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Apostle John Eckhardt The Shamar Ministry Of A Prophet 9-3-15 @marriedtowanda @sentapostle1
http://JohnEckhardtMinistries.org Follow him on Twitter: @marriedtowanda Follow on Periscope: @sentapostle1 In this 9-3-15 broadcast, Apostle Eckhardt Teaches, Exalts & Prophesy He Shares from his new book "Prophets Arise" and discuses the Shamar Ministry of a Prophet
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How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit With The Evidence Of Speaking In Tongues
http://worshipwithgina.blogspot.com How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit With The Evidence Of Speaking In Tongues. I've pull together some videos that will help you with understanding the purpose of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Please watch them and also you may want to get this book "A Handbook on Holy Spirit Baptism" by Don Basham http://bit.ly/holyspiritbook Use This Video To Help Set The Mood/Atmosphere for Worship This Will Lead You Into Praying In Tongues: -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLKT2XmBpl0 Use This Video To Pray With Me Daily, Let It Help Strengthen You In How To Pray. Around the 25:20 Mark I Begin Interceding aka Praying In Tongues Only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_1RL8uxmeA In This Video Prophet Brian Carn & Jonathan Ferguson Teach On The Benefits of Praying In Tongues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CfyC00Wg4M This is a teaching by Prophet Jonathan Ferguson teaching on Tongues, Deliverance and Praying In The Spirit: https://youtu.be/MxzLEQQeN88 Hope all this information helps you as you continue to develop your prayer language!
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Brian Carn @prophetcarn HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT Open Rebuke 2 Leaders Judgment Coming Music Industry
http://BrianCarn.com http://BrianCarn.org FOLLOW Prophet Carn on Twitter & Periscope @prophetcarn Brian Carn HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT An Open Rebuke To Leaders Judgement Hitting The Music Industry. In this periscope broadcast, Prophet Carn shares some of the burdens that are on his heart for the Body of Christ. He openly rebukes those in church leadership who don't want to be held to a higher standard and tells them to 'turn in their license'. He also shares about how Judgement is getting ready to hit the Music Industry.
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Part 1-I Pray Daily For 1 Hour Straight w/ Prophet Brian Carn's Prayer Video See How You Can Too
Part 1- I Pray Daily For 1 Hour Straight w/ Prophet Brian Carn's Prayer Video See How You Can Too MY ACTUAL PRAYER VIDEO (Demonstration) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_1RL8uxmeA BRIAN CARN 60 MIN
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Commanding The Morning @KimDanielsFL 11-18-15  Apostle Kim Daniels Leads Us In Prayer
http://KimberlyDaniels.net Join Apostle Kim Daniels on Periscope @KimDanielFL and on Facebook at http://bit.ly/ApostleKim
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Apostle John Eckhardt On The Ministry Of Deliverance How He Got Started
http://JohnEckhardtMinistries.com Follow on Twitter @marriedtowanda on Periscope @sentapostle1 In this periscope broadcast Apostle John shares his testimony of how he got started in the Deliverance Ministry. He shares books that will help those looking for a better understanding of deliverance. He also prayed, prophesied and imparted unto those of us who God is calling into the ministry of deliverance
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Prophet Brian Carn GOES IN.. What's Wrong With Y'all Christians Celebrating Halloween
http://briancarn.org 11-1-15 Prophet Carn Goes IN on Christians Who Celebrate Halloween!
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Why I Pray Daily For Prophet Brian Carn
http://worshipwithgina.blogspot.com http://briancarn.com While In Prayer on Tuesday June 30th The Lord Gave Me This Word Regarding Prophet Brian Carn. I thank God for Prophet Carn and the gift that he is to the Body Of Christ worldwide. Please cover him in prayer, as he continues to hear from, obey and speak as an oracle of God.
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Prophet Brian Carn Holiness Is Still Right Let's Get Back 2 Consecration 11-11-15
http://briancarn.com Prophet Brian Carn @prophetcarn #Holiness Is Still Right Let's Get Back 2 Consecration Dedication To The Lord 11-11-15. Prophecy about 2 sisters; another theater incident; presidential election candidate
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Christian Rapper Dillon Loving "The Lawd Is Tha Boss...He Got The World In Hand
FOLLOW DILLON AT: facebook.com/dillon.loving.1 He Is An Awesome Christian Rapper Dillon Loving Spits The Word Of Truth In Rap Form. I'm not into a lot of Christian Rap, but I could definitely sense an anointing on this young man here.
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Kathy Summers Prophetic Ministrel Sharing At ARISE in New York City With Apostle John Eckhardt
For whatever reason the rest of the prolific words she was sharinggot cut off as well as the Prophetic Word that she received afterwards from Apostle Eckhardt and the Prophetess that was sitting nearby. Nevertheless, the nuggets shared were definitely some prophetic downloads straight from the throne room of God. I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me! Enjoy & God Bless
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Part 1 Jonathan Ferguson @fergusonSglobal WEALTH ZONES How To Locate Your Economic Zipcode 10-10-15
http://FergusonSglobal.com in this teaching Prophet Ferguson shares from his book WEALTH ZONES: How To Locate Your Economic Zip Code. Prophet Ferguson discusses money from a biblical perspective; the different levels of economic empowerment and so much more.
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Prophet Brian Carn 10-27-15  Order In The Church~Female Bishops~True Prophets
http://briancarn.org Let's Set The Record Straight: Prophet Carn shares about how the church is out of order. He explains the role of women in the church and why women are not supposed to be ordained as bishops. He talks about the lack of true prophets in the Body of Christ.
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Prophet Brian Carn Leads Us Into Worship 60 Minutes Soaking & Prayer
FIND OUT WHY THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED at my I Worship & Adore Him Blog http://bit.ly/9600Vus Looking for something to assist you with getting into the Presence Of God? Check out this video. Its 60 minutes of 3rd Level Worship. Use this video during your private or corporate prayer time, it will definitely usher you into the presence of God. Its great for use when engaging in intercessory and travailing prayers. Hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @Gee_Renee FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/ginabarcourt
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White Cop Tells The TRUTH On WHY Blacks Are Being Killed By White Cops
http://Studio2911.org https://www.facebook.com/dana.stevens.1650?fref=ts Dana Stevens a chicago area cops uses Exodus 1 to explain how and why White cops keep killing black people
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Prophet Brian Carn At World Harvest Church Singing "Aye Aye Aye" Worship Song
Prophet Brian Carn At World Harvest Church Singing "Aye Aye Aye" Worship Song "Aye Aye Aye" in a language from Ghana could mean Lord You're so Awesome I Can't Come Up With A Word To Describe Your Greatness So All I Can Say Is Aye Aye Aye Lord You're So Good, I Don't Know What To Say, So I Just Say Aye Aye Aye!!!
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Prophets Brian Carn & Jonathan Ferguson COVENANT RELATIONSHIP & DIVINE CONNECTIONS 9-15-15
http://BrianCarn.org http://FergusonSglobal.com In this broadcast both prophets share about the covenant relationship they have with each other and with other Men Of God. They share how you must be connected with people who are not intimidated by your assignment & your anointing. Prophet Carn discusses how he qualifies a covenant relationship. And how important it is to connect with people who will help you get to your next level in God and in life. Prophet Ferguson explained how he had to learn not to expose the access he has to Prophet Carn to others. Prophet Carn declares that "This Will Be A Season Of Divine Connections. This is a rare insight in the personal relationship of two powerful Men of God who are in position to become Generals of the Faith for generations to come
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Prophet Brian Carn Personal Message To Us: PRAISE HIM 9-6-15  @prophetcarn
In This 8 minute message Prophet Brian Carn exalts the believers to make the week of September 6, 2015 a Week of Worship & Praise.
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Prophet Brian Carn On Getting Married Type Of Woman He Needs Dating Being Married To A Minister
http://briancarn.com in this video Prophet Carn opens up on the topic of dating. He shares his perspectives on dating a man of God, the reason why you should get married being married to a minister, the type of wife he wants and needs and lots more.
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Jonathan Ferguson ARE U SPIRITUALLY FIT 4 UR NEXT SEASON 9-17-15 @FergusonSglobal
http://FergusonSglobal.com Follow Prophet Ferguson on Twitter & Periscope @FergusonSglobal. In this broadcast Prophet Ferguson shares about being spiritually fit for the next season in your life. He explains how God compares our spiritual life to physical exercise. Imagine Prayer as your treadmill, Fasting as your dumbbell & Reading the Word as your bench press. All of these tools/equipments are used to build our spiritual muscles for what we will have to fight and conqueror in order to achieve our next breakthroughs.
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Gospel Singer Lisa McClendon Exposes Husband Madman Maurice: Cheater, STDs, Oral Sex, Abuse & More
http://LisaMcClendonMusic.com Lisa is "Pissed As Hell" in this video as she exposes her cheating husband a pastor, Maurice Brailsford aka Madman Maurice. She shares how he took advantage of her even after learning that she had dealt with sexual abuse and depression. How her own daughter has been affected within their marriage. How 3 or more women have come forward regarding Maurice's womanizing. How he has had unprotected sex with multiple woman and how Lisa may have an STD. Please pray for Lisa, she has ask that we cover her in the blood and if she comes up missing to be sure to look at Maurice and those he hang with.
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Roland Martin Calls Out Paula White Be A Prophetic Voice & Not Just A Profitable One
facebook.com/rolandsmartinfanpage Excellent commentary from NewsOne's Roland Martin, someone not afraid to 'Cry Loud & Spare Not" unlike most of our preachers who are more concerned with getting a hook-up, "influence", popularity and making money off of Trump and his "Evangelical Council"!
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Prophet Carn @prophetcarn Shares Prophecies 4 America: The Next President~World War 3~Lethal Virus
http://briancarn.org PROPHECIES LISTED BELOW: In this video Prophet Carns shares 20+ Prophecies Relating to America. They include: * Russia is going to initiate wars to force America to engage *A suicide bomber will be in the news, but his mission will be stopped/aborted/unsuccessful *"Hillary Clinton are you sure you want to be President" *The Next President Will Be Someone Who Is or Has Been A Senator *World War 3 is coming *A War is coming to America *Floridians Get Flood Insurance *Massive Flood is coming to Florida *Major News story that's coming out of Colorado * The Church Of Jesus Christ Is Going Through An Image Change in the Earth *Major Accident With Race a Car Driver *Prophet Carn Prophesied The Winner Of This Year's World Series *Changes Regarding Disney World's locale *In 2020 The Mercedes Benz's Look will Change drastically * A Well Known Person From A Newscast Is Going to Overdose *Time Portals Talks Will Be In The News *The Feminist Movement: The Spirit of Athaliah *Lethal Virus Will Be Released *In the next 8 years the number of Born Again people will increase tremendously *The value of the dollar is getting ready to change *Buy Silver *A Famine Is Coming. No food available in America's Stores * A Lethal Virus Will Be Released * In the next 8 years the number of Born Again people will increase tremendously BOE
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Prophet Brian Carn STRANGE FIRE & Going 2 Hell with Gasoline Drawers On
http://briancarn.org Prophet Brian Carn shares on periscope about Strange Fire... being spread by many of the 'leaders' in today's church. This fire and desire to be popular, to be famous and to appease the appetite of sin is going to lead many straight to hell, because "These Folks Aint Saved" .
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Prophet Brian Carn Q&A Session #1 On The Prophetic Saturday 9am Prophetic Encounter Virginia Beach
http://briancarn.org Special Saturday Morning Session At The Prophetic Encounter in Virginia Beach, VA 3-109-16
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Helen Baylor at The 2015 Visitation Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus Brian Carn Conference
Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus, by Helen Baylor at Prophet Brian Carn's Conference
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Vanessa Bell Armstrong sings GOOD NEWS Brian Carn Visitation Conference 2015
Vanessa Bell Armstrong singing her hit song GOOD NEWS at The 2015 Visitation Conference
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Part 2- I Pray Daily For 1 Hour Straight See How You Can Too
Part 2 - I Pray Daily For 1 Hour Straight w/ Prophet Brian Carn Prayer Video See How You Can Too PROPHET BRIAN CARN'S 60 MINUTE PRAYER VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLKT2XmBpl0 As Christians we know that we should pray or commune with Father God daily, but many have a hard time staying focused in prayer for 1 hour or more. This video will show you exactly how I pray for 1+ hour each and every day. I use the 60 Minute Brian Carn Prayer Video (the link is above), to help keep me focused while praying. I listen to this video through my headphones, and I also have it playing in the room on my computer's speakers. Doing this saturates the entire room with this prayer. In this video you will see how I begin with prayers of praise & worship, how I pray for my loved ones, friends and even YOU. You will see me pray prayers of intercession, travail and warfare. After spending this quality prayer time with the Lord, I always receive a 'right now' Word from the Lord for myself or those connected with me. I sometimes share those words on my personal Facebook & Twitter pages. I pray that this video will motivate, inspire and provoke you to spend quality time seeking the Face Of God. God has a 'right now Word' for you. He has secrets & mysteries that He wants to reveal to you, but you must spend quality time in your 'secret place', in His Presence, in order to receive them. Please Like & Share this video. Please Subscribe to my channel, so you will know when I upload new videos. Also feel free to FRIEND ME on Facebook or FOLLOW ME on Twitter. May this video bless you as much as it has blessed me!! My FACEBOOK: http://facebook.ginabarcourt MY TWITTER: @Gee_Renee
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Prophets Carn & Ferguson BENEFITS OF PRAYING IN TONGUES 9-23-15 @prophetcarn @fergusonSglobal
http://briancarn.com http://fergusonSglobal.com Here both Prophets Brian Carn & Jonathan Ferguson teach on the Benefits Of Praying Tongues. In this candid video, they discussed issues regarding speaking in tongues and the important role it plays in the life of the Believer.
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Prophet Brian Carn The Order Of God & There's No Condemnation 9-17-15
http://BrianCarn.com Follow Prophet Carn on Twitter, Instagram & Periscope @ProphetCarn. In this broadcast, Prophet Carn share about some of the things the Spirit of God recently dealt with him about. He spoke on a variety of subject including: a vision he had about the upcomng political election (No more Clinton...no more Bush). He also talked about the Order of God in the family and in the Church, including his thoughts on women bishops. The video ends with Prophet Carn ministering to those who are born again and serving God but have felled into sin. Prophet Carn encourages those who have messed up, to get it right, confess your sins and be cleansed of all unrighteousness. During this broadcast Prophet Carn also share 2-3 Words Of Prophecy
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Jonathan Ferguson PROPHETIC TRAINING #3 Multi-Dimensions Of The Prophetic 9-4-15
http://FergusonsGlobal.com Follow Prophet Ferguson on Twitter & Periscope: @FergusonsGlobal In this Prophet Training, Prophet Ferguson shares nuggets from his book "Boot Camp Prayer" Nuggets such as: 'Prophecy is the Lowest Dimension of the Prophetic. He also shares how he got commissioned into the office of a prophet.
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Prophet Brian Carn Sunday 10-11-15 at King Jesus Ministry Apostle Maldonado's Church
http://BrianCarn.org http://BrianCarn.com One day after preaching to over 18,000 at CAP2015 Prophet Carn was invited to minister at Apostle Maldonado's King Jesus Ministry. Watch as he shares another powerful, prophetic word from the Lord.
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Prophet Brian Carn CLARION CALL w/ Apostle Butler 4-11-16 Year Of Distinction
http://briancarn.com On this Call Prophet Carn share the Word Of The Lord re: This Being The Year Of Distinction. How Believers Are To Bring A Offering To The Priest So He Can Pronounce The Blessing Of The Lord Over Them So They Can Receive That Which God Has Promised. He prophesied about an Asian Earthquake that is coming and more about the upcoming US Presidential Election. He also gave a prophetic word about Singer Justin Bieber, and ask that Believers pray for him. According to Prophet Carn the Lord told him that 50 people are to a seed of $1,042. He also said that there are 2 people watching this scope who were to give a seed of $10,042. He talk about the upcoming Passover & Baptism Services in Atlanta, GA.
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Prophet Carn Thx 4 Attending Crossover Encounter~Introduces His Dog~Stick To Your Foundation 1-6-16
http://briancarn.com In this short video Prophet Carn "I Just Wanna Love On Everybody" . Shares from his new book "The Vault Is Open' Thanks everyone for attending his recent Cross Over Encounter in Charlotte, NC. Introduces his new dog to everyone and encourages everyone to "stick to your foundation" He also shares about Progressive Sanctificationl
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Donnie McClurkin on Preachers Of Atlanta & What We Should Do About This Debauchery
http://donnieradio.com Gospel Singer & Pastor Donnie McClurkin shares his thoughts on the reality show The Preachers Of Atlanta & what needs to do about this foolishnes that is happening in the Church today !!
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Prophet Brian Carn True Worship~How To Come Into God's Presence 1-9-16
http://briancarn.org Prophet Carn at Word Of Restoration Church International in Rosharon, Tx 1-9-16 Ministering on True Worship, How To Come Into God's Presence & Sanctification
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Living A Fasted Life: A Way To Lose Weight, Hear God's Voice, Get Prayers Answered
http://worshipwithGina.blogspot.com http://Ardyss.net/geerenee In this video I share how I live a fasted life and how it has benefited me. If you are interested in learning more about living a fasted life you should read the following books THE MINISTRY OF FASTING - Dr Zacharias Tanee Fomum THE WEIGHT DOWN DIET - Gwen Shamblin
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Prophet Brian Carn JESUS or Barabbas The 2015 Visitation Prophecies For The Nation
This is the sermon Prophet Brian Carn preached at the 2015 Visitation Conference in Jackson, MS on Saturday August 8, 2015 Included were prophecies about: Gangs Initiations Involving Police, Wearing Bullet Proof Vest Becoming Commonplace , Police Regretting Ever Becoming Officers, America's Currency Changing, Famine in America http://BrianCarn.org or .com http://worshipwithGina.blogspot.com
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Jonathan Ferguson SPIRITUAL HOMICIDE Dying to the Flesh 9-8-
http://FergusonsGlobal.com EMAIL: [email protected] FOLLOW on Twitter & Periscope @FergusonsGlobal In this periscope teaching Prophet Ferguson shares on How Do You Kill The Flesh. He discusses: the 3 Dimensions of The Flesh. The Dimensions of Sin and other topics.
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Brian Carn @prophetcarn GOD IS TALKING Repent/Return To Prayer Fasting Calling On God
http://BrianCarn.org PAY ATTENTION GOD IS TALKING: Repent/Return To Prayer Fasting Calling On God 10-1-15 Heed the Word Of The Lord as Prophet Carn shares what God is saying to the Body Of Christ and the world at large. Here's some of what he shares in this video....."God is calling us back to prayer, Its prayer-time. You have not seen what's about to hit America in the next couple of weeks. Great calamity is coming to the US. Speak Psalm 91 over your life and your children's lives. California will be under water. Major shift in California government. History making huricanes. Hurrican hitting Houston, TX".....Watch this video for more of Prophet Carn's prophecies AND PRAY!!!!
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Prophet Jonathan Ferguson The  Finance Wealth & Prosperity Scope You Can't Afford To Miss
http://fergusonSglobal.com 2-2-16 Prophet Ferguson shares about Biblical Finances on this #FinanceScope #WealthAndProsperity Scope YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS
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Jonathan Ferguson @fergusonSglobal Pt 1  PROPHETIC ACTIVATION vs CONJURING 11-16-15
http://fergusonSglobal.com Jonathan Ferguson @fergusonSglobal Part 1 PROPHETIC ACTIVATION vs CONJURING. Part 2 of this teaching is entitled Prophetic Activation Part 2: Prophetic Revelation & A Blinded Eye Opens
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Prophet Brian Carn Paying Attention 2 The Word Of God/U.S. Elections/Ministers Dying 10-21-15
http://BrianCarn.org Prophet Carn shares in this brief video how important it is to Pay Attention To The Word Of The Lord. He shares what The Lord has shown him in regards to the upcoming U.S. political election, the candidates, who will NOT be elected and who MAY be elected, He also encourages us to continue to increase the temparature of our prayers and reminded us that 'the only thing that can cancel our blank check with God is sin"
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Ardyss CRAN ALOE Nutritional Supplement Inflammation Detox Diabetes Digestion Memory
Http://ArdyssProductsWorks.blogspot.com READ THE DESCRIPTION for more Benefits, Usage & Ingredients GOT INFLAMMATION? Bring down the swelling with Ardyss Life product of the day is Cran Aloe. It regenerates body cells and detoxifies the body. One dose of Cran Aloe equals to the full serving of antioxidants found in a plate of fruits and vegetables. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, a natural diuretic. Excellent for diabetes and your digestive system. Prevents bladder and prostate inflammation. Helps with atherosclerosis that is narrowing of the arteries which causes a heart attack. Also helps with memory and attention. Contents: Cranberry: Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection. Aloe Vera: Natural diuretic, good for IBD, ulcers, candida, intestinal infections. Vitamin C: Antioxidant, bone development, cancer prevention, and collagen. Vitamin E: Antioxidant, wound healing, red blood cell development. As you can see Ardyss Life Cran Aloe has everything you need. Directions: Mix in a ratio of 2 tablespoonfuls per each 7 oz. water. It can be taken in the morning before, during or after meals. For gastritis, take it in the morning before breakfast. Disclaimer: These statements have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.
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Prophet Brian Carn 10-29-15 Renny McLean ENCOUNTER THE SUPERNATURAL @prophetcarn
http://briancarn.com http://rmministries.com Prophet Carn ministering at Encounting The Supernatural 2015 Conference. Hosted by Apostle Renny McLean in Dallas, TX October 28-31, 2015
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Jonathan Ferguson POWER & PRACTICALITIES OF FASTING:Hidden Lifestyles Open Rewards10-21-15
http://fergusonSglobal.com POWER & PRACTICALITIES OF FASTING:Hidden Lifestyles Open Rewards 10-21-15. Follow Prophet Ferguson on Twitter & Periscope @FergusonSGlobal and on Instagram @FergusonWorld. Follow his wife Amanda @ MrsAmandaFerguson
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Vanessa Bell Armstrong SHINE ON ME Brian Carn The Visitation 2015
The legendary Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Brian Carn's godmother singing SHINE ON ME, the theme from the tv show 'AMEN'. At the 2015 The Visitation Conference
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Minister Vincent K Podo 10-26-15 Morning Prayer At Freedom Ministries with Prophet Brian Carn
http://facebook.com/Vincent.K.Kpodo leads us in Morning Prayer at Freedom Ministries in Virginia where Prophet Brian Carn was ministering October 25-27
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Dr Cindy Trimm @cindytrimm 5 Characteristics of Writing A Vision For Your Life 12-29-15
http://cindytrimm.com #HistoryMakers2016 LESSON #1 How To Write A Vision For Your Life. First 5 of 46 Characteristics of Vision Writing. Plus the 12 Areas Of Life That Everyone Should Have A Written Vision For.
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