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Trump bitch slaps Vince McMahon
president elect vs wwe wrestling ceo
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For sale 1986 Toyota Van LE Part 2/2
This is part 2, see part 1 at this link for full description http://youtu.be/zaCV12_Dbls
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DIY 02-05 Kia Sedona rear door handle replacement
A step by step process demonstrating how to replace the sliding door handle on a Kia Sedona. The process is the same for both sides, only mirror image. Actual replacement time is about 20 minutes with a little bit of know-how.
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Right to Travel
February 10, 2014. This is my first stop in Bethany Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) without a license plate on my personal means of conveyance. I bought this minivan in August of 2013 and never put the plates on it, as I do not drive, I travel. This video begins with me leaving Little Caesars with my wife and kids, headed home. My dash cam captured the video. Unfortunately, I forgot I had the camera in the van until midway through the stop. When I remembered this, I turned the camera to face the officer and myself. Audio and video are very clear, so please leave comments and suggestions and don't forget to subscribe. I see more of these types of videos coming sooner or later because there will be no plates going on my means of transportation. Don't forget that you DO have a right to travel.
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Dumb criminal vs bulletproof glass
This guy doesn't give up. A hammer and bulletproof glass.
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For sale 1986 Toyota Van LE Part 1/2
A walk through of my 1986 Toyota Van LE. I give a detailed description of anything I can think about. I know the video is a bit long, but the second half of the video makes up for it because it's much shorter. Anyone that is interested in this van may call me at (405) 819-4927. I'm accepting offers but this is not a garbage van. I will not accept a low price. Van will go to the highest bidder. This is a rare van and in excellent condition with extremely low miles. Even more rare because it has the automatic transmission and it is NOT 4x4. Link for part 2 here... http://youtu.be/IR_GfrDOFM0
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First taste of ice cream
This is the tale of a mans first time to eat ice cream. The voice dub is mandarin. Even if you can’t speak chinese, you will understand the video and will get a kick out of watching someone experiencing ice cream for the first time ever.
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Our God is an Awesome God cover
This is our cover of a Rich Mullins classic. The kids had a blast doing this song. Please click on the like and subscribe buttons.
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My Chinese love. Original song written and played by me.
This s a song I wrote for my Chinese love. The song doesn't have words yet. If anyone wants to help put lyrics to this, let me know. It's about a girl.
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My kids and myself did a cover of an Oak Ridge Boys song. all rights to the respective owners, but voices are our own. Please click like and don't forget to subscribe.
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My cover of a Leonard Cohen song called "hallelujah". the words and music don't belong to me, but the vocals do. Please like, comment and subscribe for future videos. I have others posted on my channel already. Browse my videos and maybe you can find something that interests you.
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T.G. Sheppard cover, I loved em everyone
T.G. Sheppard I loved em everyone cover by Brendan Eddards.
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2006 LiFan LF250 stolen 3:46am Feb 26 2014
This bike was stolen at 3:46 this morning, Feb 26 2014. If you recognize the people or the bike or the truck, please call the Oklahoma City police with case #2014-15802. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Forward the video to 3:46 am by the time on the camera, not on the youtube counter.
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2008 Kia Rondo A/C bypass
My air conditioning compressor froze up and I bypassed it with a shorter belt. This video shows the shorter belt with the price as of today’s date at O’reillys Auto Parts.
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5 year old pianist songwriter
My daughter wrote her first song for YouTube. She insisted that I record and post it to YouTube.
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Naked chinese girl in massage chair
A busty chinese girl is being shaken by a massage chair.
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Chinese chicken New Year
Happy New Years from the chickens of China.
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Kung fu master vs traffic cop
Check out the skills of this crazy guy refusing to listen to the traffic cop.
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Rockin missionary Elder Ali'ifua
An LDS missionary playing his Ukulele. This man plays pretty good. A Samoan playing this instrument looks funny, but he is good.
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Military funeral Tsgt Max Vinecke part 10
Arrival at Fort Sill National Cemetery, Fort Sill Oklahoma. Full honors performed by the United States Air Force.
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Can't help falling in love
My cover of an Elvis Presley song called "Can't help falling in love". The music belongs to Elvis, but the vocals belong to me. I hope you will comment and subscribe to my channel. I have other covers posted, and more to come in the future. If you would like to request a song, let me know. Even if I mess it up, I will post it here.
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Denisdaily I love cats tshirt
My son received his denisdaily tshirt today.
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HHO/Water Powered. Who cares what uncle Sam says, it's free.
This is a step-by-step video series as I build this HHO dry cell. This is the first video of the series. Others will be posted as they happen. The stainless steele costed $10 at a scrap yard, it was 4 feet x 10 inches when I started. I cut it into 16 plates. The end caps are from Wal-mart. They set me back about $2.36 for each one.
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Sexy maid, husband takes boob pictures
A husband is caught by his wife as he takes pictures of a sexy maids boobs.
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im on fire
Original song by Bruce Springsteen. This is my cover of his song. All vocals are me, but music isn't me. All credit for music belongs to the original people that created it.
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Military funeral Tsgt Max Vinecke part 3
Max funeral part 2
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2005 Ford Explorer fuel filter change
Fuel filter comedy 2005 Ford Explorer
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Trump fondles sexy girls in public
Donald trump loves touching sexy girls.
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Chinese husband caught cheating
A cheating husband is being humiliated by his wife in public
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I'd Love To Lay You Down
This is my vocal cover of Conway Twitty's song "I'd love to lay you down". This video was a pain in the butt to make. My camera kept ending the recording before I was done recording. There may be a few spots that voice doesn't line up with mouth movement. That's because I had to record the video several times after the audio track was completed. I hope you enjoy the song anyhow. I enjoyed singing it.
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Nouela -The Sound of Silence cover of Simon Garfunkel
Nouela, sound of silence, simon and Garfunkel, music, cover
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Waikiki street dance
Waikiki street dancing
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Elvis Presley-In the ghetto cover/Brendan Eddards
My cover of an Elvis Presley song. I hope I didn't destroy it. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. more songs and other videos to come.
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Teaching a Frenchman English
Foul language is in this video. If you are easily offended or are a minor, please find a different video to watch.
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Cat fight
Cats taking control of the milk
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Military funeral, Tsgt Max Vinecke part 1
Tribute to Ret. USAF TSGT Max A. Vinecke. Left us October 22, 2012.
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Man of Constant Sorrow
A backwoods twang, bluegrass get down type of song by The Soggy Bottom Boys. this is my cover. I hope you can enjoy it and hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. More songs to come in the future.
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Prank exploding purse for thieves
Stealing a purse isn't so easy or beneficial if the contents explode when you try to look inside.
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Here is a cover of an awesome Leonard Cohen song titled Hallelujah. My kids seem bored, but they were doing their best to make beautiful voices for the song.
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Masturbation in a grocery store?
It always depends on your point of view. How reliable is a witness?
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Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
My cover of an Otis Redding song. It's an awesome song, so I had to sing it. You can say what you want about the whistling at the end, but I wanted to make it later. haha.
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What's the best nation?
A homeless guys truth
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Long Haired Country Boy
My cover of an awesome Charlie Daniels song. All rights to the music belong to the writers, but the voice is my curse.
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msg from militia
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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stop motion test using sony vegas pro.m2ts
My 1st still photo video. Just a test/practice to determine the best way to incorporate this method into my horror short that I am currently filming. If you have any suggestions or ideas to make this better, please let me know.
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Unbelievable aircraft abilities
This airplane can land and take off from sea or land. How many commercial airlines would love to have this feature?
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Cowboy version of billie jean
I can't sing anywhere close to MJ, so I chose to do a cowboy rendition of one of my favorite MJ songs. I told the story and made it clear. This isn't singing, but rather in the style of Jimmy Dean.
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Dancing reindeer merry Christmas
Dancing reindeer to a techno jingle-bells.
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Gentle On My Mind
This is my vocal cover of Glen Campbells "Gentle On My Mind". Words and music belong to him and his people. I'm only giving the voice to this video.
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