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GDP এবং GNP মধ্যে পার্থক্য ↕Basic difference GDP VS GNP
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) counts the production with respect to the geographic border of the nation. Gross National Product (GNP) counts the production with respect to the citizenship. For example, if you are a U.S. citizen but work in Canada, your labor production will count toward the GNP of U.S. but not GDP of U.S. It is important to have these two different measurements because they give us different information. GDP tells more about the local economic activities while GNP tells more about the economic strength of an economy (essentially the productivity of the citizens). In international economics, these two measurements are sometimes compared to study the labor exports of an economy (ex. if a country has a lot of citizens working abroad, then the country may have a lower GDP than GNP). Please click the below mentioned link to know about:- 1.Top major reasons to study BBA to help students (https://youtu.be/08Fd1gPq2cU).
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Amazing natural scenery ⬇ sight for refreshment
In conclusion, I believe that nature is a very beautiful thing. It’s pure sweet simplicity overpowers ones mind, it’s secret hidden domains that lay untouched and pristine, and it’s harboring of the supremely complex balance that is the miracle of life, are all reasons to support the inevitable fact that the most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself. What is more refreshing than a breath of fresh, clean, forest air after being cooped up in work or school all day? What is better than seeing the sun rise after a thunderstorm, illuminating the thousands of tiny water droplets adorning the ground? What is more beautiful than a butterfly with stained glass wings floating on the wind? Nothing! Nature is truly one of the most beautiful things in existence.
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Top major reasons to study BBA to help students
Top major reasons to study BBA to help students
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