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Ww2 USN “Dress Blues”
Hey guys, this is my 1940’s era USN dress blue uniform, the rating is YC1, and it is used by a Mr. Rowbatham.
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Part.1, Fire helmets.
Hey guys this is a new series I’m starting up of my dad’s fire helmets, enjoy.
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Helmet reveiw, cairns 880 Chicago
This is my birthday present which is a cairns 880 Chicago
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Hello, here I’m showing my it for a camp out on April I’m doing with USNSCC, I’ll keep you guys updated on the kit.
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HFD announcment (read desc)
Hey guys this is an announcement for those I know who want to be in a new group I'm starting up with a friend (disc: SCKHc8w)
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Legit MRE
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er mer gerd a cert fersh
Hey guys second cast and he caught a fish guess fish hate me.
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Source hydration pack review
Hey guys, sorry for my recent upload schedule *cough cough* I didn’t post sheet, that because of recent school buisness and athletics. Now I will try to post more frequently!
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D-day part two--- The attack
Hey guys part two was really fun I got to storm the beach and have a lot of fun.
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Patrol at La Drang- 3rd Infantry
Hey guys its yo boy you gonna get a hole burst of uploads.
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Fairhaven County Part One-V1
Hey I`m back now iust wanna say they changed the map for the county so the one after this will most likely be the last one on this specific map. But you get to see some good old fashion fire fighting! (note: If I end up standing behind the engine and you hear backround noises say in the comments please and thank you)
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Mad Paintball on Roblox
Paintball in Roblox "Mad Paint Ball" Hey guys today I'm playing Mad Paintball Be sure to like and subscribe for more. P.S I`ll have another paintball vid up Very soon thx for watching.
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P-BALL!!!!!!!!! -twisted paintball
Roblox paintball "twisted paintball" Hey guys today I played twisted paintball and if you want somewhat of a fun paintball experience on roblox I suggest the game highly. P.S Like and subscribe and hit the bell notifications icon so you when I upload a new vid.
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Part. 2, my helmets
This is part 2 of my series
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Phantom Forces
Phantom forces part one HEY guys I attempted to use a microphone so hopefully you get to hear my voice.
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Hey guys I'm back with another video I recorded this with obs. Incase your wondering I'm playing warface in the video if you want to play it just download it from steam. Sorry about there being no audio I'm working on that.
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Warface Part 2 (AUDIO)
HEY IM BACK this time with audio but its bad SO DEAL WITH IT
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NYFD Fire Simulator (part one)
HEY GUYS IM BACK WITH YET ANOTHER VIDEO today I am showing you NYFD in action if you want to join this group search up NYFD Fire Simulator under groups on roblox and click on the one that says NYFD Fire Simulator and sorry about no link
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More P-ball at mad paintball
Hey guys its time to play some more p-ball and I mite have found a way to use my x-box mike so hopefully this time it works.
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My first paintball fireing video (new camera)
HEY GUYS I'm back with a new video sorry for the long wait and poor vocal quality. As you can tell the name changed.
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Mr. Turtle decided to stop by
Hey guys our friend Mr. Turtle decided to pay a visit.
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D-day part one
Hey guys this video is boring but part two will be much better. I GOT THE BAZOOKA!
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D-day part three
Hey guys I just got done playing some D-day sorry for the short vid though.
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Fishing Part one- intro
Hey guys this video is me waiting for my friend you also get to see and hear me.
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Little Timmy casts for the first time AKA me
Hey guys watch me fail at casting a rod and then succeed.
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What's in our bait?
Hey guys this is a video of my friend showing the bait we used.
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Bates Tactical Sport boots review
Hey guys, sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while but here is a review of my new boots that is recently bought for sea cadets. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video.
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Surfing Steam
Hey guys this vid has no point so ENJOY
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Some marine thing?
Hey guys and I just wanted to say "SEMPER FI DP OR DIE"
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