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NORTH SHORE, OAHU HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com So what's a Day like on the NORTH SHORE of OAHU??? Let Wayde's World Hawaii SHOW YOU! There are an endless amount of things to do and places to visit and here is an example of a typical day spent there: Driving through Pineapple fields, you can smell them on your way to the North Shore, We stop for a beautiful hike up Kealia Trail then Breakfast at Café Haleiwa or The Coffee Gallery, off to grab some Shaved Ice at either Aloha General Store or Matsumoto's. Off to Laniakea Beach to see some Honu basking in the sun. Then it's off to Waimea Bay to jump off "THE BIG ROCK" and across the street Waimea Valley to see the Falls if it's flowing (Winter months only) We head over to Three Tables and Sharks Cove for some choice snorkeling and for lunch right across the street, Sharks Cove Grill! We leave for the Famous Surfers Paradise "PIPELINE", then it's off to grab some fresh fruit and fried banana's at Kahuku Land Farms right before Turtle Bay Resort. From the Turtle Bay Resort parking lot we head on foot to the Secluded and sacred Private Bay...KAWELA! We head for dinner at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and back track to end a PERFECT DAY IN PARADISE at Sunset Beach to watch one of the most beautiful SUNSETS on EARTH! A day on the North Shore...MAKE IT YOUR PARADISE! This will be our Last Video with our Old Camera and Editing Software. 04/15/2012
THINGS TO DO IN HAWAII "Waydes World Hawaii"
Don't know what to do or where to go in HAWAII for free? Here are some places to fill up a 2 week VACATION on OAHU, HI. About 90% of the places in the Video are FREE activities! Sit back and ENJOY some of the most beautiful places on Oahu. Just think...this is only about 20% of what the islands has to offer on Oahu! Here at Waydes World Hawaii we have a long way to go. See you out there on our next adventure! ALOHA EVERYONE!
(Easy / Moderate Activity) There have been days from time to time here in Hawaii that some things just wake you up to the fact at how blessed you are to live in such an amazing and dream like island chain such as Hawai'I Nei. If you can believe it, when you live here and wake up every morning over time you can start to forget how blessed you are. When I started Wayde's World Hawaii it started as a hobby, but now that it's my future business you sometimes lose focus. It's not always fun to do the business side to a passion or hobby of yours. Well, today I was Awakened to Nu'uanu Valley once again. From Lulumahu Falls, to the Hidden Summer Palace of the Late King called Kaniakapupu to Luakaha Falls and the Garden of Eden, all three short hikes connected to each other. *I am well aware that many of those vacationing as well as those who live in Hawaii will ask me and question me as to where these locations are, but they are CLOSED LOCATIONS. LULUMAHU is on Board of Water Supply, the Ruins REQUIRE a PERMIT and LUAKAHA SHOULD NEVER EVER BE VISITED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE LUAKAHA ESTATES! These Falls are the only falls that are on PRIVATE HOME LAND, not Board of Water Supply land, but actual MISSIONARY PRIVATE HOME LAND (The Luakaha Estates) so PLEASE don't ask me to reveal these locations to you as we need to RESPECT peoples Private Property. I have spoken PERSONALLY with the Land Owners of LUAKAHA and I take some responsibility for making this location more popular, I want to publicly APOLOGIZE to the Owners as when we spoke we talked about LEGAL ACCESS, PERMITS and DONATIONS to the Estates to maintain the property, perhaps even a once a month landscaping and volunteer program where the community would work with the land owners at no charge to maintain the beautiful landscaped property...We hope to continue talks...YES, some things here in Hawaii are best kept secret, but I didn't do this video to cause harm or get people in trouble or upset land owners...I just wanted to show Hawai'i that there are locations begging to be discovered and loved as well as cared for. On the road less traveled there are always places to discover and find yourself. For me this day I found myself again...Lets respect Hawaii, respect the culture and respect the community...It's our Kuleana~
KAILUA BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com "CHILD FRIENDLY" We headed to Kailua Beach Park today, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Hawaii but the world...It has everything you could want in a beach and is great for families. Plenty of sunny and shady places for the family to have a BBQ or picnic. The water is perfect in its shades of green and blues, its temps of between 75-80 degrees are to dream for. This beach sometimes had pretty good winds and that is why Windsurfers call this beach home. When the winds are picking up you will have some decent waves to have fun with. If there is no wind there will be very little waves. Perfect either way! Kailua beach is a must see so plan on spending a half day here and dont forget to pack a lunch or picnic. If you are feeling lazy just stop at the "KALAPAWAI MARKET" it's a GREEN building, you cant miss it. It's right before you enter the Beach Park road next to it. You will find everything you will need for a killer picnic. They have a great sandwich and a deli area in the back as well as chips, drinks, ice cream and all things BEACH!
PELE'S CHAIR HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY" This is the First of a Two Part Video...Heading to Pele's Chair and Makapu'u Lighthouse. The lower Trail, Pele's Chair is a super easy hike, about 30mins and brings you to a private beach, jump off area into a Turquoise blue lagoon protected by a rock reef and finally to Pele's Chair...A carved out rock formation that from the side view looks like a chair where the godess Pele sat before she moved on to create the other Islands. Great, fun hike with plenty of areas to go off the beaten path.
WAIMEA BAY (summer)  HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com " CHILD FRIENDLY, Summer only". WAIMEA BAY has two sides to her. One is smooth as a babies bottom in the Summer months and as ruff as, God, I have no clue, but in the Winter time it's bad, real bad. Only the best BIG WAVE Surf riders take a chance at entering these waters in winter. Just tourists standing at the shoreline in winter are risking their lives. Summer here, however is like day and night. The Bay is a playground of fun for freedivers, S.C.U.B.A. divers, and those who want to jump off "Da Big Rock" or "Jump Rock" - a rock that is perfectly positioned in the bay (I never told you to do this, so do at your own risk!). You can also find rock climbers practicing their skills on the cliff and in the dry cave on the beach. There is very little shade so either chillax at the back of the bay near the shadows of the cliffs or bring your beach umbrella or you will be doomed! The SUN is SUPER hot here in summer and so is the sand. The white sand beach goes for ever so be ready to walk to the shoreline. Also parking fills up before 9:am so if you don't make it you can park at Sharks Cove and walk to the Bay or park up on the road where the cliffs are as long as you park in the sightseeing area. If you don't you will be ticketed so be careful. If you walk past DA BIG ROCK you will come to a very private cove and beach for you and friends to enjoy on your own. For some reason the big attraction is as far as the BIG ROCK. That's a PLUS for you because you are heading to the private cove to swim, snorkel and Chillax in da Sun. Have FUN and don't forget the SPF 35 and higher! If you got da need fo some ono grindz after Waimea head to Sharks Cove Grill Truck across from Sharks Cove. ONO CHEAP KILLA GRINDZ!
HAWAII HD (The Islands of Aloha) "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com Please consider watching PART II after this by pressing here: http://youtu.be/snjbfspSJrI I wanted to make this video in dedication to the Islands I love and to recap my adventures of 2010. These ISLANDS have a SPIRIT of thier own, it's something that can't be explained, only felt. If this Video touches you, touches that beauty and love within you, Imagine if you could be here right now. Hawai'i Nei (Beloved Islands) is a place where dreams come true. A place where you truly feel you belong. I hope everyone has an opportunity to feel the spirit of these ISLANDS at least once in thier lives! If you are interested in and wish to purchase the Music in this video it is by a GREAT LOCAL ARTIST...His name is Danny Couch and the song is called "These Islands" from the CD Almost Paradise. http://www.dannycouch.com/almostparadise.html Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you so much) to the Islands that I love, the Islands of Aloha.
WAIMEA VALLEY HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Easy) "CHILD FRIENDLY" We headed to WAIMEA VALLEY and the amazing FALLS that awaits us at the end of our journey. This is almost a 2,000 acre Botanical and tropical rain forest! There are so many places to venture off to and discover here. If you follow the paved road and bridges you can be up to the falls in an hour and down the falls in an hour...However if you truly want to see the beauty and magic of this valley you will go off the paved path spending hours upon hours discovering the sights, sounds, smells and spirit of this Valley. There are plenty of areas to get lost at. I could spend hours on end discovering new and beautiful areas I missed the last time I came. Make sure you come between the months of DEC-MARCH...they are the best time to see the falls because of the winter rains. If you choose to come in summer it wont be worth your time because there will not only be no FALLS there will be no LIFE in the valley either...at all. It's $10.00 to get in FOR LOCALS, $15 for tourists and parking is free. It goes to a great cause to up keep this amazing and beautiful 1,800+ acre valley!
Ala Moana Shopping Center is the largest outdoor shopping center in the world. It has a total of 290 stores, 100 chic boutiques, 80 dining options, 35 high end luxury labels as well as Bars and Clubs. This isn't called a mall...it's a god damn shoppers DREAM, but bring a good amount of cash or plastic with you because this place can get expensive! You can spend a few hours here or an entire day if it's raining out and hit up a movie in the afternoon at Ward Center. For me personally, I come here for a very selective group of stores such as: Amy's Hallmark for my Yankee Candles, American Eagle Outfitters, Apple Store, Banana Republic, Bath & Body Works, Crazy Shirts, Hot Topic, Hollister, Hilo Hattie, Lids, Maui Divers and Na Hoku for my jewelry fix for loved ones, Old Navy, Rip Curl and Hawaiian Island Creations and a few others. It's the only place to get all these places in on a day because on their own they are spread around the island making it impossible to cover all of them. Over all this is the location to go if you desire to shop in Hawaii or if the day is a RAIN OUT! I have designed a Itinerary Day focused on Shopping so check out and join my Website to enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of the Ohana! The Ala Moana Center is located at: 1450 Ala Moana Blv. Honolulu, HI 96814 and the phone # is (808) 955-9517. The Center is open Mon-Sat 9:30am-9:00pm and Sun 10:00am-7:00pm. Holiday Hours vary. From Waikiki you can take TheBus: Buses to take: E8,19,20,23,24 & 42. To get to the mall by Trolly Service you can hitch a ride at: Ilikai Waikiki Hotel Hilton Hawaiian Village - Tapa Towers Bus Depot ,Saratoga Rd./Kalakaua Ave. (near Waikiki Post Office), DFS Galleria (Depot), Cheesecake Factory , Duke Kahanamoku Statue, Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel, Ohana Waikiki West Hotel, King Kalakaua Plaza, Waikiki Beach Walk, Aqua Palms at Waikiki. Trolly Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:44 a.m. to 9:46 p.m. Sunday and Holidays 9:44 a.m. to 7:46 p.m.
KAIONA BEACH PARK HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com "CHILD FRIENDLY" Today was a perfect day in PARADISE at KAIONA BEACH PARK, one of the hidden GEMS on the island of Oahu. This is a locals beach and they like keeping it that way so respect the beach and the locals that go here. Many tourists and people on vacation just drive right by this beach. So take the time and STOP and spend the day here at Kaiona Beach. You will not regret it. From the beautiful Hawaiian breezes to the Amazing Turquoise Blue waters and coral reefs this is a beach you wont soon forget. Enjoy the Man made Natural swimming pools (fish ponds) and snorkel around the entire reef. Pass the spirit of Aloha on to the many HONU green sea turtles you come in contact with along your snorkeling adventure. Enjoy everyone , Aloha Nui!
WAIKIKI BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
Waikiki Beach, what more can I say. The Vacation Mecca of the Pacific. When you think of Hawai'I there is no way you don't think of Waikiki Beach. I use to live in South Beach and I can tell you, On a Saturday night it's like South Beach except in a CHILLAXIN kind of way and without worry of trying to be someone you're not. This becomes the melting pot of all things Hawaii on the weekends, you don't know who is local and who isn't, well, not exactly but you see my point. The Kama'aina come here for the great Food, Clubs, Nightlife and Surf, when it's around. Waikiki is a two mile stretch of coast covered by hotels, clubs, shopping, tourists and kama'aina. For me PERSONALLY Waikiki always starts at the Duke Lagoon in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village and ends after the Zoo right before the beautiful Kapiolani Park. Past that is what we call the GOLD COAST which continues down past the park and also has some beautiful hotels, condos and places to eat. Waikiki Beach is usually always crowded and tourists and locals alike swim, canoe, surf, paddle, float and snorkel here, lol. Why does Wayde come to Waikiki? I come to watch the locals play volleyball, chillax at Dukes for some pupu's and drinks, I like to watch a Waikiki Sunset and watch the Fire Works on Friday Nights at Dukes Lagoon and after head over to a kick ass club like Rum Fire at the Sheraton Waikiki with my ohana. O yeah, and people watch...who doesn't like that. As for swimming. I hate to say this. I don't think I ever have. I would rather just chillax and swim at Dukes Lagoon which is one of the places I use to live. I use to go down there everyday and I love what Hilton and others did with the area! Before, the Lagoon was not useable. You guys will find plenty of places to go and things to do down there. Waikiki is a huge place to shop or eat at and over the coming months and for the website I will be breaking Waikiki down place by place, but for now I wanted to give you guys a quick over view of the Tourist Mecca of th Pacific. Enjoy everyone and Aloha!
KAWELA BAY HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" KAWELA BAY-PRONOUNCED CORRECTLY: KA-V-LAH...NOT KA-VAY-LAH like I said...Coming from Boston and already having a very thick accent learning the Hawaiian language has been challenging, but I am always learning. KAWELA BAY is a beautiful and secluded well known secret bay where locals go to get away from the tourist crowds. This is a 30-60 min walk along the coast from Turtle Bay Resort. If you take your time and stop here and there and take pictures it will take you a little longer to reach the secluded Kawela Bay. You will pass several secluded beaches where I have seen Hawaiian Monk Seals and Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles sun bathing themselves on the beaches along your journey. If lucky as you venture in the forest and out along the shore you may hear Amazon Parrots in the trees above so keep your eye out for them. Remember the ocean waves will differ between summer and winter months however once you make it to the BAY the reef system out side the bay protects you from the waves even in the dead of winter. It's always as smooth as a babies bottom in the bay, perfect for the entire family. Although you can attempt to walk the entire way just along the shore until you reach the bay it is wise from time to time to enter inland through the forest where walking along the shore and sharp coral may be a little dangerous. Use your head and if you feel it's best to walk the trail inland for a few and then head back to the shore do so. I DO! When you finally get close to Kawela bay you will come to a point where there is a single pillbox which I did not include in my video. Once passing the pillbox you will come to a small grass area to your right where you can chillax in the shade over looking Kawela bay. Have a snack or if you packed a lunch this is a good place to enjoy that before you head inland into a little spooky forest straight out of a episode of Lost. Guess what, it was a spooky forest seen in one of the episodes of lost, Kawela Bay was also use in an episode. When you come out of the forest and arrive at the secluded bay get comfortable, take a dip in the bay, sunbath and just become lost in paradise where very few tourist ever see.
CHINAMAN'S HAT ( KUALOA PARK ) HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" Today was another beautiful day in Paradise as we headed to Chinamans Hat (Mokoli'i Island) and Kualoa Regional Park. This beach is beautiful and if you take the time and follow the beach all around to the end of Kaneohe bay (about a mile) you will reach a peninsula and most likely be alone. You can Chill out under a Palm tree and take a snooze or have a picnic, watch the boats, tan, surf, swim or BBQ. If your looking for the best Horse riding around right across from Kualoa Park is Kualoa Ranch, its expensive but its worth it if you want to see some amazing views, take the TWO HOUR Ka'a'awa Valley tour where Jurassic Park and many other films had been filmed, TRUST ME. http://www.kualoa.com/tours.htm On weekends Kualoa Park fills up quick with locals and on week days you can have this park all to yourself, Enjoy and Aloha
KO'OLINA LAGOONS HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" We left for the West side of Oahu to the Ko'Olina Resort Community and the Four Lagoons...A MUST SEE! These Lagoons are beautiful! They are the perfect tropical beach for the whole family. Great for swimming, snorkeling, for the kids and family. The Lagoons are well protected from waves by the man made jetty. Even so please use caution and always watch your children at all times. Enjoy the Pool like Lagoons of Ko'Olina
HANAUMA BAY HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" First off a big MAHALOS to our Canadian friends RON and BARB, great meeting you guys! We left for Hanauma Bay today, Oahu's Nature Marine Preserve. It was a beautiful sunny day and we got to the Bay early on. Since new laws have been put into effect I was surprised to see that it was pretty empty at 9:00am today. This place use to always be packed on weekends. The Locals just don't go there anymore because they know the tourists flood that place. Instead the Kama'aina go to Sharks Cove and 3 Tables which are right next to each other on the North Shore, but unlike Hanauma Bay which is year round, Sharks and Tables can only be used for snorkeling and scuba between May-September. After that the large North Shore Swells take over and unless you want to be pounded against the reef it's a bad idea to get near the place. Because Hanauma Bay is my backyard I love it here and also I'm very happy the state put in some new rules that make Hanauma so much better now. The Park is open 6am-6pm and is always closed on Tuesdays for clean-up. I would highly recommend coming here after seeing what the state has done to the park. I'm glad the state limits how many people can visit the park each day now. I'm also happy they make visitors watch a video about the bay and the reef system. We have had some serious ignorant people in the past who didn't understand how a reef works in relation to the other beings in the sea and would not only walk on the living reef but cut out chunks to bring home! Always respect the Aina and the Kai. Make sure you leave wherever you are in the same condition as when you came. You guys will really enjoy this place and try to time it right with low tide, it's very important. When High tide comes in it's not as clear. Make sure you wear a scratch guard shirt because you will, I repeat, you will cut yourself in the shallows on the coral. Lets just say if it's a deep cut you risk a chance of a few things, Coral growing in you or staff infection can happen. Prepare yourself and be safe that way everyone has fun. Always remember when doing anything you are not use to seek knowledge, because knowledge is power and the more you have with you the safer you will be and the smarter choices you will make! If you do happen to get cut on your hands lets say (I wear gloves) you can put Hydrogen-Peroxide onto the cut and then some form of Polysporin ointment! ALOHA ALL, tell the Honu's I said hello!
TURTLE BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" Laniakea Beach better known as Turtle Beach on the North Shore of Oahu is WITHOUT question the best place in the World to see "HONU" ,Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, up close and in your face! Why do they come so close, tourists ask? Well, because of the Rules that stay intact on this beach. The "HONU" Marine Patrol are always covering this beach to make sure tourist do not get too close or touch the Honu. As long as you keep at least 3 feet away and never touch them they continue to bask on the sandy beach amid crowds of tourists and surfers alike. As long as these rules stay intact Honu will continue to come ashore so that we are able to enjoy these endangered amazing beings! If you bring your snorkeling gear take a dip and go swimming with them but once again, PLEASE don't touch! Remember, ALWAYS give the up most respect and love to the Aina and the beings who wash upon it. These amazing and beautiful Honu only want to continue what they have done for millions of years so please let them do what they do best, CHILLAX! If you see someone who gets to close or touches the Honu don't be afraid to tell them not to do that and talk to the Honu Patrol! We all have a part in protecting the HONU and allowing them to be free and unafraid of us. As long as we don't get too close, as long as we don't touch them they will continue to come ashore for us to love and enjoy! Aloha everyone and bring your camera or video camera. THIS BEACH IS A TREAT! PLEASE NOTE: There are NO signs at LANIAKEA BEACH and it's right off the main road so it comes up on you so fast you pass it before you realize you did. You will need to Google it to make sure you know where it is before you head out.
LANIKAI BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" We headed to Lanikai Beach today, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Hawaii but the world...When you dream of that perfect POSTCARD beach, that's Lanikai beach! It's Heaven here and Ohana as well as hip crowds and dogs are in love with this beach and all the romance that this beach reps. Plenty of sunshine here and if you keep walking to the end before the beach ends and the ocean starts you will be all alone with palm trees around you. The water is perfect in its shades of green and blues, its temps of between 75-80 degrees are to dream for. This beach is what Hawaii is all about, when you leave paradise this is the beach you will remember Hawaii for. This is a must see...to miss this beach on your vacation would be a crime for any beach lover. This is a residential area so watch where you park, the place I tell you to park in the video is becoming more and more crowded and people are being ticketed...also watch where you access the beach down the access ways. Most are easy to find.
KAYAKING IN HAWAII HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
(Easy / Moderate Activity) We headed over to the Windward side of Oahu today to meet up at Kailua Sailboards & Kayak, Inc. to rent the HALF-DAY Kayak rentals so that we could head out to the Mokulua Islands, correctly said as "Na Mokulua" meaning "the two islands" it is always well know as "Da Moks" or "Mokes", people spell it both ways but even so I try never to offend anyone here in Hawai'i Nei so when you spell something differently or pronounce something differently some take offense to that, even if it's as small as forgetting one letter or one syllable. Now the Mokes are off the coast of Lanikai Beach and the one you kayak to is called "Moku Nui" which has the beach while the other one is called "Moku Iki" which you DO NOT GO TO. You guys can rent and make reservations online at: kailuasailboards.com or you can call them Toll Free at: 1-888-457-5737 or if local you can reach them at: 808-262-2555. They are located a short walk away from Kailua beach at: 130 Kailua Rd. The Single half-day rental is $39.00 and the Double is $55.00. The FULL DAY rental is $10.00 more. I'm sure you have many other questions so check out their website to get the full scoop. If you are worried about current and tide conditions and all that, don't worry, they will explain everything to you when you get there and you will watch a video to understand the area. Also if you have addition questions please ask them. You can choose to either roll your Kayaks on a rack down a short walkway to Kailua beach and leave from there, visiting Flat island on your way over to the Mokes, or you can put the kayaks on your car and head straight for Lanikai beach which in the long run will give you more time on the Moku Nui island to hike and explore as well as eat the fresh lunch sandwiches you will be getting at: Kawakawa Market near the beach (Dark Green Market shop) www.kalapawaimarket.com. before you start your adventure . Personally I would take the additional $10 hit and make a day of it to the Mokes but I would also take another addition hit of $3.00 for the seat backrest. Lets be honest here, you need it, why it isn't included in the Kayak rental is a SERIOUS pet peeve of mine but I don't make the rules and what's $3.00 when it comes to comfort. This is one of those activities you need to do while here in Hawai'i and it will live with you for a life time. Spending $80.00 for the day for a 3 person kayak, including lunch is just, well, WORTH IT! Plus if you have been following my activities you guys have been saving some money and it's days like this that you enjoy yourselves and give back to the businesses and islands of Hawai'I Nei. There are several great places to explore on the island like a beautiful tide pool to the right side of the island (well known as Queens Bath) and if you be cautious you can head to the complete back side of the island where you can go snorkeling (They do rent snorkeling gear as well). Pretty amazing place and well worth it to explore. There are plenty of turtles back there and if in winter you will be sure to see humpback whales on the backside of the island. One more time, only Moku Nui has a sandy beach and is accessible so please don't attempt to go to the other island. Also be careful coming to shore and leaving shore. The wave break merges and you should try to time your arrival and departure accordingly. The Video you guys will watch will explain many of your questions but if any remain ask before you head out. If you are not use to working out those arms then I will be the first to mention they will be pumped up after this journey and may be hurting you for a day or two after. If you go to the gym and use your arms they should be prepared for the workout you will be giving them. Also, if you get sea sick think about taking a pill an hour before you leave. Why do I mention this, well, because there will be several times when you guys want to just wad in the water, take it all in and look around, enjoy the moment and rest those arms. It is at this time that you may start to get sea sick from standing still and going up and down. Trust me, better to be safe than sorry. I would bring a few things with you: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, waterproof camera, swim suit, snorkel and fins, lunch, plenty of water and several ziplock bags to keep items dry that you don't want getting wet, triple them up. You can rent a locker if you prefer, but I don't prefer to spend anymore money. If you are Kama'aina or Military you get an additional 20% off. I wish you guys all the best and Aloha Nui on your personal journey to these amazing islands.
"CHILD FRIENDLY" We spent the day at the ALOHA STADIUM SWAP MEET. It's a $1.00 per person to get in and it's opened 3 days a week. WED,SAT 8am-3pm & SUN 6:30-3pm. PLEASE NOTE: UH WARRIOR Football season. If there is a HOME game there will be no SWAP MEET on SAT. This place is a local Favorite where we all go to get CHEAP EVERYTHING. There is so much S#!* here I won't even start to tell you about it! All I can say is if you come to Hawaii and don't come here you really only screwed yourself. This is the best place to come for getting yourself keep sakes of Hawaii and the BEST place to get everyone from home something from Hawaii without braking the Bank. Now there is a BIG problem that I noticed with people visiting the Islands. If you are staying in Waikiki you seem to FORGET all about the SWAP MEET at ALOHA STADIUM and head right over to THE INTERNATIONAL MARKETPLACE in Waikiki. The problem with this is they have half the amount of things the STADIUM has and they are TWICE the PRICE for the same STUFF! Why is this? Think about it. Being in the PRIME LOCATION of WAIKIKI I can't imagine the price it must cost for the venders at the Marketplace! They have to charge you more for the same items sold at the Aloha Stadium. It's just a no brainer but it's not a no brainer for you! You go to the ALOHA STADIUM, period! I do want to make one NOTE: Getting to the Stadium may seem easy but taking the H1 highway to the Stadium isn't so easy and there is one place where you could go the wrong way so please do a google search and know exactly which off ramp to get off at. All the information you could possible have on the SWAP MEET is on their website. Ck it out: http://www.alohastadiumswapmeet.net Also if you guys are looking for some of the most beautiful Hawaii Photography ck out my braddah Tom over at: www.photographyofhawaii.com He has some amazing Panoramics of Paradise and the prices for his work are very reasonable! You can see his work first hand at the Stadium and in this video. I hope to take Tom on a future HIKE so he can capture some new images that very few people see!
WAIMANALO BEACH HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com "CHILD FRIENDLY" Well, we headed over to WAIMANALO BAY today which is right next to Bellows Beach, located on the east shore of Oahu. It's really one large stretch of beach consisting of the Waimanalo beach park, Waimanalo bay, the beach and then Bellows Beach and airforce base. Access to this exact part of the beach can take place at Aloiloi St next to McDonald's, follow it to the end before the right turn and park on the side of the road or you can go past McDonald's and take the small road down Waimanalo Bay which has a huge parking lot and short walk to the beach. A short drive after that is the Bellows beach access road onto the military base and to the beach. This stretch of beach on the east side is amazing. The water is always about 80 here and the waves always about 1-2 feet, good to start out with body surfing and body boarding...There is sometimes Jellyfish that come into both Waimanalo and Bellows beach a few days after a full moon so please ck out all signs on the beach and always respect the ocean! This is a fun filled, beautiful and very safe beach to hang out and relax at for the entire family....ALOHA!
KULIOUOU RIDGE HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Moderate/Difficult) We left for KULIOUOU RIDGE which is located at the back of Kuliouou Valley in Aina Haina next to Hawaii Kai. All you do is take Kuliouou Road and turn right onto Kalaau Place. Park near the end of the road but DON'T park at the dead end and DON'T park in front of someone's DRIVEWAY or MAILBOX...It's very disrespectful to the Ohana there. Please respect those living there and be quite till you reach the trailhead at the end of the road. When you go past the concrete water supply sign continue a short distance down the road then stay to the RIGHT of the road to start the Hike. After a little while down the Hike you will come across a sign again that tells you Left for the Kuliouou Valley Hike and up the mountain to the RIGHT to do the Kuliouou Ridge Hike. You go RIGHT. This is a 6 mile round trip with an elevation gain of about 2,000 feet but with the help of switch backs it comes easy until the final ascent. This final half mile to the summit consists of major root climbing and stair cases so be prepared. PLEASE remember to always look back at those amazing views during your entire way up to the summit, they are AMAZING! At about the Half Way point you will reach the pine forest and the picnic tables to stop for a quick rest and snack. Once past the pine forest you will reach the ridge line where things start to get fun and the incline gets more severe. There are MANY micro climates up there and the scenery changes often so please smell the flowers, look at the spiders, bees and other creatures that flourish along your journey. I would put aside 3-4 Hours for this hike depending if you plan on stopping for a lot of picture taking and perhaps having lunch at the top. If you plan on continuing toward Pu'u O Kona along the left ridge line from the Kuliouou Ridge summit put aside 5-6 hours and be prepared for a total hike of 7 miles. I can not recommend this summit ridge loop hike to Kona unless you are an expert hiker and know the area and are going to an experienced crew. This is a sick crazy trek up to the top of the Ko'olau Mountain range and is amazingly beautiful with clear skies or cloud covered. Don't get discouraged if the clouds roll in. During these type of hikes it is a very spiritual and mystical experience to be in the clouds. On a cloud covered day you won't have much of a view but on a clear day you will be able to have an almost complete view of the entire South and East side of Oahu and you will be able to see everything from Diamond Head to the Sandbar of Kaneohe Bay if it's a clear day. THERE IS NO DOUBT, THIS IS A MUST HIKE for those who want to take the road less traveled here in Hawaii. Aloha and stay safe out there!
SUGOI HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
If you've been surfing, hiking or just taking the tour around the island make sure you head over to SUGOI for sum GARLIC CHICKEN! It's to Die for and Zack Lee has had ten years to perfect it! There is no better Garlic Chicken Plate lunch on the Hawaiian Islands. If you want a TRUE LOCAL HAWAIIAN PLATE LUNCH this is the place to go! Don't pass this place by. You haven't been to Hawaii unless you try a true local dish at SUGOI. Locals have been coming here for ten years and it's a common stop for lunch for the Kama'aina. Sugoi has some of the best sauces as well. Many buy the garlic sauce for the BBQ or for gifts for family! Too many vacationers don't even know about Hawaiian Plate lunches and if they do they don't know where to go to get the best ones around. Well, I'm telling you, SUGOI is the place! NOW, GO GET SOME at SUGOI! Ck out da ono kine grinds and sauces at www.sugoihawaii.com. Tell Zack Wayde sent yeah, Zack's da man!
SANDBAR KANEOHE BAY HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" It's SUNDAY and it's Party time here in PARADISE! We took Braddah Chris's boat out to da Sandbar in Kaneohe Bay. The Kaneohe Sandbar is a popular picnicking spot among locals particularly among those who have a boat! It's the only sandbar of this kind in the Hawaiian Islands. During low tide, it emerges and forms a shallow and temporary landmass. During high tide, the water is about waist deep and deeper towards the edges of the sandbar that drops off at the edge. Most boaters anchor in the shallow sand and let their boats float in the deep waters at the edge. The size of the sandbar varies depending if it's low or high tide, you can check out the Kaneohe Sandbar Tide Chart here: Tides.mobilegeographics.com, once there type in Kaneohe Bay. People come here to party, picnic, swim, snorkel, go fishing, dive, play ball games, or to just relax. The water is usually calm and clear and the views are amazing. From here one can see the entire Kaneohe Bay from an ocean vantage point that few see and if in winter you should be able to see an endless amount of Waterfalls looking toward the Mountain range. Check the tide table before heading out to the Kaneohe Sandbar so you know in advance if it's high or low tide. The activities that you can do on the sandbar vary slightly during these different ocean conditions. I just like taking my chairs out and put them on the sandbar during low tide, for example. No matter what you do it's a slice of heaven you don't forget as long as you don't drink too much, lol. If you go out be careful out there and have fun and respect the Aina, please clean up your trash. We all want to keep Paradise, Paradise. The Honu and Hammerhead will thank you, Mahalos!
HALONA COVE and BLOWHOLE HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" We headed over to the Halona Blowhole lookout to get a little closer look at the Blowhole as well as the beautiful and secluded Halona Cove beach. Tourists and vacationers are not well aware of this beach and if they see it they don't seem to bother finding a way to get down to it. When you get to this beach you will find very few people if any on it. Only the locals know how much of a GEM this beach is!
(Easy / Moderate Activity) "CHILD FRIENDLY" over 10 years old, stay on path Mauka side...NOT ALONG RIDGE LEDGE Makai side like I do in this video. The Lanikai Pillbox Trail is considered by most to be one of the easiest hikes with some of the most amazing views. However, I don't recommend it for children under 12. The start of the hike consists of a major incline up to the first outlook. Once you reach that outlook the views will carry you to the final destination...This hike has several Pillboxes as your incline continues but just the excitement alone within you carries you higher and higher. You will forget all about the fact that you are climbing a ridge line to reach that final Pillbox and STUNNING VIEW of not only Kailua and Lanikai but all the way to the Makapuu Lighthouse! If you watch this video at several points I do some things that look dramatic. I choose to go the harder way right along the rocky ridge line but there are several ways to reach the Pillboxes and all are easier then the way I choose. You choose which way to go easy or hard. I have done this trail so many times I continue to try to find harder ways to get to the top. Please enjoy this hour hike. It's truly a hike you should not MISS if you are on Oahu. Also I would highly hope you attempt this at SUNRISE. Bring a flashlight or head lamp and head up about 5am. YOU WILL NOT REGRET sitting on top of the Pillbox as the SUN RISES for you! Bring your camera and the one you love and enjoy a moment in time that will be cherished. *NOTE if it is a bright sunny day the SUN will be brutal so bring plenty of water and SUNBLOCK. The good NEWS is this is the WINDWARD side of the island and you will have a steady pace of wind and breeze, you can also enter the Pillboxes for shade. Because of the wind clouds come and go fast and some may bring a shower but they will pass quickly. There is always a chance you will be given a gift of a RAINBOW over the Mokes, the twin islands you overlook. Much Aloha everyone and enjoy one of the shortest and rewarding hiking trail on the island.
HIKE (Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY" Part two of the Video...Makapu'u Lighthouse trail...BEAUTIFUL HIKE....plenty of places to stop and take pictures, possible HumpBack Whale sightings if hiking between Dec-April...Great hike to reach the top and chill out with a packed picnic! There are too many areas off the beaten path near the top that you can have amazing sights and views without the crowds of people...TWO OF THE more than a DOZEN PRIVATE SPOTS ARE IN MY VIDEO...pay attention! Great, fun, beautiful hike with plenty of areas to go off the beaten path. Plenty of PillBoxes to climb up to that is NOT in this video that I couldn't fit in the 10min Video...Please take the time to make the hike up to all the pillboxes...the views are WELL WORTH it and you will be alone because tourists don't do up there!!!
http://waydesworldhawaii.com "CHILD FRIENDLY" Today was another beautiful day in Paradise as we headed to Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic island. This is a great alternative to the famous and over crowded WAIKIKI BEACH. If you want a change of pace and just want to Chillax and not worry about the crowds and tourists come here and feel like a local. You can Chill out under a Banyon tree and take a snooze or have a picnic, watch the boats come in and out of the harbor, tan, surf, swim or BBQ. On weekends this place fills up quick with locals who turn this place into a BBQ Party Park so come early and get a parking spot. On week days you can have this park all to yourself, Enjoy and Aloha
HIKE (Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY", but when crossing the first stream please watch and hold onto your children as they can fall into the stream. Depending on the season, the stream crossing with have access to the rocks to cross, at other times in the dead of winter the High Water flow of the stream may not allow you to have easy access to the rock crossing, meaning the flow will be strong and you will need to cross by treading in the water to get cross. It was another beautiful day in Paradise as we headed about 5 min off of Nuuanu Pali Drive to start a beautiful hike up Judd memorial trail. We pass SO many small waterfalls I lost count untill we came to Jackass Ginger Pool which is a large wide waterfall that has a huge pool below it. This is a place NO vacationers know about and the locals like it that way but if Vacationers do find this place and park at the start of the trail on side of the road there is a chance your renatl car could be broken into so please leave nothing of value in your car or in clear view, PLEASE! I have seen several cars broken into here. You have been warned. If I was you I would park my car in front of someones house on the road and walk down the street to the trail head. It will be safer, plus those braking into cars don't want to break into a locals car on that road. Locals know not to mess with locals. This is a super easy hike but you must make a WET and SLIPPERY River crossing right at the start, so be careful. Also for an added treat you can seek out the Kaniakapupu Ruins which was the Summer Home of King Kamehameha III. There is no map as far as I know on how to get there from the Judd trail but it is smack in the middle there. The place is sacred and maybe that is why they don't talk about it to vacationers but it does for sure link up with Lower Lulumahu Falls trail . Enjoy this GEM everyone! Aloha!
NAOHIA FALLS (Ice Ponds) HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com HIKE (Easy/Moderate at Decent to falls) Naohia Falls also known as the "ICE PONDS" by locals is a easy and short Hike to the back of Kalihi Valley. When Flowing at it's best it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls and Deep Pools on Oahu. Once again the Board of Water Supply continues to get the best land with the best Waterfalls on it. When I look back as this entire concept of the Board of Water Supply owning the land here and keeping it private in Hawaii I am actually happy about this for several reasons. One, the Board of Water Supply keep these beautiful areas in excellent condition for water supply and the community. Two, they also keep many from attempting to explore these areas, by letting people know it's on Private Property....NO TRESPASSING unless you have a PERMIT!!! Doing so keeps these locations from being advertised and for me and others that live here in Hawaii we are happy about this. Taking this hike takes you down a Board of Water Supply road...at a point you hear the water flowing to your right as you take the road up hill. It is at this point you see a small trail off to the right side off the paved road and down a hill where you need to scramble down using a rope, about a 100-200 feet decline down the valley side. It can get muddy and wet here so be careful. Once getting down the hill you see NAOHIA FALLS in all it's GLORY and you truly ask yourself...is this really here? Could a picture perfect waterfall that looks MAN MADE truly exist here? YES...IT DOES...If you climb the main waterfall (use the ropes for help as it can be slick)...There are two more waterfalls above it! The Pools are Deep at the different waterfalls, but the first waterfall, Naohia has the largest and deepest, great for swimming, but it doesn't get it's nick name for nothing...This water is ICE COLD! For such an easy hike the reward is astounding here and clearly one of the best BANG for your BUCK waterfall hikes minus the BUGS!!! Going early in the morning during the week will assure you are alone or with very few people. During the weekends this place becomes a locals hangout. Parking is also an issue for this hike as there are very few spots to park on this very small road before the board of water supply gate. You take this hike at your own risk and as with any hike on private property I do not give out trail head locations, that is for you to find and for you to get a Permit from the BOWS. I post these types of waterfalls and hikes to show that down the road less traveled you can discover beautiful locations for any poor man, where once again your activities are free in paradise. LAST and this is important...PLEASE RESPECT not only the COMMUNTY in the area if you go here when parking, but be silent from the time you park till the time after you pass the trailhead. WE MUST RESPECT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY and parking in front of mail boxes, driveways or taking up small roads are UNACCEPTABLE! A side note, I have talked to the locals here while we did a clean up of Naohia...DO ME and HAWAII a HUGE, HUGE favor...pick up your TRASH...Stop the BOMB FIRES here and have some GOD DAMN RESPECT for the AINA and the Ancestors of Hawai'i Nei...this place is SACRED...ALI'I, Royalty BATHED here, those here had to go as far as to put a trash barrel down there to stop the littering...If they see you trashing or tagging this sacred place or my crew does...You are going to get one BIG FALSE CRACK face down in the stream. Respect your land, respect your ancestors, respect your home. This sacred land in the past been often visited by punk ass uneducated local youths lacking a swift kick in the ass...Tourists and vacations don't even know this place exists! Today this place is still pretty clean, but the Tagging and Graffiti HAS BEEN MOVING IN. Have fun, do your research, educate yourself about your hike as well as the History of Hawaii and have respect for the local community and all will be right in the world, IF NOT, this location will be SHUT DOWN FOREVER!...Aloha.
HAWAII LOA RIDGE HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Moderate/Difficult) We left for HAWAII LOA RIDGE, sick crazy trek up to the top of the Ko'olau Mountain range at about 2,500 feet or so above sea level. This trek is amazingly beautiful and you will be able to see everything from Diamond Head to Chinamans Hat. The last mile becomes very steep and difficult but no pain no gain right? This Hike will test anyone looking for a challenging hike...all that is missing is a waterfall. Please note, this hike starts in a the private community of Hawaii Loa and has a guard station that you must stop at before reaching the top to park for the hike. Im afraid if you dont have a HAWAII ID or have someone with you in your party that does you CAN'T get past the guard station. Sorry, and dont get me started...There are a few things that don't make sense here in paradise and it all started with the stealing of Hawaiian lands in the first place. If you can hit this hike...NO DOUBT...IT'S A MUST! By the way for those who made it to this far in reading this. If you notice this is the first video I made using the new VIDEO EDITING and COLOR CORRECTION SOFTWARE. Before this video my crappy editing software didn't pick up the greens and Blues the way they should have. This has now been fixed the way it looks to the actual eye. Personal I feel the correction is a tad over saturated but it's much better than it was.
UNDER THE SEA HAWAII HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com HAWAII may be beautiful above the Ocean, but below it's an entirely different world so alien to many of us. To those who have a passion and love for under the Sea it's a place to get away, meditate and live where silence takes over and the rhythm of the ocean makes ones dreams come true. We follow James Beckwith and the Oahu Kraken Divers as we explore the amazing underwater world from Oahu to the Big Island of Hawaii. We come across some of our favorite ocean friends...The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, the HONU, The Spinner Dolphin, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, the White tip Reef Shark, the Horseshoe Crab, the Cuttlefish, Sponge Crabs, Moray Eels and the Giants of the Sea...The Great Manta Rays of the DARK DEEP on the Big Island. So come with us on this journey as we enter the WORLD of JAMES BECKWITH and the OAHU KRAKEN DIVERS.
http://waydesworldhawaii.com HIKE/WALK (Easy) "CHILD FRIENDLY" I remember going here for the first time back in 1995. It was a wondrous place...a place to get lost, a place to discover, a place to find yourself...A place to meditate and re-energize your soul. When here, you forget all sense of time, home seems so far away and your dreams over take you. When here, you are free...free to roam, free to dream, free to be. Every time I come here I discover something new. The next time here always feels like the first time...I know if you get the chance to come here, you as well will discover something beautiful and new, not only about your surroundings, but about yourself. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens is a 400 acre rainforest and open plain Garden located in Kaneohe at the foot of the koolau mountains. Hoomaluhia means "to make a place of peace and tranquility". This beautiful Botanical Garden is covered with plants from tropical regions of the world. Throughout the garden it truly looks like Jurassic Park from certain vantage points. The garden also contains a 32 acre lake, meadows, streams, footbridges and picnic areas, camping, fishing and numerous trails along the lush gardens. This Botanical Garden has the largest collection of tropical plants in the United States. This is a place I love to discover off the beaten path. I often go off trail and walk up and down stream, finding secret locations and small flowing waterfalls. After a long work week for those who live here in Hawaii this is a great place to relax, recharge your soul and meditate for the day by yourself or with your family. The Botanical Garden is open Monday - Sunday 9:00am until 4:00pm and on Friday, Sat and Sun if you go to the front Desk office/Visitor Center you can get a late GATE PASS allowing you some extra time to exit the GATE between 5:30-6:30. This allows you to have up to 2+ extra hours, but PLEASE, they are strict and will close the gate on you if you go past the allowed time! So if you stay till 4, leave at 3:45...if you stay till 6:30...leave at 6:15...NO LATER! It's highly recommended you go to the Visitor Center and get yourself a Map...The Visitor Center # is: (808) 233-7323 For your information this Video took several days to shoot so if you plan on seeing most of the Garden I would highly suggest you get here at 9:00 AS GATES OPEN on FRI,SAT or SUN and while at the Visitor center get yourself a map and late pass allowing you to have a full day here from 9:00am-6:00pm. PLEASE BRING A PACKED LUNCH and plenty of water. Also wear walking or hiking sneakers or boots and Bug Spray. CAMPING here at HO'OMALUHIA is an amazing experience. You can camp here from 9:00am Friday-4:00pm Monday. If you wish to Camp you need a permit. If you are coming from off island and vacationing you MUST call ahead of time to plan out the PERMIT HOLD and PICKUP. Permits for camping are issued via the City and County of Honolulu on-line camping permit system. Permits for other activities are issued directly at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden. For telephone inquiries and reservations , call (808) 233-7323. As you know with most everything Wayde's World Hawaii, ADMISSION IS FREE! DIRECTIONS: Take Pali Hwy to Kamehameha Hwy north towards Kaneohe. Turn left on Luluku Rd. Follow signs to Garden Entrance. This Video was filled on the Brand New CANON G1X HYBRID, CANON T2i and GLIDECAM 1000HD.
KUILEI CLIFFS HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY, but no swimming for children because of Tide and sharp reef". Kuilei Cliffs is a great place to go to get away from the tourist crowds, have a picnic or a some lunch and a great sight seeing area. Take the pathway down to the beach and enjoy the wonderful breezes and ocean views. If you are lucky you will meet a very friendly Hawaiian Monk Seal that visits this beach on a weekly basis. If you see him please keep your distance he's only trying to sun himself and chillax.The Cliffs lie at the foothills of Diamond Head, between the Diamond Head Lighthouse and the residential community of Kaalawai. The 11-acre beach park features a narrow beach backed by sea cliffs. There are three popular drive-in lookouts that offer sweeping views of this stretch of coastline. To reach the beach, you go down the paved walkway on Diamond Head Road, located between two of the lookouts. The swimming conditions aren't that good here because the ocean bottom is a shallow coral reef. However, surfers find a paradise here as the reef generates waves almost every day and it is a lot less crowded here than in Waikiki. When the tradewinds are strong, this area is also a great spot for windsurfing.
WILIWILINUI RIDGE HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Moderate/Difficult) We left for WILIWILINUI RIDGE which is the next Ridge over from HAWAII LOA RIDGE, in fact you can take the top of Wiliwilinui ridge and connect to Hawaii Loa ridge. This is a sick crazy trek up to the top of the Ko'olau Mountain range at about 2,500 feet or so above sea level. This trek is amazingly beautiful and you will be able to see everything from Diamond Head to Chinamans Hat if it's a clear day but for today it was an enjoyable Cloud covered day giving the hike a very dreamy, mystical journey and one that is worth the loss of the amazing view on a clear day. There is nothing better than climbing through the mist and clouds in GOD COUNTRY! The last mile of this journey becomes very steep and difficult but no pain no gain right? This Hike will test anyone looking for a challenging hike. The last half mile is extra steep and you have ropes to help you to the summit. If it's muddy and rainy you will have a hard time reaching the peak. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL IN RAIN! Please note, this hike starts in a private community that has a guard station that you must stop at before reaching the top to park for the hike. THERE IS NO DOUBT, THIS IS A MUST HIKE for those who are in good shape. I'm not going to write here on who can and who can't do this journey. It's up to you. You know your body best. Always remember. SAFTEY FIRST! Much ALOHA!
SHARKS COVE & 3 TABLES Part I HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" SHARKS COVE ( between the months of April-September only) Occasionally in October depending on the Surf conditions. Check here for conditions on the North Shore: http://www.surfnewsnetwork.com, only go on days that wave faces are 0-3ft to be safe. Inside sharks cove is safe for children, outside the cove to the far right hand side is NOT as safe so parents stay very close by or hold hands with your children because of the slight tide, currents and deep water. Inside the cove water depth is at max 6 feet in the tide pools. Outside the cove to the far right is up to 20 feet and deeper the further you go out. Always stay inside the cove never go outside it if you are a visitor. Snorkeling in areas where there are no lifeguards takes some extra preparedness so be knowledgeable of the location before entering the water. I can only give you so much info. Always be prepared of strong currents and constant water temp changes from hot to cold. You can visually see the water temp change before you swim into them from the heat vents in the water. Major misconception about SHARKS COVE is the name it was given. The name comes from the an aerial view showing that the shape of the reef cove is that of the mouth and sharp teeth of a shark, but like all places in Hawaii, sharks can be anywhere in Hawaii. Many travelers hear stories of Sharks lurking and waiting for you outside the Cove...shark don't lurk for humans, period! As for any ocean you always have a chance in open water to come in contact with sharks. It's life in HAWAII, get over it already will yeah! Sharks Cove is one of the top rated places for snorkeling on Oahu. It Blows Hanauma Bay away but Hanauma Bay is all year and has lifeguards while Sharks Cove is seasonal and no lifeguards and is entirely build around a sharp lava reef. Sharks Cove is a MUCH HEALTHIER Reef system unlike the dying Hanauma bay. This means EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink lives here. Watch where you put your hands and feet...Everything is alive here and if you touch or step on someone's home that someone will ATTACK you! From Sea Urchins, Moray eels to Lion and Scorpion Fish there are hidden dangers you must be aware of. It's common sense not to be putting your hands in holes in the reef or dark places. The entering of an eels home will be quickly felt when you realize your finger was removed in an instant. What gear will you be bringing with you: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, (get in a package deal, U.S. DIVERS is the best and cheapest brand ) Reef shoes and Gloves and Reef/surf shirt. This gear will cost you about $100.00 for everything. You can get everything I mentioned above at any SPORTS AUTHORITY store. There is one on Ward. If you go to a surf or dive shop they will screw you over. DO NOT come here without these items. You will regret not listening to my advice if you do. I don't have the time to go into why all these things are needed but please trust me on this. Sharks Cove is a very safe place so DON'T let my words alarm you. Ignorance is what gets you hurt. If you know what to look for and you are physically prepared this is no less safe than driving there in your car. Best way to say this is, if you are in a car you wear your seatbelt in case of an accident. If you go snorkeling you wear a reef shirt in case your chest rubs against the coral Lava reef. If you are in a small bumper to bumper accident the seatbelt protected you and your fine, if not you may have hit the staring wheel. If you bump into the reef without a reef shirt on, which you will, when you get out you may not notice it but your chest will be scratched and most likely bleeding. You get my point. Aloha everyone and enjoy your day in this amazing underwater paradise! By the way if you guys get hungry while snorkeling Sharks Cove or 3 Tables head over to Sharks Cove Grill for KILLER GRINDZ on a Poor Mans Budget! It's right across from Sharks Cove: http://www.sharkscovegrill.com
MAUNAWILI FALLS HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY" Today was another beautiful day and we headed over to a famous and well know hike and waterfall called Maunawili Falls. It's rare to have the place to yourself, but Maunawili Falls is definitely a must see if on vacation. If you want less people or No people, start your hike at sunrise. Whether you simply want to sit and watch the waterfalls, or brave the cool waters and go for a swim, this waterfall hike is another gem. For the more daring, there is also ledges above the waterfalls that locals like to dive from into the pool below. Either way, Maunawili Falls provides an excellent place to recuperate after an hour hike. There are several areas on the trail that branch off so sometimes in can be confusing just remember to watch for markers and stay follow the river. No matter what kind of hiker you are, Maunawili Falls does not disappoint. If you want a little harder challenge with a bigger reward swim into the pool and climb up behind the falls. There you will follow a path up a rock face, over an old wooden bridge, and a steep small ladder which will lead to a water supply pipe that you will walk up to another waterfall that has a natural water slide where you will be alone. Getting to the falls by car is sometimes confusing as you park in a residential area so do a Google map search. Aloha!
The HONU, our Sacred Aumakua. There has been a considerable amount of disrespect given to The HONU, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle...The NA AUMAKUA by some Tourists and Locals. I wanted to put this video together to make all of us AWARE once again that we must Honor and Respect this graceful and beautiful Endangered Species, not only because few exist, but also because of the Deep History they serve in Hawaiian culture. If there is one thing we need to always remember is look, don't touch...swim with them, not against them. Keep your distance and do not get too close, NEVER TOUCH, FEED or HARASS them! NEVER UPSET THEM and only swim with them for a few minutes at a time. If a Honu has beached itself only take a few pictures at a reasonable distance then move a greater distance away to observe them in their natural environment. These Honu come into the shallows to eat so lets not disturb them for long periods of time. When they come onto the beach they do so to relax and sleep for hours. ..Again, respect them and give them space to do so. These beings feel comfortable around the locals and tourists because many of us respect them and their space. For the Honu to continue to swim with us and rest on Hawaiian beaches they must trust us. As long as you take these steps I mentioned these amazing beings will continue to allow us to be in their presence. If you follow them for too long and harass them in the water they will be afraid of us and not come into the shallows to eat. If we touch them, try to pick them up or make rude gestures around them while on the beach it's a CLEAR BREACH OF HAWAIIN STATE LAW and you can be FINED and PROSECUTED for such. PLEASE, respect our sacred Aumakua. Pass the spirit of Aloha on to the many HONU green sea turtles you come in contact with may it be in the ocean or on the beach. Thank them before you leave each one you come in contact with for allowing them to let you swim or be near them. They Trust you, Please don't break that trust. This is the Aloha way. Enjoy everyone , Aloha Nui!
LUAALAEA FALLS HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
http://waydesworldhawaii.com HIKE (Easy/Moderate) Lua'alaea Falls is a BEAUTIFUL waterfall after it has been raining for a few days in the valley. This waterfall is found in Manoa and it's one of the many, many waterfalls within the Valley of Manoa Falls. The Hiking community knows this, the locals know this, but the Tourist and vacationers DON'T. While all the tourist are packing in Manoa Fall we are right there on the other side of the stream bed finding our own waterfalls only feet away. The trail that leads to Lua'alaea Falls branches off the start of the Manoa Falls trail and goes up Lua'alaea stream. It's 2 hours in and 1 hour out, but for picture taking and having lunch and talking story at the falls it's best to tack on another hour. It may be an easy hike, but it can get very muddy and slippery and there are several areas where you need to hug the streambed leaving you open to falling into the stream below, about a 10 foot drop so one does need to be careful when this area is wet and slippery as the root system can cause some issues over the rocks. There is only one incline area at the start and one very small area to climb to the main falls. This trail is in the jungle and the brush is thick unlike Manoa falls trail which is well groomed because it's a state run trail. This trail 80% up the stream bed. This Waterfall has a treat in store because it really has TWO waterfalls, Lower Lua'alaea and the main falls. You can see a smaller one while you look upon the larger falls in the background. A really beautiful and captivating site to see. This trail to Lua'alaea is off the beaten path down the road less traveled so if you are not an avid hiker and understand marker systems and faint trails...you will get lost. This trail won't be for you! It's highly advised you either go with someone who knows the trail or a Master Guide. This waterfall is not far way from Naniuapo Falls and The Seven Bridges of Manoa Hike which leads to Waiakeakua Falls where several beautiful waterfalls are. Manoa Valley's Trail system is amazing and the Waterfall system within them are endless. SO EXPLORE! This is our second video shot on the Canon G1X HYBRID and the GLIDECAM 1000 HD
KOKO CRATER HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (DIFFICULT) KOKO CRATER, my arch Enemy! Why you ask? Because this Hike is no Hike, it's a WORKOUT up the "STRAIRWAY to HELL". Considering I have had MCL, LCL and ACL injuries this is MURDER on my knees and coming down is even worse so I go down sideways. Depending on your shape and if you are doing this as a workout or as a hike...times can vary. I have seen friends do this in 30 mins as a workout and have seen people take 2 hours, I have also seen people never make it and vomit half way and turn around. It really does depend on your shape and conditioning. Today filming this video of the hike took us 3 hours to complete. Now as far as I know my friends and I are the only ones that call it Stairway to Hell. There is also Haiku Stairs which is also famously known as "Stairway to Heaven" a name that it has had for a very long time and a trail that we will be doing on Waydes World Hawaii hopefully before the year is up. Stairway to Heaven is much longer and it gets it's name because you climb above the clouds where the area is much more wet, green and lush unlike Koko which is HOT and DRY! If you can't climb Koko, you can't climb Heaven. Simple as that, period! If no one knows, Koko Crater is a Volcanic Cinder Cone and is the remnants of the last active Volcano on Oahu that took place 10,000 years ago. This Cone stands over 1,200feet STRAIGHT UP and I'm talking STRAIGHT UP! Just imagine climbing a ladder straight up the side of a 1,000 foot story building! This is no fun my friends! If you are not in good shape, if you are not mentally and physical prepared for Koko you will regret it, I promise you! This trail is not actually a staircase but it is in fact a set of railway tie steps. An old railroad you could say, that has seen better days. These rail ties get tricky when you come to the Bridge. If you made it that far CONGRADULATION, life is about to get REAL, REAL difficult! Before crossing the Bridge there is a good place to rest to the right. If afraid of crossing bridge go up dirt path to the right. It's right there at the resting spot. The Dirt path to the right takes you to the end of the bridge. At this point climb back onto the Railway Ties and continue up the 90 degree incline, God help you! Once you make it, after I'm sure many stops, and "WHY DID I DO THIS" questions to yourself, you will see how high the railway ties go. Once you continue up the harder part of the railway you will see a WALL in front of you with Graffiti on it. This wall is called the "WALL OF HOPE" it means you are almost there! Once you see the wall you know the pain in your legs will be over soon at least until you start coming down again. Once reaching the top enjoy your place among the others who went through your same pain. Talk with them, share your story, join the Ohana. For everyone is family here at the top! Walk around take it all in. Don't stop, explore this ridge line. Keep climbing even higher once you rest for a few and get a drink or bite to eat. Branch off and find your own slice of heaven on the mountain ridge line. There is room for everyone. Congratulations, you are one of the few that have made it to the top. Yes, many people climb this crater here everyday but on the grand scale of things 90% of the world don't. So yes, indeed you are one of the few who has reached the top and yes you should be proud of yourself. Your will, determination, fight, passion and desire got you this far and it should be a good indication that when you put your mind and body in the right place you can achieve anything! TO DO SO, HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING or you will be rescued from this crater which I have seen on a weekly basis because I live in front of it: (1.) Take 1.5 liters of water with you (2.) Take Sunscreen (3.)Take your time, this is not a race to see who's the coolest, I have seen people pass out or fall (4.) Start this hike at 7AM or 4PM PERIOD, NO SCREWING AROUND WITH THIS ONE (5.) Don't let that 60 year old man that has gone up and down the stairs several times since you started sike you out. People climb this crater everyday and some people will climb this crater 6 times in one day (6.) Make friends, don't let this opportunity fly you by. You will make friends with people on this hike, no doubt! And last, ENJOY the scenery, it's amazing. Don't bitch like an old women and ruin it for yourself and your friends if they came with you. Stop often and look around. As you get higher and higher the views drastically change. That's it everyone. Enjoy and Aloha!
HANAUMA BAY and RIDGE HIKE HD "Waydes World Hawaii
"CHILD FRIENDLY, snorkeling at Hanauma bay only" RIDGE HIKE PART (Easy/Moderate) We left for Hanauma Bay today, Oahu's Nature Marine Preserve. It was a beautiful sunny day and we got to the Bay early on a SAT morning. I was surprised to see that it was pretty empty. This place use to always be packed on weekends. I think the Locals just don't go there anymore because they know the tourists flood that place. From what I saw, not only didn't I see locals I didn't see too many tourists at 7am in the morning. The Park is open 6am-6pm and is always closed on Tuesdays for clean-up. I would highly recommend coming here after seeing what the state has done to the park. Since the last time I was there many years ago, I was impressed! Im glad the state limits how many people can visit the park each day now. I wonder if the Locals know this? Well, I do and I plan on going more often now! As for the second part of the video we hiked the Hanauma Bay Ridge for the first time. A great alternative perspective on the Bay. What a beautiful hike, full of surprises as well as challenges. If you do the hike most likely you will be alone, not too many people do this hike or even know about it. During the 2 hours hiking I only saw 2 people and a dog...lol
"CHILD FRIENDLY" It was a sombering day yet a calming and peaceful day at the Punchbowl Memorial Cemetery. This memorial at the center of the Puowaina Crater (Punchbowl) encompasses the entire crater and it would be difficult to cover it all in a day. This is a peaceful place to visit and show your respect for those who gave their lives for our freedom. The Cemetery is open daily. Sept 30th-March 1st 8am till 5:30pm-March 2nd-Sept 29th 8am till 6:30pm. Memorial Day 7am-7pm. All other Federal Holidays closed.
WAIHE'E FALLS HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
HIKE (Easy / Moderate Activity) * Note: Hamama Falls is "CHILD FRIENDLY" when not raining, but Waihe'e Falls is NOT* Today once again we left for Waihe'e Valley to hike to Hamama Falls with a great group of Kama'aina with Wayde's World Hawaii. I was focused on getting our group to Waihe'e Falls. I have been very hush-hush about this well known rocky road through Waihe'e Valley for the sake of the locals. As many of us know, it's not as secret to everyone who lives here, but it is to all travelers and tourists and I want to keep it that way, we all do. This place is a death trap during flash floods and it's best to go here with people who know what they are doing. It's nice to actually go to this amazing waterfall without having to deal with large groups of people. For the aina it's best kept that way. Considering that this hike is on private property it's added incentive for tourists to skip this one unless they are alone. In my view this is one of the most beautiful Waterfall hiking trails overall between the two waterfalls on the island of Oahu and the easiest in my view. You don't have to work hard to get the large reward at the end. Its abundance of waterfalls among it's mountainous notches after the valley has had several days of rain or downpours is just unable to describe with words but DON'T go here while it's down pouring, ever! If you choose to do Waihe'e Falls after Hamama Falls take a look at my Hamama Falls Video and then watch this one to the bonus Waterfall hike to Waihe'e Falls. The Waihe'e Falls trail starts at the Large vine Banyan tree 100 yards from Hamama Falls and down a hill across the stream. It's a rough trail through the slippery muddy forest so be careful and have good knowledge of faint trails and in case of Flash Floods know your exits. Waihe'e Falls may not be as tall or wide as Hamama Falls but Waihe'e falls is traveled by very few locals and most likely tourists have never step foot there. So take it slow, watch the Orange and Pink Markers and enjoy your own slice of Paradise very few see. * Per request by the locals of the Waihe'e area, I do not give out this location. Please don't ask me. This is a Boar Hunting trail so do not bring your Dogs and never bring them during Hunting days. Boars are present on this trail in the early morning hours.
So I got a lot of requests asking about where to get local beer when in Hawaii because some have heard Hawaii makes really good beers. Others have been asking me where they can get Kona Brewing Company beers on the mainland because they fell in love with the beers while visiting Oahu and the Big Island .Well, I hope this video answers every ones questions in some way and what is available on the mainland. Now I am a little bias here, I live walking distance to the Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai so I not only have the pleasure of getting everything on TAP, which is so much better, but I get to hit the place up for HAPPY HOUR come MON-FRI 3-6pm with $3.00 DRAFTS. Yeah, you will see Wayde putting down his Brews and HUMMAS either by himself or with his Ohana! Coming from Boston I'm a big beer lover. Growing up around all the Micro Breweries and the most famous one, SAM ADAMS brewery in BOSTON I can say I know a thing about good beer. Now, I have never said I am some beer connoisseur or some professional beer taster. All I can say is I LOVE BEER and I drink BEER every day. I did this video for you guys and I give you my honest opinion on what I like about the Kona Beers so I hope you enjoy it. It's exciting that KBC is expanding across the mainland and it is getting easier to get the beer in local liquor stores now...You should be able to get: LONGBOARD, FIREROCK and BIGWAVE all year long. PIPELINE PORTER, KOKO BROWN and WAILUA WHEAT are only seasonal. Pipeline in Winter (great with steak, beef kabobs or pot roast ) , Koko brown in Spring ( great with something like BBQ short ribs ) and Wailua Wheat in Summer ( great with grilled fish, shell fish and chicken) . If you happen to be in Hawaii and visit the Kona Brewing Company on Oahu or the Big Island most Beers are on TAP all year long but there are also beers that you can only get at the Brewery like HULA HEFEWEISEN ( banana ) BLACK SAND PORTER ( bittersweet chocolate) and LAVAMAN RED ALE ( caramel & chocolate) Just my opinion but I love these beers in this ORDER: PIPELINE, HULA HEF, KOKO BROWN, WAILUA WHEAT, LONGBOARD, BLACK SAND, LAVAMAN, FIREROCK and BIGWAVE which is the best BASE beer I have had but too close to budweiser for me to really enjoy. The LONGBOARD is the Beer you will always find in my Frig. Ck out the Brewery at konabrewingco.com
HIKE (Moderate/Difficult...Only because of the heat and lack of shade) What a day to hike the KAMILOIKI RIDGE TRAIL in HAWAII KAI. To get here search google map. Take Hawaii Kai Drive, turn right onto Waioli Street and then left onto Makahuena. You can park anywhere there's an open spot on the road just don't block any driveways or mailboxes. Like I always say RESPECT the people in the COMMUNITY. We started our Hike about 8am, next time I would start at 6 am and if you don't know your way around this island it's a good idea you take my advice. I will just start off by saying this is an AMAZING HIKE with an AMAZING PAY OFF of the Waimanalo Coastline to as far as the eyes can see! The only wacky thing about this trail is at the start. The trail begins adjacent to an ancient Hawaiian temple called a heiau, specifically Pahua Heiau. Out of respect, avoid tramping on the rocky heiau grounds, bad karma, bad luck. You don't want that on this hike. Stay to the LEFT up the sidewalk stairs where there is NO path. Following up the LEFT hand side past some big boulders at the edge of the Temple grounds. Go straight up where there is only a faint path to the "officially" path that continues to the left. The hardest Incline and Decline to this Hike is the first 15 mins up and last 15 mins down so be ready. The end of the hike to the top does have an incline but it's not as bad or steep as the start of this Hike. There are MARKERS everywhere so you never get lost "MAHALOS whoever took the time to post so many! WARNING: Reason you want to start early is that a large part of this ridge hike is in direct sunlight, OUCH! So starting early you will avoid the suns strength. The Hike is close to 3 miles up, 3 miles back the same way. Your looking at 2 hours up 2 hours down depending on picture taking and the Sun, I'm serious. ADVICE: Bring at least 1.5 liters of GATORADE with you or WATER...Go with the Gatorade, trust me. Bring lunch because when you reach the top you're going to want to take a break and eat while looking at the view...You may never have lunch with a view like this again!
http://waydesworldhawaii.com HIIKE(Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY" We went up to the Pali lookout to park and embark on a beautiful Hike on the OLD PALI ROAD to a beautiful Waterfall called LIKEKE FALLS, it's the long way to these falls, but to me the only worthy one...If take the golf course path to the waterfall is easy and short...personally, I'm never a fan of reaching my destination in 15 mins...To me and many free spirits in the world it has always been more about the journey than the destination Going at a pace to allow picture taking and a bite to eat I would say this was a 2-3 hour hike to the Falls and an Hour back to the Pali Parking lot. For everyone it's different, but this gives you an idea so put 4 hours a side. Only as we shoot this Video had they started to charge $3.00 to park up at the Pali. Ok, its not a big deal but how do I personally feel about this? Why do you think I created this YOUTUBE page in the first place? The Pali wont be the first place they start charging vacationers, there will be other places I promise you that. The state of Hawaii continues to penalize tourists for coming to the Islands and I wont have it anymore. This is why tourists come to Hawaii in the first place, to go to places like the Pali Lookout! Once they pay for Plane, hotel and other expenses HAWAII goes ahead and charges you to see these historic places again!!!! WTF? Is this Hike worth $3.00? HELL, its worth $20.00 as far as Im concerned. GO ON THIS HIKE, its a sweet hike, well worth it! FOR YOUR INFORMATION: If you are just going to the Pali lookout. The attendant leaves at 5pm. No attendant no pay da $3.00 gut it? Locals with ID, like everywhere else is Free. This Hike has several areas where it gets a little confusing so I will go over the major 4 of them. 1. You need to cross under the NEW PALI HIGHWAY to continue the Hike. The only way to do that is to the look for Pink or orange MARKERS that will tell you to take a SHARP LEFT to go under the highway. This happens right when the Old Pali road ends and you may say to yourself, "NOW WHAT?" 2. Once Hiking down a staircase you continue down the Old Pali Highway. You will cross several Large TREES that have fallen recently. Because this is NOT a state run trail the trees won't be moving any time soon. Take notice in summer of the Ginger flowers Blooming and Guava fruit. You can smell both of them. Eat a few, they are yummy! Once continuing down the old road you will need to leave the road and head into the forest. I show this point in the video. 3. When you enter the forest and climb up the ridge side you will reach the top. You may get confused because you can go left, right and straight down the other side of the ridge. FIRST go to your RIGHT for about a 5 min hike for some AMAZING pictures of the Mountains and to grab a snack . Once done head back the way you came and go STRAIGHT DOWN the other side of the ridge and continue to follow the trail for some time. You will notice in time that under your feet is NO LONGER a trail BUT a COBBLE STONE road. Walk about 2-4 mins and you will see a TRAIL that leads off the STONE road. Follow this trail to the Falls. DONE!
PARADISE COVE LUAU HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
Paradise Cove is just not a Hawaiian Luau it's so much more than that. Many locals as well as mainlanders think a Hawaiian Luau has become a simple Show and Dinner (buffet style) I'm here to tell you that at Paradise Cove it's not. The Ohana here at Paradise Cove take their job seriously and I noticed that they really love what they do. You can see it in their faces, the way they carry themselves and they way they speak and interact with you. There is something I love about this entire package. One of the many misconceptions is that many think that going to a Luau is for tourists or too hokey for them. Trust me, if you think that you are sadly mistaken. Missing out on Paradise Cove would be a serious mistake so please don't pass on this. It may not be on a Poor Mans budget but this is one of those times you should spend some of that hard earn money you saved with Wayde's World. You never feel like cattle or a number here nor do you ever feel rushed by anyone. This Luau is seriously chillaxin and laid back, trust me. I was truly surprised. You are greeted as soon as you get in the gate by beautiful singing and Ukulele playing. Then you are greeting with a nice Mai Tai and shell or flower Lei by a beautiful Hawaiian Women who then shows you to where you will be sitting for the evening. Once in the cove and after you know where you are sitting they give you an hour or so to walk around, take pictures of the cove and sunset, play Hawaiian Games, check out local Hawaiian arts and crafts. Once you spend some time doing those things you can watch the Shower of Flowers as a Hawaiian Man climbs to the top of a Palm tree and showers everyone below in Plumeria flowers. You then head over to the beach and watch the Hukilau, a short Hawaiian chant and dance on the beach. Last before we head over to our table for dinner we walk over to the pit where the Imu is and watch the Royal Court Procession and the Imu Ceremony which is the celebration of the feast we are about to eat and the cooking of the Pig in the underground oven. One of the things I noticed here was the fact that I didn't feel like a tourist. The locals make you feel at home and I have to say this starts at management and I meet many who worked here from the managers to the hosts to the stars of the show. All of them make you feel wonderful and really treat you like royalty. Whether you get the "Hawaiian Luau Buffet Package" or the most expensive "Deluxe Luau Package". Another thing I noticed is that many of the people we talked to had been local and had been bringing family or friends to the Luau. This tells me locals give this place a big thumbs up and trust the management and the Ohana here at Paradise to treat their own family and friends right and they do! My family loved the entire experience and so did I. Paradise Cove Luau # (808) 842-5911 Make sure you make reservations DAYS in advance! Website: www.paradisecovehawaii.com The Cove is located in front of the JW Marriot Hotel right after the guard station you enter the parking lot to your right. It has it's own parking lot for visitors who will be attending the Luau. A Hawaiian Luau is a little pricey but if you're visiting Hawaii you have to go and see what a luau is all about and for Oahu, Paradise Cove is a best bet. I would recommend the HAWAIIAN LUAU BUFFET Package Adults: $80.00 Youth: $70.00 Children: $60.00 If you guys are Kama'aina, military or are going with local friends or family, prices are cut in half, call for Kama'aina prices. 5:00pm The gates open at 5:00pm so please be there before 5. The Luau activities start soon after all around the cove. Whatever happens all night please do me a favor when you start to dig into the buffet...try EVERYTING, that includes the LUMI LUMI and POI. This is tradition in Hawaii and you may love it or hate it but at least you tried it! Enjoy your evening it will be a fun one but one to remember. PLEASE NOTE: You only get a few drinks included in your Luau package...so watch it. It could get costly if you order too many Lava Flows! Water is the only beverage that is free with your food. I wish they would offer a choice of Pineapple, Mango and Guava juice with the buffet but this isn't a call I can make. Luau will be over by 9:00pm.
MANOA FALLS HD "Waydes World Hawaii
HIKE (Easy/Moderate) "CHILD FRIENDLY" We spent the Morning Hiking up to the beautiful Manoa Falls and the OLD Paradise Park Botanical Gardens which today is known as: LYON ARBORETUM ...Make sure you give yourself time to do both these hikes...No one goes to the Botanical Gardens, LYON ARBORETUM, ck out the Video I did on this location as well because you will be all alone in the Tropical Rain Forest surrounded by Parrots...YOU WILL HEAR THEM AS THEY FLY above you...YOU WILL NOT see these amazing birds on the Manoa Falls hike, A long time ago they had been released by a bird keeper from Paradise Park which use to be in the same area where the treetop restaurant is...They are located in a very small area up in the ARBORETUM...Go to the clearing up at the Botanical Gardens and sit at the benches called INSPIRATION POINT ...Wait...they will come...DONT MISS THIS TREAT! Manoa Falls is worth a trip. One of the most well known and famous easy hiking trails on Oahu to see a waterfall, this one is great for the entire family but it does get busy. Please note the month of your visit. If you come in winter, the falls should be going well, but don't assume the falls are always flowing. In Summer these falls may only be a drip. Remember, Only Natural Springs supporting a waterfall system flows non-stop all year. This location isn't one of them. Enjoy another FREE day in Paradise!!!
HIKE (Easy) "CHILD FRIENDLY" We spent the morning hiking LYON ARBORETUM...Make sure you give yourself time to do this hike, you could spend half a day up here with all the trails off the beaten path. If you are new to this area please stop at the Arboretum office and get yourself a map. When there they ask for a $5.00 donation but it's your choice. You can look the map system up on-line also. You can Park here for Free and park here for a FULL day in Manoa. Spend time at the Arboretum then when you are done you can walk down the road you came up and hike Manoa falls. I believe the Parking lot closes at 4:30pm so make sure you are done before then for the day So I would start the day early, maybe around 8-9am. Not to many go to these Botanical Gardens (Arboretum). You will be all alone in the Tropical Rain Forest surrounded by Parrots and amazing singing birds...YOU WILL HEAR THEM AS THEY FLY above you. YOU WILL NOT see these amazing birds on the next door hike at Manoa Falls. They are located in a very small area up in the Arboretum. Go to the clearing up at INSPIRATION POINT and sit at the benches. Wait, they will come. DONT MISS THIS TREAT! Once you get your fill of these amazing Parrots work your way back down to the main trail. You will reach an old Haunted station and Waterfall. Please note these Falls DO NOT always have running water so please don't be disappointed if you come here in summer. If you are lucky there will be a small and beautiful fall and you will be by yourself. Enjoy another FREE day in Paradise!
THE HONOLULU ZOO HD "Waydes World Hawaii"
"CHILD FRIENDLY" PLEASE READ BEFORE VISITING THE HONOLULU ZOO. Parents have been asking me what they can do as a family with their kids in Hawaii. Well, one thing you could do is bring the family to the Honolulu Zoo. I had a hard week moving into my new place so I let Noah and my brother shoot a video while I chillaxed at the zoo and played with da monkeys. It was nice to just relax and walk around without doing any work. The Zoo is located between the slopes of Diamond Head and Waikiki at the corner of Kapahulu Ave. and Kalakaua Blvd. The Zoo parking lot entrance is on Kapahulu Ave and charges $1.00 per hour. The Shell parking lot across the street on Monsarrat Ave has free parking. Zoo Hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm daily and cost tourists $2.00 above my $10.00 limit for activity cost so it is your choice if you are visiting from the mainland and want to spend the $12.00 for the entrance fee. As for children they are $3.00. Locals pay $6.00, with ID. If you have a family and want to keep them busy for the day the Zoo is a good choice. The petting zoo will keep the kids busy as well, but if it's you and your partner or you and friends I would pass it by. While Noah and my brother Jeff shot the video I seriously looked over the Zoo from top to bottom. I will be the first to tell you if something's worth the price or not. I have several serious issues with the Zoo in it's current stage. First off, the price, it's too much for what you get. That's my personal view. Being local, I only had to pay $6.00 and at that price it's more reasonable and worth it. Second of all, the Zoo always seems to be under construction. If it's under construction and animals are missing or areas are blocked off and coming soon you should get entrance to the park at a reduced rate. If the Zoo plans on charging more money when the construction is done I would say that's a bad idea. Third, and I feel it's the most important of them all, if you are going to have amazing animals at the Zoo, PLEASE MAKE IT CONDUSIVE to viewing for the visitor! The design of the park on the most part is badly designed. If you are a photographer good luck. Now this may sound like I ripped the Honolulu Zoo a new one and in a way I have because if I was running the Zoo I would be embarrassed to charge tourists or vacationers more then $8.00 for the entrance fee. I do want to be clear however everyone, if you are a family of four you will get your $30.00 worth with the use of the park. The kids will stay busy and have plenty of things to see and do while you can have some down time for 3-5 hours. In the end it's your choice. When it comes to saving money and making the most of what you have it's always important for me to give you guys both sides of the coin. Much ALOHA.
Upon the USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL in Pearl Harbor; United States Navy, JAMES BECKWITH enters Re Enlistment on 4/19/13, Deployment: GUAM THE SAILORS CREED: I am a United States Sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and Commitment. I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.