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Dave Elman Induction: Mike Mandel Demonstrates the Elman Induction
Your Next Step after waching this video should be to get our video tutorial "The Ultimate Guide to Power Inductions" at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/lm-power-inductions The Dave Elman induction is very well known among hypnotists. In this video, Dr. Mike Mandel demonstrates correct technique for the Dave Elman induction. This powerful direct hypnosis induction is often done poorly. Dr. Mike Mandel teaches the technique along with several fine points. All hypnotists should know how to utilize this powerful method for developing a somnambulistic trance. There are many videos demonstrating what is described as a Dave Elman induction but they are nothing of the sort. For hypnosis students, Dr. Mandel's demonstration will unveil several fine points to improve your technique.
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Graphology: Add these positive traits to your handwriting
Get more at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting Mike Mandel offers you a short tutorial about positive aspects in handwriting samples, along with some tips to change your own handwriting to affect your own personality and aim you towards success.
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Handwriting Analysis: Trustworthy or Not?
** For more go to http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting ** Can a sample of handwriting tell you if you should feel comfortable trusting another person?
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Handwriting Analysis: What Your Signature Says About You
Get more at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting In this video Mike shows you how to look at a signature to read into a personality.
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Mike Mandel Demonstrating "The Little Shelf" Hypnotic Induction
Online Hypnosis Training http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/academy Mike Mandel demonstrates an Ericksonian hypnotic induction he calls "The Little Shelf". This is an indirect method of hypnosis whereby catalepsy is created in the arm as an inroad to trance. It is a fairly easy and quick hypnotic induction.
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Mike Mandel - Breathing with the Hand Hypnotic Induction
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com Mike Mandel demonstrates an Ericksonian hypnotic induction called "breathing with the hand". This is another indirect method of hypnosis. Mike uses catalepsy as a way to produce a trance. This is another fast and easy induction.
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Graphology or Handwriting Analysis
Class details: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting Mike Mandel is an expert at handwriting analysis, otherwise known as graphology. This introductory video is meant as a fun and informative way to introduce graphology to you. Enjoy! Check out our website at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com for lots more awesome stuff related to hypnosis, personal development and self improvement.
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How to Avoid Guilt and Manipulation
Get the full tutorial at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/lm-getting-what-you-want/
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Hypnotic Installation of Synesthesia - Demononstration
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com ** Mike Mandel demonstrates installation of synesthesia in a subject who wanted to be able to "see music". The reaction on her face, when she first sees the music, is priceless! This demo was recorded live at The Architecture of Hypnosis class in Toronto in late 2013. For brevity this skips the induction / deepener and only shows the installation and one example of "seeing music". Students of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy have full access to the complete video, as well as many more educational demonstrations and amazingly informative, and entertaining lessons. See http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/academy
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Double Binds - Sample Video from the Personal Development Academy
Full training at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/personal-development-academy This video teaches a communication skill known as the double bind. Offer only two options designed to get you want you want!
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Hypnotic Power Language: When is it wrong to ask WHY?
See http://mikemandelhypnosis.com for more. There are many words that qualify as Power Language, because they have an amazing effect on our states and behaviours. Some of these words empower us, but others do the opposite, giving us nothing but problems and headaches. The word WHY falls into the second category; at least when you're working on solving a problem. In this video, you'll learn that WHY questions can actually amplify a problem state and make things worse. Many people get stuck in bad situations, because they have bought into the lie that it's necessary to explore all the reasons WHY a problem happened, before we can even begin to fix things. As you'll learn in this empowering video, WHY questions can waste your time and do nothing whatsoever to fix things.
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Finding a good hypnotist:  How much does hypnotherapy cost
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: How much does hypnotherapy cost? Answer: That really depends on where you live and who you see. Depending on where you live and what sort of government or private health insurance you have, it may not cost you anything. But if you're paying out of your own pocket, price will certainly be a consideration. Let me start by saying that in hypnotherapy, as in most other things in life, price is synonymous with quality. You get what you pay for. If one hypnotherapist is charging $20.00 for a weight management session, and someone else is charging one hundred, there's probably a good reason why. Hypnotists who don't charge much are often recent graduates of a hypnosis school who have little confidence in their own abilities. Typically, if someone is a really good hypnotherapist, their appointment book will be full and they can charge a high fee for a single session; sometimes up to $200.00 per session. But this is a reflection of their skills, and it's no doubt better to pay $200.00 to someone who can fix things in one session, than $50.00 to someone who might take 10 sessions. I charged a premium price in my practice, because I was able to deal with a wide-variety of issues and typically fixed things in one session. Note that there will be exceptions though. Simple phobias are usually one session, but pain management might require multiple sessions to reduce discomfort to a manageable level. It's the same with weight management, which typically needs a few sessions - 3 or 4, in order to deal with the complexity of the issue, including metabolic rate, self-esteem, etc. So shop around and see what hypnotherapists are charging in your area, but be prepared to pay more for repeated sessions or a premium quality hypnotist. You'll probably find that it's worth it.
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How exactly does hypnotic suggestion work?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: How does hypnotic suggestion work? Answer: The best way to explain this is to offer you a model I like to use. Imagine a big beach-ball with a small coin, say a dime, sitting on top. The beach-ball is the totality of your awareness. It's your unconscious mind, and contains everything you've ever seen or done, every place you've ever been, every person you've ever met, every book you've ever read and every movie you've ever seen. It's everything you know and have learned and everything you believe to be true, as well as all your aspirations and hopes, all the filters you use to make judgements, and every dream you've ever had. Clearly, it is vast! And then we have the dime, which is tiny by comparison. The dime is your conscious mind, and is everything you are currently aware of, typically about 7 bits of information at any given time. (If you wish to argue this with me, save your breath. It's only a useful model, and not reality!) Now imagine that between the dime and the beach-ball is a coaster you could put your coffee cup on, so you don't stain or damage the coffee table. So the dime sits on the coaster which rests on the beach-ball. The coaster is what we call the critical faculty. (Remember, it's just a model; a way of understanding and making sense of hypnosis...) The critical faculty functions like a firewall on your computer. It prevents or permits information to enter the unconscious mind and cause a particular response. It generally does a pretty good job, and stops suggestions that wouldn't want, from getting in. The critical faculty is also connected to our ability to think critically. To evaluate concepts and situations and make determinations based on our analysis. When one goes into hypnosis, the critical faculty remains present, but becomes more permeable, or porous, if you like, permitting greater access to the unconscious and its vast treasure-trove of resources. Once the critical faculty is bypassed, suggestions can get in and affect the unconscious. Nevertheless, if a suggestion is perceived as dangerous or immoral, the critical faculty will lock down and either prevent the person from complying, or simply end the hypnotic trance and awaken the subject. So hypnotic suggestion works by bypassing the critical faculty.
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Can you get stuck in hypnosis forever?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: What if I attempt self-hypnosis and find I can't wake up? Will I stay in trance forever? Answer: I hear this one a fair bit. First of all, you have to realize that you aren't asleep when you're in a hypnotic trance. It's a relaxed state of awareness, in which you have greater access to the unconscious mind and its internal resources. Plus, hypnosis isn't a "thing". It's a set of procedures. You aren't technically "in" anything at all, but are running some processes, that enables you to do certain things better than you can when you're not in a trance. For example, it's typically fairly difficult to slow your heart and lower your blood pressure when you're wide awake. But in a hypnotic trance, you have greater access to these controls, as long as you continue to remain in trance. So since it's up to you whether or not you remain in trance or come out of it, there's no possible way of getting stuck there. Even if a hypnotized person is told that they will never awaken, they eventually awaken! I'm using the word "awaken" purely as a convenience, because, you aren't asleep when you're hypnotized. To repeat, you are simply running a process that keeps you in trance as long as you keep running the process. You can no more get stuck in hypnosis that you can get stuck watching TV or brushing your teeth. You can come out of it whenever you want to .
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Hypnotic Power Inductions - Tutorial on Instant and Rapid Inductions
Full course at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/tw-power-inductions-special.
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Hypnosis: Getting Someone to Forget Their Own Name
Mike Mandel reveals the specific techniques he's used for decades to get stage hypnosis subjects to forget their own names. Want to learn more about hypnotic inductions? Visit http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/powerinductions
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NLP Hypnosis Self allergy cure
For more visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com The NLP allergy cure can be done within a hypnotic trance or without any formal trance whatsoever. This video explains how to do the NLP allergy cure on yourself.
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Hypnotic Inductions:  Rapid Induction vs. Instant Induction
To study hypnosis with Dr. Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Dr. Mike Mandel explains the difference between a rapid induction in hypnosis, and the instant induction. The key difference is that instant inductions rely upon the startle reflex. Dr. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Dr. Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes.
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Suggestions that Stick  - Entire Class from Hypnothoughts Live 2017
http://mikemandelhypnosis.com This video was recorded at Hypnothoughts Live 2017 in Las Vegas, and was a one hour class taught by Mike Mandel.
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Hypnosis Scripts are the Junk Food of Hypnosis
To study hypnosis with Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class So many hypnosis trainers around the world rely on scripts. They hand their students a script book and practice reading them together. This is NOT effective hypnosis. In this video, Mike Mandel explains what's wrong with the script approach to hypnosis, and what is, instead, a far superior model to learning effective hypnosis. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2012). Learn more about Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUQeLx4G7Us
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Hypnotic Power Language: How to move from stuck state to super solution
Get more at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com If WHY is one of the most pointless words imaginable when you're working on solving a problem, the powerful, positive alternative is HOW. While WHY is the champion of the stuck state, HOW is the crown prince of progress. By shifting from questions that focus on problem states, to questions that aim at targets, you can rapidly start moving forward again, finding empowering solutions to any difficulty. This video makes it all easy.
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How to Cure Fibromyalgia
Mike Mandel teaches exactly how he cured his own fibromyalgia. We've created this video as a public service to help others. Many of our students have gone on to use this method themselves or teach it to their clients, friends, family etc ... with remarkable results. Go after the underlying emotions of the fibromyalgia and you just may find that yours, too, is cured.
Being hypnotized:  How do you know if you can be hypnotized?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: How do you know if you can be hypnotized? Answer: This is a very good question! The old models of hypnosis, going back to the 1940's and 1950's indicated that x number of people were "good subjects" and the rest were either poor subjects or couldn't be hypnotized at all. This was less a statement on the validity of hypnosis than it was on the skill of the operators, who'd typically use one technique on everyone and base their findings on that. In some cases, the method was to play a hypnotic recording and see how many succumbed to it; a sort of one size fits all method. In reality, if someone does not enter a hypnotic state, it does not mean he or she cannot be hypnotized. Instead, we can only conclude that he or she did not enter hypnosis in that context, with that hypnotist and that method on that occasion. Hypnosis is all about context. In the right context, with the appropriate method, anyone can enter a hypnotic state. It maybe a deep trance or a lighter trance, but as Milton Erickson proved, hypnotic subjects become better adept at entering trance with practise. Also, it's important to remember the Golden Rule of trance: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis! Hypnosis is a consensual and co-operative state. The old cause and effect model, treated trance as though it was something the hypnotist did to the subject. Now we see it differently. The hypnotist and the subject co-operate with each other and create trance between them. So...How do you know you can be hypnotized? Just pretend you're a fantastic hypnotic subject - I mean why would you want to be other than that? Pretend it really well...and then pretend...I mean really pretend...you aren't pretending anymore. You'll find you are indeed a phenomenal hypnotic subject.
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MINDSCAPING questions and answers with Mike Mandel
Get class details at: http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/mindscaping
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Calling ego states
Check out http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/pda for an awesome library of personal development training from Mike Mandel
Mike Mandel Hypnosis We Believe
Video about the values and beliefs shared by Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson, the co-founders of Mike Mandel Hypnosis.
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What is MINDSCAPING?  Mike Mandel's Latest Creation
Get class details at: http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/mindscaping From the fertile mind of Mike Mandel, comes MINDSCAPING, a new transformational tool for therapists, social workers and counsellors of all kinds. MINDSCAPING accesses the client's unconscious mind, providing a simple, but incredibly powerful methodology for both personal insight and rapid change. That's because MINDSCAPING... • Provides a simple, easy to follow protocol, that's easy to remember • Requires no special skills, beyond observation • Can be used alone or with any other psychological technique or tool, including EFT, NLP, EMDR, hypnosis, etc. • May be applied to a full hour or a few spare minutes Get more details and find out when our next class is taking place at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/mindscaping
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Is it possible to hypnotize a strong-willed person?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: Is it possible to hypnotize a strong-willed person? Answer: Ah...the old strong-willed person question! I get asked variants of this one all the time. The origin of this sort of question is the belief that someone's will will prevent hypnosis from happening. The irony is, the complete opposite is actually true, providing the subject is properly motivated. In reality, the subject's will can be used to facilitate hypnosis, rather than undermine it. Saying "I'm too strong-willed to be hypnotized!" is tantamount to saying "I'm so muscular and powerful that I can't even lift a barbell!" It's ludicrous, but unfortunately, quite typical. The person who believes he or she is too strong-willed to be hypnotized has a flawed view of what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is not the forceful application of the hypnotist's will on the subject's will; sort of a psychological arm-wrestling. It is a co-operative communication between the hypnotist and the subject's conscious and unconscious minds. The key word is co-operative. If the subject is properly motivated to go into trance, whether for personal development, or psychotherapy, then nothing will prevent trance from occurring.
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Conversational hypnosis:  Can you hypnotize someone through conversation?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: What is conversational hypnosis and does it really work? Answer: As we look back in time and examine the history of hypnosis, we are able to see 3 distinct stages: The Mesmeric Stage, the Direct Stage and the Indirect, or Conversational Stage, which can be mostly credited to the work of the late Dr. Milton Erickson. Let's look at each of these stages of hypnotic understanding... In the first stage, Franz Anton Mesmer developed an induction method based on supposed magnetic passes that he believed was shifting subtle fluids in the patient's body, thus causing trance. Later, through the work of James Braid and others, the idea of focused attention gradually took hold and displaced the magnetic fluid theory. This was the Direct Stage, in which the hypnotist was very authoritarian, sometimes even commanding the subject to respond. Trance was perceived as digital; something you were either IN or OUT of. Then Milton Erickson came along, and everything changed. Erickson would simply converse with his patients and oft-times their problems would simply disappear. Erickson discovered that there were many different types of trance, and depths of trance. By speaking in a particular way, he was able to create hypnotic states without hypnosis ever being mentioned at all. Bandler and Grinder deconstructed Erickson's conversational hypnotic techniques and wrote about them extensively. So yes, it's possible to hypnotize someone by having them simply listen...and notice the subtle differences...in your shifting internal states...that not only ...(etc. etc.) Wide awake...NOW!
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Mike Mandel at Hypnothoughts Live 2018 0  Metaphors that Change Lives
Visit http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/join-mmha to access HUNDREDS of Mike Mandel's hypnosis training videos. Take your hypnosis skills to the next level. This presentation was recorded in Las Vegas during the Hypnothougths Live conference in August 2018. Every year we attend this amazing conference and teach for free, along with dozens of other incredible trainers who have become close friends. We can't recommend this conference highly enough! Make sure you get on our mailing list (via our website) at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com and we'll keep you posted on all of the live events we conduct, including conferences. We love meeting people at conferences!
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Hypnosis Power Inductions Tutorial UPDATED 2019
This tutorial teaches you how to do both RAPID and INSTANT hypnotic Inductions. For the full video course visit http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/tw-power-inductions-special
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How long does hypnotherapy take to work
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: How long does it take to make changes with hypnosis? Answer: It takes as long as it takes, and not one moment longer! In other words: It depends on what the change is. The fastest change I ever did was to tell a hypnotized police officer "Never smoke again!" and he never did. This is an anomaly though, and most things take at least a little more work than that. The Mandel Model of hypnosis says: De-traumatize first.In other words, take the garbage out before you do anything else. A good therapist will remove your fears and limiting beliefs, and old negative programs, and then replace them with resource states and empowering, ego-strengthening beliefs, but it's necessary to wipe the slate clean first. Depending on how many "issues" you have, this could take a couple of sessions, as the therapist works to remove the blocks to your progress. Then it will be easy and rapid to write new brain software programs, and install them for you.
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Demystification of Hypnosis with Mike Mandel
To study hypnosis with Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class All too often, hypnosis is severely misunderstood. Hypnotists need to demystify hypnosis with their clients in order to progress into trance work. Mike explains his take on this important topic in this short video. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2012). Learn more about Mike Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhXUKvmJOTA
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How To Develop Instant Influence
Get the "Agree and Repeat" strategy here: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/lm-getting-what-you-want/ For the full blog post on Instant Influence visit: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2019/02/13/how-to-develop-instant-influence
Karl Smith Interview on the Kinetic Shift Technique
Toronto class: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/karl Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson interview Karl Smith about his personal history with trauma, and the development of his Kinetic Shift technique.
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Kinetic Shift and Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis Training in 2017
Live from Las Vegas! Karl Smith is coming to Toronto to teach is Kinetic Shift protocol for fears, phobias, anxieties, etc. We've now confirmed April 29 and 30 as the dates. Afterwards Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson will travel to the UK where they will teach Mike's Neo-Ericksonian approach to hypnosis. At the time of this video posting we haven't setup any kind of order form, so feel free to reach out to us by email at [email protected] and we'll add you to the early bird notification list.
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Hypnotic power language: If at first you don't succeed...stop trying!
Get more at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com Many of you will remember being told as children to "just try your best!" and to "try, try again". But is that really the best possible option when you're intent on accomplishing something worthwhile? Years ago, Mike saw the following sign on the wall of a martial arts studio: IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU SUCCEED OR FAIL. ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU TRY! It all sounds very noble, doesn't it? But as this video demonstrates, trying is one of the least productive things you can do, and it often leads to abject failure. Stop trying, and start succeeding!
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Hypnosis: Two Models and One Awesome Demo!
Join us at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/join-mmha
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Podcast Session 12: Self hypnosis, human givens, REM sleep, fixing insomnia and building confidence
http://mikemandelhypnosis.com Dr. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson dive right into the topics you've been asking about. Mike explains why self hypnosis has traditionally been difficult and how you can successfully use self hypnosis. We discuss dissociation and how it's used in NLP. Did you know that accessing a memory changes the memory? Mike gives an unbelievably bizarre example of this from his own life. We also talk about the Human Givens model, and how REM sleep has an important job with respect to emotional health. This is fascinating! How many social contacts do you think the avergae person can maintain? Find out on this podcast. How can you build powerful resourceful states for self confidence? Mike explains the "as if" frame as the solution to achieving this. We talked about a door to door marketing company and their sales pitch which was wonderfully designed with social psychology in mind. Finally, we discuss insomnia and the law of reversed effect. The book, Human Givens, comes highly recommended by Dr. Mike Mandel, as discussed on the podcast.
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Self Hypnosis:  Is it possible to fix myself using self hypnosis?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question: Is it possible to fix myself using self-hypnosis? Answer: It depends on how badly you're broken to begin with! Although technically, people aren't broken. They work perfectly, although the programs they're running aren't necessarily useful. But, since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis anyway, I guess what you really mean, is what things can I work on myself and what things do I need a therapist for? Generally speaking, there are a lot of things you can fix yourself. Anxieties about upcoming speaking engagements, poor sports performance, self-esteem issues, erasing old tape loops in your head so you can move on, etc. You really need a therapist if you have any kind of trauma that needs to be released. For instance, you shouldn't work on a very severe past event, including abuse or terrible loss without the assistance of a trained therapist. But you can strengthen your immune system, get rid of warts, make dental work more bearable, and a host of other things, especially if you use a good hypnosis recording. A well-designed hypnosis track, like my Peak Performance CD, can act as your coach to help you break through to your next level.
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Hypnosis and Binaural Beats: Mike Mandel's Opinion
To study hypnosis with Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Mike Mandel answers a question about binaural beats. Are they useful for hypnosis? Are they necessary? Listen to the answer and pay close attention to his last statement. Hypnosis is complete. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes.
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Hypnosis for Pain Control and Hypnotic Pain Management
To learn more about hypnosis for pain control visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/pain To study hypnosis with Dr. Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Dr. Mike Mandel explains how hypnosis for pain management, pain control and pain relief should be used as complementary tools alongside traditional medicine (pain relief drugs). Hypnosis for pain control should not be thought of as an either / or situation. Many doctors don't even realize that they are creating hypnotic effects on their patients unintentionally. Mandel shares the example of a doctor with good bedside manner who can speed up healing versus another doctor who is harsh or abrasive. Dr. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Dr. Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPUjPh0etuU
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NUVI: The Easiest Way to Generate Ericksonian Hypnotic Language
The NUVI app, by Mike Mandel Hypnosis is available on iOS and Android. It comes with an amazing free bonus video course that teaches you how to use the app and how to effectively setup hypnosis sessions. For iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nuvi-by-mike-mandel-hypnosis/id1290866443?mt=8 For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mikemandelhypnosis.nuvi The best part of this app is truly the BONUS video course that comes with it, so make sure to claim that bonus.
Interesting and Bizarre Hypnotic Interventions
To study hypnosis with Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Mike Mandel talks about his favourite example of a classic Ericksonian style bizarre intervention to relieve severe itching in a client's shins. This goes to show you that sometimes you have to think outside the box. If a direct suggestion to turn the itching down doesn't work, think of what else you can do. Moving the itching to the bed made sense, and in this case worked wonderfully for the client. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes.
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Hypnotic change:  What does it take to make change happen with hypnosis?
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/video Question What does it take to make change happen with hypnosis? Answer: A very important question, that introduces the concept of Threshold. A lot of older therapies and change systems rely on outdated beliefs about the human mind and long-term change. Many people believe that change has to be arduous, painful and take a long, long time. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. I've talked to lots of others who think it's necessary to dig around in the past in order to understand, and then resolve the present. The idea is, that only when we have complete understanding of the issue or issues, are we able to move on. But what are your evidence criteria? How do you know you have complete understanding, whatever that is? The bottom line is, change is relatively easy, as long as you're at Threshold... Threshold is a point in your life when you look at your situation and are able to congruently say: Something has to change! It has to be ME! It has to be NOW! When you are able to say this and mean it, you're ready for change, and a good therapist or hypnotist can give you a little nudge and the change will happen. If you realize that change has to happen, but are blaming it on your circumstances or another person, you haven't fulfilled the second point: It has to be ME! If you know it's you that has to change, but plan on doing it next year or even next week, you aren't ready yet. When you fulfill the 3 conditions, the change technique you use is the least important thing. Threshold is a position of power. Get to threshold and nothing will be able to hold you back.
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Mike Mandel Delivering a Keynote Presentation
http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com A series of clips from a keynote presentation given by Mike Mandel to the Engineering faculty at the University of Toronto, discussing the art of communication.
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Hypnotizability: For People Who Think They Can't be Hypnotized
To study hypnosis with Dr. Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class Hypnosis is a natural state, but unfortunately most people don't realize that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. The hypnotist doesn't force the subject into trance or make the trance happen. Every mentally competent person can go into hypnosis. Dr. Mike Mandel explains this here. Dr. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2012). Learn more about Dr. Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/
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The best definition of hypnosis
To study hypnosis with Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Mike Mandel gives you several different ways to think about hypnosis including the most accurate of all, coming from Human Givens Theory - hypnosis is a means of hacking into the REM state, which we all experience when we sleep at night. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes.
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