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Stunning Shenzhen China DJI+Sony Full HD 深圳路拍+航拍
Filmed with DJI Magic air and Sony AS300
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Urban concrete forest: China City Skyscraper DJI Mavic Air Drone 深圳航拍
City of Shenzhen, located in Southern China, started as a small fishing village and went on to became a world class industrialised city within a mere 30 years of development, which took the London 200 years and New York 100 years to achieved.
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【Driving in China #2】Futuristic Megacity Shenzhen 深圳深南大道
Driving from Longgang district to Nanshan district, on Shenzhen;s major inner city road, Shannon Road. 龙岗大道至深南大道
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【Driving in China #3】City Motorway Binhai Boulevard Shenzhen 深圳滨海大道
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My Honda CB400 Super Four walk around 2013
18 Jan, 2013
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【China by Drone #12】Shenzhen CBD Skyscraper Aerial Drone 深圳平安金融大厦航拍
Droning around the tallest building in China, fourth tallest building in the world, Ping An Financial Centre.
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【China by Drone #11】Shenzhen Futian Skyline 深圳福田航拍
aerial cruising around Shenzhen CBD area
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1350km: China Motorcycle Diaries
This video captured the journey of a group of Chinese migrant workers riding on their motorcycles from Guangdong province to Guizhou provinces, returning to their hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year. On their journey, they have came across a few interesting, funny and sometimes thrilling moments, but no matter the harsh weather and road condition, they had helped each other out of trouble, and had return home safely and just in time to celebrate the New Year with their family.
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【China by Drone #2】City of Garden, Shenzhen Central Park 深圳中心公园航拍
Shenzhen Central Park is located in the centre of Shenzhen CBD in the Futian District, with a total surface area is 147 hectre. It has an artificial lake, well connected bicycle lanes, and large area of vegetations and river system, despite being just a road away from the largest electronic market in China, Huaqiangbei, it is one of the best designed and managed eco-urban friendly park in China.
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Baby bunny cuteness attack!
March 24, 2013 ish so cuuuuttteeeeeee!!! X3
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【China by Drone #5】Beautiful beach at Shenzhen 深圳东涌海滩航拍
Dongchong beach at Shenzhen China
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【Shenzhen Walking Tour #3】Civic Centre Futian CBD 深圳市民中心
going for a walk on a sunny weekend in shenzhen cbd area, 35 degree heat!
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Inside Hong Kong Public Housing  香港公屋
Feb 14, 2013, at my grandma's hong kong public housing, neat and tidy, the housing complex come with elevators and big clean hallways, each building have one security, and the rent is ridiculously cheap, only 800 HKD per month, which is only 100 USD per month! 阿婆住了30多年,50多平月租800港币,这么便宜的租金难怪香港人宁愿争取排队住公屋也不想买房置业。
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【China by Drone #1】New suburb and stadium in Shenzhen 深圳龙岗大运城航拍
Unlike in the West where people live in individual houses, China with its huge population and very limited land resources, people have no choice but to live in high rise apartments. A small Chinese urban community will have at least thousands of households living in average three to four apartments, whereas within the same surface area, a urban community in the West would only consist of hundreds of household or even less. It is no wonder why middle class Chinese people would choose to migrate to the West given the opportunity and not the vice versa,
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Narrabeen, Frenches Forest, Dee Why Sunday Motorcycling, Sydney Australia 澳洲悉尼週末騎車
16 Sep, 2012 What a beautiful day to go for a ride!! How enlightening and liberating!
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【China by Drone #9】Mavic 2 Zoom Shenzhen Beach Droning 深圳大鹏西冲航拍
first time shooting with the mavic 2 zoom, fantastic little drone,
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【China By Drone #14】Shenzhen Speed, Pingshan Transformation 深圳坪山大变化
High rise apartment is how China's city dwellers live nowadays. With very limited land area and huge population, land scarcity is a serious issue and Chinese people cannot afford to live the American lifestyles, i.e. urban sprawl, individual house with 3 garage per household with huge backyards. Very often, an private residential area will have minimum 3 apartments, and can have as many as 20 apartments. Each apartments will have 30 floors, each floors will have around 8 households, so each apartment will have 240 households, lets assume each household have 4 residents, then each apartment will house at least 960 people. With the same landmass in the USA, it will properly only enough area to build 4 houses and housing only 16 people! Simply put, land is extremely valuable in China, and extremely cheap in the USA!
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ANZAC Bridge, Ultimo, Sydney University Motorcycling, Honda CB400SF, Australia
April 23, 2013 Beautiful weather!
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廣州越秀區老街 Old Shanty Town in Canton
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Riding my Honda CB400 home,  CB400騎回家
18 Jan, 2013
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China cashless vending machine, no credit card, paid with iPhone!
To buy the drink from the vending machine, I paid with Alipay app on my phone. no need for cash, bank card or credit card, so handy and convinient!
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【China by Drone #15】Shenzhen Upperhills Shopping Mall Walk Tour 深圳福田深业上城航拍步行
This is a newly built business/shopping/residential complex in Shenzhen, and one of the most expensive residential area in Shenzhen.
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【Shenzhen Walking Tour #4】HuaQiangBei Electronic Market Street 深圳华强北/九方/中心公园步行
Huaqingbei, the biggest electronic market in the world. here you can but from the latest gadget to the most specialised IC component.
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Rider out of gas! 寶貝沒油了...
June 26, 2013 Riding my CB400 to work, and this happened....
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【Shenzhen Walking Tour #7】Mixc World Shopping Mall 深圳南山万象天地
walking at this large luxury shopping mall at night.
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