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Basic Ascent with Tree Spikes
***** A more updated version of this video here: https://youtu.be/THI-zIzxxZc In this video I use the rock exotica rope grab attached to my rope lanyard to show you how to basically climb but remember you climb at your own risk. It is procedure to use two safety lanyards when cutting or pruning especially with a chainsaw. I only use one in this video but I suggest a 2-in1 safety lanyard to any who are daring to be a tree worker at least until you can figure out what works best for you.
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Climbing Arborist or Tree Climbers Use Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo Chainsaws for Tree Work
Which do you personally like to use? Undoubtedly these 3 brands of chainsaws are being primarily used by Arborist and Tree men the world over and have built up a reputation for being reliable and have responded well to the abuses of tree work. I will use any brand of chainsaw and have used several over the years but I personally prefer Husqvarna. What brand do you prefer even if it is not mentioned in the video.
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How To Put on Tree Climbing Spikes or Spurs
It's so simple I did it with practically one hand on my phone and the other putting them on.
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How To Use Tree Climbing Spikes or Tree Spurs for Climbing Arborist, Tree Men, Tree Women and All
https://teespring.com/stores/arborist-collection https://teespring.com paypal.me/TreeBoi4LifeThis is an updated version of a few of my previous videos dealing with wearing and using tree spikes/spurs. Using tree spikes are dangerous and you can die or get seriously hurt if you wear or use them improperly so be forewarned that you need training on the ground before you attempt an ascent with them on. My video shows how you can successfully meet that challenge but as a disclaimer use these methods at your own risk. Other than that be safe and have fun climbing those trees. As always, Thanks for watching!
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Small Haul of Black Walnut Wood
This is by far some of the most beautiful and most expensive wood to have the pleasure to work with. Comment below with your experiences with black walnut.
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When the Choice is Made Not to Climb Rotten or Decayed Tree
Even being able to tie in to a neighboring tree on this day a chose not to climb this dead tree. Everybody at some point will have a tree like this and the choice must be made. There was a time I would have went up this tree but not now...lol...Thx-4-Watching Guys! Be Safe Out There Up In Those Trees! Time to Rent a Lift.
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2 Rope Antidote for Tree Limb Rigging
This is a follow up video of the monster oak which I thought was a red oak tree which I removed from over a house. I was contracted to climb for this job and as you guys who rig know that it takes a methodical approach to rigging over a house or obstacles without the use of a bucket or a crane. In this video I used 2 rigging lines, a spider leg limb stabilizing device, a block/pulley and a loopie sling, and a port-a-wrap device and single eyed sling for this job. I started from the bottom and worked my way up then back to the bottom and up again all the way round to ensure rigging lines where free from snags and tangles because it can get tricky carrying all these ropes nd setting them up over and over again as in the case with this monster. There was very minimal damage to the roof and gutters and that was a major accomplishment considering the limbs where so close to this house and there were so many. Please be on the lookout for part 2 coming in a few weeks. I have been crazy busy and I would like to thank all who regularly visit my channel and watch and like my videos as well as all the new comers, "Thanks!" And be safe out there in those trees.
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Develop Confidence Climbing Tall Skinny Trees
Just helping those new to the game to see how to climb a small tree with confidence. Of course you still need a good sense of judgement and wood strength and proper training for climbing trees. Don'
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Tree Workers'  Need Continuing Education Too
Some very good publications that have helped me and I know will help you to be a verry safe and successful tree worker. Although not a certified arborist I had to start from the bottom and in a very short time I am on the right track and able to make an honest living doing what I love.
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Conquer Your Fear of Falling For Beginner Tree Climbers DRT
***Spikes are on my feet due to me shooting videos but I normally climb without them.****** Watch as I jump tug and free fall on the rope and notice that is more than strong enough to hold your weight just feel free and relax and get use to hanging and trusting in your rope and other safety equipment as well as your friction hitch
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Arborist Tree Climbing 101
******Disclaimer******* Please use this at your own risk because tree work is very dangerous and you can die. So please get the proper training needed before attempting to climb a tree for removal, be it with or without tree spikes/spurs.***** Just another video on use of equipment used by the Arborist or Treemen or Treewomen and even Hunters or Lineman. I do a start to finish sorta deal from putting on safety equipment to the start of the initial climb itself and I will add other videos that are more easier on the eyes and easy to follow to where all can learn the ends and outs of tree climbing with specialized gear and that will help you to build skills vital for success. This video might have a fews errors in spelling and the end is weird due to my video editing software almost shutting down my computer so I apologize in advance but am sure you will get the point of what I was trying to say and do. I recommend all to buy: "Tree Climbers Companion 2nd edition" by Jeff Jepson. Thanks for watching!
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Lava Rope Boss from Sherrill Tree and Weaver Cougar Saddle with Rope Bridge
I made a final rope bridge addition with an old but useful single eye rope split tail I had and put two anchor hitches and taped the ends and it gives me peace of mind in the face of rope bridge failure. Plus some footage of a new rope I had wanted for quite sometime but this video is .
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The Huge Leaning Half-Way Dead Maple Tree - Part 3
Thx-4-Watching this 3 part series of this large dying Maple tree! Watch part 1 and part 2 as well if you have the time. This was a crazy tree that I had to do for a property management firm which was a drop, throw limbs and wood in the wooded area and go deal. I love these types of jobs and yet this tree was still fairly healthy at least well enough to climb anyways but there is always so much uncertainty with these dead, or dying trees and experience has taught me to know when to and not to attempt a climb. So always use an extreme degree of judgement when having to climb trees like this. In the video it didn't look like it but when the wind is blowing like crazy to it makes a simple climb a lot more tricky. I was excited to take more and more weight off the stump since it had a hard lean near the Apt complex. I hope you enjoy this video and each climb I take I always have you guys in mind when the camera is rolling and although there is not a perfect tree climber alive but we all can learn so much from each other based on all the different situations we find ourselves in in these unpredictable trees both what to do and even what not to do. I appreciate you all for taking the time to watch, like, comment and also for subscribing. More videos are sure to follow. Thanks!
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Tree Rigging Gear and Rope Buy off Craigslist
This was a buy I couldn't pass up and this guy was getting out of the tree climbing part of his business and he gave me a swell deal on the gear and I jumped right on it. Relate any experiences or tree gear or equipment buys off Craigslist that you guys have had in the past where you just couldn't pass it up.
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The Hitch Climber Pulley for Tree Climber's - Why Do You Like Yours?
Tell us in the comments below of your own review of these device and I was rambling on about what I like about it and its a great device to have and I have become 10 times faster then I was when I used a more traditional method using the Blake's and the rope itself to climb with and anyways Thanks-4-Watching!
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Circle of Death Explained - Tree Climber Arborist Treeman Tree Climbing
An older video I just found. Keep watching and I will touch on the Circle of death we try our best to avoid. ( Fast Forward to 2:00 )
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Weaver Cougar Tree Saddle Reveiw
Check out the new saddle it is amazing and now I am stuck wondering to myself why didn't I do this sooner. Sometimes it does not pay to be stubborn and old fashioned.
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Reliable Groundsmen Are Hard to Find for Tree Work
Here is a older video of what happens to many small business owners who might not have a reliable worker(s) and are left to pick up the slack because as a "boss we have to pay the cost" and get the job done. I have since found reliable help but I am not afraid to work hard and get the job done as I am sure many of you are having to do the same if not now or in the past or in the future.
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"The Tree of Death"  Part 2 - (2017)
Here is another tree from this year's tornado damaged area and this was to say the least a very, very, large old and dying white oak tree that really needed to come down but the folks decided they wanted to keep it and I didn't want to take any chances in this old decaying tree. Geddie's Tree Service. Thx-4-Watching! And stayed tuned for the other parts. They will be out soon.
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Tree Felling in Fayetteville, NC - 2017
I actually was born in Fayetteville, NC and stayed there for a brief time or two before relocating to Winston-Salem, NC. I love NC and I was here helping a fellow fledgling tree service that are on the way up and we had a great time and worked hard to complete the task at hand, trees. Thx-4-Watching! I will have more vids coming soon and I am glad to have my 394XP back too.
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Tree Rigging Tools - pt 1
This is not a complete rigging tutorial but instead just an introduction to things is tree guys use to rig limbs and big wood when not using the natural crotch.
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"A Very Dangerous Tree Removal" - Part 4
We here we go, the last video in this series and I want to thank all who came with me on this journey as I was able to relive this take down which was one for the ages. You don't get these every day but if you do get some hazardous removals that require climb the tree just remember to be as safe and cautious as you can possibly given the situation because they vary in nature. I was able to use my big saw and we were able to remove this threat by putting it on the ground. The pole was going to be replaced as it was damaged by this huge tree laying on it and watch for the surprise at the end! Thanks for watching and remember to like, share, or sub if you'd like. "Be safe out there up in those trees guys."
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Tree Climber Stop Using Only One Tie in Point
****Using only one lanyard is a bad habit we must break**** This bad habit will get you injured or dead in some circumstances, always use two safety lanyards when using the chainsaw or if you have to reposition yourself.
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Large Red OaK Free Fell Rope-less Tree Removal - Part 2
**4 Videos are in this Series and please watch them all if you'd like to.** This was decent sized red oak tree in a natural area in a customers yard. No roping was necessary and we took down nearly 15 trees on this property and this was the last one. It was nice to be able to free fell the limbs and also catalogue the whole take down of this tree in the 4 videos. This is not a training video but it shows all thats involved in the removal of a tree without ropes and how to go about doing it in a methodical way as well as how to be as cooridinated as you can with the ground guys and also setting up and being in as good of position as possible to make you cuts. There are times when I use only one hand on the chainsaw but the majority of the time I use both and I am also wearing spikes because this is a removal. I am climbing on Poison Ivy with the hitch climber pulley set up. I use both the rock exotica rope grab device and the grillion device as lanyard adjusters. The chainsaw I have is a T540xp with a 12" bar&chain. As always, I appreciate the continued support of my channel and thanks so much for watching and sharing my journey, my story of a man driven by his passion to survive and support my family as best I can as a "Tree Man" AKA "TreeBoi4Life." Feel free to comment or like or even ask any questions you'd like. No editing was done to any of these videos and this is all raw video footage. I hope you like what you see and stay tuned to my channel for more videos.
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15 Minutes to the Top with the Husqvarna T540xp Professional Climbing Chainsaw for Arborist
Of course I exaggerated a little on the gas it was nearly half and I used it for another 20-30 min prior to it shutting off while cutting brush up. This video was 35 minutes and edited down to what you see. I tried to capture some great footage the job we love with a truly amazing chainsaw the Husqvarna T540xp Professional Arborist/Treeman or Woman. I hope this answers some of the questions asked as to the reliability of this saw. Please Rate Comment Subscribe and by all means Share this video. And as always...Thanks for Watching!
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Unboxing Homemade Port-a-wrap
My good Youtube buddy Shooting9247 looked out for me and made me this. Be sure to check out his channel for how to use the Port-a-wrap. Guys like this are true professionals and help make youtube a better place. Much props to all my youtube Tree climbing/cutting bretheren. As always thanks for watching my videos.
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Tree Climbing/Rigging Knot 4:  The Blake's Hitch using a single eyed split tail
When I first used this method it was liberating because I primarily climb all the trees I take down thanks to their locations or because I like to work alone sometimes and I train this way. A lot of tree climbers use a bunch of unorthodox methods to climb but its best if they had a little insight they could realize their full potential with what they have but doing so safely. Always use discretion with new methods and don't use them in the tree learn them on the ground first.
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Tall Pine Tree Topping Near A House Part 15 - 2017
This was another pine tree job part from this job in Clemmons, NC by Geddie's Tree Service. You will see climbing and cutting and ground work in this series. I appreciate you for taking the time to watch my video and this series and yet there are still more videos to post till we reach the completion and, "Be Safe Out There Up In Those Trees!"
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Husqvarna T540xp Repair - Part 1
My saw finally needed to be replaced due to the body being all busted up even though the saw ran fine it was just unsafe to use so I went and bought a T540xp off eBay and it was repaired but still ran funny just watch part 2 to get more info on how it worked out because at first I thought it was a simple hose but what it really was was interesting to say the least.
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Monster Maple Tree Takedown
This was one of the largest maple trees I have ever taken down and it was about 4ft across. Here are the highlights. Thanks for watching!
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Juan's Large Dead Pine Tree Part 5 - (2017)
Here we have a large dead tree that up and died. At Geddie's Tree Service we do a number of these types of trees and we have cleared lots and so much more tree work so if you need tree work please don't hesitate to call. As for my Subs, you guys have seen me do bunches of these trees and each one has its own personality and yet this one was no different and I was very cautious as I slowly dismantled this dead tree. Please watch all of the parts prior to this sweet finale. Thx-4-Watching! More series are sure to follow!
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Tree Climbing Spikes - Dead Petrified-Like Semi-Soft Wood
This is another situation that comes into play when using tree spikes to climb.
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Find Deals on Spare Tree Gear for Tree Climbing
Picked up some good used gear at a reasonable price and I like many others tend to have extra gear on hand for whenever we might need an extra climber or need some gear for a alternate purpose. Just a good tip. I meant to say "last loop or hole on the belt" and "the rope bridge has a slightly different feel to it than the basic D-ring saddle". *******As a rule used climbing rope is best suited for rigging as opposed to climbing not unless you know personally personally how the rope was used prior to the purchase. Always buy climbing rope new. And, of course good judgement should be used when purchasing a used tree saddle or any used tree gear.
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Tools of the trade:  Professional Tree Climbing and Removal
These are some of the main components to begin climbing trees and taking them down or trimming, dead wooding, and remember chippers, trucks and stump grinders, heavy equipment comes later and can be rented in worse case scenarios if you don't credit or money for them but the items pictured are essential and the heart of tree work and next to them you need skill. Climbing set ups and saws vary choose what works for you and climb and cut safe.
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Dangers of Not Using A Face Cut or Notch to Fell or Top A Tree
This plays largely on the removal side of the tree business and things can get out of hand quick when you starting cutting on a tree all crazy and this video will highlight some of the woes of our job as well as try to make sense of why trees have to be cut in certain ways to insure success. I don't intend for this to be a training video of sorts but my intentions were to highlight common pitfalls and also shed light on a solution which in short is please before you attempt any tree felling or climbing get the proper training beforehand which will greatly increase you success, health, and overall well-being. Granted there is no perfect tree man or arborist but try to strive to be better in all aspects of the tree work you are associated with. As always, Thanks for watching!
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Throw Line Use and Storage for Tree Climbers or Arborist
This is just a few types/tips for throw rope, throw weight, throw ball, etc. One is a basic slick line and the other is a splicable type from New England Ropes. Find out which kind you like and figure out the technique you will most likely use in the tree and by all means get that rope in the right crotch and climb safe. Hope this helps its just a brief introduction.
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"I Felled Good" - TreeBoi4Life Tree Felling
I was a little leery about this one at first and it ended up turning out well. My best felling vid this year! Thx-4-Watching!
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Arborist Sherrill Tree and Vermeer Outlet Store/Shop Walkthrough
Here in Greensboro, NC and having a ball looking at all this sweet gear right at my fingertips. Shout out to Vermeer and Sherrill Tree and also all you guys who watch and support my channel. Thx-4-Watching!
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Dangers Up Above
This is a short video highlighting the effects big rigging has on the spar or tree pole. This shows what happens when you don't allow the limbs to run and what effect it has on the climber. This was a very windy day too and 1 tree got me real good but I was okay. I was a little sore but a good video to show groundies especially in smaller more shaky trees. Thanks for watching as always and be safe out there up in those trees!
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#2 Most Dangerous Job in World
Actually, Logging is #2 but tree removal is a branch off from this type of work and is a force to be reckoned with. This is what I do as well as many of my tree brethren around the world. This was a successful removal but this pine tree was leaning like crazy and scared me half to death when the top literally popped off and it was ferocious sounding and the video really didn't do it justice. This video really is just a reminder of how dangerous and unpredictable tree work really is plus a few extra clips of tree felling some dead trees in a wooded area and more trees in a customers back yard. I slowed the top down and you can see it cleaned the tree all the way to the bottom and cleared the fence too. I thought I was going to half to do some rigging but was able to freely cut the remaining limbs safely and efficiently. I felt relieved that I used as best judgement as possible to successfully top this dangerous leaning tree and then not damage the homeowners property. Which made me question my own sanity once I seen it played back after living through it, then I thought to myself, "We really must be crazy...lol...or like seriously out of our minds to do this type of work." As always, Thanks for Watching! Here is the link for the Arborist Hoodies if you are interesting in getting one: https://teespring.com/stores/arborist-collection
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Tall Pine Tree Topping Near a House - Part 2
This part was short but sweet and this was a huge top and although I messed up the notch it all came back together in the end. Hope you enjoyed it. Part 3 will be out soon. Thx-4-Watching!
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Chainsaw Sharpening Tips - Taking the mystery Out of It
****There is a small delay in Video I had to go get some safety glasses and I will be back**** Thanks-4-Watching and I hope it helps you get better at sharpening your chains and takes the mystery out of chain sharpening. If you see how it looks new and simply repeat the process as your chain will be sharpened.
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Husqvarna 394xp The Red Oak Killer
*********This tree was DYING.************ This tree was rotten and hollow in the middle although it seemed heathy but was removed before storms came in. I know it looked dull but the saw was cutting great even though I could have increased my angles on the teeth a little more but this was big hard wood in real time, and in real life. 3ft across trunk and probably give or take 7-12ft in diameter and the bark was thick but I pretty much got her down in about 5 cuts with the 394p and 5 cuts with the t540 and once I got to the top I have to use the big boy to accomplish my purpose. We were in and open area right off the golf course and we couldn't just drop this monster with out tearing more trees up so we just topped it and then felled the spar however I still end up removing broken limbs from the trees I hit with the large leaning limb. I am still a work in progress when it comes to my felling skills but I was almost on the money with this one because I wanted to hit the right side of the stump but with the bend in the trunk it fell literally inches away from the target which was still an accomplishment. As always I appreciate you for watching this video and if you'd like to comment please do below and subscribe if you have not. And by all means be safe out there up in those trees.
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Tree Climbing/Rigging Knot 1:  The Figure 8
This is a very crucial knot to know because it is easy to tie and can be used for many purposes. Learn it and use it.
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Husqvarna T536 LiXP Demo
I went in to buy some pull cord and left LTD Farm and Garden in King NC where I do business with my Husqvarna saw repairs and parts with a demo saw and I loved it!
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How I Walk on Tree Limbs:  Limbwalking with Spikes
*** It is good to know how to walk out on them in the case you have to wear spikes. This is a practice tree and is destined for removal. I popped myself in the mouth in the last seconds of this video so don't laugh I lost my balance trying to film but it was silly of me to do that and did you notice my reaction. Anyway use these techniques at your own risk but first you must be brave and conquer your fear of heights and improve your balance. There is other ways to limb walk such as the double crotch method and of course most guys just use a bucket truck for limbing but me I climb while I still can. It is the best possible on the job exercise\fitness program that I need to stay in shape.
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100ft White Oak Set Up and Removal - Part 2
This was a 100ft or more big white oak tree that overhung the back side of a house and I used my infamous 2-Rope-Antidote to successfully take that side off. This will be a 4 Part Series of what it is actually to remove these large trees by meticulous roping and strategy since tree removal involves a lot of thinking and preparation and the hard work is sure to follow. There is no editing done in these videos. If you have the time to sit and watch these videos then please do because each tree has its own personality, so to speak, and some require different removal techniques depending on the surrounding environment and its location. Thank you for watching the videos on my channel.
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How to Grab Brush to Drag or Load for Tree Workers
Just some advice for the newer untrained adding to knowledge of our trade to increase productivity and to be more efficient. Thanks for Watching!
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