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Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad vlog#12
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Ramli stream Quaid-e-Azam University part # 2
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Two Inspirations Vlog # 25 #Faisal masjeed
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Think big vlog #08
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Never stop chasing your dream vlog#10
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scope insan ka hota h field ka nai.
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Believes and Fasle believes that you hold dear Vlog#014
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Save lifes by appreciating & your sarcasm can kill people vlog#09
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Qawali #latif day #Islamabad  #November vlog #19
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Passion is what you need motivation continued vlog #5 and #6
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vlog # motivation part 1 how far you stand from happiness ...
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t-vlogs lala&nomi
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Fire work after PTI won election
Don't judge the title its a lie just wanted to see the love of PTI supports ...
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No pain no gain vlog #016
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Never judge others vlog #11
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Two Friends and forgiveness vlog #017
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First shoot just to get started.
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You are always one step away from happiness and success ..
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Car show 2018 unofficial video vlog #018
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Environmental pollution thats increasing day by day how to control and reduce it.
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It's a start of the journey
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