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Funny man dancing to Heaven
My sexy man dancing for me great song always makes me crack up
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Funniest man dancing in PJs
My man just cracks me up imitating me doing my exercises
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Cutest baby girl
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Bike landing five-year-old
What a great daddy teaching him to ride a bike
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Disney fireworks music called Tomorrowland
This song made for my grandson I dedicate this to him my little Blakey love Grammy
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Christmas elf Macarena
Elf Christmas Macarena me what a blast
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Little boy scared of ghost Halloween lol
My grandson and me pretending to find a ghost in 5he house till daddy scares us so funny
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How great thou art with bad fingers
I only play by ear for my own enjoyment
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How to color synthetic hair using Keracolor
Used Keracolor 2oz purple by rinsing hair with water apply using gloves work in colored shampoo then rinse out cold water
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