews wherever they play. "When I first heard, 'Hurricane', from Phoenix 23's debut album, I was really excited and instantly it received a lot airplay at the station. Now after hearing the full album, it's great to see they have a real passion about their music that is so refreshing to see... I am in no doubt that these guys are going to have great success, they are great live and the tracks on the album are huge... what an achievement also to feature on the soundtrack of the Sir Ben Kinsley film, 50 Dead Men Walking... Check out these guys, I guarantee you'll love them!" Gareth Stewart Drivetime Cool FM Their fan base is growing stronger on a daily basis with them reaching far and wide...from Australia to the US; from Malaysia to Germany, Italy and Russia! ...check them out on Facebook, Myspace and phoenix23.com for updates! This is Phoenix 23... the journey continues...
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12 Step Rebels - Skinwalkers
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Stamatis Kokotas - To Magazaki Tou Mina
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The Piranhas - Fiddling While Babylon Burns
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Philip Catherine Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen ‎-- Spanish Nights
Created with http://www.mp32tube.comPhilip Catherine - Guitar Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen - Bass The Royal Copenhagen Chamber Orchestra Arrangements by Kenny Drew, ErnieWilkins & Ole Kock Hansen Recorded at Easy Studios on May 11-13 1989 http://www.philipcatherine.com/pages/englis
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Dan - A Kicking Thought
Dan were an anarcho punk band from Darlington England, active from mid to late eighties who went on to release several records before breaking up in 1988. Members went on to form Sofahead. http://uk82.150m.com/bands/dan.html
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Κοινωνικά Απόβλητα; EKAM
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The Vernon Walters -- MLK
Recorded 09.01.1988 At Studio DDL Amsterdam, Recording Engineer Martin Cramer "From Hoorn came this killer dutch punk rock band called The Vernon Walters (1986 - 1990), named after an American diplomat and legeroffcicier mainly known as personal adviser to Presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy. Frontman Hans Engel (vox/guit) plays an important role in the region in the underground music scene. He was also active as a programmer for the youth center Troll and co-founder of the Westfries Popkollektief. The band started the label Let's Make Our Own Records. They released a split LP with Indirekt in 1987, followed by their only album two years later, and three singles. Musically they played melodic punkrock with political messages by sincere lads; which didn't mean they were devoid of a touch of humor." (text from http://wilddevilrules.blogspot.com) - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Moot Point - Enarxi To Septemvrio
Rock'N'Roll/Punk band formed in 1984 in Thessaloniki, Greece. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moot-Point-yeah/200735176632250 - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Dutch Uncles - Twelfth
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28th Day - This Train
Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com amg:Even though this San Francisco based neo-psych band garnered plaudits and acclaim, 28th Day would eventually become more well known for being the first band to call Barbara Manning a member. Manning, who would later find success as a member of the World of Pooh and S.F. Seals, as well as becoming a sort of indie/underground legend, played bass in 28th Day alongside Cole Marquis on vocals and guitar, and Mike Cloward on drums. Although Manning would grow into a force as a songwriter in subsequent projects, the majority of 28th Day's work was written by Marquis. Their debut EP, released on Enigma in 1985, would be the only studio work from the band, which was to split a short time later. That collection would be expanded in 1992, and then again in 2004, to much acclaim on each occasion. Manning would go on to many other projects, including the aforementioned World of Pooh, S.F. Seals, and the Go-Luckys!, while Marquis would go on to form the Downsiders.
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Amazonas (Nilton Gonzales Uribe) El Pituco
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Jungle Studs - All The Girls In The World
Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com Bass, Vocals - Woody Drums, Vocals - Vito "Boom Boom" De Pace Vocals - Tony C. Vocals, Guitar - D.H. Peligro , Freddy Freedom
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Fruit Eating Bears - Green Love
The Fruit Eating Bears were Neville Crozier (vocals/guitar), Gary Croudance (bass/vocals) and Chris Crash (drums) who came from the Croydon area and were originally known as The Bicycles Turds before highjacking the name of a little known 60's beat group, who's drummer Kenny Mundye was the band's original drummer before Chris Crash joined. (info from http://www.punk77.co.uk) Fruit Eating Bears website & Itunes links (http://www.fruiteatingbears.co.uk/)
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Bruce Cockburn - This Is Baghdad
"Carbombed and carjacked and kidnapped and shot How do you like it, this freedom we brought We packed all the ordnance but the thing we forgot Was a plan in case it didn't turn out quite like we thought " - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Rambo - rockin with kropotkin
Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com R.A.M.B.O. was a straight-edge vegan hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, PA from '99-'07. They were well known for their political lyrics and wild live shows where the crowd was encouraged to dress in costumes to match a specific theme, such as Cops Vs Robots. R.A.M.B.O. stand for Revolution Anarchy Mosh Bike Overthrow.
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Sedition - ...or Dealing with Death!
Formed in a Glasgow bedsit in 1988 from the ashes of Chaotic Subversion who at that time consisted of: Angus Quinn (Gus) on vocals, Davie Thompson on guitar, Craig Bryce (Brycey) on bass & Jamie Usher on drums. After recording what became the last Chaotic Subversion demo, but before we released it, we decided to change the bands name as it was unanimously decided Chaotic Subversion was a shit name. So the demo featuring 4 Chaotic Subversion songs, was released as the first Sedition demo and so Sedition was born! One year later, 1989, we recorded the 'Dealing with Cliches...' E.P. for the newly formed 'Blistering Barnacles Records' a friend of ours had set up. The E.P. turned out to be the one and only release on the label. The initial pressing sold out quickly but was never repressed. After the release of the E.P. Billy Steele joined on second guitar, which was lucky because soon after this Davie left the band for good. the rest is here :http://www.myspace.com/seditionofficial
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Libido Blume Who Wants The Abortionist? (We Are Not Alone)
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Adrenalin O.D. - New Years Eve
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The Atomiks - Bossa Nova
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Pagans Slice Of Life
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The Cramps - Thee Most Exhalted Potentate Of Love
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The Saints - The Prisoner.wmv
Prehistoric sounds was recorded in London 1979 Engineered by Bill Price second engineer Jeremy Spencer Green Produced by Chris Bailey & Eddie Kuepper All Tracks Eddie Kuepper & Chris Bailey except Security City,Church of Indifference & Everythings fine by Eddie Kuepper Take This Heart of Mine by Chris Bailey Save Me by Otis Redding Security by A Franklin\C Ousley © Saints Music\Mushroom Music
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Το Κλίσμα - Οι Who - Klisma -
http://www.discogs.com/Το-Κλίσμα-Όσα-Παίρνει-Άνεμος/release/1751460 http://blog.babislaskaris.gr/music/ - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Sepiatone - Mavaria
Hugo Race/Marta Collica - Mavaria - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Me Tis Tsepes Adeianes
Download the mp3 4 free @ http://mug.gs/2/emusic
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Exeros - Chita
from The Class Of '81 compilation on Upper Class Records - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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