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Best Beaches on Big Island Hawaii
Here is a list of the top beaches on the Big Island. The big island beaches are some of the most diverse beaches in Hawaii. With Green Sand, Black Sand and White sand beaches.
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Life in Kona and what to expect living on this side of the big island of Hawaii
For those of you who want to know about life in Kona and what it would be like should you decide living on the Kona side of the big island is for you.
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Dating in Hawaii Has Its Pros and Cons Outside of Oahu It Is Limited
So the question about dating in Hawaii came up. I answered a few questions about the dating scene to give some feedback about what its like to find love in Paradise.
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Mexican Underground Cave Restaurant La Gruta
This is the underground restaurant in Teotihuacan, Mexico called La Gruta. It is built in a cave, they actually have pretty good food. I do recommend it. This Mexican restaurant is located in San Juan Mexico about 2 hours from downtown Mexico City.
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Back Road to Hana, Maui aka Other Way to Hana HWY
For some this way to Hana is not ideal, its desert, its unstable roads, and just not the most ideal way to get around Maui, but for those who want to try something new, here is the other way to Hana. I made this video because, before I went on this road I heard some stories about the cliffs and could not find many videos about the road, so I made this video highlighting some of the road.
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Things to know about living in Hawaii
Things to know about living in Hawaii like cost of Living, culture, people, jobs, lifestyle and aloha!
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Jobs in Hawaii Are in Demand For Certain Industries
Jobs that are in demand vary from island to island. Take a look at the service industry, teaching jobs, security, tourism sector.
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Things to know about visiting Hawaii - what island is best for a vacation
I made this video about visiting Hawaii detailing the things to know before you visit Hawaii. Mostly talking about what Hawaiian island is best for your budget and things to do.
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Best island in Hawaii To Live On
Many people really do have an interest in what living in Hawaii is like and how they can make this happen. I have made this video to address the questions and comments about what is the best island to live on in Hawaii.
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Buying Condo To Rent or Just Rent in Hawaii
So the question comes up often about should I buy a condo as an investment and then live there sometimes and then rent it out. You have to remember to ask about HOA fees. Home Owner Association Fees.
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Sea Lion Cave on Oregon Coast
This is a walk around the sea lion cave along the Oregon coast, you take the elevator down. It is $12 per adult. Also they did say the sea lions are in the cave from about November to July. Not so much in the off months. Pretty cool place none the less.
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Hawaiian Food - Poke at Umeke's in Kona
There are two Umekes in Kona, this one here is the original. Poke is a staple of the Hawaiian diet, for many poke is a dish people eat several times per week. Poke is uncooked fish, such as Ahi and others mixed into a seasoned salad blend of fish and savory flavors.
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Grindewald Switzerland Walking Tour June 2018
This is a walking tour around the top of Europe at Gridewald, Switzerland during early summer June 2018. Grindewald might just be the most peaceful and beautiful city in all of Switzerland. I start walking the village around 3:20 into the video.
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What Hawaiian Island is Best for You With Reviews of Kauai, Maui, Big Island and Oahu
I made this video to give you a review of each island and some basic things to consider about your trip to Hawaii.
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Tour Kona Hawaii - Vacation Guide
This is a tour around Kona Hawaii. You can use this Kona tour as a vacation guide to give you ideas about what you can do when visiting Kona and or the Big Island of Hawaii.
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Move to Hawaii? Things to know about moving to Hawaii
I made this video for those of you who are moving to Hawaii or are considering moving to Hawaii. I hope I have answered some of the more basic questions for you. If you have any other questions please feel free to message me. Thank you for watching.
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Taxes in Hawaii Are Some of the Lowest & Highest in Nation
Yes you read the title correctly, Hawaii has some of the highest taxes in the nation and some of the lowest. Hotel taxes are the highest in nation as the state uses that to pay for the rail. Property taxes are some of the lowest in the nation.
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What to do in Kona Hawaii? A Day in Kona on the Trolley - Beaches and Swimming
In this Vlog we explore Ali'i drive. Swimming at the Kona pier, Magic Sands Beach, Kahaluu Beach. I take the trolley and just relax on a Sunday afternoon in Kona..
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Life on the big island Hawaii comparing Puna, Kona and Hamakua Coast
This is a very basic and not so in depth video about life on the big island in terms of comparing several of the districts on the island of Hawaii.
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Tips For Overcoming Island Fever in Hawaii
Yes even in Paradise you can get bored. In this case its usually because of lack of family and friends and lifestyle choices. Even with all of that said, its still possible to get island fever with all of that in place as it is. Here are some solutions in this video that I have found.
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Island Fever Happens in Hawaii Once The Novelty Wears Off And You Miss Your Family.
Believe it or not, Island Fever does happen in Hawaii. Mostly because of a feeling of confinement and a lack of being involved in activity and hobbies with friends and family.
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Maui To Lanai Ferry - Lanai Four Seasons Resort
This is a little day trip from Lahaina, Maui to Lanai. The ferry takes about 30 to 40 minutes. We caught the 1230pm ferry to Lanai from Lahaina and returned to the pier to catch the 630 PM back to Maui into Lahaina Harbor. If you are able to go during humpback whale season, which is November to March you are likely to see several whales along the ferry ride. For Round trip tickets to Lanai from Maui you are looking at around $60 dollars per person it is about $30 each way. Prices may very depending on season and also timing of when you go since the video was produced.
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Whats the Problem With South Big Island of Hawaii
Many newbies to the Big Island of Hawaii cant get over the fact that the price of land is so cheap on the south side of the big island and also dont understand why there arent more resorts or camp sites etc.
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Tour of Kailua Kona Hawaii Along Alii Drive
This is a tour of Ali'i Drive in Kailua Kona from King Kamehameha Hotel down to Huggo's on the rocks. In this tour you will see the pier at Kailua Bay, the Palace, the Church and Kona Inn.
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Kau District on Big Island Hawaii (Volcano National Park, Black Sand, Green Sand)
The Kau District is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. Home to Hawaii Volcano National Park, Green Sand Beach, South Point, Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. Along with other beautiful wonders on the South Side of the Big Island. South Big Island Hawaii.
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Hamakua Coast on Big Island Hawaii (Waipio Valley, Akaka falls)
The Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is on the North Eastern side of the ocean. Known for its sugar plantations of old and green rolling mountain slopes along Mauna Kea. The coast line extends all the way to Waipio Valley,
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Work in Hawaii To Live A Lifestyle Comfortably - Find a Job That Pays Tips
People often ask me what I do for work and what kind of jobs are best in Hawaii. Honestly I would say look at being a bartender or a server. Any job that pays tips plus an hourly wage is how you can make a good living here in Hawaii.
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Animals Moving to Hawaii As Pets Require Quarantine
For those of you moving to Hawaii with pets, I feel your stress on this one. This for me was the most challenging part of the entire move. On top of having to ensure that my landlord would allow a pet, you also have to go through a very stressful quarantine process that begins at least 120 days before your arrival to the state of Hawaii. Link to Hawaii Animal Guidelines here http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/aqs/animal-quarantine-information-page/
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Cost of living in Hawaii & Job Market 2017
There are jobs in Hawaii, the issue is really the high price of cost of living in Hawaii.
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Roadside Pizza in Maui Outrigger Pizza
After a walk through Kihei, I stopped for pizza at Outrigger Pizza, I spoke to Matt and he made me a pie in his brick oven. Pizza was worth it. Located at the Kihei
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Real Estate in Hawaii Market Forecast for 2016 2017 Based on Current Perceptions
I made this video to discuss the current perceptions of the Real Estate Market in Hawaii towards the end of 2016 and heading into 2017. Here is the link to the data http://files.hawaii.gov/dbedt/economic/reports/2015-05-housing-demand.pdf
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Whales and Calf Protected By Dolphins in Maui, Hawaii
The first part of this video is my recollection of what we filmed, the second clip is a closer up look at the whales and the third one, the longer version shows all three whales and dolphins together. It looked like one of the whales was pregnant. Along with the whale and her calf.
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Pros and Cons of Maui
The pros and cons of Hawaii include subjects such as weather on Maui, food in Maui, Culture in Maui, Beaches in Maui and much more like sunsets and sunrises on the volcano in Maui.
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Ocean View in Kau, Big Island Hawaii Has Cheap Land
Ocean View is an area of the big island along the slopes of Mauna Loa. This area is beautiful and has cheap land, but the reasons for that are laid out in this video.
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Best Place To Live in Hawaii
Hey guys I made this video to talk about the best places for you to consider living when you look to move to Hawaii. Things to know about traffic and what not on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.
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Uber on Big Island
Uber ride share has now arrived on Big Island as of March 2017. The Uber service is anticipated to relieve some of the burdens of traveling around the big island. The Mayor also is hopeful that Uber will help people in Kau and Puna Districts.
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Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy Walking Tour 4K
In this video I walk through the market that leads into the area where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Pisa Italy. The town of pisa sits on a river in the Tuscany region of central Italy. A historical town with walking areas and shopping all around.
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Things to know about Big Island Hawaii
Want to know things to do on the Big Island or What the Big Island is like then watch this video as I explain the districts and the things to do in each district.
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What I do For Work in Hawaii To Earn Money
A lot of people have asked me how I make money in Hawaii or what I do for work. Although there is no direct answer for that, I have outlined a few things that I did to prepare for a move to Hawaii. My biggest piece of advice is to set up multiple revenue streams.
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Things to know about Maui and basic Hawaii info about beaches and language
Things to know about Maui and surrounding areas, basic customs and interesting facts about the island of Maui, while some of it does apply to other islands in Hawaii also.
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Comparisons Between Big Island and Maui
Many of you have asked me to compare big island and Maui. So that I did. Overall, I like them both, just a few things stand out for me that makes it a bit different between the two overall. Kona and Kihei are similar in ways. No active volcano here on Maui and Big Island does have better beaches I think.
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Haleakala Summit Tour on Maui 4K
This was a trip I took up to Haleakala Summit in July 2017. To get into Haleakala National Park it is $25.00 per car. The summit is actually quite spectacular and I do recommend it. The trip from Kahalui to the summit takes about an hour as you drive up through Kula. You will be above the clouds on Maui when you go up the mountain.
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Is Living in Hawaii Overrated? Things To Consider About Moving To Hawaii
If you are considering a move to Hawaii then this video may be able to assist you in making a more informed decision of things to keep in mind.
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Travel between Hawaiian Islands - Cost, Transportation and Places To Stay
Getting around the Hawaiian Islands is a once in a lifetime experience. TO see one island is amazing enough, but to see more than one or even all 4 major islands, takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. I made this video to put the Hawaii travel plans into perspective.
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Tour of Puna Hawaii
This is a tour of some of the locations in Puna. Obviously not all locations are mentioned in this video as some areas are still preferred to remain secret. But these are some of the more commonly known areas like Pohoiki, Lava Tree, Uncle Roberts, Red Road, Kapoho, Hawaiian Beaches and Pahoa. As mentioned earlier this isn't a full tour but just a tour.
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Cheap Places To Live Temporary on Big Island and Rest of Hawaii
For those of you looking to settle on the Big Island or anywhere in Hawaii you will be able to find affordable housing in places like Mountain View, Volcano and in Puna if you are willing to research sites like Craigslist. Just do keep in mind cheap places in Hawaii also come with their fair share of challenges, such as rain and other issues you can research online.
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Modern Living in Hawaii? What Hawaii Does Have and Does Not Have
Some have asked me about modern lifestyle conveniences in Hawaii. In particular healthcare. Also about snakes and other bugs. We do have modern amenities and no we do not have snakes here in Hawaii.
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Maui Grand Wailea Virtual Tour
This is a video tour of the property at the Hotel Grand Wailea on Maui. It was a bit overcast this day, but I did what I could with the elements and also to show you around the courtyard and the pool area along with the amazing open air entrance into the hotel.
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Living Off-grid in Hawaii - Things to Consider
Living off-grid in Hawaii with power supply and water catchment.
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