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When Passion Meets Vision: The Ryan Hreljac Story
In 1998, six-year-old Ryan began raising money so kids across the world could have clean water. His foundation, Ryan's Well, has raised over $6 million to date. If you'd like to help change lives with Ryan's Well, go to https://www.ryanswell.ca/donate Video highlights: • Ryan started out doing odd jobs in his neighbourhood to raise funds to build a well for a Ugandan school • After raising $45,000, the well was built -- and Ryan went to Uganda to see the difference he made for one school • Ryan's Well Foundation has drilled over 800 wells in 16 countries • The first school in Uganda he helped celebrates Ryan's Day on July 27, every year.
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Ask an Expert: Understanding India's Import-Export Market
Find the opportunities in India -- one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explains the advantages India has in the global economy and what you need to know to compete in that market. Video highlights: • India is the largest importer of Canadian pulse crops and Canada's sixth-largest agri-food export market. • Recently pulse crops have accounted for more than 95 per cent of Canadian agri-food exports to India. • Indian consumers can be price-sensitive and will substitute pulse crops with other foods if prices increase too much. • Very little of India's primary production is processed into food products, creating excellent opportunities for processed foods in that market. http://www.fcc.ca
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How outstanding farmers do things differently
As the first, second-generation winners of the 2016 B.C./Yukon Outstanding Young Farmer Award, it’s not what Brian and Jewel Pauls do to be successful, it’s how. • The Pauls family raises broilers, layers and grows unique crops on multiple locations in B.C and Saskatchewan • The couple buys family farms and hires families to live on the land and manage the business • Diversifying across many locations helps mitigate risk and contain disease outbreaks • Always focusing on “making what works, work better” is the key to the couple’s farm success • Caring about the environment, animal welfare and people is the foundation of a good farm business
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Ask an Expert: Understanding Mexico's Import-Export Market
How will Mexico's growth over the next decade impact North American trade? FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais shares insights that could help you win over Mexican food buyers. He also talks about competitive advantages that have helped Mexico on the world stage, and the opportunities for Canada in this market. Video highlights: • Mexico is Canada's fourth-largest export market for agri-food products. • Due to the anticipated increase in per capita income over the next 10 years, Mexico is projected to be a growth market for meat, grain, and oilseeds. • The United States has a location advantage over Canada to capture Mexican growth. • The key to staying competitive is to closely match Mexican food preferences. Read the full C.A.G.E report online at fcc.ca. http://www.fcc.ca
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The Wealthy Barber Returns
Kevin Stewart sits down with David Chilton, bestselling author of The Wealthy Barber, to discuss his new book, The Wealthy Barber Returns. He also shares his unique perspectives on the world of money, including the importance of having a plan and diversifying your investments.
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Ask an Expert: Understanding Brazil's Import-Export Market
How does Brazil affect the bottom line of your business? FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explains why Brazil, an emerging market, is an opportunity and a competitor for Canadian producers and agribusinesses. Brazil has become a major contributor on the world stage; find out why Canada and Brazil likely won't be entering trade negotiations in the near future. Video highlights: • A growing middle class and its strong performance in the global economy makes Brazil stand out from other competitors. • Brazil is the world's largest producer of ethanol, the second-largest producer of red meat, produces twice as much pork as Canada and is home to the world's largest meat processing company. • Canada and Brazil produce very similar crops and rely heavily on exporting, which makes them prone to competition with each other. • Brazil accounts for less than one per cent of Canada's ag trade. http://www.fcc.ca
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5 Keys to a Successful Agribusiness
Kevin Stewart helps you focus on your farm’s future with these five tips for successful agribusiness. • Running a successful agribusiness can be achieved by focusing on the road ahead • Think about how decisions made today will help you achieve your long term goals • Use networking to maintain good relationships with your supply chain and customers • Stay on top of the latest technology and always look for ways to innovate • Know your financial situation and don’t be afraid to try alternative arrangements
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Buy or lease farm equipment: Which option is right for you?
Deciding whether to buy or lease farm equipment can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the differences between buying and leasing in this video. • When it comes to farm equipment, most people choose to buy rather than lease • In most cases people choose leases for tax purposes, but often times purchasing equipment is the better tax decision • Leasing is a great option if you plan to turn over your equipment frequently or need expendable cash flow • Dealers should understand the needs of their customers before recommending leasing or buying
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Ask an Expert: Understanding Russia's Import-Export Market
Russia and Canada have a number of similarities in their ag economies. FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explains the opportunities for Canadian producers and agribusinesses in the Russian market -- including an increase in protein consumption. Also, find out which Russian ag sectors are becoming extremely competitive on the world stage. Video highlights: • Protein consumption is rising in Russia; by 2021, pork could go up as much as 12 per cent, and poultry as much as 30 per cent. • Russia and Canada rely heavily on crops and livestock exports because of the large land bases with relatively small populations. • Today Russian yields are low, but wheat exports are expected to increase up to 76 per cent in the next decade. • Russia's main challenge is a lack of infrastructure to store and transport product. http://www.fcc.ca
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Buy or rent farmland: Which option is right for you?
Deciding whether to buy or rent farmland can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the benefits of both in this video. • Interest rates affect land prices – the lower they are, the less overall cost for the land • Far too often, people make land purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons rather than economic truths • Interest rates also affect whether you should sell or keep your land • Relationships are key in land rental – both parties need to be well informed so they can work together as a team
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Arlene Dickinson: Lessons from an entrepreneur
Arlene Dickinson shares advice and stories from her book “All In” and from Dragon’s Den to help fellow entrepreneurs follow their passion. • Difference between blind passion and passion with purpose • What entrepreneurship and stand-up comedy have in common • Using insecurity as a positive and motivating force • Saying no with confidence • Protecting the needs of the business first
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Ask an Expert: Effective Leadership with General Rick Hillier
Hear Canada's former top soldier General Rick Hillier talk about what leadership means to him. He compares the impacts of risk management against those of risk aversion and explains how you can use the 95-5 rule to help run your operation.
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The Family Business -- Part Two
Best-selling author and executive coach David Irvine continues his discussion of the challenges of running a family business and how to overcome them. In part two Irvine focuses on the importance of accountability and strong character. Key Points • Accountability is key -- expectations for everyone need to be mapped out as well as how people can support each other to meet these expectations. • Too often people look at accountability when there is a problem. Negotiate expectations early on so there are no surprises. • Strong character allows you to do three things consistently -- say what you're going to do, follow through and stand for strong principles. • Replace entitlement with responsibility -- people in a family business must earn their right of ownership and every right has to be accompanied with a responsibility or obligation to meet.
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Sowing seeds of success: How to discover your next business breakthrough
Customer relationships are like plants – both need attention and care to thrive. By “making gardening easier”, Christie Pollack has created a horticultural hub for her customers and successful business model with room to grow. - Analytics and customer profiles help Christie gauge and adapt to customer needs - Christie sells information – website, in-store classes, blogs – a hub for all things plants - Takes time daily to learn about other businesses and writes all ideas down - Working with trusted financial experts helps grow her business responsibly
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Ask an Expert: Land Rentals with J.P. Gervais
J.P. Gervais, FCC Chief Agricultural Economist, explains landlord-tenant interaction and how communicating about crops and agriculture can help maintain positive relationships. You'll learn the basics of setting a rental price fair to both parties, some factors that typically influence land rental contracts and why written contracts are better than verbal. Key points: • Maintaining positive relationships with your landlord • Cash rental versus share contract • Fair cost factors • Benefits of a written contract Copyright 2012, Farm Credit Canada. This video information is intended for general reference purposes only; it is not intended to provide specific business advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specific professional advice. The views expressed in this video are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of FCC. FCC makes no warranties or representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of the information and shall not be liable or responsible to any person for any harm, loss or damage that may arise in connection with the use of this video. You may not copy or reproduce this or any FCC video, in whole or in part, for the purposes of commercial distribution without the prior written permission of FCC.
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Tales from the Dragon's Den (Herjavec)
Robert Herjavec shares how the ability to recognize opportunity and a sense of ``humble arrogance`` have contributed to his success.
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Sustainable ag made profitable
John and Katy Ehrlich share lessons they've learned in biodynamic farming. Hear how working together with their community helped them increase their production. And, find out how they're sharing their work ethic through an apprenticeship program.
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Here's to the Rancher: FCC Salutes Canadian ag
Here's the story of one family that's proud of their Alberta ranch. The Barritts love agriculture because their farm's a great place to raise a family - now on their fourth generation.
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Ask an Expert: Canadian Dollar
FCC Senior Economist J.P. Gervais discusses factors that impact the value of the Canadian dollar and the effects these fluctuations can have on the Canadian economy. Key Points - There are many factors that impact the value of the Canadian dollar. - When the price of commodities goes up, the Canadian dollar goes up. - An increased demand for Canadian products in world markets results in an increased demand for Canadian dollars in financial markets. - Any fluctuation in dollar value will be felt throughout the supply chain. - A high dollar hurts exports but can decrease import costs.
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Management Moment: Listening to Employees so They’ll Listen to You
Learn some tips to get your employees listening to your words, instead of just hearing them. Video highlights: • Employees with a positive outlook, are more likely to pay attention to your business • Employees need to be engaged and feel like part of the team for them to listen and understand instructions • Take different approaches for different teammates – younger people put a high value on relationships • People are your most valuable asset – listen to them, and they’ll return the favour
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Ask an Expert: The Best Managers Reject the Status Quo
Hear economist Danny Klinefelter explain how you can get a competitive edge through continuous management improvement and by rejecting the status quo. Video highlights: • Learn and adapt faster than your competition • If you’re doing something because it’s the way you’ve always done it, that could be an advantage for your competition • Making mistakes gives you a chance to learn how not to make them again • Stay ahead of your competition by learning and adapting faster • Networking with other professionals and companies is a great chance to learn how to stay current
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The Family Business -- Part One
Best-selling author and executive coach David Irvine discusses the challenges of running a family business and how to overcome them. In part one Irvine focuses on the importance of governance, setting goals, holistic leadership and caring for the interests of the family. Key Points • It's a challenge to both build a business and raise a family, and combining the two must be done with great care. • Governance is the foundation of your family and your business. • There are three circles in any family business -- owners, employees and family members -- all three circles must have goals to meet and a defined process to meet them. • Family council meetings are important to create a plan that cares for the interests of the family. • The concept of holistic leadership is important -- use the business as a tool to create what matters most to each family member. • Ask yourself why you are in business - the answer is not your business' mission statement, but the purpose of the business in your life. • Decide your quality of life first and set your business goals around what you need to support it. Learn More • Watch the David Irvine video -- "The Family Business -- Part Two". • Watch the David Irvine video -- "Be an Authentic Leader -- Part One". • Article: Ask an expert with David Irvine -- Attracting, retaining and inspiring great people. (link to http://www.fcc-fac.ca/en/learningcentre/journal/stories/209903-3 e.asp ) • Visit www.davidirvine.com
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Ask an Expert: Financial Statements with Mario Dumas
What's the full potential of your farm? Can your operation be more efficient? Are you getting the most from your cash flow? Learn three ratios that will help you answer these questions and improve your decision-making. Video highlights: • On their own, financial statements don't accurately show an analysis of the relationship between the results of your operation. • Financial statements with ratios can provide a lot of detail on the performance and potential of your operation. • High values and good equities doesn't always mean you have a lot of cash flow -- a liquidity ratio can explain why. • Ratios, if done well, will help improve your decision-making. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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Broyhill Holsteins: Welcome to the Cow Palace
Greg Moore visits Broyhill Holsteins, meets the Lindenbach family and learns about their dairy operation and how they make working together, work for them. - Broyhill Holsteins cow palace was built with animal welfare and cow comfort in mind - Lindenbach’s run their operation with mutual respect for each other and open communication - For the family, there’s pride in knowing that they help feed the world
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Making Sense of Grain and Oilseed Stock-to-Use Ratios
FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais explains how stock-to-use ratios can help you predict future prices and create a solid marketing plan. • Stock-to-use ratios show the balance between supply and demand for a given commodity • Higher stock-to-use ratios mean more supply is available while lower ratios suggest a tighter supply situation • Stock-to-use ratios have significant market impact and should be considered when creating marketing plans
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Understanding the Drivers of the Canadian Dollar
FCC Senior Economist Leigh Anderson explains how the value of the Canadian dollar is decided and why a lower loonie can benefit the Canadian ag industry. • Supply and demand (most notably the demand for oil) and interest rates are the key drivers in the value of the Canadian dollar • Understanding what affects the Canadian dollar is important because most agricultural commodities are priced in U.S. dollars • In most cases, a lower loonie is actually good for the Canadian ag industry
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Ask an Expert: Options on Futures
Victor Aideyan, Senior Risk Management Consultant with HISGRAIIN Commodities Inc., discusses the risks and benefits of buying or selling options on a futures contract. Video highlights: • Options give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a futures contract. • Options have a premium and you need to weigh the value of the premium against the possible increase or decrease in futures prices. • Regardless of an increase or decrease, your maximum risk is the premium you have to pay. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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Creekside Hothouse: Bringing big taste to tomatoes
Creekside Hothouse owners Ravi and Gurinder Cheema share how they grow great-tasting tomatoes and why it’s important to share the food story with consumers. • Creekside grows and tests over 88 varieties of tomatoes from all over the world • Tomatoes ship between 6 and 24 hours from when they’re picked • Changes to packaging have reduced plastic usage by 30% • Cheema’s are proud to share their story and invite the public to visit their greenhouse
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Extreme Grain Auger Showcases Ag Technology
The 2015 Farm Progress Show featured big ideas. Bergen Industries’ double barrel grain auger proves the sky’s the limit for farming equipment technology. Video highlights: • Designed for a specialized market, the Bergen double barrel auger can move up to 600 bushels per minute • Because the twin augers are independent of each other, you can keep working even if one fails • While some may consider this technology “overkill”, what seems unnecessary today is often the standard of tomorrow
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Risk manage your mortgage
Choosing between fixed and variable interest rates is not an all or nothing proposition. A balanced approach helps manage interest rate risk.
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Trade in the Canadian Agri-food Industry
Hear about the resiliency of Canada’s agri-food industry and its importance in the Canadian economy from FCC Chief Agricultural Economist J.P. Gervais. Video highlights: • In 2013, agri-food employed 280,000 people and contributed 1.7 per cent to GDP • From 2004-13, Canadian secondary food exports increased a at slower pace than value of imports from the U.S. • Showing resiliency, the Canadian agri-food industry grew overall exports by 30 per cent since the 2009 financial crisis • Trade agreements can help the competitiveness of Canada’s food processing industry hhtp://www.fcc.ca/GlobalTrade
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Leadership, Motivation and Sharing Your Vision
Michelle Painchaud offers advice on managing the farm like a business, motivating employees through leadership and appreciation, and vision and goal setting. Video highlights: • Recognize your farm as a business and manage family like employees • Leadership and sense of appreciation are top traits that motivate employees • Create a vision for your business and let your employees know their role • Accountability helps employees step up and try to accomplish goals
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Attitude, Leadership and Goals
Learn from positivity speaker Sylvain Boudreau how a shift in your perspective can turn you into the CEO of Me Inc. He’ll share his unique views on motivation and attitude. Video highlights: • Like a CEO manages departments of a company, you can manage the departments of your life • How you react to events in life is more important than what happens to you • Set aside time for reflection, it can help you make sense of issues • Build genuine relationships with the people you interact with – in your business and personal life • If you share your vision, people are more likely to join you
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FCC Experience
What is the FCC Experience? Hear from people who are building their careers at Farm Credit Canada -- one of Canada's top employers. Find out what the FCC Experience means to them.
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2016 Farmland Values: Looking at the numbers
Farmland values continue to rise in 2016, but that’s not the whole story. J.P. Gervais compares the national and provincial averages and the factors that influenced them. •The 2016 national average in farmland values increased by 7.9% • Multiple signs show farmland values increases slowing down • Most significant increases occurred in P.E.I, Alberta and Nova Scotia • Healthy Canadian ag sector and low CDN dollar help sustained the increase • Available land and actual demand still the most important drivers in the marketplace
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View Vacation as an Investment
Discover how a vacation is a legitimate investment in your health, relationships and management performance. Key Points: • There is a point where excessive workloads can be damaging. A vacation can provide a beneficial break. • Burnout can take a toll on personal and professional relationships. • Studies show that vacations improve productivity, reduce sick leave and result in happier employees. • Vacations can also reduce incidents of coronary disease and heart attacks, and improve sleep quality and reaction time. • Consider an agri-vacation -- guided tours of farms and agricultural points of interest in another part of the world. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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Overcoming Challenges in Succession Planning
Dr. John Fast, President of Family Enterprise Solutions, shares tips and strategies to help you create an effective succession plan for your operation.
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Jon Montgomery:  Using failure to your advantage
Olympic Gold Medalist and host of Amazing Race Canada Jon Montgomery on celebrating success, effective collaboration and failing with positivity. • Important to celebrate life and work as a team • Positivity and determination key to mental and physical transformation • Failure and how you react to it defines you as a person • Peer coaching and collaboration helps you fail and build faster
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Management Moment: Buy, Lease or Hire?
Buy, Lease or Hire? When it comes to farm equipment, there is no easy answer. This Management Moment video explores some of the advantages and drawbacks of each. Video highlights: Leasing equipment means lower payments for easier cash flow. Lease payments are also often 100% tax deductible When you buy equipment you can write off the interest costs on a purchase loan and eventually write off the purchase amount too -- just not on a monthly basis like a lease. Hiring a custom operator is the third option. To assess this option, you need to know what your cost per acre is for both ownership and leasing the equipment. Sitting down with your accountant and understanding the implications of each choice for your farm is a good place to start making an informed decision. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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The 5% Rule: How Small Improvements Can Improve Your Bottom Line
Hear how a few small changes can have a big impact on your revenue. Kristjan Hebert of Hebert Grain Ventures explains why the 5% rule could change the way you run your farm. Video highlights: • 5% increase on yields and marketing with a 5% decrease on costs can mean a 117% increase on your bottom line • Having a plan, knowing your cost of production and locking in your profits are three simple rules for maximizing success • Small improvements over the course of a growing season can make a big difference • Things like talking to an agronomist, using more inputs, or sectional control can help increase your yields
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Ask an Expert: Futures and Basis
Victor Aideyan, Senior Risk Management Consultant with HISGRAIIN Commodities Inc., explains how basis price is determined and how it can effect your bottom line. Video highlights: • The term 'basis' refers to the price of a commodity adjusted by your local elevator. • Basis price is the local cash price for a commodity, minus the futures price set for the commodity by the Chicago Futures Exchange. • The price a producer receives is made up by adding the basis price to the futures price. • Basis price is influenced by transportation and carrying (interest and storage) costs. • Pick the selling price that offers you the best net price to your bottom line, while factoring in the storage and interest costs of delaying selling. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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Share your story: Lessons learned from a Hutterite
Mary Ann Kirkby wrote “I am Hutterite” to speak up for her culture. In this video, she explains how to “set the record straight” and remove misperceptions. • Both agriculture and the Hutterite community are small groups that often fall victim to misperceptions • Mary Ann Kirkby, author of “I Am Hutterite”, explains the importance of communicating who you are to dispel common misperceptions • Mary Ann Kirkby’s story is a great lesson for the agriculture community – share your story and set the record straight
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2017 Farmland Values: Behind the Numbers
The 2017 FCC Farmland Values Report is out. Nationwide, values are up 8.4%. But what does that mean in your part of the country? • Increase in values speak to the strength of Canadian agriculture • Strong relationship between farmland values and farm income • Saskatchewan and Ontario saw the biggest increases in 2017 • To truly understand farmland values, look at historical data • Knowing how farmland fits into overall vision is key to success
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Building a Retail Strategy
Do you want to take your product to the grocery shelves? John F. T. Scott, economist and president and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers, shares insights and strategies to help you claim a spot on the shelves. Video highlights: • Retailers' marketing strategies are very different than those of producers. • Research the strategies of prospective retailers and see if your product is a fit. • Innovative and well-thought-out products will always find shelf space. However, the product must provide a good return for long-term success. • Understand your consumer and produce your product based on their needs. http://www.fcc.ca/multimedia
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Rewarding Careers Start Here
Opportunities to learn, lead and overcome challenges in a community of support are some of the ways Farm Credit Canada helps you build your career. FCC is full of people building a career doing what they've always wanted to do.
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Wi-Fi temperature probe for grain bins
Jason Diehl of Dimo’s/Labtronics explains how the Wi-Fi Temperature Probe can easily and accurately monitor grain bin temperature in real time from your iPad or iPhone. - 10 ft. probe has single infrared sensor at tip and transmitter at handle - Probe is turned on and inserted into grain bin - User connects to via iPad and iPhone to view temperature in real time - Quick, easy to use and takes 4 standard AA batteries
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Management Moment: Farmer to CEO
The more time you spend doing physical work, the less time you have for marketing or managing employees. If this sounds like you, you may need to shift into a manager's role. If your operation keeps expanding, it might be time to hire a manager and shift into the position of CEO.
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Refresh Your Equipment with New Seed Opener
The 2015 Farm Progress Show isn’t only about new equipment. The semi-independent seed opener is an example of how you can teach old equipment new tricks. Video highlights: • Replacing the shanks on your air drill with a semi-independent seed opener can give your older machine great depth control • If your air drill is in good condition, replacing the shanks is a much cheaper option than buying new • Better depth control makes it easy to switch from planting one type of seed to another
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Overseas Technology Saves Time for Canadian Farmers
The 2015 Farm Progress Show featured domestic and foreign innovations. The Austrian BISO combine header is easily adjustable to save time in the fields. Video highlights: • The BISO Ultralight 800 all-purpose combine header has many functions that can be adjusted right from the cab • Each combine header is specially built to fit different brands of combines • With the recent popularity of straight cutting canola, interest in these combine headers is on the rise
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Choosing the right successor with John Fast
Choosing the right successor for your operation requires a lot of planning -- sometimes years of planning. Succession planning expert Dr. John Fast shares stories and wisdom on this all-too-common topic. He explains why it's so tough for somebody who's been farming for a lifetime to hand over a business they so closely identify with.
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