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Take off from Dubai International Airport (Night time)
Take off from Dubai International Airport on Emirates. Sorry about the dirty window ( blame emirates :P) (Camera used: Samsung Galaxy s6 edge )
Views: 144 Sulayman Aslam
Badshahi Mosque (Prayer time)
Mini clip of Badshahi Masjid, Lahore, Pakistan :) it was my first time visiting and absolutely loved it! MashaAllah so peaceful and relaxing. (Camera: Samsung Galaxy s6 edge, 4k resolution)
Views: 390 Sulayman Aslam
Jalebi Wala GT Road, Gujrat, Pakistan Streetfood
Yummy jalebis being made in gt road, Gujrat, Pakistan! Yummy streetfood
Views: 72 Sulayman Aslam

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