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C119 Nantucket round trip with cockpit video 1987
C 119 "boxcar" .Before it's final season of service, I was privileged to obtain a copy of the cockpit video, then added my outside video to share this routine flight to Nantucket. Included: start up, 2 takeoff and landings, with cockpit views.
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Piper PA17 Vagabond Rebuild 1993
Steve and I rebuild another fabric airplane. In 1993, the new owner of a Piper Vagabond brought us an airplane(some bits and pieces in cardboard boxes!) to recover in Stits* polyester process. The sticker shock was because so much of it was damaged or missing. Enjoy some photos and in-cockpit video as we had fun taking rides in our 2 seater. notes: after this rebuild,it was sold and the next owner continued with the wind driven generator, and upgraded the Continental engine to 90HP.
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Veterans Day Snowstorm D.C.1987, Weather Surprise
This storm made a bullseye on the Capital.What can I say? 63 to 33 degrees in 1 day - short sleeves to shoveling snow. ( a clip from my vacation archives) Thank you, FOX5 for the report! http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitalweathergang/2010/11/on_this_veterans_day_in_1987.html?wprss=capitalweathergang
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1955 Piper Cub Special rebuild highlights 1992
My most successful rebuild as an AP-IA, with help from my colleague Steve. No video of the process(photos only), but got the test flight and seaplane action! My boss probably had over 40 years in Cubs like this, and he gave me his thumbs up after this recovering with Stits*.
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Acrosport Rebuild Part 3
The 1976 Acrosport finally takes flight after 1 year of teamwork. I our final video,you can see some of the wing rigging, and literally "playing with the wing wash and watching the bubble". :-)
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Anteitam 135th Reenactment, Sharpsburg, MD 1997
I heard that they used some reenactment footage(cameras on the field) for "Gods and Generals". ANTEITAM . America's bloodiest day in Civil War. Please excuse the 2 pick ups and spectators in my depiction :) You may watch the clear-color version here on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=154526057934260&oid=331709981339&saved#!/video/video.php?v=154526057934260&oid=331709981339&comments Thank you, to all who reenacted that weekend. http://www.civilwar.org/
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Acrosport Rebuild Part 2
The new owner of an Acrosport came to our FBO, summer of 1993 in need of recovering the sport bi-plane, and complete reassembly. Part 2 begins with the owner taking wings and fuselage to paint. An additional mechanic volunteered his time during the fuselage assembly. Our "fabric man" was an expert RC Model builder and joined our "rigger" during the final build phase.
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Acrosport Rebuild with Stits cover PART 1 of 3
A new Acrosport owner brought his bare fuselage and wings to our FBO for rebuilding. This is a video account of some of the project as it happened in 1993-94. I was involved in the video, powerplant install,instruments,assisted in the cover and reassembly. A Great Lakes aircraft owner shared his bi-plane rigging skills in the final phase. The Acrosport owner painted the fuselage and wings, himself.
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Cape Cod Coastal Tour by AIR 1988 skyhawk's archive
welcome to my videos. on my first download, I suggest you turn your speakers down because I kept the raw full audio of the Cessna's prop and the rush of air at 2000 feet! Today, we start near the Osterville south shore and head west to Couit, then up Buzzards Bay, the Sagamore Bridge, and along the north shore of Sandwich and finally Sandy Neck. If you recognize a spot that I haven't titled, please leave a message and I might add it in a future re-edit. I'm hunting my VHS,Beta,8mm tapes for more aviation related STUFF!
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Strasburg Railroad short ride and Museum tour guide highlights 1993
Engine and tender #90 take us through relaxing farm country at Strasburg, in Spring of 1993. The Museum offers a guided walk among engines and cars displayed several times a day. I am very thankful for this gentleman's professional explanation of the historical exhibits. I hope you enjoy these highlights.
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A Cape Cod Civil War Skirmish, Marstons Mills 1995
Here's a quick Civil War skirmish for ya... June 1995. A small group of reenactors put on a display for a crowd at "Burgess Park"- complete with a mountain howitzer, some enfields, sharps, a rash of fire, some "casualties" and even a "cease fire"!
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Chatham Cape Cod July 4th Parade 2003. Step back a decade.
Step back to 2003.Chatham 4th of July. Some clips, enjoy.
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Sheriffs Super Cub Cape Cod fun flight
I was invited one day to take my Beta cam up in the County Sheriff's Super Cub for a 90 minute "excercise ride". Join us for a cruise along the Sandwich beach at 25 feet off the sand,chatham barrier beach scenery, a short short final landing at my local airport, and a couple of very soft power off stalls. A laid back, personal flight video.
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Marthas Vineyard Bike trip 2016 40 Year Nostalgia Memorial Ride
Memorial Ride 40th Anniversary / Personal fitness challenge Marthas Vineyard 2016. Recalling same ride 1976.
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