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talk show prank calls and reactions
RECORDED IN THE EARLY 1980's ("EARLY" MEANING AROUND 85-ish) ON A SHITTY BETAMAX MACHINE excuse the OBVIOUS poor quality, and just appreciate the 2 more calls to an OLD radio/cable talk show and the public reactions to them :)
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collection of cable tv talk show prank calls
recorded throughout the 80's
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Blue Oyster Cult - Take me Away - live
I worked for Blue Oyster Cult as a guitar tech for a summer back in 94, this was taken from the stage. (and a few other clips from the tour thrown in)
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talk show crank call
crank call to a local cable show, ok,..so it wasn't much of a call,..but it did get the two hosts fighting.
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Blue Oyster Cult  Flaming Telepaths Live
this was shot from the stage, the venue, - (which was actually in Kansas City, the only scene in the vid from the Agora is the sound check footage.)- had a screen showing the band that I was able to tape from,.. the footage looked pretty bad, so I had fun with some random clips from the movie Rock and Rule.
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Arnold Calls Angel
Detective John Kimball crank calls Angel. Made with "The Movies" game.
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stop motion sausage bread
Sausage Bread recipe : - Preheat oven to 350 degrees - 6 links of sausage ( hot or sweet ) cooked - 16 oz sharp cheddar cheese - 16 oz bread dough - 1 roughly chopped onion - Place on a greased cookie sheet - Bake 50 -- 60 minutes - Enjoy!
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cable tv talk show prank calls and reactions
- apologies for the bad video quality - cable tv talk show gets pranked and callers react, plus a bonus story of a past call
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Rick Brito with What Matters
in memory of Rick Brito, performing with the band What Matters,.. (recorded 1995) ,Rick was an amazingly awesome, talented, funny, all around super nice guy, he will be sorely missed by so many,... anyone that new him loved him
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sheltie herds kittens
our Sheltie keeping close guard over some kittens we're fostering music : "option Y"
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skunk kangaroos and dogs for kids cartoon
this is an cartoon I produced back in the year 2000,. I didn't write this, or do the voices, I just drew and animated it. It was produced as part of a series of safety videos for young children, I'm not exactly sure what the lesson we learn from it is... don't trust anyone, no matter what they tell you ?
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GI Joe plays "Solar Pancake" - stop motion
that was weird,...for a short time this video wasn't working, so I dug out the frames, re-edited it, re-mastered the audio, and reposted it here : http://youtu.be/wOvVzNKBq_o GI Joe playing the solo from "Solar Pancake" (on a replica Ace Frehley, Les Paul)
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Limelight - performed by Mystic Vibe
Mystic Vibe - recorded 9/12/14 at Central Tavern, Milford, MA. http://www.reverbnation.com/mysticvibe https://www.facebook.com/MysticVibeTrio (apologies for the sound drop out at the end, the recording cutout for a second)
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tool tribute parabola - 46 and 2
apologies for the poor audio quality.. (and the yammering near the camera) http://myspace.com/parabolaband1
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She Don't Care - A Million Pictures (with Bill Spooner)
recorded with Bill Spooner at the Tubes studio - "Cavum Soni" , San Francisco 1988
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Brain Damage / Eclipse - performed by Mystic Vibe
1/25/14 at Stevie D's, Cumberland, RI http://www.reverbnation.com/mysticvibe https://www.facebook.com/MysticVibeTrio
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monkey torments guy reading paper
Featured in this episode, is "The Actor Formally known as Jay" with the infamous "Love Box", and John Gerstner in his role as Dr. Arthur Kendall, (from the In Search of the Simian Man video).
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RCT3 - Train to Grizzled Gulch
Train transport to Grizzled Gulch from my Devils Tower Park, (created with RCT3)
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Green Eyed Lady (short version) - performed by Mystic Vibe
Mystic Vibe - recorded 9/12/14 at Central Tavern, Milford, MA. http://www.reverbnation.com/mysticvibe https://www.facebook.com/MysticVibeTrio
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RCT3 - Devils Tower Park intro
entrance to Devils Tower Park via the monorail, (created with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3)
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Blue Öyster Cult - on the road 1994
I worked as a guitar tech for Blue Öyster Cult back in 1994, this is a collection of video I took from the stage and on the road across the country. 0:00 "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" (album clip) 01:09 "Dr. Music" (short clip) 01:37 "Take Me Away" 05:38 "Buck's Boogie" 12:03 "Flaming Telepaths" (wi 18:21 "Godzilla" (short) 20:00 Chuck Burgii drum solo 21:24 "Don't Fear the Reaper" (from ETI live with trip video) 27:41 "Joan Crawford" (from album version)
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Something Wild - Good Love/Mama Don't Dance
apologies for the poor video quality ! from the 1989 Woonsocket Main St. Block Party
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Pets on Prozac  "Key to Her Ferrari"
taken at the 4th of July Shake the Lake Party featuring Marty, Dean, Kenny, Pete and another one of the drummers named Steve that played with this band
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the Train to Grizzled Gulch  (RCT3)
Train transport to Grizzled Gulch, from "Devils Tower Park", the first park I created with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
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Special Delivery - Robot Christmas
Y Band of Robots wishes you a Merry Christmas !
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Option Y - RUN
from the album "Rhetoric Circus" https://www.reverbnation.com/optionY © 2016 a million pictures
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animated prank call to clothing store
created with anime studio 6
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puppet show gets booed offstage
Jay Douglas Wilder and his puppet friend Petou onstage with the band 'Bad Dog' taped at what was Kirbys in Smithfield RI (1991)
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Y Band of Robots fireworks and laser show RCT3
"live" performance of Victory, at Rocky Point Park created with RCT3 and Lightwave 9 for more about the Ybots check out http://ybandofrobots.bandcamp.com/album/colourworks
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Something Wild - Batdance / I Like it
apologies for the poor video quality from the Woonsocket Main St. Block Party, 1989
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We Just Disagree - performed by Mystic Vibe
1/25/14 - at Stevie D's, Cumberland, RI http://www.reverbnation.com/mysticvibe https://www.facebook.com/MysticVibeTrio
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Laddie the singing sheltie
laddie the singing sheltie
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RCT3 - Tomb of baraka  hi rez
higher resolution version (with slightly longer ending)
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A Million Pictures - LIVE
Well here it is, the one and only video I've seen of the band "A Million Pictures",..with Jimmy, Todd, Chris, Tony and myself,..it's like watching a time capsule from 1986 (the timestamp date is incorrect on the vid) even tho the sound and video quality are poor, this brings back alot of memories !!
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kitten cam
these are kittens we are fostering for the Woonsocket Cat Sanctuary. our Sheltie, and a few of our cats also make appearances, check out the Siamese performing at 39:00, and the laser pointer action from :50:00 on
Ybots "victory" live (close) RCT3
HD version of -Y- performing "Victory" at Rocky Point Park, created with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and Lightwave https://ybandofrobots.bandcamp.com/
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stone age
before I had any animation software, all I had was Mario Paint on the (nintendo) SNES.
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the cat and dog from Mother Goose & Grimm
I recently found some animation cels I hand painted a long time ago.. these characters are from the Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip created by Mike Peters
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G.I. Joe plays Solar Pancake
G.I. Joe, found in a Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Transport Repair Station from my childhood toys, playing the solo from the song "Solar Pancake" with an Ace Frehley Les Paul, wearing a custom outfit by Stacey L, in front of a Toon Town scene I painted. the song "Solar Pancake" features Matt D on bass, Paul S on Drums, and Peter S on guitar,..to hear more from these sessions, visit: https://soundcloud.com/amillionpictures/arrogantly-dangling https://soundcloud.com/amillionpictures/behooved https://soundcloud.com/amillionpictures/meat-flange https://soundcloud.com/amillionpictures/groping-lotus
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94 HJY spot Back in Black
94 hjy - rocks in your head(tm) Back in Black
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After Your Gone - A Million Pictures
from the 1988 A Million Pictures release Dangerous written by P St.Amant © 2012
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Y bots onstage
another sound check performance of "Incontinuance",..
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94 HJY spot - Plush
94 HJY Rocks in your head(tm) Plush
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crazy kitten cam
these are some kittens we were fostering until they were ready to go to the Woonsocket Cat Sanctuary, .. UPDATE : we are glad to inform you they have all been adopted !,
94 HJY spot - Black Dog
94 HJY - Rocks in your head(tm) Black Dog
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tool tribute - parabola - ticks & leeches
recorded 7-27-07 at Marks Showplace in Bedford, NH
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Pets on Prozac     - Time by Pink Floyd
clip of a band I was in called Pets on Prozac, performing "Time", by Pink Floyd. NOTE: This is an example of how the "A Million Pictures" cable show would begin. Also of note is that when I created the graphics, I had never used the internet, so it was a guess at how it would be.
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Attack of the Atomic Douchebags
this was made way back in 1988, it was a spur of the moment creation at our old studio in Woonsocket RI. Starring Gary Martin, and Todd Makalinaw.
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The Dance Step - 22nd anniversary performance 2013
this was the first time one of my original compositions was used for choreography, the song "Light Between the Blinds" from the cd 'Colourworks'. was the music for a dance piece called "The Hunted", choreographed by Krissie LeDuc Tanasio, featuring Elijah LeDuc. the performance was The Dance Step's 22nd anniversary held at BMR auditorium.
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Y bot close up
close up from sound check performance of "Incontinuance" from the cd "Colourworks"
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