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LiveLeak - Man shows poor quality of new apartment building
Location: China The wall is like a sand pile.
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LiveLeak - Accident + ignorance + Egypt = Barbecue
Location: Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt Sunday, 3 april 2016 After an accident, a f uel tanker truck flipped over. So the ignorant crowd gathered around it. You know what happened next.
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LiveLeak - Fight Over Chinese Buffet In The Street
2 women run out of restaurant without paying the $9.99 buffet tab
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LiveLeak - Fatal accident
Location: Alba County, Romania Accident between a bicyclist and a truck. The bicyclist died according to the local authorities.
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LiveLeak - Terrible fatal accident on road
Location: Turkey His friend (sitting in back) is only injured.
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LiveLeak - Drunk man falls into shaft after kicking elevator door open
Location: China Girlfriend fails to stop him.
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LiveLeak - Student kicked out of Seattle's Nova High School for bullying returns and goes on ram
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States He's a Crip gang member
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LiveLeak - Knife wielding man vs police
Location: Thailand No shots fired. Novel and amusing takedown.
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LiveLeak - Unlucky bear runs out in front of a crane truck
Location: Japan Goes sliding along the road.
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LiveLeak - This Was Bound To Happen At These Speeds
Seattle, WA - Officer Fiona Taylor was involved in collision while responding to an 'officer needs assistance' call. This is not the first time she has had an incident like this. In August of last year, she was was also involved in a collision with a bicyclist while responding to a call.
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LiveLeak - I'am an iron legs
Try the other leg. You got this bro
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LiveLeak - Trying to break up a dog fight.... Bad idea
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada So I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and came across a stray dog. It was about the same size as mine and it comes walking over and they start doing the sniff sniff greeting that all dogs do. I pull out my phone to maybe get a picture/video of it and hopefully get it back to its owner. At that moment they went at it.. I had to throw my phone down and was trying to pull them apart...I didn't get the fight on video but did get the audio.. The howling you hear at the end is when mine got the upper hand.
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LiveLeak - Seafood seller cheats customers
According to OP, this is a black market seafood vendor in China.
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Liveleak - Shaolin monk can withstand hits in crotch
He can also hang himself with neck in rope.
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LiveLeak -  Shanghai Subway Showdown
Tensions running high.
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LiveLeak - Why doesn't my laser work?
Idiot at the gun range trying to figure out why his laser isn't working. His friend obviously came from the same shallow end of the gene pool.
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LiveLeak - Now watch a DOG get ROBBED
This guy such a cunt, he made sure to spit water all over the place including the cardboard the dog was sleeping...
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LiveLeak - Eye watering moment a matador is gored in the buttocks
Location: Seville, Andalusia, Spain This is the shocking moment a matador was gored in the buttocks by a bull, but incredibly walked away with just minor injuries. Andres Roca Rey, 19, was lucky to survive after the 84-stone bull he was taking on appeared to impale him through the bottom. There was panic inside the La Maestranza bullring in Seville, Spain, as the animal lifted Roca Rey up with its left horn, shaking him like a rag doll as the fighter screamed in agony.
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LiveLeak - Train hit a bus, 13 injury 3 dead including bus driver
Location: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand The accident happend in Nakornpathom, Thailand at 07.00 on 3 April 2016.
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LiveLeak - Did Someone Die in this Van
Location: New York, New York, United States First I seen this. WTF
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LiveLeak - Never saw it coming
Location: Taiwan Motorcyclist stopped at red light never had a chance. Instantly killed in Taiwan today.
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LiveLeak - Seriously Stupid on the Highway
Just how do you classify this guy with this level of idiocy and lack of common sense ? Clueless, or just being a smartass?
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LiveLeak - FHRITP live on Irish TV
Location: Dublin, Dublin, Ireland FHRITP live on Irish TV!
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LiveLeak - Train knocked the girl in headphones
Location: Yuzhno-sakhalinsk, Sakhalin, Russia Girl was hospitalized, her life is not in danger.
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LiveLeak - Sex offender shoots pepper spray inside public bus after being spotted
The guy was being accused for touching a girl in the bus... this is what happened next
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LiveLeak - Tagger was caught red handed
Location: Cerqueira César, São Paulo, Brazil What would you do if you take an Tagger making art on the wall of your home ?? I would do the same, not only paint the head, paint up the ass too of this bastard ...
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LiveLeak - Mountain Lion Returns To Its Goat Kill
A friend's goats were killed by what we thought was a mountain lion. He secured the goats overnight until he could bury them. We set up a night vision camera and caught him on video.
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LiveLeak - Drivers quick reactions save woman from being crushed
Location: Thailand This is a glitch in the Asian Matrix ! Good reactions though.
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LiveLeak - Mole Cartel Display
Biking to work this morning and came across this. Looks like the little blighters made an enemy.
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LiveLeak - Video Clears Texas Man Of Assaulting Cop
Austin, TX - The incident took place in a rural county of 40,000 just east of Austin, at the five-acre property where Faulkenberry runs a motorcycle parts shop
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LiveLeak - The rare Female FHRITP!! =
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States This just aired on KABC Channel 7 in L.A. Pretty funny.
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LiveLeak - This Man is Pressure Washing his Donkey
Location: Palestinian Territory
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LiveLeak - Teacher knocks down special needs student, resigns no audio
TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Surveillance footage appears to show a teacher knocking down a student in the hallway at school.
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LiveLeak - Biker hit to ground by pole knocked down by oversize tractor
Location: China Biker demands explanation from the driver.
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LiveLeak - Sell me your soul
Salesperson is in for a surprise!
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LiveLeak - Little boy with long metal pipe defends family business against inspectors
Location: China Inspectors say his business is illegal with no permission.
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LiveLeak - An Interesting Walk Gets Unexpected Visitor
On on early morning nature walk we saw a gator, a snake, frogs, pretty birds, and had this unexpected encounter. (Warning...curse word at end!) — at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary- National Audubon Society.
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LiveLeak - Mind your head !!
Damn that was close..Replay added
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LiveLeak - Owl Outta Hell
Went out to my lease, located south of Wichita Falls TX..... decided to see if that pesky owl had vacated my hunting blind.......she had not......
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LiveLeak - Thief Realizes Size Does Matter
Stupid is Stupid does...
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LiveLeak - The Last Days of LiveLeak
Sometimes you just gotta cross that line.
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LiveLeak - Boy challenges flying soda can with crotch
Looks like he gets hurt in genitals.
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LiveLeak - Unintentional Thai Truck Art
Location: Thailand I say leave it as is..it's beautiful ! Lol
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LiveLeak - Vintage Formula Ford at Indianapolis Motor Speedway  Helmet Camera
Ryan Lewis helmet camera. Caldwell FFord. Indianapolis GP.
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