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Dylan  - Coke Metal
Made this in 2009 for a video assessment at my course.i only had two items in my hand at the time.. a camera an an acoustic guitar so I thought hmm... Death Metal? Coca Cola? Fuckin Coke Metal! Enjoy!
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Drunk and Angry asian man
I was recording a video when an angry asian man decided to punch me lol.
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Fifty Shades of Grey read in an accent
Numerous accents, couldn't be fucked putting all of them in the title as it made me feel like a try hard.
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halo 3 multiplayer beta awesome!
this is the vid that i made to show what halo 3 is going to look like when the beta arrives this thursday (NZT)
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Drunk Charissa discusses Bunny Chow
Here we have charissa describing how bunny chow is made and how her mother married her grandad.
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My Little Guitar
Made this a year after I made Coke Metal, a piss take of My Little Pony. Enjoy!!!
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Neck Farts.
Leon's showing us how to do one of us biggest lifetime achievements... How to Neck Fart.
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8 String Guitar Jam
Haven't made a vid in a while so I thought I'd chuck one on of me with my 8 string having a warm up :D
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