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The tragedy behind Leeteuk's sunny smile
Born Park Jung Soo, Leeteuk always presented a happy, carefree personality and easy smile as the leader of K-pop group Super Junior. But hidden behind his sunny persona was a traumatic childhood. His parents fought a lot and divorced when he was 15. On January 6 this year, his father and grandparents were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. We piece together the dramatic events in Leeteuk's life to gain insight into his relationship with his dad. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Linda Chung: Bosco is my punching bag
Hong Kong actress Linda Chung reveals that she punches and pinches guys like TVB colleague Bosco Wong, to keep stress away. In Singapore for the launch of jewellery boutique Mikimoto at Marina Bay Sands, the sweet TV star isn't afraid to speak her mind. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Lee Kuan Yew: The boy who became Prime Minister (Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew Pt 1)
From a boy who grew up at Kampong Java Road, Mr Lee Kuan Yew would later lead Singapore to independence and become the nation's first Prime Minister. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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My best kiss (Kim Hyun Joong Pt 1)
Fresh off the set of mini-drama series Playful Kiss, Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong shared his experience of kissing in the rain. But is the 24-year-old leader of SS501 a good kisser in reality?
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He likes women who are... (Lee Min-ho Pt 3)
Korean star Lee Min-ho has female fans swooning all over him, but what sort of woman does he like?
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George + Annie = love? (George Hu Pt 1)
They did it in Love Now, and they're doing it again in Love Around. George Hu and Annie Chen make such a cute couple on screen, that fans wish they would hook up in real life. Would they? We pose the question to George, who was in town recently to promote Love Around. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Chinese fruit seller speaks fluent Tamil
A fruit seller in Tiong Bahru is a rare gem as he speaks the four official languages of Singapore. Mr Yap Ha Kuan, a 46-year-old fruitseller at Sin Kian Choon fruitstall might be of Chinese descent but he speaks English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.
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David Garret's Greatest Love Affair (David Garrett Pt 3)
31-year-old German Violinist David Garrett was in town recently to promote his latest cross-over album Rock Symphonies. Having played the violin for 28 years, we asked David about his love affair with the instrument.
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Lee Kuan Yew: The man who defined Singapore (Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew Pt 2)
Seven victorious elections, 31 years as Prime Minister and more than 50 years in government. Mr Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore into what he described as a 'first world oasis in a third world region'. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Schooling Joseph Schooling
The parents of Singapore's top swimmer Joseph Schooling tell The Straits Times why they sent Joseph for lessons and recount the day they started taking his swimming seriously. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Joe's pop trivia test (Fall Out Boy Pt 2)
Guitarist Joe Troham is more at home playing rock music to crowds. Describing pop stars, not so. HOT FM's DJ Cheryl Miles puts him to the test. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Hollywood stars shocked by Singapore car prices
From Vin Diesel to Luke Evans, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano, the cast members of action flick Fast & Furious 6 are all no strangers to racing cars in the movie series. But how good are they at guessing the crazy car prices in Singapore? John Lui reports from Manila.
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Yong Hwa: All break ups are hard (CNBlue Pt 1)
CNBlue vocalist Jung Yong Hwa reveals that the band's latest hit song, I'm Sorry is based on his own personal experience of being dumped by a girl.
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Desperate for a girlfriend (Lee Min Ho Pt 1)
Popular star of Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers" Lee Min Ho hopes to find a girlfriend to share his hobbies like cooking and swimming with.
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Extreme male pampering (Barbershops Pt 1)
Lush leather seats, face massages and cocktails - now, this is pampering for men! And while it may hold the Guinness record as the oldest barbershop in history, is the $88 price tag for their most expensive shave too much for you? Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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No supermodel girlfriend? (Kim Hyun Joong press con Pt 3)
Why would a young man as desirable as 24-year-old Kim Hyun Joong not be looking for a supermodel girlfriend? The  singer-actor who recently played the lead male role as Baek Seung Jo in Korean mini-drama series "Playful Kiss" also gives us his two cents' worth on what he thinks of girls' bodies and faces.
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Fahrenheit shows off their multi-lingual skills
Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan speak in English while Wu Chun denies rumors about his love life.
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His three sons: DJ, actor, singer (Richard Marx Pt 2)
Richard Marx's career and marriage to actress Cynthia Rhodes has influenced all three of their sons, but does the award winning songwriter like his sons' music?
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Tesla owner Joe Nguyen opens up about his ordeal
44-year-old Joe Nguyen had to wait 7 months and pay a $15,000 surcharge to get his Tesla Model S road legal in Singapore. He paid close to $400,000 for the electric car which gets tax breaks in countries like Britain, United States and Hong Kong. With recent news of Tesla CEO Elon Musk contacting PM Lee, does Joe expect to get his $15,000 back? Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Singapore's first vertical farm
We find out what the benefits are, of vegetables produced in Singapore's first vertical farm - Sky Greens.
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Jackson Galaxy, the crazy cat lady
With his towering frame and tattoo sleeves, no one would have imagined that Jackson Galaxy is a cat person. But the American cat behaviourist and host of popular TV show My Cat From Hell wants to break the crazy cat lady stereotype. He tells us how cats saved his life. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Inside Changi's air control tower (Air traffic controllers Pt 1)
More than 700 air planes fly in and out of Changi Airport everyday, and air traffic controllers like Martin Pereira work round the clock to ensure that they reach their destination safely.
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Hi-Hi-Hi (J-rock SCANDAL Pt 4)
J-rock girl band SCANDAL performed Hi-Hi-Hi at Singapore's Lasalle College of the Arts.
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How will Lee Kuan Yew govern India?
"If someone were to give you India today, can you do to India what you did to Singapore over the last three decades?" Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gives his take.
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Tyra likes Asian Men (Tyra Banks pt 2)
Singaporean men listen up! Tyra is looking for a 'yellow' to match her 'black'. She even flirts with our cameraman in this clip!
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So you wanna be a K-pop star? (JYP Auditions Pt 1)
More than 650 K-pop star wannabes showed up at the JYP Asean Region Auditions in Singapore in hopes of becoming JYP Entertainment's next Wonder Girls or 2PM. While most sang, check out the multitude of languages they sang in - and decide for yourself if they're stars-to-be or not.
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Who is the Singapore Prata Girl?
Who is the girl flipping pratas in a video that's been going viral online? Meet Singapore Prata Girl, Nur Hidayu Bte Sakuwan, 20, and find out more about her. How does she like her prata? Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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The girls he trusts (G-Dragon press con Pt 2)
When asked who he would like to work with next, Korean rapper G-Dragon refused to namedrop and said that it's about what he and the other artiste shares in common musically. But he has faith in his label mate, girl group 2NE1, who are his guest stars on the Singapore leg of his first solo concert tour. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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From boyband to rock band (The Script Pt 1)
Before singer Danny O'Donoghue and guitarist Mark Sheehan were rocking the stage as The Script, they made up half of the boyband MyTown in the 90s - a fact that Mark does not regret and in fact wears with pride.
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Secret behind Lee Byung Hun's "perfect" six packs
Practice, practice, practice. There's no other way to prepare for an action movie, said Korean actor Lee Byung Hun, who scored two assassin roles in Hollywood action series G.I. Joe and Red. Find out how he trained to achieve his so-called "perfect" six packs.
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Steven Tyler - 65 and still flirting
When asked what gets him up in the morning, the cheeky 65-year-old Steven Tyler of rock band Aerosmith said to the young female reporter, "You". The band is in town to attend the Social Star Awards. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Waiting for Yoon Eun Hye (Kim Jong Kook Pt 2)
Running Man star Kim Jong Kook says he hopes actress Yoon Eun Hye will join him on the show one day.
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A surprise from JJ Lin (Hong Junyang Wedding Pt1)
Former contestants from Project Superstar Hong Junyang and Candyce Toh wed recently in a fairytale wedding ceremony. In this clip, find out how JJ Lin surprised the couple.
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From bulimic to six-pack abs
29-year-old teacher, freelance personal trainer and fitness blogger Melissa Sarah Wee battled bulimia throughout her teenage years. But today, she is fit, toned, with a body that will put many to shame. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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An African Chinese Descendant
Born in Mozambique to Chinese parents, Wah Lim reflects on the ups and down's of the Maputo Chinese community and discusses the current new Chinese investment into the country.
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Riches to rags: A nun's story (Austrian Buddhist nun Pt 1)
66-year-old Venerable Nirodha gave up a fortune that would have lasted her a lifetime in the search of truth. She found her calling in Buddhism and shares her faith journey with us.
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8 magic ways to look younger (Robin Niu's beauty tips Pt 8)
Simply massage the "8 magic spots" on your face and you can look years younger!
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Hovering paper strip (The Paper Airplane Guy Pt 2)
How can you make a piece of paper stay in the air for half an hour?John Collins, The Paper Airplane Guy, shows us how.
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Bruce Lee couldn't swim
Bruce Lee's siblings - elder sister Phoebe and younger brother Robert - reveal some "secrets" about the late martial arts legend, like how he could not swim, nor ride a bicycle. Both are guest speakers athe One Fighting Championship's Asia Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) summit which begins here today, at Marina Bay Sands. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Guide dogs better than human helpers (Guide Dogs for the Blind Pt2)
Before labrador-retriever guide dog Esme entered Cassandra's life, she was no stranger to lamp posts, head x-rays and stiches as the white cane that she uses to guide her could not catch up with her pace. But now, Esme helps Cassandra get to every place she wants to - safely and independently. See how Esme is better than a human helper.
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Dev Patel “not ashamed” of Indian roles
Actors often shy away from playing the same role too often, for fear of being typecast - but not Dev Patel. In town for a dialogue session at Singapore International Film Festival 2015 about his latest movie The Man Who Knew Infinity, the Slumdog Millionaire star said that he has embraced his Indian heritage and "I’m not ashamed of it”. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Choco is my new love (Lee Min Ho Pt 2)
Since there is no special girl in his life now, Korean actor Lee Min Ho has focused his attention to this new friend of his.
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First, you must have a good wife! (Lim Guan Eng Pt 16)
That's Lim Guan Eng's advice for budding opposition politicians.Find out what keeps him going in his political career. Mr Lim spoke to SPH journalists during a recent visit to Singapore.
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From Yale to YouTube (Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider Pt 2)
Graduating with top honours from a top university isn't a trait usually associated with YouTube singers. YouTube singers, and Yale graduates, Sam and Kurt, tell us if that was their reason for success. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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My father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew (Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Pt 1)
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's eldest son, talks about their father-son relationship, what he was like as a father, and whether he was a strict disciplinarian at home. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Meet S'pore's 78-year-old rocker granny
She could well be the coolest grandma in Singapore. Recently featured on the official SG50 website, 78-year-old Mary Ho went from zero to guitar hero after overcoming the odds at the age of 60. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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A peek into the Facebook office
We visit the Facebook office in Singapore as it turns 10 this year. Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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Is Stef Sun a "Tiger Mum"? (New mom Stefanie Sun Pt 1)
Local singer and new mom Stefanie Sun thinks "Tiger Mums" are awesome, but does she have it in her to be one? Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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WP performs Hokkien classic
Workers' Party members performed Hokkien classic 爱拼才会赢 in its first-ever concert. Catch the solo parts by its parliamentarians including Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh.
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How to choose a good durian
Catch this and more on www.razortv.com.sg
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