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Is your butt hungry
Grandma's pants to tight askes her in greek if her ass was hungry
I love you my newborn says
My son 6 weeks old saying I Love You! If you enjoyed this Like and share!! Thanks for watching!! #Baby #Newborn #Iloveyou #love #newmom #babyboy #youtube
My brother acting crazy
My brother acting crazy
My godson Baby drinking juice driving
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Amazing 3  month Baby talking saying mum aka mom
My son just turned three months and this is his third word but second time I've ever caught caught him on camera. Check out his other video of him saying I love you when he was about 5 1/2 weeks old if you like the video please hit the like sorry the video is so long but he does it a couple times in the video
Tampa Lowry Park zoo
Penguins having fun ❤️
Baby Fist Pump Jersey shore
Baby fist pump just a little pump!! My little Italian boy Vincenzo preparing for our move to jersey! #JerseryShore #Vinnie #Snooki #Ronnie #Mike #Jwoww #italian

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