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Cherwell EMEA Customer Conference 2015
Glenn Thompson from The ITSM Review provides a video summary of the Cherwell Software EMEA Region Conference held at the Beaumont Estate near Windsor in February 2015.
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"A new way of thinking is required for ITSM" says Andy White
In an interview at the Pink Elephant Conference 2014, Andy White discusses driving innovation, improving IT maturity and the need to go beyond IT.
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Kaimar Karu and Kelvyn Lien-Hicks from AXELOS
Barclay Rae interviews Kaimar Karu, Head of ITSM and Kelvyn Lien-Hicks, Sales and Marketing Director from AXELOS at the Pink Elephant Annual Conference in Las Vegas. In Summary: In addition to explaining his role as Head of ITSM, Kaimar talks about: - ITIL culture differences - Changing perceptions of ITIL - Training provider challenges - Biggest challenges to success for AXELOS - Plans for the next 6-12 months In the second part of this video, Kelvyn explains: - What AXELOS will be selling - The ITIL and Prince2 value proposition - AXELOS partner programme
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Two Speed Transition from the 2015 itSMF Conference
A video summary of the interactive session delivered by the itSMF UK Service Transition SIG - which debated traditional versus more innovative approaches for Release Management, Service Catalogue and Early Life Support.
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Virgin Media: 'Problem Management is not just for IT'
Amanda Kirby, CSI Manager at Virgin Media, provides a summary of her presentation at the itSMF conference: "10 steps to Problem Management - a real life journey". http://www.theitsmreview.com/2013/10/amanda-virgin-media/
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Kepner Tregoe: Working together on Problem Management
Steve White, Senior Consultant at Kepner Tregoe discusses his interactive session at the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition entitled "Igniting Problem Management with Pre-emptive Successes"
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"IT needs to stop waiting for the sky to fall in" -- Ian Aitchison (Video)
In an interview at the Pink Elephant Conference 2014, Ian Aitchison discusses the need to stop focusing on the negatives when it comes to IT service management.
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itSMF India Conference 2014 - Quick Review
A quick video summarising the itSMF 2014 Annual conference in Bangalore by Martin Thompson from The ITSM Review.
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ITSM: Going beyond IT -- thoughts from Stephen Mann
In an interview at the Pink Elephant Conference 2014, Stephen Mann discusses the current hot topics he is seeing in ITSM such as service catalogue, SIAM, and the consumerization of IT.
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itSMF Estonia 2014 Review
Ian Connelly (@IanCCon) and Greg Baylis-Hall (@GBaylisHall) provide a video review and summary of the 9th itSMF Estonia conference held in Tallinn on the 2nd December 2014.
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Transforming User Experience - 6th March, London
Barclay Rae provides a quick introduction to the Transforming User Experience event on the 6th March. Further details and register here: http://www.theitsmreview.com/2015/01/event-transforming-user-experience/
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itSMF 26 09 13 Patric Bolger 07 10 13 FC
Patrick Bolger, Chief Evangelist at Hornbill Service Management, provides a summary of his presentation for the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition entitled "The Good, the Bad, and the Agile". Patrick discusses the need for Agile, it's benefits, and why it's not just for software development.
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itSMF UK: The Big 4 Agenda
Ben Clacy, CEO of itSMF UK provides an overview of what the new "Big 4" intiative is and how you can get involved.
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"You need to practice what you preach" says Ken Gonzalez
This interview was filmed at the Pink Elephant Conference and features Ken Gonzalez, Service Management Consultant at Engaged Consulting Inc, discussing his views on ITSM.
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