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Boys' Love - The Best of Asia 2016
Song Tilte: 愛在天地動搖時 (Love when heaven and earth shake) Artist: 鄭家星(Carlson Cheng)
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Top BL Movies and Series 06.2016
Ratings are based on the following criteria: Story BL Element Acting Overall Impact From a hundred BL movies and series, yours truly have rated them we are glad to present to you the Top 20 (as of June 2016). There are a lot of good BL Movies and series that we've watched but these listed titles are on our top picks. If you can notice, the differences in the ratings are so close as they are almost tie. It's because they are just incredibly hard to compare! Music: Toward the Light by Xu Weizhou Like us on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BL-Asia-1748245245430674/
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[Eng Sub] BL Movie - A Round Trip To Love - Part 1
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Degenerate - A Round Trip to Love OST [Fanmade MV]
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BL Movie - Rainbow Without Colors | A thousand years
Rainbow Without Colors Vietnamese movie Director: Tuyen Quang Nguyen Awards: 2016 Vietnamese Golden Kite Award for Best Feature Film 2016 Vietnamese Golden Kite Award for Best Actor - Feature film 2016 Vietnamese Golden Kite Award for Best Sound Effect - Feature film It is the second Vietnamese production ever to be selected as part of the Montreal World Film Festival 2015 (http://anyarena.com) Music: A Thousand Years by Christian Bautista
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