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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Boss Battle
Track #17 I like this song here Gets you ready for a fight Or break out a haiku 5-7-6 style anyway.
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Copen Battle
Track #21 It's a neat touch how Copen's haiku follows the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format as opposed to the 5-7-6 style the Sumeragi bosses do.
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Reincarnation
Track #8 - And that's that. The playlist is up!
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Joule's Theme
Track #7
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Azure Door
Track #5 - Lumen's Anthem, Media Tower
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Pain from the Past
Track #4 - Lumen's Anthem, Biochem Plant
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Beyond the Blue
Track #1 - Lumen's Anthem, 1st Sumeragi While this won't be a long one, this CD has been requested a few times. If you've played Azure Striker Gunvolt, then you know that when you get your Kudos score up to 1000, the song of the stage will be replaced by one of Lumen's tunes. If you haven't, then you now know. While these songs are good, most people won't hear them for very long since they'll go away when you get hit, use a special skill, or bank your score at a checkpoint to ensure a good ranking. With this soundtrack, the only thing you need to bank on is how good it is. Also, her name is Morpho in Japan, thus that name being on the cover. I think we got the better deal there.
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Scorching Journey
Track #7 - Lumen's Anthem, Datastore
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Boss Transformation
Track #16
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Final Battle
Track #32
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Copen's Theme
Track #20
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Super Mario Bros. 2 (8): Shortcuts & Warps
"A Quick Nap" Subcon has been saved, but we didn't exactly have to do things the hard way. Yes, Super Mario Bros. 2 has a handful of warps and other skips to show off, so that's what this one is for. As opposed to the original SMB, this one doesn't feel as silly to do since there are quite a few of them to see. The one thing I will say is that I know there's a way to skip climbing up ladders to walk on the ceiling and skip a good chunk of certain levels that way. The thing is, that would be more in glitch territory than an honest shortcut, so I won't be covering it. Nope. *This video is part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (9): World 9
"The Levels That Can Be Lost" World 9 in Lost Levels is a bonus that you have to earn by playing through the main game without warping ahead. If you do, you lose any chance of playing here. That's not an easy task, but hey, that's what the save points are for in this version, even for ones that would go level by level instead of world by world like we've been doing. In the grand scheme of things, World 9 is a huge nod to the Minus World glitch from the original Super Mario Bros., albeit one that borrows from both the NES and FDS versions of the game. As a result, it's a strange and funny place that feels like a breather for the second quest that's coming up next time, so enjoy this moment of peace while you can! Also, that lone Blooper in 9-4 totally got me once. Oopsie. Coins Collected in World 9: 25 Total: 748 *This video is intended to be a part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Nova's Theme
Track #26
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Mega Man X3 (12): Backtracking Bonanza
"Pack Up and Ride Armor, Grandma!" The road to 100% is a long one for yours truly, and that's why I've brought a good amount of music along for the ride. If a tune isn't from the Arranged Version of this soundtrack, then it's from the Best of Rockman X medley of Mega Man X3's best tunes by Phoenix Project. Lots of things to unlock in this one, but the biggest surprise comes early on. Yes, we're finally getting our hands on the Ride Armor! With it, the quest to collect all items will be an easier one. Outside of that, all I have to educate you on are the enhancement chips. Are you ready for a long lesson? Let's get going then!
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Nova Battle (1st)
Track #27
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Mega Man Powered Up (2D): Cut Man Packs [Construction]
Let's get this started back where we started oh so long ago! [Packs Collected, Time Start, & Requirement] Fine Pack 13 (0:06) - Hyper Bomb Trans Special (0:45) - Mega Man S/C, Guts Man, or Ice Man Fine Pack 16 (1:11) - Super Arm, Ice Man, or Oil Man Alternate Path - Bomb Extra (1:49) - Bomb Man Fire Extra (3:43) - Fire Man [Bonus Battle] Ice Man vs. Cut Man (4:25)
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: Rouge Shimmer
Track #3 - Lumen's Anthem, Stratacombs
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Mega Man Powered Up (13): The New Original Final Battle
"A Perfect End to the Beginning" For as short of a stage that Wily 4 is, there are a lot of things that can trip you up. Once you learn the secret to getting past the beginning, the only thing stopping you from the shutter is one last death-defying leap, and it's my personal pick for the hardest jump in the entire game! As for Dr. Wily's ultimate combat robot, you don't get much room or time to work with. I hope you can identify weaknesses by color at this point because that's what the majority of this battle entails. That said, it's when he goes to the ones that you can't exploit like Rolling Cutter where you'll be at your biggest disadvantage. It definitely feels like a final battle because of how alert you have to be, but if you are, you will bring Wily and his evil empire to its knees before it even began. Get to begging, pal!
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Mega Man Powered Up (5): Fire Man
"All Fired Up" I started recording videos for this series all the way back in September of last year. At that point, I was pretty much reaching full-on Mega Man burnout. It's only fitting that this is the one that caused me to hit my boiling point and step away from this until late March. Even after cooling off, it's pretty clear that this stage has quite a few trouble spots, and all of those in this level involve the many fire streams we'll encounter here. On their own, they're okay, but it's when you have to shoot an enemy beyond it or just time a jump properly that things can get problematic. To make matters worse, our boss might just be the toughest of these eight to handle when trying to avoid getting hit as we've been fortunate enough to do so far. You have to keep him at bay for the first half, but it's when that critical starts that I see many players being too slow in getting over the flames or just hopping right into them altogether. Yeah, this one was kind of tough.
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Mega Man Powered Up (8): Time Man
"Time Waits For No Mega Man" Going into this series, I don't think I had ever done a no-hit run of this stage on any difficulty, so I was definitely dreading it. It is all about the insane degree of timing you'll need on getting around those pendulums without taking any damage. There's one in particular that still gets me nervous every time I see it because you have to move at just the right moment or pay the price. On the other hand, Time Man's pattern is pretty slow, no pun intended. He does the same things at the exact same points without changing things up, meaning you should have an easy go of things... unless you forget to remember where to stay at. I did that once and felt the pain as I had to do that one jump in this level that gave me fits over and over again. Glad that's all in the past now.
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Mega Man Powered Up (1): Intro Stage - Towntown
"Birth of the Blue Bomber" Mega Man Powered Up is one of the two titles in the franchise that I have been wanting to do on this channel since I started the whole playthrough thing years ago. It's a remake of the original Mega Man that packs in a ton of content... but we'll get into that down the road as this series will be split up into multiple parts. For now, we have New Style mode and an opening stage to cover! This one is fairly light on the challenge since it is a retelling of this certain blue robot's origin story. I'm fine with that, and I hope you will be with this and how the series goes, too! Welcome to one of my all-time favorite titles in the franchise, everyone. This is Mega Man Powered Up. Let's go! Finally, the audio will be balanced better in every part from here on out. Had to turn the music down one full notch which I didn't do in this first video. Oops.
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Rockman 6 RE (6): Blizzard Man
"Slipslide Ride" The game finally cools off on the difficulty in this stage. I'll try not to overuse the Jet Adaptor in the future as it makes certain parts of this level fly right by. Avoiding any more horrible puns, I'll just say right now that the next two levels are on the easy side. I decided to make things a little harder on myself here by trying to do a no damage run. This game's going to be showing its fangs again real soon, so I might as well keep my skill at its peak! . . .That was horrible.
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Mega Man Powered Up (6): Oil Man
"Showtime at the Apoll-Oil" Oil Man is one of the new Robot Masters created to round out Powered Up's total to the usual eight, and his stage is definitely the easier of the two. In fact, if it wasn't for a few Hotheads placed just out of range, this would be a perfect starting choice. There aren't even any spikes or pits in our main run! Honestly, the only things you have to worry about involve the oil itself. You'll slip if you try to run on it, and it will catch on fire if something flammable touches it, and that last thing will definitely happen at some point. While Oil Man has some sweet moves and all, they're not exactly good when it comes to fighting. If you can quickly recognize whether he's running across the room or jumping right at you, you'll whittle this bot's health down eventually. Really, both the stage and the boss might be long, but there's nothing really all that challenging about either. I think the most trouble I had with today's video was whether to go with Oil-Pollo or Apoll-Oil in the title, and I'm still not sure I chose the right one. Decisions, decisions.
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Mega Man IV (13): Robot Master Refights
"Conquer" In the previous vid, we ran to the gauntlet. Now we get to run through it! Another first for the Game Boy series, we have to fight all of the robot masters for a second time! Watch as I suffer the ultimate indignity. . . getting hit by Toad Man. If you thought those eight were enough, wait until you get a look at the new Wily Machine at the end of this video! Is this a fight that can even be won?
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Rockman 3 Alpha (6): Gemini Man
"Double Down" We're back on cruise control for this level, if only because the layout caters to taking it nice and easy. Speaking of cruises though, it's a good thing Shadow Man was taken down previously, or you'd miss out on not one, but two E-Tanks that are only accessible by Rush Marine. As for the rest of the stage, Needle Cannon comes in handy, but you can't overuse it in this level, or you'll be running on empty by the time you make it to Gemini Man. The boss fight itself is rather interesting to me. Not only is Gemini Man's speed increased a bit, but the damage dealt to him has also been changed. The real Gemini Man takes five bars of damage per Needle Cannon shot, but the fake only takes one damage from anything you try to hit him with. You have to plan it out right or you'll be dealing with a much tougher second half to the fight. I like that idea in its concept and execution here.
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Mega Man Powered Up (1C): Mega Man - #1-10 [Challenge Mode]
The Challenge mode of Mega Man Powered Up features 100 tasks to go through. Mega and his eight bros all have ten to tackle as well as ten final ones that are a staple of this franchise. We'll start with the Blue Bomber since he's the only one unlocked when you go with a fresh game save like I did back when I recorded this... two years ago? Sheesh, me. Pull it together. [Number, Name, and Challenge Time Start] #1 - Jump For Joy (0:57) #2 - Jump For Joy 2 (1:31) #3 - Flee From Fleas (2:15) #4 - Snipe Hunt (3:00) #5 - Bomb Walker (3:27) #6 - Special Weapon Master (4:43) #7 - Dodge Octo Battery Assault (6:18) #8 - Blader Raider (7:23) #9 - Tackle Fire Frenzy (8:25) #10 - Score Ball Wrangler (8:57)
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Super Smash Bros. Trailer (Wii U/3DS) - Mega Man Joins the Battle!
Even now, there is hope for Mega Man.
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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (12): Warp Zones
"The Wackiest Warp System in the West" Throughout our adventure, I had been going out of my way to point out routes not to take since many of them led to trips we could not skip if we took them. This video is all about showing off all the alternate paths we've skipped out on, and there are eleven warps in Lost Levels to find! Yowza. Better get to it! [Warp Zones] #1 - World 1-2 to World 2 (0:00) #2 - World 1-2 to World 3 (0:46) #3 - World 1-2 to World 4 (1:24) #4 - World 3-1 to World 1 (2:15) #5 - World 5-1 to World 6 (3:45) #6 - World 5-2 to World 7 (4:48) #7 - World 5-2 to World 8 (5:25) #8 - World 8-1 to World 5 (5:57) #9 - World A-2 to World B (6:44) HMM... - (7:16) #10 - World A-3 to World C (7:48) #11 - World B-4 to World D (8:20) Our "Reward" for Warping - (9:14) Since this video is a backtracking deal, coins collected don't count. Just enjoy the show and what happens when you play around with a free trial of Camtasia Studio 8 for a little bit to let off some steam. Ahem. Ah, a rare mistake at 9:08 where I forgot to put in a word. At least I'll "own" up to it now, but my eyes missed that twice before. Well, I told you I was experiencing some technical difficulties! *This video is intended to be a part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (14): World D
"D End" It's time for the final world of The Lost Levels at long last. It can be difficult, but at least I find the second run's finale more fun than how the main game handled it. Throughout the course of this final run, I give my own thoughts on Lost Levels and why it just doesn't click with me, although we've talked about that somewhat in the comments recently. Just wish I wasn't so crazy to beat this world with a Fire Flower since that took me a good hour longer than the twenty minutes I got my original victory on! It was really an interesting series in the fact that this game is not good to me, yet at the same time, I had fun going through it for you all. I think knowing what to expect and having the right mindset going in (cheap, not hard) made this less of a chore, but I'm still glad that it's over all the same. I hope you had fun watching this mediocre Mario title. I want the next mainline Mario to be SMB3, but let's wait on it for a little longer. I just need to do something different first. Besides, we've saved the princess twice in the same game. Do we really want this Bowser kidnapping and us rescuing her thing to become a habit? Coins Collected in World D: 82 Total: 1099 *This video is intended to be a part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Mega Man 7 (14): Wily 2
"Shell-Lacking" I'm not sure what it is about Wily 2 stages in Mega Man games, but man, they just never seem to be as good as the opener. That's not to say that MM7's version does a bad job, however. In fact, it's actually more balanced in challenge throughout. For the second level in a row, Bass gave me most trouble, mainly because it took me a little while to remember how to fight him correctly here. The flame container traps would be bad if this were a buster only run. Thank goodness I use items, eh? A shame that I seem to use them more than I use my brain in spots during this run. Luckily, I get it back for the fight with Gameriser. Things went well here, but they could have gone a lot better.
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Mega Man Powered Up (12): Wily 3 - Copy Robot
"The Brightest of Light Casts the Darkest Shadow" In the original Mega Man, Robot Masters don't drop health pellets when you defeat them in the refights. The same holds true in Powered Up, except they pack all of them within the same stage! Things definitely get tough in this one even if you're just trying to get through it normally, let alone without trying to be hit at all like we've possibly been doing. The only thing to worry about after that is yourself as Copy Robot has every weapon that we've won at his own disposal, and unlike the original game, he'll switch to whatever he wants whenever he wants. There is a bright spot to this, and that's that you can manipulate his AI very easily. We'll be doing that since desperate tries at a perfect run call for desperate measures! Next time will be the final time in our New Style run of Mega Man Powered Up, but let's go back and beat down our bad self a little more for all the trouble his stage caused me first, all right? All right.
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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (13): World C
"C-ing Double" The C this world is named after might as well stand for copy since three of this video's stages will feel a little too familiar to people that have watched previous episodes in the series. Worse, the second half of World C pays homage to my least favorite place in the main run, that being World 7. Did 7-3 really need two takes, the second with a Lakitu that makes landing even more of a chore? I don't think so. Still, the copy/paste castle after that does show that a small change can make a major difference with the blocks you might see in the custom thumbnail of choice. They make getting past the trap in the picture without getting hit one of the hardest tasks in the game. I don't get a lot of time to explain it, but I'll say it now that you have to slightly slow down to not zoom too far that you clip the wall on the other side when leaping out of there. I can't believe how lucky I was that things worked out on my first attempt at that castle considering how much I was choking up until that point, even though you get a little more leeway when you're small. Now when I went back to do that part as Super Mario, it took a lot longer to get right since I wanted to show both methods of getting by those Firebars without taking damage could be done in real time. That was a half hour not as well spent as it could've been, but it's done, and our game will be next time as we finish off the second quest of The Lost Levels then. See you there! Coins Collected in World C: 62 Total: 1017 *This video is intended to be a part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Super Mario Bros. (9): Warp Zones & The Minus World
"Minus One and Not Done" This is another one of those videos that feels odd to do because I would imagine just about everyone that watches this knows where at least two of the game's three warp zones are. That's why I also wanted to include the game's most famous glitch, even if it is entirely pointless. Or is it? Well, it depends on which version of the game you're playing. After taking a look at the NES' -1, I wanted you all to see just what awaits us on the Famicom Disk System's edition of it. Believe me when I say that it's very, very surreal. Oh, there's no coin counting for me this time since it's both a clip video and different version of the game after that. Yep. *This video is meant to be a part of the Nintendo Creators Program.
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Mega Man X2 (17): Final Stage - Zero, Sigma, & Ending
"From Zero to Hero" After a string of unexpected delays, the time for the final showdown has arrived at last! I'll be honest. I was a bit pressed for time on this one, and I decided to do these fights separately. That kind of takes away a bit of the luster on this one, but with the way things go, I think it works out well in the end. We didn't rescue Zero on the main file, now did we? I hope you're ready to take on one of the toughest fights in this game then... pending you don't figure out the key to his pattern early on. A recurring theme with these final fights is to keep ahead of your enemy, but not by so much that you run right into their attacks! Whether you've saved Zero or not, Sigma will be waiting for you at the end. In a normal playthrough, the second half of this one is rather trivial. When trying not to get hit, that phase can be a nightmare as it only gets harder the farther it goes along. Can I keep the precision up long enough to claim my ultimate victory? Well...
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Epilogue
Track #33
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Azure Phosphorescence / Lumen: A Zip to the Moon
Track #6 - Lumen's Anthem, Pharma Lab
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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Miniboss Battle
Track #4
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Mega Man Powered Up (3): Bomb Man
"Dropping the Bomb" If we were playing the original Mega Man, we wouldn't be heading off to Bomb Man's stage next. This isn't the original Mega Man, so I think we'll be all right! This level is another decent starting point, but I really do like having Rolling Cutter as early as possible to take care of some potential problems. Which ones am I talking about? Well, you'll see in the video, and of course it's not Sniper Joe. I mean, come on! Bomb Man, on the other hand, will protect his personal space by chucking his explosive friends at us. Because these explosions persist for a bit longer than you'd like, it's quite simple to find yourself hit... especially when you have to deal with a boss that loves to occasionally hop right to where you are! He's easy to beat, but I'll be darned if he didn't get me a few times more than I thought he would when trying to avoid damage altogether. Oops.
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Mega Man Powered Up (4): Ice Man
"No More Mr. Ice Guy" With the way I'm trying to play this, I'd say Ice Man is the first level of the playthrough where both the stage and boss can give you problems. For the former, the biggest issue comes near the end of the level with the moving platforms over the spike pits. Their timing can and will change up as I'll show throughout the course of this one. Ice Man is a boss that seems simple enough at first glance. His critical attack is one of the easiest to deal with in the entire game, but that's the easy part. What isn't is when Icy goes and shoots all three Ice Slasher shots along the ground. At a distance, it's okay, but it's when he closes in and has you pinned against the edge where you'll mess up. Goodness knows I did a few times until the game was nice to me. Also, I might have to chill with the puns in our next one after the usual opening. I think I went a little overboard with them here. Oy.
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Mega Man Powered Up (5D): Fire Man Packs [Construction]
This episode is really packing some heat! [Packs Collected, Time Start, & Requirement] Fine Pack 10 (0:06) - Ice Slasher, Cut Man, Guts Man, Oil Man Oil Extra (0:32) - Oil Man Time Extra (1:11) - Time Man Fine Pack 4 (1:52) - None! Fine Pack 14 (2:45) - Ice Slasher, Cut Man, Guts Man, Oil Man [Bonus Battle] Bomb Man vs. Fire Man (3:28) Getting into what I said in the vid, Bomb Man really got the short end of the fuse when it comes to combat. He has two bots that he only does one bar of damage to (Time Man for some reason along with his weakness, Cut Man) and has a third fight where his own bombs can be used against him with this stage's fight. Poor guy.
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Mega Man X2 (11): The X-Hunters, Round 1
"The Hunted Hunts the Hunting Hunters" The fighting begins at 2:33 in case you were wanting to dive right into the action! Way back when we were having the very first vote in this playthrough, I decided to go ahead and play a second file in which I actually squared off against the X-Hunters. At the time, I didn't know I'd be doing the eight normal stages with no damage, so these fights wound up being the old anything goes style. How did they go? Violen cost me any chance of a no-fail run, let's put it like that. Seriously, this dude is the hardest boss battle in the entire game for me. Agile's the exact opposite and is easily coerced into being trivial. Serges is somewhere between the two, but his attacks just don't deal the damage that Violen's do. Now we can celebrate in knowing that we've gotten all of Zero's parts back! What do they do? Well, we'll have to wait until a future video to find that out. In the meantime, it's back to my main file where I'll be going for 100% in our next vid. See you there!
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