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Dragon Nest SEA (Lvl 50 Tempest), Apocalypse Nest Hell Solo
Tempest Gameplay- Apocalypse Nest Hell Solo, No death. Time: 6min 49sec World: Springwood IGN: NyxLight If you like my videos, please give me the thumbs up! :D If you are interested to see my equipments, my latest SDN-Hardcore video would be the most recent video showcasing what I am wearing. (Although my equipment are of a higher enhancement level since then) :D My Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore mode video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pnoBtIsy_0
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Dragon Nest SEA, Sea Dragon Nest (Hardcore), 20min Full Video
Video Brought to you by NyxLight (Tempest) World: Springwood Time taken: 20min 35sec Best viewed in HIGH DEFINITION!!! :D Edited out some of the boring cutscenes ^^ Party Information: 1. TankOfHope, Guardian 2. Ashward, Saint 3. DearSakura, Gear Master 4. x3LostLove, Destroyer 5. NyxLight, Tempest 6. MissLoli, Physician 7. LoveMePls, Saleana 8. Kiwi, Moon Lord Main difference between HC and Norm: 1. 40 minutes timer 2. Boss has Thicker HP Bar 3. Boss has Higher P-attk/M-attk For my stats and equipments, I recorded it somewhere inside the video. ^^ If you are wondering why my damage is uber 1337, you can see why at the start of the video. I do not own the music, if interested please visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlamingJune2012 Please subscribe! :D If you like my videos, please gives me the thumbs up/comment! ^^ I will greatly appreciate it! :D No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only. ^^
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Dragon Nest SEA, Tempest, Archbishop Nest(Normal) Solo
Tempest Gameplay- Archbishop Nest Time: 14min 37sec No death run with all 8 Archshamans saved. :D There is no Archbishop Nest Practice/Hell mode in SEA, only the default option which is Archbishop Nest. I edited out the introductory cut-scene for the 4 power ranger bosses, if not my video would be longer than 15 minutes. Was focused on surviving than speed clearing. The final boss does packs a punch. Also, please watch my SDN hardcore video! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pnoBtIsy_0 If you enjoy my videos, please give me the thumbs up or comment! ^^ I will greatly appreciate it! :D
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Dragon Nest SEA, (Lvl50 T4 PvP) Tempest vs Tempest.mp4
I present to you... Nyxlight versus WhitePanda Tempest versus Tempest, Mirror match 2 rounds World: Springwood Softbans observed: 1. No Spirit Boost 2. No Ulti and Special Heraldry Skills This video is taken after the huge nerf to acrobats in DNSEA from the 450. mark patch. 1. Hurricane dance - 50% damage 2. Spiral Vortex -50% damage 3. Cyclone Kick -50% damage 4. Circle shot cooldown longer by 4 seconds 5. Tip top cooldown longer by 2 seconds 6. Evade now has a 5 second cool-down, which means no more consecutive activation of evades. Any infringement of copyright is unintended, for entertainment purposes only.
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Dragon Nest SEA, Tempest, Archbishop Nest (HELL) SOLO
Archbishop Nest(Hell mode) brought to you by NyxLight! ^^ Time take: 20:28sec ALL 8 ARCH-SHAMANS SAVED! (Royal Chest=More loots!) :D 2 Death at the Giant Golem Archbishop phase, otherwise could have aimed for 'Elasty' title :/ A small list of some Boss mechanic difference between ABN Normal and Hell: Stage1: Have to kill the two sidekicks that is summoned twice at a certain hp bar before you can hit the boss. Stage2: Boss can wriggle and summon tiny mush-booms that explodes and (worst case scenario) make your hp bar transparent and become 1. Stage 3: Have to kill the power ranger bosses in a certain order to prevent large scale AOE damage/freeze. Kill paladin boss, assassin boss, dragon follower and then the ice-mage boss. Stage 4: Have to whack the pillars before proceeding to each new section with the arch-shaman. Stage 5: Boss is able to drink steroid potions, click on the pillars to Stage 6: The pillars at each arch-shaman captives are super hard to knock down and may need a combination of skills to deal enough SA breaking damage. Stage 6: Golem boss is able to grab you to deal damage over time. A red AOE skill that deals damage to you when you are standing on top of the golem (Can be avoided easily.) Any infringement of copyright is unintended, for entertainment purposes only.
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Dragon Nest SEA (Lvl 50 PVP T4), Gear Master vs Destroyer
Right here we have a match brought to you by NyxLight! :D Match: DearSakura (Gear Master) vs TuoZai aka xDotDotDot (Destroyer) Both are really good 1V1 PVP players This is a rather fun match to watch. Softban rules are observed in 1v1 matches here in DN SEA. This limits the number of towers a GM can summon to 1, and no alfredo. Merc are not allowed to use Iron Skin and Howl Charging. Any infringement of copyright is unintended, for entertainment purposes only.
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Dragon Nest Sea (lvl 40 Acro) Cerberus Nest Hell Solo, Speed run
World: SpringWood IGN: NyxLight Job: Acrobat Time: 5:15 No Death, speed run. My first dragon nest video :D
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DragonNest SEA (Lvl 50 Tempest), Manticore Nest Hell Solo
Lvl50 Tempest Gameplay-Manticore Nest Hell Solo No Death 4 min 51sec Equipment shown at the end of the video. :) World:Springwood IGN: NyxLight
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Dragon Nest SEA, Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore), 20min Returned Slayer [HD]
Dragon Nest SEA Server: Springwood Green Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode Time: 21min 22sec No deaths 8 man "Returned Slayer" Title Party Members: Mintflake, Adept UmiKori, Saleana UmiShiro, Moonlord Inadequate, Sniper Moustache, Saint AvengerX, Guardian NastyyR, Destroyer MaevisKiss, Smasher Edited out: Total of 1min+ of the video as we wait for Beyond Time to cooldown. Video brought to you by Mintflake! :D
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