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Chris Tomlin - Lord I Need You
From the 2011 Passion live album "Here For You" this is Chris Tomlin singing "Lord I Need You", sort of a modern-day version of the hymn "I Need Thee Every Hour". Written by Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, and Matt Maher. Yes,we *do* need Him. Without Him we have no hope, and we have no promise of salvation. I recently made an alternate version of this video, switching out the Chris Tomlin music for a version by Melanie Rea. A lot of overlap, but also a lot of changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_NcE8sMN3g. I like both versions about equally; Melanie's version is somewhat more tender. I was asked to add this link to my description. I don't normally do that, but this is a nice song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSwvyO3twj4
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Amy Grant - Breath Of Heaven
This song was originally written by Chris Eaton, but Amy Grant wanted to record it and asked Chris if she could rewrite some of the lyrics from a woman's perspective, namely Mary. Chris agreed. So this is Amy's version. The images are from the wonderful movie "Nativity Story"; if you have not seen it, do it, whether it's Christmastime or not.
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Meredith Andrews - Soar
Here's a video I made for Meredith's new single "Soar". She co-wrote the song along with Mia Fieldes and Full Circle Music. Very inspiring and comforting lyrics. The images I used were all of women (well, except for Jesus), since it's sung by a woman in first person, but the sentiments apply equally as well to men, of course.
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MercyMe - Joseph's Lullaby
We don't often think much of Joseph's role in the birth of Jesus. What an unusual place to be for him. But an angel brought a message from God explaining the whole plan to him, and he believed and accepted it. This is a song about the birth of Jesus from the perspective of Joseph.
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Nicole C. Mullen - Kingdom Come (w/Michael O'Brien)
From her album "Captivated". We as Christians are waiting for Jesus to return and take us to our reward in heaven. Rather than me try to explain the motivation for Nicole to write this song, I'll let Nicole say it herself: "Every other day there is a tornado or an earthquake or a tsunami or oil spill or whatever it is. Even nature is crying out for the return of Christ, for His kingdom, but His kingdom actually is already here. The kingdom of God is among us. God is already the king. We're not going to make Him king at the end of time. In the song, it is asking 'let your kingdom be revealed among us. Let your kingdom be seen by all. Let your kingdom be acknowledged by all. May your justice rein and rule." Harmony by Michael O'Brien.
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Mary Chapin Carpenter - Halley Came To Jackson
One of my favorite MCC songs ever. The only song I know of about a comet. Many of the pictures here are from a book that MCC created based on this song. The pictures were created by Dan Andreasen (beautifully done, Dan!) By the way, there are lots of towns in the US named Jackson; this one refers to Jackson, Mississippi.
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Point Of Grace - There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
Yes, the grace of Jesus is powerful. No matter what troubles you may be going through, God is full of mercy and grace and forgiveness. There is nothing greater. But you must pray to Him and ask for these things; they don't happen automatically. Open up your heart and He will listen and give you everything your heart desires. Written by Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell, Antonio Neal.
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Travis Tritt - Drift Off To Dream
A wonderful country oldie by Travis Tritt. He co-wrote the song along with Stewart Harris. I think this was the song that made the dobro my favorite instrument. That's Jerry Douglas playing dobro. When it comes to the dobro, there's Jerry Douglas and then everyone else. No one else even comes close. And then that's Mark O'Connor playing fiddle. He is the tops, too. What a treat! Dana McVicker and Terri Williams singing harmony vocals. This is a super-romantic song. Oh, and I did find my dream girl 45 years ago, and we have enjoyed 36 wonderful years of marriage. I drift off and dream with her every night.
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Robin Mark - Soul's Desire
Robin Mark is a worship artist from Northern Ireland. This song was inspired by his youngest son James. Robin was reminded that even a young child can worship God in the simplest of ways; it doesn't have to be deep. God just wants us to please him in everything we do, and that should be our soul's desire.
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Alan Jackson - Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
One of the most poignant songs ever written about 9/11. The song really touches me because 9/11/2001 was my 25th wedding anniversary and we were on a Caribbean cruise. Sort of spoiled the anniversary, since the magnitude of the tragedy far outweighed our personal celebration. Speaking of "stopping", the entire cruise sort of came to a crashing halt; all of the typical frivolous cruise activities just didn't happen for the rest of the cruise because no one was in the mood anymore. All the people on the cruise just sort of huddled together to commiserate as we watched the images together on CNN. To see total strangers hugging each other and crying with each other was emblematic of just how united these United States are. Now, for a while I had disabled comments being posted about this video since there was so much negative garbage. But I eventually re-enabled them. Let's see if we can play nice. If you hate the US, keep it to yourself, we don't care to hear it. If you want to blast the US, go someplace else and do it. This is a hurtful song, and we don't need your negativism. Also, for you people who are claiming that Alan recorded this song just to capitalize on the tragedy, I have this to say: SHUT UP! Unless you have some solid evidence to support your claim (and, no, saying "but South Park said it was true!" does not count as solid evidence), you are slandering the good name of Alan Jackson. The facts are that Alan did not want to release this song, but his agent convinced him to. Alan is a multimillionaire many times over and does not need exploitation to garner extra bucks. Plus, if you know anything about Alan, what a genuine and sincere person he is, you would know that such behavior is far out of character for him. So knock off the false accusations unless you can back it up. Finally, anyone who thinks they are being funny with the inane "ladder to heaven" remarks (it wasn't funny the first time and much less funny the 1000th time) will automatically be blocked from my channel. None of us here want to read comments from people whose life values are influenced by South Park.
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Collin Raye - Love Remains
A fantastic song about the power of love sung by Collin Raye, written by Tom Douglas and Jim Daddario. I love these "stages of life" types of songs, and I especially like this one since the notion of love is the common thread from birth to death, and even beyond death. Very, very cool song.
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Keith & Kristyn Getty - What Grace Is Mine
Everyone knows the song "Danny Boy", which is really a tune called "Londonderry Air". Many songs have been written using this same tune. Here is another one, written by Kristyn Getty, called "What Grace Is Mine". Arrangement by Rob Mathes. It's a song about God's wonderful grace and mercy. And about how we should respond to that wonderful gift. By the way, this song is from the fantastic album "Awaken The Dawn". Every song on the album is as good as this one. I highly recommend it.
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Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Happy Birthday Jesus
"Happy Birthday Jesus", credited to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, but the real star is the little girl, whose name I do not know. She's got a sweet little voice, though! The song was written by their choir director Carol Cymbala, the wife of the pastor at the church. I'm not sure, but I think the little girl is Carol's daughter.
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Twila Paris - Runner
My sister asked me to make a video for this classic Twila Paris song. She works for Focus On The Family in the Sanctity Of Human Life division, and she is giving a devotion on this subject. We are called to faithfully run the race, and when we do we will receive the ultimate reward, to be inscribed on His palms and obtain the crown of glory. We should strive to press onward relentlessly towards that prize.
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Sheri Easter - Handful Of Weeds
From the compilation album "Make Us One", this is Sheri Easter singing a mother/daughter song called "Handful Of Weeds". Harmony is by Pamela Furr and Tanya Goodman Sykes. Moms are so wonderful, they do so much for us and expect so little in return. To them the smallest little gift is beautiful as long as it comes from the heart. In that regard I think moms mirror Jesus Christ.
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Glen Campbell/Steve Wariner - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Ah, mamas! Yes, they are truly "creation's most unique and precious pearl". Oh, yes, "there oughta be a Hall of Fame for mamas"! God bless my own mama, RIP.
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Francesca Battistelli - If We're Honest
The title song from Francesca's album "If We're Honest". She is a very unique artist. God bless her.
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Misty Edwards - Soul Cry
When it comes to female Christian artists it doesn't get much more passionate than Misty Edwards. She is a multi-talented woman of God from International House Of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. This is a dramatic and powerful song from her 2009 album "Fling Wide". The song is lyrically and sonically very complex, but one line near the end of the song sort of simplifies and summarizes it all: "I want to fellowship with You". And fellowship on a deep and personal basis. Co-written by Cassie Campbell. Thank you, ladies!
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Kim Hill - You Alone
One of the most beautiful songs about the comfort of the Lord. My own life has not been particularly rocky, but I know many who have had a rough time, and this is one of the songs I like to share with them. The words in the bridge of the song, from Romans 8:38, are very special : "What can separate me from Your love?" Nothing! In *You alone* is where I find my comfort! Hallelujah! The song was written by Kim Hill, Jamie Kenney, and Judie Lawson.
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Sandi Patty - When Life Gets Broken (with Heather Payne)
Yes, life is tough. Life gets broken. What can we do? Well, we can get on our knees and turn to God and ask Him for help. And guess what? He will give it. Sometimes it's humbling to have to ask for help, but that's what He is there for. So call on him. This song was written by Matt Hybarger and Michael O'Brien. A duet with Heather Payne, formerly of Point Of Grace. It's on Sandi's album "Edge Of The Divine". I can't say enough good things about this album. Every song is wonderful, and a refreshing change in style from Sandi's usual stuff, not that there was anything wrong with that style, but it's just nice to have a change of pace. I strongly recommend this album.
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Twila Paris/Dennis Jernigan - On My Knees
This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It's a duet by Twila Paris and Dennis Jernigan, written by Dennis. From the awesome album "Hands Lifted High", which features Dennis singing duets of songs that he has written. His duet partners include Twila Paris, Natalie Grant, Christy Nockels, Jeff Deyo, Rebecca St. James, etc. I highly recommend this album. Thank you, Dennis, you are such a talent. And Twila is at her best here.
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Jeff & Sheri Easter - Until Then
A YouTube friend asked me to make a video for this song, so I did. It's a nice southern gospel song written by Stuart Hamblen. It's about patience, being joyful and content during our short time here on earth, "until then", when we arrive at the gates of heaven.
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Meredith Andrews - The Gospel Changes Everything
From Meredith's album "Worth It All". One of those rare albums where I like every single cut. Most albums I go "yeah, nah, yeah, yeah, nah, nah". This one is all winners. This is a beautiful song that she co-wrote. Yes, the Gospel is the heart of Christianity. Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, which is not part of the Gospel, but it pretty much summarizes the Gospel.
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Fernando Ortega - Sing Allelu
This song is from the oldest known Christian hymnal, compiled in about 100 AD. The hymnal is known as the "Odes of Solomon". This is Ode #40, subtitled "Sing Allelu", performed by Fernando Ortega. It's from a compilation CD called "The Odes Project, Volume 2". Exquisite!
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The Dunaways - I Still Trust You
One of my fellow YouTube buddies asked me to make a video for this song. It's originally a song by the McFalls, written by James McFall, but this version is sung by the Dunaway family. So lovely. And what precious words. One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding". What great advice that is! From the wonderful album "Beautiful Day" from 2003. Check it out.
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Laura Story - Remember
From Laura's amazing album "Blessings" this is a beautiful communion song called "Remember". "Remembering" is one of the reasons that we regularly celebrate communion. As if we need to be reminded of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us. But it's binding for the church to remember that sacrifice corporately. Laura composed this song.
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Stuart Townend - There Is A Hope
The title track from Stuart's wonderful album. The whole album has a Celtic feel to it. This song features Mark Edwards (co-author) on keyboards, and the uilleann (hope I spelled that right) pipes are beautiful. While Stuart is British, the pipes at the beginning reminded me of Ireland so I threw in some pictures of Ireland. Stuart talked about this song and noted that everyone has hopes, including non-believers. But for non-believers those hopes do not always come true; they are little more than wishes. But for believers hopes that are based on the promises of the Bible are a certainty. That's what this song is all about - "every longing satisfied...for I am truly home." Thank you Stuart!
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Jason Gray - With Every Act of Love
A sure-fire #1 song if I ever heard one. Catchy, with a couple of stories, and with a message about acts of love. Co-written by Jason Gray and Jason Ingram (is it my imagination of does Jason Ingram co-write 75% of all popular Christian songs?) I used some pictures from several ministries at my church, like mission trips, AWANA, and Vacation Bible School. That's my lovely wife surrounded by the four Guatemalan girls.
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Kenny Chesney - Thank God For Kids
I already made a video for this song using the version by the Oak Ridge Boys. This version by Kenny Chesney is a little bit more catchy. Most of my videos are for Christian songs, but before I connected with Christian music I listened almost exclusively to country music. So, this song is a pretty nice mixture of the two genres. And, oh, yes, as a parent, grandfather, AWANA leader, Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School leader, I do thank God for kids.
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Lonestar - Let Them Be Little
Originally recorded by the co-author of the song, Billy Dean (along with Richie McDonald). A sweet song about a subject most of us know all too well, about not pushing our kids to grow up too fast. We should treasure the moments when our kids are little, since we can never get those moments back. And while we are treasuring those moments, we need to give them hope and praise and love. Every day.
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Lincoln Brewster - Power Of Your Name (with Darlene Zschech)
A very creative and imaginative song by Lincoln. Near the beginning he had his grandmother play the piano. Then shortly after that the percussive beat is the sound of the heartbeat of his son Liam taken during a sonogram. Very cool, a multi-generational accompaniment team! Darlene Zschech of Hillsong accompanies him here and does a wonderful job. They blend together nicely. Lincoln wrote the song along with Mia Fieldes of Hillsong fame. Let Your kingdom come! By the power of Your name!
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Collingsworth Family - Shine On Us
This is a Michael W. Smith song performed by the Collingsworth Family. (I made another version of this video using music by Susan Gray; I couldn't decide which version I liked better, so I made two!) I don't know what MWS had on his mind when he wrote this song, but when I listen to it I get images of children around the world. Maybe MWS did, too. Anyway it's a moving song and the pictures I used are very touching. My wife took some of them on a mission trip to Guatemala; that's her near the end, the pretty blond in the sunglasses.
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Karen Peck & New River - Broken Into Beautiful
From their recent album "Reach Out", this is a song about how God can take something that's broken and make it new and beautiful. Whether it be a hurting heart, an empty heart, an infirmity, low self-esteem, God can fix it if we only put it in His hands and trust Him. In God's eyes we are "valued, priceless, and adored". The song was written by Gwen Smith, Sue Smith, and Chad Cates.
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Twila Paris - Not Forgotten
What a breathtaking song! Exquisite! Twila is soon to be 51 but on this song she still sounds like she did in her early days. This is from her album called "Small Sacrifice". It's a song about hope and trust and faith. It reminded me of Isaiah 49:15-16: "I will not forget you...I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands."
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Kari Jobe - When Hope Came Down
This was a cool idea. Kari Jobe has an album called "Where I Find You". She made a special Christmas edition of the album and added three Christmas songs, two new ones that she co-wrote, plus "O Holy Night". This is "When Hope Came Down", really lovely. Thank you, Kari! And Ben Glover, who co-wrote the song.
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Across The Border - Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young
A beautiful Bruce Springsteen song, done wonderfully by Linda, Emmylou, and Neil. Neil's harmonica work is killer. The guitar work is very nice, too. I think it's Bernie Leadon, formerly of the Eagles and other groups, but I'm not positive. From the "Western Wall: Tucson Sessions" album (vastly underrated, by the way.) I got a lot of these desert pictures from a Flickr repository but I could never identify the guy's name so I can't credit him. Anyway, I take no credit for the beautiful pictures, and whoever you are out there who created them, thank you.
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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Ripplin' Waters
A classic song by the Dirt Band. Jimmy Ibbotson singing lead, and I'm pretty sure he wrote the song, although Jeff Hanna may have written it, or at least co-wrote it. Someone clue me in. NGDB, a unique band both in their style and longevity and talent.
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Todd Agnew & Friends - In The First Light
The best Christmas song you've probably never heard. The song extends to the death of Christ, His resurrection, and His upcoming return. Written by Bob Kauflin and performed by Todd Agnew and a bunch of friends: Christy Nockels, Shelley Jennings, Michael O'Brien, and Mike Weaver.
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Alli Rogers - This Is My Father's World
From Alli Rogers' release entitled "Why We Sing". Since I was a child this has always been one of my favorite hymns. It's very nostalgic to listen to it, which explains all the pictures of children in my video. I've heard many different renditions of this song over the decades, but this simple, straightforward arrangement is probably the best I've heard. Great job, Alli! This song was written by Maltbie Babcock in the late 1800's. Maltbie was a minister living in western New York, and he frequently used to go out for a morning walk, and as he left the house he would tell his wife "Goin' out to look at my Father's world!" He wrote the poem "My Father's World" based on these walks. After his death in 1901 his wife collected his poems and other writings and published them. The poem was then discovered by Franklin L. Sheppard and set to music, and it became a classic church hymn. The original poem contained 16 stanzas. Today only seven of the stanzas are commonly used, and the various hymnals differ on the end of the final stanza.
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Laura Story - God Of Every Story
Wow, what a song! Laura realized that we each have our own story, and God is faithful to listen to every one of them. He promises us that. This is the title song from Laura's most recent album, "God Of Every Story", written by Laura along with Ed Cash (who also produced the album). The song is partly autobiographical; the man named Martin who is mentioned in one of the verses is Laura's husband. Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor a couple of years after he and Laura were married. It was life-threatening, but God is the Great Physician. Then in September 2012 their first child was born, Josephine Grace. That's her all bundled up in the little pink outfit. Thanks Laura for sharing this inspiring song.
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MercyMe - Even If
The new single from MercyMe's upcoming album "Lifer." Here's a video I just made for the song "Even If." One of the best songs they've ever recorded, in my opinion. Some thought-provoking lyrics, especially the one that says that we continue to have hope in Him alone, even if His ways are not what we would want personally.
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Moe Bandy - Americana
A classic patriotic song sung by Moe Bandy and written by L. Alderman, R. Fagan, and P. Ryan. This is a great country, huh?
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Meredith Andrews - Strong God
From her fantastic album "Worth It All", this is her song "Strong God". She co-wrote the song along with Jon Egan ("Desperation Band") and Jason Ingram (is it just me, or does it seem like Jason co-writes 95% of all Christian music songs?). Let me highly recommend this CD. There are very few CDs where I think "wow, I like very single track". Usually it's pretty much hit or miss. These are all home runs. Really. Every track a winner. That's rare. Anyway, this is a wonderful song about the power and mightness of our God. Thank You, Lord
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Maranatha Singers - Seek Ye First
I love modern Christian music. But sometimes it seems to be overly complex. Sometimes it's nice to go back to the basics. This is an oldie but a goodie from the early 1970s. The lyrics are taken right out of the Bible - what better source! You younger YouTubers were not even born when this song was written, and you may find it corny, but this is the music your mothers and fathers grew up on. It's good stuff, really!
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Francesca Battistelli - Angel By Your Side
There are angels all around us. People who are there for us when we are struggling. We are called to be angels, too. Everyone needs comfort and consolation at some time or other. This song is simply about being there for others, even if it's something as effortless as simply listening. We don't have to fix their problems, we just have to show compassion and love, and do it sincerely. Most importantly we are there to give the struggling person hope. The song was written by Francesca Battistelli and Jason Walker. From her album "Hundred More Years". My dear cousin Karen supplied about half of these pictures for me. Thank you cousin Karen!
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Ricky Skaggs - Little Mountain Church House
Wow, I just went back and listened to my old "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" CDs, volumes 1 and 2, going back nearly 40 years. What fantastic stuff! What a collection of talent! Here's a video I made for Ricky Skaggs and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band members Jeff Hanna, Jimmy Ibbotson and Bob Carpenter singing "Little Mountain Church House", from volume 2. Look at these musicians! Lead vocal & guitar: Ricky Skaggs Harmony vocal: Jeff Hanna Harmony vocal: Jimmy Ibbotson Harmony vocal & accordion: Bob Carpenter Drums: Jimmie Fadden (another NGDB member) Piano: Buck White Banjo: Bela Fleck Guitar: Randy Scruggs (you know his father) Mandolin: Mark O'Connor (sorry, no fiddle in this one, so he gets the mandolin) Dobro: Jerry Douglas (who else?) Upright bass: Roy Huskey, Jr. (RIP)
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Paul Baloche & Rita Baloche - No Eye Has Seen
I first heard this song about a year or so ago and figured it was a new song by Paul Baloche. Turns out it was actually written in 1992. I don't know how I missed it all those years. It's a beautiful song, with Paul's wife Rita singing harmony. Paul wrote the song along with Ed Kerr. It's based on I Corinthians 2:9.
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Fernando Ortega - All Creatures of Our God and King
A beautiful arrangement of this classic hymn by Fernando Ortega. A wonderful reminder of the creativity of God.
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Plumb - Don't Deserve You
Most of us have thought at one time or another that we don't deserve God's love. But Romans 5:8 says otherwise - "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." This Plumb song from her 2013 album "Need You Now" says "I don't deserve Your love, but You give it to me anyway." Hallelujah for that! Written by Plumb, Matt Bronleewe, and Paul Van Dyk. Here is a link to the story behind the song: http://www.newreleasetuesday.com/article.php?article_id=1051 The wonderful album "Need You Now" can be downloaded here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/need-you-now/id591302528
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Mary Chapin Carpenter - Grow Old With Me (a John Lennon song)
A very romantic song written by John Lennon and sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Very ironic that John never did get the chance to "grow old".
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