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Check This Out! Ep. 1 "SCII Desert Strike"
Hey guys I'm new so check out my channel, subscribe, comment, rate. I just watched the playback and I'm very boring to listen to, so I'll try to improve that in the future! So, just sit back and watch!
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drunk chinese guy climbs on power lines
A man of my people shows the other side of the Chinese, quite electrifying to see.
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10 most embarrasing sports injuries
Who actually does that to themselves? Find out here!
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Minecraft Ep. 1
Let me know if you want more!
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Duf's Adventure Trailer
A movie my brother is making.
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SCII Low League Mindset
Just another video to add to my channel, it is basically a 1v1 I played and commented on to reveal to all SCII players what happens i a low league player's mind in a game.
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Check This Out! Ep2 Minecraft
Episode 2 of CTO. My content is coming up really slow right now, but as soon as I get my new laptop, I'll be up and running!
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Check This Out! Ep. 4 Dota 2
I play Dota 2! Free on steam, so get on it!
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Check this out! Ep. 3 "The WarZ"
Sorry, I was just out the gym and really tired for this one, so spare me the hate.
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